50+ Hilarious Question Games For Friends To Play And Have Fun

Looking for question games to play with friends? You are at the right place. If you are having a sleepover or simply left with plenty of time with your friends, it is a cool idea to play a question game with them. Question games allow people to open up, and you will know more about your friends. You can expect some hilarious answers and fun conversation along with non-stop laughter. Here we list down some question games that will help you have a good time and bond with your friends.

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50+ Hilarious Question Games For Friends To Play

Funny Question Games To Play With Friends

Play funny games with friends

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1. Would you rather

Would you rather eat wasp crackers or live maggots?” In this questions game for friends, players must pick between two equally unusual circumstances. You need two or more participants and a creative mind to keep up with innovative situations.

2. Never have I ever

Play this question game with friends if you wish to learn intriguing facts about them. The rules of this funny question game are simple. Everyone raises all ten fingers and takes turns saying something they have never done before. For example, “never have I ever flirted with someone when I knew they were taken, or “never have I ever had drunk dialed.” Whoever has done it has to keep a finger down. The player with two fists first wins the game.

3. 21 questions

The game lets you know your friends better. You may ask serious to funny questions, but make sure they are not offending. You may ask, “What’s your biggest fear? What’s your biggest regret?” or What is your sinful pleasure?” You can play the game either individually or in a group.

4. This or that

Playing this or that is a fun way to pass the time and get to know your friends. It involves choosing between two hypothetical scenarios, which can be funny or absurd. For example, a park or a lake? Hiking or biking? Cuddling or sleeping?

5. Truth or dare

If you want to spice up your evening, play truth or dare. Take turns asking each other “truth or dare.” When someone chooses truth, they must answer the question honestly, no matter how awkward it is. When a person chooses dare, they have to complete the task.

6. I feel

It is a hilarious game in which each participant is asked a question. For example, “How do you feel today?” The catch is the answer should be expressed in actions and not words.

protip_icon Quick tip
Make the game interesting by asking different questions such as “I want to…” or “I am thinking of …” and so on.

7. Fact or fiction

Participants in the game should guess whether a statement is true or false. For instance, Barack Obama was a waiter during high school, or Albert Einstein had a middle name. Players can even disclose personal or random facts or fiction.

8. Questions only

Typically, a question elicits an answer. However, in this question game for friends, the answer to a question should be a question. For example, If X asks, “Why is the sky blue?” B can say, “Why do you want to know?” The game aims to have a conversation with only questions.

9. Trivia

Trivia is a popular questions game that puts your general knowledge skills to the test. Players can ask random questions to see who can answer the most in a short time—the funnier, the better. You may ask, “What was Walt Disney afraid of? Or “What do you call a cross between a donkey and a zebra?

10. What if?

Playing “What If?” question game can spark great discussions with your best buddies. For example, players can ask, “What if there was no water for a month anywhere in the world? You can create your questions.

11. Guess The Movie

It is a perfect game to play with a bunch of movie buffs. Give the movie name to one participant, and instead of acting out the name, instruct other participants to ask questions like “if the movie is old or new,” or “if it is a classic or action,” to guess the movie name.

12. Put A Finger Down

It’s an easy game similar to Never Have I Ever. Each participant takes turns to ask questions. The person answering the question puts down a finger each time their answer is ‘yes.’ Now comes the twist: when all the fingers are down, the person will have to complete a challenge assigned to them.

13. 20-Questions Playlist

Like 21-question games, this game has 20 questions you can ask each other. However, the questions will all relate to each other’s playlists, music preferences, and favorite bands. This game is perfect for learning more about each other’s music tastes and creating a light-hearted and interactive atmosphere.

14. Rapid-Fire Questions

Choose a theme, such as general knowledge, current affairs, movies, etc. One person asks the questions, and the others must answer within the set time limit of 10 or 15 seconds. The one who correctly answers most questions within the stipulated time wins the game.

15. If You Could Time Travel

If you and your friends are fantasy enthusiasts, this game will help unleash your imagination. To play, take turns to ask each other questions like “If you could time travel, where would you go?” or “If you could time travel, which celebrity from the past would you take on a date?” Come up with fun questions to tickle everyone’s bones and have a fun time together.

16. Numbers Question Game

It’s a simple yet fun game where one person will ask the questions, and others will take turns to answer them. “Which is the most useless skill?” “What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?” or Did you ever steal anything?”

17. All About Me Questions

It’s an excellent game to have fun while getting to know each other better. Ask each participant to prepare a list of questions about themselves. The questions could be related to anything about you, like “Am I an extrovert or introvert?” Do I like beaches or mountains?” or “What’s my favorite pastime?”

18. “What Would You Do?” Scenario Game

Narrate a scenario from day-to-day life, such as unfair treatment, infidelity situations, and some funny incident with a child. Ask the participants what they would do in those situations. If you want to turn this game into a fun blast, create a list of questions as amusing as possible.

