How To Tell Your Parents You're Pregnant: 10 Fun Ways

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Announcing the news of your pregnancy to your family is a big deal, and you would want to make the announcement as exciting as you could imagine. Read on for a curated list of unconventional ways to tell your family you are pregnant.

Scroll through and find the best one to surprise everyone and make sure that you have fun while doing it

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1. Gift A ‘Best Dad Ever’ T-Shirt To Husband

Guys simply love T-shirts. So you can get a T-shirt with a print of ‘Best Dad Ever’ on it. Gift the shirt to your husband and surprise him with the good news.

2. Get A Funny Book Or Movie On Pregnancy

Gift your husband a funny book on pregnancy, such as ‘My Boys Can Swim’. Also, you can get him to watch a funny movie on pregnancy and see how long it takes for him to get the clue about your good news.

3. Arrange A Family Dinner

If you are thinking when to tell family about pregnancy, this is one of the simplest ways. Yes, organize a family dinner and set a place for your baby at the dining table during the dinner. Your entire family will get the hint and learn about the good news in no time.

4. Fill The Grocery Cart With Prenatal Items

Do you visit grocery shop with your family and husband? Plan a visit to a grocery shop and fill your grocery cart with prenatal food items, vitamins, and parenting magazines. Your act will certainly surprise your family members and hubby, and they will learn the surprise in no time.

5. Wear A T-shirt With A Clue Of Baby

You can wear a t-shirt that bears the humor above your pregnancy. A t-shirt bearing an image of ‘bun in the oven’ not only will make your hubby smile, but also your entire family will congratulate you.

6. Get Coffee Mugs Bearing The Message

Coffee mugs can be a great way to tell your husband that you are pregnant. You can get a personalized mug with a message about your pregnancy, such as ‘You + Me = Baby’. Greet your husband with a cup of coffee in the morning with the cup bearing the print or message about the baby. In no time, your husband will get your surprise. Watch his expression change from confusion to surprise. (1)

7. Distribute Cards On A Festive Occasion

You may wonder when to tell the family you are pregnant if there is an occasion coming up. Choose one of the festive holidays, such as Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day, to give creative cards to your family members. Make sure the cards bear the clue of the arrival of your baby. Give your mother and mother-in-law cards addressed to ‘Grandma’. It will take them a minute to realize that you are expecting, and their faces will light up with joy. (2)

8. Pull Your Car Into An Expectant Mothers’ Parking Space

When driving out to a lunch or shopping with your family to a mall, pull your car into the Expectant Mothers’ parking area. You will initially find them saying that you can’t park here. Then smile smugly and tell them about your good news. Watch the reaction on the face of your family members. (3)

9. Create CDs of Favorite Tunes Revealing The Good News In The End

Are your parents and in-laws great fans of music? You can create a CD having their favorite songs and tunes. At the end of the CD playlist, record you and your husband announcing your pregnancy or news saying your parents are soon going to be grandparents. Not only CDs will be a great way to announce the news, but also a memento that they can treasure after the baby is born.

10. Let Your Kids Announce The News

Do you already have kids? Let your dear little ones announce the arrival of the new member of your family. Make your kids wear t-shirts with ‘I have a secret’ or any other message that will appear adorable and convey the news.

You can choose a unique way to tell your family you’re pregnant. You may send cards during the holiday season to inform them of your baby’s impending arrival or host a family dinner to announce the good news using coffee mugs, party decorations, or other innovative ideas. These creative methods will convey your message and put a smile on everyone’s face, making it a surplus event. Remember that sharing happy news is always a huge deal. So, get on board and try one of these and share your happiness around.

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