30 Fun Loving Summer Activities For Toddlers And Preschoolers

Fun Loving Summer Activities

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Summer time is fun time. It is the right season for your toddlers to indulge in indoor and outdoor activities. And for preschoolers it could mean a lot of learning too. Activities aid in mental and physical development in a fun manner and also prepare your toddlers for the world out there.

Momjunction has curated a list of fun summer activities for pre-schoolers. Read on to know more!

Summer Activities For Preschoolers:

These summer activities are sure to get your little ones hooked!

1. Sparkle it! Fun activity:

This exercise will tap the best creative abilities in your toddler.

  • Take a chart paper and write your child’s name in bold letters with a marker.
  • Roll out play dough in thin strips and help your toddler run the strips on the letters.
  • Fill sparkle paints in spray bottles and ask your child to spray it on the board till it’s completely covered.
  • Let it dry. Now take the dough out very slowly.

There glows your child’s name!

2. Mermaid wands:

Baby girls particularly will love this activity.

  • Cut a star shape from a cardboard and cut two more from handmade paper.
  • Stick the handmade paper cut out on both sides of the board.
  • Coat an even layer of glue on one side. Hand over a bowl of sand to your child and ask her to spray it evenly on the glue.
  • Then give some shells and ask her to glue it on the cardboard. Take a thin dowel and insert it into a channel in the cardboard.

There you go! A beautiful mermaid wand is ready to shower magic.

3. Is it a sweet corn?

Craft your vegetables at home in a unique and toddler-friendly manner.

  • Roll a bubble wrap on a rolling pin.
  • Take two chart papers and draw two corn ears on one sheet and some husks on the other.
  • Take dark yellow paint in a big plate and help your toddler dip the bubble wrap in it.

Ask him to roll this on the chart paper and have fun!

Alternatively, your toddler could also use a brush and dot the paper. Help her cut the two corn ears and color the husks brown. Once done, stick the dried husks to the corns.

4. Fun jewelry with macaroni:

This activity is a great way to enhance the sensory and motor skills in your kid.

  • Take four cups of pasta (beads size) and put them separately in zip lock bags.
  • Add two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and two to three drops of different food colors in each bag. Add pasta and shake each bag well.
  • Drain out the excess liquid and put the pasta on a foil lined cookie sheet and leave it to dry for six to eight hours.
  • Now, sit and enjoy making the macaroni necklace/ bracelet/bangles!!

5. Parachute:

This one is a great activity to teach your kids science.

  • Take a dinner sized rectangular colorful napkin and reinforce its corners with clear tape.
  • Punch holes of the same size on its four corners.
  • Cut a foot length of four pieces of yarn and tie them to the holes and tape down the ends.
  • Tie the two strings of the same side (smaller side) with a reef knot, at a distance of half a foot from the hole.
  • Tie one more knot to them at a distance of three inches from the previous knot to make the armholes.
  • Take a small toy of a military man and pop the arms of the man into the armholes.

The cadet is hanging to the parachute and ready to land!

6. Sand paper figures:

This one puts all the sensory and fine motor skills of your child to work!

  • On a sand paper draw different vegetables using crayons.
  • Let your child feel the texture of the sand paper and let him discover that the difference between soft felt vegetables and rough sand paper.
  • Now, cut felt vegetables and small pieces of green yarn.

Help your child match the shapes and glue the felt on the sand paper and add the yarn to each vegetable as their stalks.

7. Bird guide:

Give your little one a sneak peek into the world of birds with this activity.

  • Cut out pictures of birds from sources such as a magazine and gather a few branches.
  • Take a chart paper and let your child sponge paint on it. Leave it to dry after.
  • Draw a tree with glue and stick branches.
  • Add some more glue and stick the bird cut outs. Let it dry for a few hours.

Tell your kids about different birds and their habitats and nature.

8. Bug the bug!

Another good activity to develop your toddler’s fine motor skills is bug the bug!

  • Take different insects and bugs toys.
  • Help your child dip them into thick paints.
  • Make prints of them on chart papers.

Now your child can learn the names of the insects easily!

9. Paper plate hats:

Engage your toddler by making innovative hats.

  • Draw a circle in the centre and divide it into six parts by drawing lines.
  • Make slits along the lines but let the center be attached.
  • Make felt or tissue paper flowers stick them to the ends of the slits.

Staple elastic to the two sides of the plate and the hat is ready!

10. Birdie from hand-made plates:

It is lovely to watch birds and what better way than to learn about them through activities?

  • Colour two sets of paper plates in different shades: orange, pink, red, etc.
  • From one set cut out wings and claws and stick it with double sided tape to the other plate.
  • Punch holes from black construction paper for the eyes and then fix with glue.
  • For the beak, cut out triangles.

Your homemade birdie is ready to fly! Use your imagination and decorate the other plates to convert them into a tree or just a glowing hot sun (cut triangles from a yellow painted paper plate and stick it all around the other yellow painted paper plate).

11. Paper bag puppets:

Your kid will love making colorful paper puppets by making use of scissors, crayons, and paper bags.

