15 Fun And Free Typing Games For Kids Of All Levels

Does your child enjoy typing whenever he has access to a phone or tablet? Do you always find them hooked to their screens? If yes, it is cool to introduce them to some fun typing games for kids.

Typing games can keep your kid engaged while not letting them miss out on the fun aspect. These games are interactive, engaging, and entertaining. If you see a potential programmer or developer in your kid, these typing skills may come in handy in the future.

In this post, we have combined several easy and free typing games for kids to make learning a thrilling experience.

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15 Free Typing Games For Kids

Learning to type on a computer or any other device is an important skill, and these free typing games for kids can help your child learn typing while having fun.

1. Keyboard Ninja

This keyboard game is similar to the popular Fruit Ninja. There are three levels in this game that can help children improve their finger movement on different keys. The game is designed to help children learn to type on all three rows, the home keys, and the number pad.

Download here: typing.com

2. Tommy Q: Zombie Defender

This game ensures a child learns the placement of all the keys.

Image: credit: Typing

Zombie apocalypse! Does it sound scary? It is now Tommy Q’s duty to save the world. In this game, players control the heroic Tommy Q using different keys and help him wield his baseball bat at the zombies

Tommy Q also launches balls at the zombies to bring them down. The players must press a different set of keys for him to launch the balls. This game ensures a child learns the placement of all the keys through the instructions.

Download here: typing.com

3. Dance Mat Typing

This game has four levels. The first level teaches the usage of home row keys ASDFGHJKL. Children can learn to make words using various keys on this row. Once they are adept at it, they can move to the upper and lower rows.

Each level on this game is quite slow to ensure perfection and speed are achieved before moving on to the next one. It also teaches capital letter and number pad typing.

protip_icon Quick fact
At the end of each level, children can test their typing speed and keep practicing to beat their own records.

Download here: bbc.co.uk

4. Jungle Junior

Jungle Junior focuses on teaching typing to children as young as pre-k, kindergarten, and first graders. Children who know the alphabet can easily play this game. It also teaches proper finger placement and movement.

Donna Bogue, a teacher, shares her experience of instructing 7th graders in typing. She explains, “I use Typingclub.com for my 7th graders. I use plastic keyboard covers, too. I still have to watch and remind them to keep their fingers hovered over the Home Row. I remind them to use the correct fingers in all the other rows. Of course, as soon as I stop looking, they are back to old habits. My students respond by insisting that they can type faster with their bad form. I counter that they will never type very fast that way and must go back to the starting point. They don’t want to do that.
“We need to start them out right at a young age. It is very hard to retrain and fix bad skills. It is easier to do it right in the first place (i).”

Download here: typingclub.com

5. Keyman

If your child enjoys solving mazes, this typing game may appeal to them. Here, the Keyman’s aim is to collect every key around the maze to open a treasure chest. To facilitate his smooth passage, players must press the appropriate keys to move him in a certain direction.

Download here: typinggames.com

6. TypeTastic.com

All you have to do is visit the site and start playing.

Image: credit: TypeTastic

TypeTastic.com is a website that doesn’t require you to subscribe. All you have to do is visit the site and start playing. There are 13 different online games, each for every level of expertise. The best part is that it starts from the basics–typing with one finger–before moving on to typing with all ten fingers.

It includes games for adults too. This website offers endless entertainment while ensuring everyone gets lessons to learn something new.

Download here: typetastic.com

7. The Typing Of Ghosts

If you have an older child who is familiar with typing but wishes to speed it up, this game will help them. Your child may enjoy this digital game more if they like ghost stories. All they have to do is type the words that appear on the screen fast enough to keep the ghosts at bay.

This game is a good tool if your child wants to take competitive typing tests.

Download here: mathandreadinghelp.org

8. Type-A-Balloon

It has interactive games for everyone as well as typing courses in different languages.

Image: credit: Typing

This is a fun game for children who have just learned the alphabet. In this game, colorful balloons with a letter written on them float upwards. The player has to press the right key to pop the balloon.

Your child can select the levels according to their typing skills. They can also select which row of letters they want to play with first.

Download here: typing.com

9. Spacebar Invaders

Spacebar invaders, aka cute aliens, have come to invade our planet, and you are the only one who can stop them with your amazing typing skills. Type the words matching the one under each alien and blast them off. Easy!

As with other games, you can choose which row you wish to learn as well as the level. Start with the easiest level and shake it up as you go.

Download here: freetypinggame.net

10. Ratatype

This website is an ideal resource for older children and adults who want to improve their typing skills. It has interactive games for everyone as well as typing courses in different languages for those who want to learn typing in a language other than English.

