The Fox And The Grapes Story For Kids, With Moral

Fox is an intelligent animal, and it even has many other interesting traits. Did you know that foxes can use more than 28 different calls for communicating with each other? In this post, we tell you a fox and the grapes story for kids from Aesop’s Fables.

Foxes hide their food at secret places to binge on it later. These fascinating beings are omnivores and can eat almost everything – berries, seeds, vegetables, small animals, eggs, and insects. Just like their many food choices, there are plenty of stories written on these creatures. Read on as we bring to you the story of a fox and the grapes.

Story Of The Fox And The Grapes

Somewhere in a dense forest, a fox is walking around on a sunny afternoon. He spots a beautiful grapevine trailing on the bark and branches of a tree.

The fox is filled with joy as the grapes look tasty and ready to burst with their sweet juices. With hunger and temptation, the fox tries to reach the tasty grapes. But the grapes are too high to reach, and hence the fox decides to jump and reach the lowest branch. He tries and tries but in vain.

The poor fox walks a few meters away to take a running leap at the grapevine.

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The hanging grapes appear near, but when the fox tries to jump and pluck them, they suddenly seem very far. The poor fox tries again but has no luck!

Disappointed, he gives up and looks at the grapes with disgust.

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He frowns and walks away thinking the grapes may be sour anyway and says,

“Why am I whining about eating grapes that are sour?” 

Moral Of The Story

It is easy to give up, but the real strength is built when we keep fighting until we succeed. In this story, the fox failed and left with bitterness.

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