20 Fun Learning Fisher Price Toys For Your Little One

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It is said that “Toys are children’s words and play is their language.”

From baby bouncers, baby gyms and rattles to toy cars, dolls, building blocks and alphabet stacks, there is a world of toys out there for you to navigate before finding the perfect fit for you child.

If you thought the process was tedious or confusing, your problem ends here. MomJunction has come up with a list of 20 toys that your little one will love to play.

20 Toys That Are Perfect For Your Child:

The toys are not just fun to play as your child is unconsciously learning several skills while playing with these toys:

1. Fisher Price ABC Learning Train Mega Bloks

Why your child will love it: Blocks, shapes, and the alphabet- your child will get familiar with everything even before he/she starts preschool.

Why experts love it: It’s a hands-on play for early childhood development. This is a super fun and kid-friendly way to introduce alphabets to your child.

Why we recommend it: This interactive set includes blocks, special parts, three rolling wheelbases, and three building plates. It’s compatible with all Mega Bloks sets for endless building possibilities.

You can buy ABC Learning Train Mega Bloks here.

2. Fisher-Price Bright Beats Juniors – BeatBo

Why your child will love it: The toy is a perfect playmate for your little one as it brings to life lights and lively music he/she can groove to.

Why experts love it: Grasping, grooving, and moving helps your child develop fine motor and thinking skills. It also stimulates your baby’s senses with bright and colorful lights and sounds of music that are fun. It ignites the child’s curiosity. BeatBo is a great way to introduce the cause and effect concept.

Why we recommend it: Its pint size makes it perfect for the little hands. Your baby can have a party by pressing the wobbly head to activate the bright lights, playful tunes, and silly dance moves.

You can buy Bright Beats Juniors – BeatBo here.

3. Fisher-Price Press and Go Monster Truck

Why your child will love it: Your child will love to explore the variety of textures, soft, hard, and knotted parts.

Why experts love it: It encourages your child to crawl and develop gross motor skills.

Your child also gets to learn the cause and effect with the colorful monster and improve cognitive skills. It’s best when learning and development happens while playing.

Why we recommend it: Your child will have a gala time pressing down the monster’s head that will send it zooming ahead and the baby will crawl after the moving monster.

You can buy Press and Go Monster Truck here.

4. Fisher-Price Rock and Record Microphone

Why your child will love it: It’s great fun to let your kid recite rhymes or sing songs, record their voice, and then play it back. All they need to do is press the puppy button and start singing.

Why experts love it: It helps them develop love for singing and toddlers can explore colors through fun songs. It’s a great way to encourage self-expression in your child. Let your child groove to music he/she creates!

Why we recommend it: Whether your child is dancing, singing, or recording his voice, he is sure to have a blast with this cool microphone that will make everyone rock along.

You can buy Rock and Record Microphone here.

5. Fisher-Price  Laugh and Learn Storybook Rhymes

Why your child will love it: Your child gets to know the favorite laugh and learn characters. The three light-up buttons of letters, numbers, and shapes attract and entertain your child. Besides, the toy is easy to take along wherever you go.

Why experts love it: It is easy-to-turn pages help in developing fine motor skills.

Why we recommend it: The three buttons for letters, numbers and shapes teach your child numbers, letters, and basic shapes.

You can buy Laugh And Learn Storybook Rhymes here.

6. Fisher-Price  Fun Feelings Monster

Why your child will love it: It’s a monster for sure but an adorable one with lots of bright colors, unique hair, and squishy arms. Your child can bat on the monster’s face to see three emotions (happy, sad, and surprise) once the monster’s face stops spinning. He can also see and learn how the feeling looks and sounds.

Why experts love it: The monster engages the baby’s senses with bright colors, textures, and various sounds. It teaches kids three basic feelings and emotions. Also stimulates your child’s senses with bright color, textures, and different sounds. Your child gets to learn expressions, emotions, and feelings.

Why we recommend it: Each expression of the monster plays a sound and that helps reinforce the feelings, encouraging the baby to listen and respond.

You can buy the Fun Feelings Monster here.

7. Fisher Price Kick And Play Piano Gym:

Why your child will love it: The numerous colors of the toy will appeal to your child. It also has musical sounds that your toddler will love playing over and over again.

Why experts love it: The toy will improve your baby’s visual stimulation, and eye and hand coordination as she tries to bat and grasp the toys hung over it. As it will respond to your baby’s touch, it will help her understand the concept of cause and effect.

Why we recommend it: Kick and Play Piano Gym comes with five different types of activity-based play things, including elephant clackers, a hippo teether, a large mirror, a comfortable mat and a rollerball frog. You can use the toy as a lie-down on the tummy mat, as a sit-and-play mat and also carry it along. The volume controls allow you to adjust the volume.

You can buy Kick And Play Piano Gym here.

8. Fisher Price Newborn-To-Toddler Rocker:

Why your child will love it: The bright colored rocker has cute toys attached to it. As the toy rocks back and forth, your baby will find the right spot to fall asleep.

Why experts love it: The colors on the rocker and toys will attract your baby’s visual senses. They will encourage her to reach and hold the toys, improving her concentration and hold.

Why we recommend it: The calming vibrations in the toy will soothe your baby and might also induce sleep. The reclining rocker will allow you to feed the baby while she is resting in it. The safety belt can hold your baby in place. The cover on the top is detachable and washable in a washing machine.

You can buy Newborn To Toddler Rocker here.

9. Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Smart Stages Tablet:

Why your child will love it: Mobiles and tablets are the in-things for modern babies. If your baby has grown enough to snatch your smartphone or tablet, this toy is right for him/her. The buttons on the toy will keep her busy all day long, while the various learning stages will keep her entertained and engaged.

