17 Fun Facts And Information About Christmas For Kids

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There is nothing more satisfying then having the kids’ little faces light up in awe. And incredible facts go a long way in elicting these emotions. So, if you are looking to have your kids gaping in wonder, tell them about some incredible Kids Christmas facts that they will simply love.

Read on to check out these extremely interesting and informative Christmas facts for kids that they will love to share with their friends.

Fun Christmas Facts For Kids They Will Love:

Here are some fun facts about Christmas for kids that you can share:

  1. The Christmas trees are also known as Yule trees.
  1. The trees used as Christmas trees are usually a fir tree, a pine tree or a spruce tree and are evergreen trees.
  1. Those who believe in the tradition of Christmas believe that the official start to Christmas happens when Santa makes an appearance at the end of Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.
  1. Alabama became the first state in the US in the year 1836 that declared that Christmas would be celebrated as a legal holiday.
  1. Oklahoma became the last state in the US in the year 1907 that declared that Christmas would be celebrated as a legal holiday.
  1. Do you know why Christmas is sometimes also referred to as X-Mas? The X in the X Mas means the word ‘Christ’ in the Greek language. So, to use a shorter version of the word Christmas, it is also sometimes referred to as X Mas.
  1. A common belief about decorations for Christmas is that the trend of decorating trees for Christmas began sometime in the 16th century in Germany. It is believed that Christians began to bring in decorated trees to their homes for celebrating Christmas, which soon turned into a tradition and continues today.

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  1. In the year 1970 in the month of June, the US government declared Christmas as a federal holiday in the US.
  1. The Catholic Church had earlier placed a ban on giving any presents during the time of Christmas, as it believed the exchanging presents was related to paganism. The ban was however lifted later.
  1. The year 1895 saw the first ever electric tree lights being used for Christmas.
  1. In the very first times when the tradition of decorating trees for Christmas began, the popular items that were used to decorate the trees were food items such as nuts, dates, apples and other fruits.
  1. Have you listened to the song ‘The 12 Days of Christmas?’ If you received all the presents that are mentioned there in the song, you would have a total of 364 presents!
  1. Have you ever wondered why it is called ‘The 12 Days of Christmas?’ According to popular tradition, it is believed that the three kings who began on their journey to find the baby Jesus took 12 days actually to do so.
  1. Sometime during the 18th century, candles were used for the first time to decorate the trees for Christmas.

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  1. In the year 1857, a man named James Pierpont wrote the song that is known as ‘Jingle Bells.’ In the beginning, the song was originally known as ‘One Horse Open Sleigh.’ Also, the song was meant to be used for Thanksgiving and not for Christmas, as it is popularly done now.
  1. There are two islands that are called Christmas. The first one is in the Pacific Ocean and was earlier known as Kiritimati while it is now known as the Christmas Island. The second one is in the Indian Ocean and is also known as the Christmas Island.
  1. In the year 1950, the tallest Christmas tree was displayed in Seattle. It is the tallest one ever displayed and stood at a height of 221 feet!

Let your kids enjoy this Christmas season with these fun facts.

Moms, if you have some more fun facts about Christmas for kids to share, do write them here.

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