You can form groups with your friends or colleagues to make learning easier and a lot more competitive. This game also offers resources for teachers, and they are all completely free.

protip_icon Quick fact
The website offers typing courses in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Download here: ratatype.com

11. Typing Rocket

Typing rocket is a game that may get you addicted as it starts slowly with single rockets and different letters written on each of them going upward. Players have to type the letters to make the rockets explode.

As time progresses, several rockets appear in bunches, and the player has to burst as many rockets as possible quickly. The game certainly challenges the mind.

Download here: abcya.com

12. Type Type Revolution

If your child is a fan of Dance Dance Revolution, they may love this game. This game teaches your children’s fingers to dance on the keyboard while typing, making it an enjoyable experience.

The players have to select one of the ten songs to which the words will appear, and they have to type the words out. They can select which row they wish to type in and later move on to the other rows. This game is good for older children because it involves typing words to music without looking.

Download here: crazymonkeygames.com

13. Nitro Typing Racer

If your child enjoys racing games, you may introduce them to this game. This game is ideal for older children who can type well but need to improve their typing skills.

In this game, you have to race your car with other cars. You can move your car to other lanes by typing out the word in the lane you wish to move. You need to type fast, or you will crash into another car.

Download here: typinggames.zone

14. Typing Sentences For Speed


Image: credit: Education

Once your child learns to type basic letters and words, you can move on to sentences. Typing sentences needs practice because a good knowledge of the space bar and enter key is required too. This game is designed for children in the second grade and up. There are separate modules for teachers as well.

The game proceeds from teaching simple sentence structures to complex sentences using punctuation while monitoring other aspects such as capitalization. It is also designed to improve typing speed.

Download here: education.com

15. Type For Your Life

Your life is in danger. You have to type the word on the screen to jump to the next level. As you type, you go higher and higher. If you are unable to jump before the screen moves up, you are dead. You get only three lives for this game.

Download here: games.sense-lang.org

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age should a child learn to type?

As part of their academic curriculum or depending on their interests, children can learn to type at any age. Ideally, children may be introduced to typing when they are seven years old, as they can recognize letters and numbers on the keyboard. Also, their hands could be comfortable on a standard keyboard.

2. How can typing games help children to type faster?

Through typing games, students can pick up the basis of letter sequencing, technique, and the logic of hand placement. It is an excellent way to practice typing while having fun. Most typing games challenge players to focus on the screen while typing the displayed word.

3. Can typing games help improve a child’s spelling and vocabulary?

Typing games that involve the completion of words or sentences can help improve a child’s spelling and vocabulary. These games enable a child to learn and practice word recognition and help increase their accuracy.

4. How do typing games help children develop their hand-eye coordination?

Typing involves locating and pressing specific keys on the keyboard with or without looking at it. This requires tremendous coordination between the eyes and hands. When children play typing games, their visual focus shifts between the screen and the keyboard, which may help strengthen their hand and eye coordination.

5. Can typing games be played on different devices, such as tablets or smartphones?

Yes, typing games and apps are designed for all kinds of devices and operating systems, including tablets and smartphones. These games can be played on the internet and even through a dedicated mobile app to make it convenient for children to play anytime and anywhere.

6. How do typing games promote a sense of achievement and motivation in kids?

When children play typing games regularly, they may see their typing skills improve as they advance to higher levels in the game. This advancement may give them a sense of accomplishment and boost their confidence, motivating them to work harder and keep practicing their typing skills.

7. How do typing games help kids develop their problem-solving skills?

Many typing games pose challenges that require quick thinking. The increase in difficulty level in games through adding time limits and obstacles may promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills in children.

Typing on a tablet or phone is no less than skill. Try these free typing games for kids to help your child develop a typing pace. These typing games are entertaining and educational. The games, such as Dance Mat Typing teach about making words using home row keys, while Type Type Revolution needs a child to type words to music without looking. They also teach a child about the placement of the keys. Some other games–Jungle Junior teaches young children proper finger placement and movement. So pick a game based on your child’s age and skill level and let them enjoy it. Other games are designed to help with maths, memory, puzzles, and verbal skills. Choose any and help your little one grow.

Infographic: How To Teach Typing To Children?

GenZ children are smart in ways we cannot even imagine. Since most schools use laptops, iPads, and other gadgets for teaching, children must be adept at typing too. In this infographic, we bring you some effective methods to help your child become skilled at typing.

how to teach typing to children (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Keyboard Ninja is a fun typing game that allows children to improve their finger movement on a keyboard progressively.
  • Use Jungle Junior to teach typing to preschool children, while The Typing of Ghosts enhances the typing skills of older children.
  • Explore more innovative typing games, such as Type-A-Balloon and Spacebar Invaders, as you scroll down.

Get ready for a typing adventure like never before! This video brings you the ultimate typing game challenge to keep yourself hooked.

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i. From spacebar and beyond.

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