19. Kiss, Marry, Kill Game

Ask participants questions like “Which celebrities would they kiss, marry, and kill?” or “Which cartoon character would they kiss, marry, and kill?” To raise the game’s fun quotient, you can also add a ‘why’ to these questions to encourage everyone to come up with the most hilarious reasons.

20. Name That Tune And More..

Play a piece of music and let people guess the song. Ask them for details about that song, like “Who wrote the song?” “Which actors featured in the song?” or “Which year the song was released?” 

21. Pet Peeve

No matter how calm a person looks, everyone has a pet peeve that annoys them. So, set a table around and ask everyone their pet peeves! You will undoubtedly hear about familiar and unusual behaviors while having fun together.

22. Would You Survive?

It’s an exciting question game for a group. Give one scenario to each participant, like the time of a zombie apocalypse or a sudden fire in the house, and ask if they would survive in such cases. If yes, how?

23. What’s Your Spirit Animal?

This game is an excellent choice to keep a large group engaged and entertained. Ask your friends what their spirit animal is, i.e., which animal’s characteristics represent them, such as “fierce as a lion,” “slow as a turtle,” “lazy as a panda,” or “protective as wolves.” Once they share about their spirit animal, ask them about the spirit animal they wish to have and why.

24. Icebreaker Questions

If the group is meeting for the first time with each other, a round of icebreaker questions would be an excellent way to help people get acquainted. You can ask silly questions, like “Describe yourself in three words” or “Share about your biggest achievements” and encourage them to open up.

Best Friends Questions Game

Best friends playing

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25. Where do you stand?

It is a game that helps you know each other’s opinions. You may ask, ‘Should there be elections in universities and why? Should we pay taxes? It is suitable for medium to big gatherings and is a terrific way to get everyone involved. Ask intelligent questions that trigger lively discussions. However, avoid asking contentious questions.

26. How well do you know me?

This simple but hilarious questions game requires you to ask unusual questions. Examples include What’s my favorite color? or What’s my favorite sitcom? You would enjoy the responses.

27. Jenga

Write interesting questions on Jenga blocks. Begin a game of Jenga, and whenever someone pulls a brick, they must respond to the question. You can employ questions that are tailored to your friends’ interests or experiences.

28. Two truths and one lie

Each participant has to say three things about themselves, two of which are true and one is a lie. Then, by asking questions, everyone tries to figure out which one is a lie. The game aims to collect information about your buddies while adding a layer of intrigue and mystery to it.

29. Word association

Players must blurt out the first word that pops into their head when others offer words or phrases. For example, player A starts by saying a word ‘love’, and player B can respond with ‘mother,’ ‘romance,’ or anything that comes to mind.

30. Guess who?
Friends playing guess who

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In this game, players attempt to determine the identity of the chosen character by asking a slew of questions to narrow the choices. The round ends when the player discovers the identity of the secret character.

Johannes T. Evans, a blogger, shares a fun game he and his partner played along with a group of friends. He says, “‘Who am I?’ is a way more basic premise — you stick a post-it note or a sticker to someone’s head, and they ask questions (especially yes or no questions) to determine who they are… Each person gets a piece of paper and something to write with. Decide on a theme or categories, and have each person write out, without showing the other players, 30 or so entries to the pot… Taking the bowl in hand, the first player grabs a piece of paper, keeping it out of other people’s sight, and describes what’s written on it to the other players as quickly as they can. They are not allowed to say the name of the thing or person, and can’t use words on it either — for example, if you’re describing a pufferfish, you can’t use the word fish when describing it (i)!”

protip_icon Point to consider
To make the game more challenging, ensure you add some banned words that cannot be used while describing the word. These words are those that are an easy hint of the word.
31. Who said what?

One player asks others a specific question about life or career, and they should write answers on a post-it note. Then, the one who asked reads them out while the others guess who said what. It’s a lot of fun to see how well you know your buddies and who surprises you.

32. Friendly feud

It is a do-it-yourself variation on the board game Family Feud. To start the game, ask a question. Then, ask the other team or the audience for the top five answers before the player or team answers. For each correct guess, the player gets points.

33. Most likely to

In this question game for friends, participants must select the player who perfectly matches the description. The game necessitates a two-person team or a group of people. The game is more enjoyable when all participants answer simultaneously, either by using color-coded cards or raising their hands.

34. One must go

The game is similar to the odd one out. Players can select from exotic animals, destinations, or mystical creatures and frame questions. For example, who would you pet: cats, dogs, goats, or cows?

35. Paranoia questions game

Each player takes turns mumbling a question about one of the other players into the ear of the player on their right. The person who heard the question will then select the player who best fits the description and announce their name to the rest of the group. The more the confusion, the funnier it becomes.

36. What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

While this could be a friendly game, it would be best to play this question game among close friends. Let every one answer what their guilty pleasures are. From guilty pleasure foods to quirky habits, you will surely be amusingly shocked to learn more about each other.

37. Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list of things they want to do, places they want to visit, and things they want to achieve. So, in this game, ask questions like “What’s your dream travel destination?” or “What is one skill you would like to learn?” and better know each other’s dreams, aspirations, and goals. You might find some common interests and plan and work together to make that list item happen.