Why experts love it: The toy has various activities based on different phrases, fun sounds and music. It will teach your baby the English alphabet, new songs, first words, different sounds of animals, and more.

Why we recommend it: The toy has three different age levels. At the first level, which is for 12 months and above, your baby can learn fun sounds, words and the alphabet. At the second level, for 18 months and above, she can try to find different letters and objects. At the third level, for 24 months and above, your toddler can imitate the different sounds.

You can buy Laugh And Learn Smart Stages Tablet here.

10. Fisher Price Snap Locks Beads:

Why your child will love it: The first things that will attract your baby to the toy are the bright and vibrant colors and the sounds made by the beads.

Why experts love it: The bright colors enhance your baby’s visual senses, motor development skills and grasping power. Your baby can snap the beads apart and then join them again, engaging herself for hours.

Why we recommend it: The portable toy can be used to teach colors and counting.

You can buy Snap Locks Beads here.

11. Fisher Price Bead Ball:

Why your child will love it: Babies love bright and colorful toys and this one comes in a variety of colors. The ball shape of the toy will bring in extra fun.

Why experts love it: The toy is perfect to improve your baby’s motor development skills, grasping skills and eye and hand coordination. The shapes will keep the player engaged.

Why we recommend it: You can carry the toy along, use it as a ball, and also teach your baby about shapes and colors.

You can buy Bead Ball here.

12. Fisher Price Baby’s First Blocks:

Why your child will love it: There are so many shapes and colors in this toy that the baby will get attracted almost immediately. It is also a great toy to play with in the first few months after she learns to sit.

Why experts love it: Playing with building blocks will improve your child’s concentration and balancing skills. She can showcase her creativity using the blocks.

Why we recommend it: Use the blocks to teach your kid about colors and shapes. You can also use it to teach your baby about sorting and counting.

You can buy Baby’s First Blocks here.

13. Mattel Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Stack And Roll Cups:

Why your child will love it: The stacking toy comes in a rainbow hue. It has the cute smiley face toy that your baby will love to play with.

Why experts love it: The toy will improve your toddler’s cognitive and fine motor skills. It is also a great way to engage her visual senses. As she tries to stack the cups, she can enhance her concentration, and eye and hand coordination.

Why we recommend it: You can teach your toddler counting from one to ten and colors as well as make her understand the concept of big and small.

You can buy Brilliant Basics Stack And Roll Cups here.

14. Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks:

Why your child will love it: The toy comes in a cute and colorful rectangular box that has a lid with spaces for shapes to be pushed in through. The bright colors will make your baby want to play.

Why experts love it: It is a great toy to encourage logical thinking. The bright colors will assist in visual stimulation while also improve hand and eye coordination.

Why we recommend it: You can teach your baby all about colors and shapes.

You can buy Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks here.

15. Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag:

Why your child will love it: 80 colorful blocks come in a carry bag. The vibrant colors will grab your kid’s attention.

Why experts love it: It is a great toy to improve your child’s concentration, fine motor development and grasping skills. It will also enhance her eye and hand coordination and encourage creativity and imagination.

Why we recommend it: As the blocks can be used to make different shapes, your child will enjoy some creative play time and build away!

You can buy First Builders Big Building Bag here.

16. Fisher Price Medical Kit:

Why your child will love it: Children love to dress up like a doctor as they see their pediatrician often during vaccinations and regular check-ups. This kit will help them become one.

Why experts love it: Role playing games encourage creativity and imagination. Your toddler will create various ways to play with the medical kit.

Why we recommend it: Help your child understand what each of the items in the kit is used for. You can also take this opportunity to teach your child about basic healthcare and hygiene. The kit could probably inspire her to become a doctor!

You can buy Medical Kit here.

17. Fisher Price Musical Walker Lion:

Why your child will love it: The cute baby lion will make your baby jump over it and play. The bright colors are appealing and the additional features are interesting.

Why experts love it: The toy comes with a stand and walk mode along with a sit and play mode as well. It also has a piano mode with sound and light features, along with attachments that will encourage fine motor development skills.

Why we recommend it: As the toy comes with multiple features, it brings in hours of non-stop fun for your baby through a few years.

You can buy Musical Walker Lion here.

18. Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Chatter Telephone:

Why your child will love it: Your baby will love the cute telephone toy that has bright colors and features a real-looking number dialing system.

Why experts love it: Your toddler can play role-play games and improve her speech. Moving the number dial will develop her fine motor skills, concentration and eye and hand coordination.

Why we recommend it: You can teach your baby about numbers and colors.

You can buy Brilliant Basics Chatter Telephone here.

19. Fisher Price Xylophone

Why your child will love it: This xylophone on wheels is something your child will love as he can pull along wherever he goes and play some music. It makes a great gift for birthdays.

Why experts love it: Early music helps your child develop a sense of accomplishment. Good to get one if you want to test his musical aptitude and also if you are keen on your child learning a musical instrument.

Why we recommend it: Your child can play a variety of tunes by striking the keys and the mallet is attached by a string so it never gets lost. Attached with wheels, this toy can be dragged along when your kid is moving around the house.

You can buy the Xylophone here.

20. Fisher-Price 3 in 1 Convertible Car Gym

Why your child will love it: This toy is absolute fun to play with because your child can lie on his tummy and play, and sit and ‘pretend’ drive with music and lights.

Why experts love it: Helps in developing the baby’s motor skills and senses such as sight and hearing.

Why we recommend it: It has movable activity toys: key clackers, hula hippo, jingling fuzzy die, lion rattle, toucan teether, skunk air freshener (vanilla scented), and steering wheel with music, lights and sounds (and a mirror in the middle) and the play mat is machine-washable.

You can buy 3 in 1 convertible car gym here.

The toys mentioned here are suitable for your child at various stages, right from around infancy to early childhood. Which one did you select for your kid then?