4 Fun & Interesting Card & Craft Ideas For Children's Day

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Do you plan to make some beautiful, yet easy-to-make cards and gifts for your kids on Children’s Day? Are your kids planning to gift some handmade cards to their friends, and do you want to help them, but seem to be out of ideas?

If you nodded along, you should consider reading our post. Here, we share some Childrens day card and craft ideas for your kids. So, happy scrolling!

Easy, Beautiful And Fun To Make Ideas For Childrens Day Cards And Crafts:

Here are some fun ideas that your kids can use to make Childrens Day gifts, cards and crafts:

1. Punch Art Lollipop Card:

You Will Need:

  • Sweet cake stamps
  • Card paper in a color of your kids’ choice
  • Card stock in different colors to help make the different colors of the lollipop
  • A big button or card paper that can be used to make the middle of the lollipop
  • A narrow taffeta ribbon
  • Buttons in neutral shades
  • Mini glue dots
  • Circle punch
  • A lollipop stick
  • Markers in your kids’ color of choice to write out the greeting
  • A pair of safety scissors
  • Pencil
  • A lid to make out the circles for the lollipop

How To:

  1. Ask your kid to draw circles on all the different shades of the card paper. The circles will make the different layers of the lollipop.
  1. Once your kid finishes drawing all the circles, ask her to cut them using the scissors.
  1. Take the card paper and ask your kid to fold it in a half to make the base of the card.
  1. Help your kid to layer out all the circles on the front of the card in such a way that they form a perfect round that will look like a lollipop.
  1. Once your kid has it perfect, help her punch a hole in the middle of the card and loop the ribbon through. Place the lollipop stick at the back of the circles so that the lollipop will get a sort of three-dimensional look.
  1. Glue it in place for better effect.
  1. Ask your kid to use the ribbon to tie a lovely bow at the top.
  1. Now take another piece of the ribbon and ask your kid to loop the ribbon around the lollipop stick and tie it in a bow.
  1. Once the lollipop is in place, ask your kid to use the mini glue dots to make beautiful designs on the front.
  1. Once the above childrens day greeting card dries up, ask your kid to write out the name of the kid or a beautiful message.

2. Picturesque Corkboards:

You Will Need:

  • Embroidery hoops
  • Foam
  • Cork backing
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Painters tape
  • Paint and paint brushes

How To:

  1. Ask your kid to use the inside part of the hoop and trace out the shape of a circle on the cork. Your kid has to make sure that the outline comes on the backing roll and also on the foam.
  1. Tell her to cut out the outline of the circles and glue them together. Set it aside until the circles are completely dry.
  1. Once the outlines are dry, ask your kid to glue them on the embroidery hoop.
  1. Once that is done, let your kid paint different designs on the cork board. Your kid can use her imagination to make geometric patterns, floral designs, and shapes or absolutely anything she wants to design it like.
  1. Once again, set it aside till it is completely dry.
  1. Now use a thumbtack so that your kid can hang up a picture of herself and a sibling or friend as a baby. It will make a great gift for kids to remember their baby days.

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3. Polka Dot Flower Vases:

You Will Need:

  • Empty glass bottles
  • Dot Labels
  • Ribbons
  • A pair of safety scissors
  • Double sided tape

How To:

  1. Ask your kid to first decorate the entire vase with the help of the dot stickers from the outside.
  1. Once she has covered the vase the way she wants to, ask her to measure the width of the base of the vase.
  1. Ask her to use a ribbon to do the measurement, so that she can cut it up accordingly.
  1. Make sure that she does leave a little extra space than the base of the vase so that she can loop it around properly.
  1. Once done, ask her to use the double sided tape and stick the ribbon in place, else it can always slip off and ruin the decoration.
  1. Your kid can also tie a ribbon at the neck of the vase for added effect.

4. Shiny Hand Print Card:

You Will Need:

  • Salt
  • Glitter in the color of your kids’ choice
  • Sequins in the color of your kids’ choice
  • Paint in the color of your kids’ choice
  • Card stock paper
  • A tray that can be used to work with the glitter and sequins
  • Paper plates

How To:

  1. For the first step, ask your kid to make a glitter tray using the regular tray. Ask her to add the salt, glitter and lots of small sequins on the tray and mix it all up or let it remain as it is.
  1. On a paper plate, add dots of the favorite paints in your kid’s choice. You can add as many colors as your kids want.
  1. Now ask your kid to press the paper plate with her palm and spread the colors across her palm, so that all the colors gather on her palm. Now ask her to spread the paint on both her palms.
  1. Now ask her to press the card stock paper with her paint-soaked palms. Ask her to place first one palm print and then make the other palm print overlapping the previous one a little bit. Make sure she does it in such a way that it gives the impression of a heart. She has to make it look like a V-shape that will then look like a heart with the added decoration that is to follow.
  1. The moment your kid has made the heart, flip the card over and press it down on the salt tray that she created before making the card. Press it down so that it picks up a lot of the glitter, salt and sequins. It is important to do it fast so that all the decoration can stick to the paint while it is still wet.
  1. The salt will help the glitter shine through more prominently.
  1. Leave the card aside to dry before your kid writes out a message.

Use these fun and super easy childrens day craft and gift ideas for this Children’s Day.

Do you have any special tips or ideas that your kid loves to use? Share your ideas here!

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