15 Best Fruit And Vegetable Juices For Your Baby

Fruit And Vegetable Juices For Your Baby

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Ever wondered what you can do to make sure your baby develops interest towards healthy food? As your children grow, they tend to develop distaste towards healthy food and begin hogging on junk. What can you do to ensure your baby doesn’t become like that?

In the first six months, your baby only needs breast milk as a nutritional supplement. After six months, you can start feeding her diluted fruit juices and vegetable juices. In this post, we tell you the things you should consider and a list of fruits and veggie juices for baby!

Things To Consider For Giving Fruit Or Vegetable Juice For Babies:

When your baby starts consuming solid foods, fruit and vegetable juice for babies are considered a great choice. However, water and milk are some liquids that will be the principal fluids for your baby during the first year.

Though fruits and vegetable juices can be given to your baby after the age of six months, there are a few things that need due consideration on your part.

  • Since the digestive system of your baby is still developing, you should ensure that the juice is diluted enough for it to digest easily. Mix 1 part of juice with 10 parts of water that is boiled and cooled.
  • Do not let fruit juices replace meals. Rather let juices be an accompaniment with the meals.
  • You can begin with giving only 2-3 spoons of juice for your baby to get used to the taste of juices.

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  • A total quantity of 120ml or 4oz. of juice will be enough for a day for your baby.
  • Begin with vegetable juice rather than fruit juice as babies tend to prefer fruit juices because of their sweet taste.
  • Make juices at home as that would be more natural. Juices bought from the market can have a high content of sugar. Avoid giving squashes to your baby as the sugar content is very high in them.
  • Ensure that the juice is quickly served after you prepare it. Juices might turn sour or bitter if they are left for long after preparation.
  • Since juices cannot be boiled or cooked, ensure that you maintain high levels of hygiene while you prepare them.

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  • Avoid adding extra salt, sugar, honey or any other condiments to the juice as it might be difficult for your baby to digest.
  • You can begin with a single vegetable or single fruit juice. You can then gradually combine a few fruits or vegetables in order to prepare the juice. Some of the preferred combinations are carrot and tomato, apple and carrot etc.
  • Be careful if your baby shows signs of allergic reactions to any particular fruit or vegetable. You then need to abstain from providing that fruit or vegetable to your baby.

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List Of Fruit & Vegetable Juices For Babies:

Fruits and vegetables like apple, carrot, orange etc. are rich sources of nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, folate, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, beta carotene etc. and thus, do a whole lot of good to your baby.

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In order to help your baby develop a palate for different kinds of fruits and vegetables, you can give her the juices of the following fruits and vegetables.

  1. Stewed Apple Juice
  2. Tender Coconut Water
  3. Grape Juice
  4. Muskmelon Juice
  5. Water Melon Juice
  6. Carrot Juice
  7. Orange Juice
  8. Tomato Juice
  9. Sweet Lime Juice
  10. Pear Juice
  11. Peach Juice
  12. Mango Juice
  13. Mix of berries Juice
  14. Lychee Juice
  15. Grapefruit Juice

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So give your baby nutritious and vitamin rich fruit juices that will help in the healthy growth of your baby. It will also help her develop her taste towards different fruits and vegetables.

Hope this article has helped you in identifying the fruits and vegetable juices that you can give your baby.

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