The Fox And The Lion Story

Once upon a time, there lived a young fox in a dense forest. The fox wouldn’t listen to its mother’s warnings that there are dangerous animals in the forest. It often went deep into the forest on its own to play with other animals.

One day, the fox went out to play with a tribe of monkeys. They sang and chased each other for hours, creating a lot of noise in the process.

The noise disturbed the king of the jungle, who was taking a nap after a heavy lunch. The furious lion approached the troublemakers and let out a deafening roar. The monkeys ran for their lives, while the fox, who had never seen such a mighty and terrifying creature before, went numb with fear and fell at the lion’s feet.

After a week, the fox went out to play hide and seek with a colony of rabbits. When it was the fox’s turn to hide, it went behind a huge rock. Just then, the fox saw the lion approaching along with its cubs and the mother lioness. This time, the fox moved toward a tree and kept a safe distance from the lion family.

A month had passed, and there was no sign of the lion. “Perhaps, the lion and its family are indoors due to the rain.” the fox thought.

A few days after the skies cleared, the fox ventured deep into the forest and came across a huge hole on a hill. It went up the hill and saw the lion in its den, chewing on a bone. It also saw the mother lioness feeding its cubs.

Long time no see, Mr. Lion. How are the cubs and the mother doing?” the fox asked. The casual attitude of the fox irked the lion. It grabbed the fox by its neck and sent it rolling down the hill to teach the fox a lesson. “Long time no see,” the lion mumbled to itself and went back to chewing the bone.

Moral of the story

Do not let familiarity or constant association make you lose your respect for someone.

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