3 Fun And Interesting Easter Activities For Kids

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Who doesn’t love Easter eggs and cute little bunnies? Easter is a fun time for kids and parents alike. It marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is celebrated in the month of April.

Different countries have different traditions associated with the festival, but there are few traditions that are common in all parts of the world. Engaging your kid in a few Easter-themed activities will be a good way to introduce her to the festival.

Interesting And Fun Easter Activities For Kids:

Here are a few fun and interesting Kid’s Easter activities that you can engage your kid in.

1. Egg Shell Mosaic Drawing:

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Easter is a time of meeting family and friends and of course, baking cakes. So why not use those eggshells instead of tossing them into the trash can?

What You Will Need:

  • Broken egg shells
  • Food coloring
  • Card or chart paper
  • Sketch pens
  • Glue
  • Varnish and paint brush (optional)and knows how to handle it

How To:

  • As this is a difficult step for your kid to do alone, you can help by washing the egg shells carefully.
  • Remove the liquid from inside.
  • Keep the egg shells in a clean container and coat them with the desired food coloring.
  • Leave them overnight so that the colors will stain deeper.
  • Once the colors have got set, let the egg shells dry on a tissue paper.
  • Ask your kid to draw a design on the card or chart paper.
  • Now let your kid choose the egg shells with the desired color and paste them in the designated sections.
  • Let your kid fill one color space at a time.
  • Once the egg shells are stuck on properly, you can help your kid apply a few coats of varnish.
  • This will add a beautiful sheen to the entire picture.

Use this to help create a lovely Easter card for your kid’s friends or class teacher.

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2. Easter Basket Using Junk:

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This one is one of the cutest kids activities for Easter. Your kid can create this beautiful Easter basket using materials that are usually left over from other crafts.

What You Will Need:

  • Any old plastic basket ( you can also use a disposable plastic basket that comes with pre-packaged grocery items)
  • Craft foam that will match or contrast with the color of the basket
  • Easter themed stickers or Easter themed shape printouts
  • Glue
  • Green color paper
  • A pair of safety scissors
  • Paints and paint brush (optional)

How To:

  • Help your kid cut a strip from the craft foam.
  • Ask your kid to glue this to both the sides of the basket to form the handle of the basket.
  • Your kid can decorate the outside of the basket using the Easter theme stickers or printout shapes.
  • Alternatively, your kid can color the outside of the basket using the paints and then stick on the shapes.
  • Ask your kid to cut out thin strips from the green paper. These will form the base for the eggs inside the basket
  • Ask your kid to place or glue them inside the basket once cut.

Let your kid use this basket to store all the Easter eggs.

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3. Wooden Spoon Bunny:

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Why not use an old wooden spoon to create a beautiful bunny that is so unique?

What You Will Need:

  • An old wooden spoon
  • Pink paint and paint brush
  • Pink craft foam in dark and light shade
  • Pink pompom
  • A pink jewel sticker
  • Pink pen
  • Glue
  • Wiggly eyes

How To:

  • Help your kid paint the wooden spoon in pink.
  • Leave it to dry. For best results leave it to dry overnight.
  • Ask your kid to cut out two ears from the pink foam craft.
  • Using the other shade of pink foam, ask her to cut out the inner ears.
  • Ask her to glue these on top of the ears.
  • Once done, ask your kid to glue the ears on top of the spoon.
  • Ask her to glue the pink pompom to the handle. This will form the bunny’s tail.
  • Ask your kid to stick the wiggly eyes at the back of the spoon and the jewel sticker as the nose.
  • Using the pink pen, ask your kid to make the bunny’s whiskers.

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Keep this wonderful bunny on your dining table all through the Easter festivities.

With these super easy-to-do activities, we are sure your kid will have a fun time celebrating Easter. Most of the materials used will teach your kid to efficiently use waste products and create something good out of them.

Do tell us which of these Easter activities for kids you liked. Also, let us know if you have any more interesting Easter activity ideas for kids by commenting in the box below!

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