Just-For-Fun Baby Gender Predictor Tests To Try At Home

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Girl or boy? While some people like the element of surprise until childbirth, other curious souls don’t mind knowing the gender of their baby ahead of time, as those nine months can often seem like forever. Since determining the gender of the baby is prohibited in many countries, here are some fun “tests” and ancient practices that claim to reveal to you if your baby is a “she” or a “he”. A word of caution: take them with a pinch of salt as these are not scientifically backed, nor do they have the doctor’s approval to deliver accurate results.

Count them in the list of fun games to play with your partner, family, or friends while trying to guess your baby’s gender. Just for the sake of some giggles and laughter, here are a few fabled baby gender predictor tests you can easily try at home:

1. Your Food Cravings

Your Food Cravings

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This one is an old wives’ tale that is popular in many parts of the world. People have employed this guessing game since time immemorial to predict the gender of their babies. If a pregnant woman craves more salty foods, meat, or cheese, it could mean the baby is a boy. Sugar cravings? The expecting mama is most likely to have a girl. This only applies to believers and faith keepers who rely on intuition.

2. The Mayan Style

The Mayan Style

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The Mayans are known for their elaborate calendars and prediction of future events. For guessing the gender of the baby also, Mayans had a simple and fun way. Make a note of your age and the year you conceived. If both of these numbers are odd or even, you will have a girl. If either of these is an odd number and the other is even, it’s a boy! This is way off from being a reliable process, but then this is just a harmless guessing game after all.

3. The Baking Soda Test

The Baking Soda Test

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This test has become quite a popular one. As the belief goes, if you pee in a cup containing two tablespoons of baking soda, you can determine the gender of your baby! Yes, if there is fizz, it is a baby boy. If not, it’s a baby girl. Ridiculous right? No harm in trying it out though.

4. The Wedding Ring Test

The Wedding Ring Test

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Some people believe that a wedding ring can actually tell you the gender of your baby. It’s an old-school method where you string the ring on a necklace and hold it over your growing belly. If the ring moves in circles, it’s a baby girl, but if it swings back and forth (imitating a pendulum), it’s a boy.

5. The Left-Direction Test

The Left-Direction Test

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A Chinese gender predictor test says that your fetus could be a boy if the right-hand push against the left side of your belly after the seventh month. If it doesn’t, it’s probably a girl. Some South American cultures also place their predictions on the left side. If a woman releases her egg from the left ovary, it’s a girl. If it’s through the right side, it’s a boy. Rational? No. Can you try them? Well, what do you lose?!

6. The Little Boy Test

The Little Boy Test

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This one is definitely cute despite being old-fashioned. If a little boy shows an interest in your belly, you’re most probably going to birth a baby girl. If not, it’s a boy.

7. The Curve Test

The Curve Test

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A traditional Latin American belief suggests that if your face seems to be getting rounder each day, you may have a baby girl. However, if the face remains unchanged but your behind looks bigger and rounder, you’re going to have a baby boy.

8. The Corn Test

The Corn Test

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Well, some people also suggest that planting corn could help you test the gender of the baby. So, all you need to do is find a garden to plant two corn seeds. Pee on them. If the ears of the corn turn black as they grow, it could suggest you’ll have a boy. However, if it remains yellow, it’s a baby girl. Either way, uproot these and make sure no one consumes them, as that could be disastrous. Weird but apparently works

9. The Linea Nigra Test

The Linea Nigra Test

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In Latin, Linea Nigra means a “black line”. Linea is a line that develops on the belly when a woman is pregnant. If your Linea Nigra moves downwards towards your pubic bone, then it could mean you’ll have a baby girl. However, if your Linea Nigra moves towards your head, that is, the north, you could have a baby boy.

10. The Moon-Phase Test

The Moon-Phase Test

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Many cultures also believe that if you made love post-midnight, your baby could be a girl, while conceiving on a new moon night could mean it’s more likely to be a boy. This sounds straight out of some fantasy movie and far from having any semblance of truth to it. Nevertheless, you can give it a go and see.

11. The Utensil Test

The Utensil Test

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Another fun way to predict the baby’s gender is by using a spoon, fork, two tables, and tape. Stick a fork under the seat of a chair and a spoon under the other using some tape. This should be done by someone other than the pregnant woman. If you sit on the spoon chair, you will have a girl. The fork chair equals a boy.

12. Garlic Test

Garlic Test

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Another test to try to determine the gender of your baby is with garlic. If you eat lots of garlic and reek of garlic, it will be a baby boy. But, if you don’t stink of garlic at all, you’ll have a girl.

13. The Belly Shape Test

The Belly Shape Test

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A common claim among people of many cultures is that if the shape of your belly is nice and round like a ball, you should expect a baby girl, while a pointed bump could mean you may be carrying a baby boy.

14. The Glow Test

The Glow Test

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Do you have a dewy appearance or an acne-filled face? It’s said that all the estrogen rushes in your body if you have a baby girl growing inside you. This can cause a surge in facial acne. However, if you have a radiant or dewy finish instead, you might have a baby boy.

15. The Dreams Test

The Dreams Test

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Some absurd dreams could have an answer to your baby’s gender. An old wives’ tale suggests that if the mom-to-be dreams of having a baby boy, she is more likely to be blessed with a girl and vice versa. Sounds like a dream not coming true! Or the opposite is coming true.

Making an accurate guess about the gender of your baby with these simple yet weird tests can be an exciting and undoubtedly hilarious experience! While these could be spoilers to your plans to hide the gender of the baby till birth, there’s no harm in trying them if you really wish to know. So, which of these tests have you tried already or are at least willing to? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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