38. Debate Questions

It could be an interesting and meaningful question game to know each other’s thoughts on different things. For example, you can ask everyone to elaborately share their views on a specific topic, say, fast fashion or the increasing OTT craze among people. Let everyone take turns to share their opinions and see how different people perceive and process things differently.

39. Abbreviations

Create a list of acronyms and abbreviations. Now, let everyone take turns to answer. The one who correctly guesses the full form of acronyms/abbreviations will win.

40. If You Could Have Any Superpower

This question you might have asked after watching every superhero movie, anime, or series. So, why not make it into a question game? In your next gathering, ask your friends, “Which superhero do they want to be, and what would they do if they could have any superpower?” Hear them narrate their superhero fantasies and giggle.

41. What Do You Meme?

It’s a great game to play with friends with an insane sense of humor. Create caption cards and equally distribute them among friends. Now, ask each participant to read the caption, find a suitable meme on their phone that they want to relate to the caption, and show it to everyone.

42. What’s In The Bag?

Place random items in a bag. Let your friends take turns telling you what they think is in the bag. If they guess the correct item/object, you should say ‘yes,’ if they don’t, say ‘no.’ To amplify the fun, ask the person who guessed the correct item to share a memory associated with that object/item.

  1. The Confessions Game

Sit in a circle with your friends. Take a bottle with a nozzle and spin it. Whoever will be at the end of the nozzle when the bottle stops spinning will have to confess their fear or love to anything, say, an animal, a human, or an object. They will also have to share the reason for their fear or love to make the game more interactive.

Newlywed Game Questions For Friends

Friends playing question games with newlyweds

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44. What’s your favorite?

Asking someone about their favorite activities, interests, likes, or dislikes is a terrific approach to discover more about your partner. You may ask each other about favorite food as a kid, favorite book, TV show, or movie.

45. The newlywed game

Ask the groom or bride a series of questions. After each answer, share their partner’s answer to see if they match. You may ask, when you initially met, what was your first impression of your partner? When and where did you have your first kiss? Which restaurant you picked for your first date.

46. I never

Expect the truth to be spilled with this game. The rules of this game are straightforward. The bride and groom must admit to doing something they have never done before. “I never went out to a club without wearing underpants” or “I never had a nickname.” Creativity is essential in this game. Think of the weirdest things, and you might learn more about your newlywed friends, which is the whole idea of this game.

47. Love Story Timeline

Ask the newlyweds to take turns and share their love story, each sharing a different part of the timeline. For example, one partner can share about their first meeting, whereas the other can share how the proposal happened and who proposed first.

48. The Compatibility Test

For a newlywed couple, what could be more important than knowing how compatible they are? So, prepare a series of questions, like the value of family, the meaning of love, finances, and future goals. Share these questions with the couple and let them answer each question in turns.

49. Wedding memories

Give the newly wedded couple all the attention they deserve and ask them about their favorite and funniest moments of their wedding. You can also ask them about their plans together and individually so that they may get to know each other while having fun.

Yes Or No Questions Game For Friends

Friends playing yes or no games

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50. Yes or No

Yes or no questions are one-word answers to short questions that help friends know about one another. For example, Are you a Johnny Depp fan? Do you believe in God? The objective of these questions is to bring individuals closer while having fun. Therefore, the answers should be as basic as yes or no.

51. Marriage Myths

Create a list of some common marriage myths. Share the myths with the newlywed couple and ask them to confirm and debunk them. You can also ask them the reason to support their answer to make the conversation more interactive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do question games help foster communication and connection between friends?

Question games are a great way to foster communication and connection between friends because they encourage open and honest conversation, allow for self-disclosure, and promote active listening skills.

2. What are some tips for making question games exciting and engaging?

To make questions games engaging and exciting, use various question types, music and sound effects, personalize questions, include prizes and visual aids.

3. What benefits do question games bring to playing with friends?

Question games can deepen connections with friends, offer fun, and improve communication skills.

4. How do we make sure everyone feels comfortable and included in the game?

To create a comfortable and inclusive environment for everyone in the game, ensure clear rules and expectations, diverse representation, respectful language and behavior, encourage teamwork and support, and listen to feedback and concerns.

You can try any of these question games to play with friends, whether you’re throwing a party indoors, going for a ride, a night out, or going on a weekend trip with friends. There are several other games like charades, Pictionary, Scrabble, Heads Up, Bingo, Password, Uno, Monopoly, Balderdash, and Taboo that you can play with your friends as well. While some of these games will make you feel better, others will help you improve your communication skills and allow you to learn more about your friends and their opinions, thoughts, and beliefs. It will liven up the atmosphere at the party and maybe just the thing you need to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

Infographic: Hilarious Question Games For Friends To Play

Games are an easy and fun way to know your friends better. In the infographic that follows, we have put together a list of question games that you can play with your friends and, in the process, learn more about each other. Read through and note it as well for the next time you need suggestions for games.

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Laugh and have fun with friends with this interactive party game! Here are some popular funny, most likely-to-question party games you can play with friends.

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