  • Turn the bag upside down to make the open end face the bottom.
  • Fold the closed end so that there is a 7cm flap.
  • Fold the corners of the flap diagonally to create a trapezium and staple its corners.
  • Cut out two ears and two bear paws from the construction paper.
  • Glue them in place.
  • Help your toddler draw a bear’s face using crayons.
  • Show your toddler how to use the puppet and let him enjoy.

12. Indoor basketball:

Is outdoor basketball troubling you because of the heat? Then indulge in basketball indoors.

  • Help your toddler roll out the newspaper into small balls.
  • Place the bin on one side of the room at an elevation. Ask your toddler to toss in as many balls as possible in the bin.

13. Leaping frogs:

Kids love to jump around, so why not give them a real reason to do so.

  • Place cushions all over the floor, making sure there is nothing in the way.
  • Ask your toddler to jump from one cushion to the other like a frog. To make it more fun, you can also place some finger food at the end of the last cushion.

14. Cardboard box car:

Your kid can use cardboard boxes to make toy cars to play with them inside the house.

  • Use the tape to stick up the flaps of the cardboard box, so that the bottom is completely secure.
  • Now fold the top flaps towards the inside. The top of the box should be open.
  • Hand the stuffed toy to your toddler and show him the box. Show him how to turn the box into a car for the toy. Let him place the toy inside the box and drag the box around the room.

15. Bop the balloon:

  • Fill up the balloons with air and show your toddler how to throw them high up in the air.
  • Show your little one how to keep them afloat in the air.
  • Encourage your toddler to bop the balloon in the air as many times and for as long as possible.

16. Hunting treasure:

Play the fun treasure hunt game with your little one.

  • Hide the candies in a room.
  • Tell your toddler to find as many as he can and collect them in a little basket.

17. Table tent:

If your toddler is looking for a cosy spot, then you can make one in a jiffy.

  • Cover a table with a sheet. Make sure it reaches down to the floor.
  • Place little items on the edges to prevent the sheet from flying.
  • Make a cosy space for your toddler inside.

18. Cotton tip art:

Your toddler will love the art game and create designs, all thanks to his creative skills.

  • Pour the paint into the paint dish.
  • Let your toddler dip the cotton tips in the paint to make fun designs and patterns on the paper.

19. Phone is ringing:

Every kiddo has loved answering the call or at least shown curiosity towards it. Why not get them a phone?

  • Add a tablespoon of rice in a box and tape the ends close.
  • Let your toddler paint the box. Let it dry.
  • Write out numbers on pieces of paper and stick them on the box.
  • Use another piece of paper to cut out two ovals. Stick them on to make the speaker and microphone.
  • Tape the straw to make the phone antenna.
  • Now shake the box and say, “The phone is ringing” to get your toddler’s attention.

20. What’s at the trail end:

Ever found your baby chasing after cars? Well, then this would be more fun as you make him chase a trail.

  • Wind the toilet paper around the house from one room to the other.
  • Make it go under objects and over objects to make the trail more interesting.
  • Keep a treasure at the end of the trail.

21. Color collage:

Encourage your little one to make a color collage with all his imagination.

  • Help your toddler cut or tear the colored paper in different shapes and sizes.
  • Help him glue them on the poster paper to make a fun and easy collage.

22. Clubby house:

Your little one can use his imaginary skills to build a clubby house using household items.

  • Place the blanket on a few chairs to make a cosy space.
  • Use pegs to secure the ends of the blanket.
  • Now place some cushions on the blanket.
  • Let your toddler lie inside the cushions.

23. Pretend cook:

Who doesn’t want to be a master chef? Let your toddler enjoy cooking using old kitchen utensils and tools.

24. Rainy day box:

Need a place to store memories? Then tell your kid about a rainy box.

  • Take the rainy day box.
  • Show your toddler how to decorate it and then assemble the other items inside and store them away.

25. Butterfly painting:

Your kid will love to do the amazing butterfly painting during his off time.

  • Fold the paper in half. Let your toddler apply paint to one side using the spoon.
  • Close the paper folds and show your toddler how to press them down.
  • Open to reveal the butterfly paint.

26. Painting with edible paints:

Your kid can make use of edible paints and enjoy this fun activity.

  • Mix cold water, salt, and flour on low heat. Whisk to make a smooth paste. Add warm water and keep whisking.
  • Remove from heat and add coloring and let it cool.
  • Let your toddler use it to paint.

27. Toddler massage:

Your little one will love a body massage.

  • Place your toddler on a safe surface and start massaging him slowly using the oil or balm.
  • Call out every body part that you massage.

28. Bubble wrap road:

Roll out a bubble wrap sheet from one room to the other and let your toddler walk on it while bursting the bubbles.

29. Are you sleeping?

You can teach your little one to sing songs and enjoy music.

  • Cuddle up in bed and teach your toddler a new good morning songs such as “
  • Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, Brother John, Brother John?”,
  • “Morning bells are ringing, morning bells are ringing”,
  • “Ding dang dong, ding dang dong”, etc.

30. Egg carton box:

Your toddler can paint the egg carton box during his past time and enjoy the art activity.

  • Help decorate the egg carton with paints, torn colored papers, and glitter glue.
  • Use it as a treasure box once dry.

Let the spark of Creativity brightens your life and the ideas flow to make the summers interesting. Do not forget to share your fun summer activity ideas in the comments section!

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