37 Fun Ways To Tell Your Husband You're Pregnant

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After those long waiting periods having undergone periods of nausea and anxiety, you have finally found the joy of conceiving. Now, you can’t wait to reveal this ecstaticiXFeeling or the state of being extremely delighted news to your hubby. You may be wondering how to tell your husband you are pregnant in a way that could surprise him. Well, with innumerable ways to tell your better half about the good news, you may select the one most exciting and suitable for you both. Want to know some creative and interesting ways to announce this amazing news? Then keep reading as we bring some cute, fun, and romantic ways to share the news of your pregnancy with your man to start the journey of parenthood.

Camille Whiting, a wife and a mom, on her blog shares how she surprised her husband with a pregnancy announcement, she says, ‘’We were off to the mall to meet Santa with our toddler that night. I called ahead to double-check to see if there was a photo booth we could use. There was! I made up something about needing a photo strip picture of our family for a Christmas present. He bought a hook, line, and sinker!

“We sat in the booth, I let the first one go by. And then I said to my toddler, “This time, say mommy is pregnant!” He did it perfectly. I was shocked. “Really?” and all the surprised, happy faces I could dream up were perfectly captured on film. It was easy, it was cute, and now these pictures remind us of a very happy day (ⅰ).’’

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Creative Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Your Husband

1. Announce with a book:

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If it is your first child, your husband has a lot to learn and do to prepare for fatherhood. Buy a guide book that will help him in his new role as a dad, and give it to him.

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If your husband’s birthday is coming up, you may choose the special day to make the announcement. To add to his surprise, you may give him a new dad survival kit as a gift.

2. Keep the bun in the oven:

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Put a bun in the oven and keep a note on it saying, “My love, we are going to be parents.” Ask your partner to take the bun from the oven. Let him read the message while you watch his reaction.

3. Wrap the pregnancy test:

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Gift wrap your pregnancy test strip and put it where your partner can see it. Add a sweet note to it. When he opens it, he will certainly get a surprise.

4. Use a pair of baby shoes:

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Buy a pair of tiny baby shoes. Tell your partner that you have been to shopping and got something for him. Let him figure out where you kept it, and open it. Alternatively, put them in his shoe cabinet for him to spot them.

5. Write it on a chalkboard:

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Be as creative as you can on the chalkboard. Announce the exciting news by drawing a baby, related items, or dates of conception and due date.

6. Break the news with balloons:

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You can come up with several creative ways to reveal your pregnancy through balloons. Write the message on a balloon and hang it inside his wardrobe or write the letters of the word BABY on four balloons and hang them at several places in your house for your husband to see.

7. Pregnancy countdown:

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This is an adorable yet a cool idea to announce your pregnancy. Wear a countdown maternity shirt, keep countdown blocks on the table, or mark it on the board or a calendar. It works well for him to find.

8. Let your child announce it:

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If it is not your first pregnancy, you can send the message to your hubby with your child. Get a cute customized dress for your child that says, “I am getting a little brother/sister”, or “baby joining soon.” Make them wear it before the dad comes home.

9. Bake a cookie:

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Bake a customized cookie to reveal the news. Keep it on the dining table for your husband to see it during his dinner. It could be a sweet surprise to him.

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If your husband loves chocolates, get customized chocolates with the message, “You are going to be a father.”

10. Deliver the diapers:

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Keep a box of diapers at the doorstep. Your partner will surely be confused. When he checks that it is addressed to him, he would realize that you are expecting. Alternatively, take him to the supermarket and buy the diapers. Clear his confusion by breaking the news.

Cute Ways To Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant

11. Capture the moment:

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Schedule appointments for family shoots, and during one of the shots, say, “I am pregnant.” You can forever capture that priceless reaction of your husband.

12. Give a puzzle:

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Create a puzzle with a pregnancy reveal or a picture of your ultrasound. Ask him to put together the pieces and know what it is all about.

13. Make room for the baby:

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Empty one of the shelves in your bedroom, and stick a note, saying, “Daddy, make room for me.” You can also place some baby toys, clothes or booties. The expectant father would be thrilled to know the news.

14. Put a message in the picture frame:

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Get a frame or make one using your creativity. Put a message, “Love you, daddy.” You can also put a note at the bottom saying, “Picture coming soon.”

15. Have an extra plate:

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While setting the table for the meal, place small plate and cup, and an additional seat on the dining table. Your partner is sure to notice this.

16. Swap his glass with a bottle:

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The next time he asks you for juice or water, serve him in a feeding bottle. When he looks at you confused, smile and point to your tummy. He might just go crazy.

17. Message on a t-shirt:

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Get a customized shirt with baby palms and little feet. Wear this quite adorable t-shirt and roam around. See how long it takes for your partner to notice.

18. Message in a bottle:

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Although it seems to be old-fashioned, it could be a cool pregnancy reveal that your husband may love. Write a message saying, “You are soon going to be a dad,” put it in a bottle, and keep it in a place where he can easily see it.

19. Spell with scrabble:

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If your husband is crazy about word games such as scrabbleiXA board and tile game where two to four participants build words on a 225-square board using lettered tiles , ask him to play along with you. When it is your turn, share the news by making something related and ask him to spell. He would get delighted with the news.

20. Sign on the belly:

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Write down a note on your belly such as “Baby inside,” “Coming soon” or “You are a Daddy”. The moment he notices the message, he will turn ecstatic.

Fun Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Your Husband

21. Take your pet’s help:

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Let your little pet at home announce the news. Write a note saying “Mama’s pregnant” and send it to your partner after he arrives home from the office. It would be a delightful surprise.

22. Go the sports way:

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If your husband is a sports freak, you can buy a junior size shirt or shoes of his favorite game and gift it to him. He’ll surely make some space for the arrival of your newborn.

23. Get artistic:

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If you are artistic, you can draw a family illustration with your husband, child, and yourself in it. You can either gift it to him or stick it at a place where he can notice it. He is surely going to be on his knees to feel your tummy.

24. Make a slideshow:

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Prepare a slideshow or a video of some beautiful photos that you took since the beginning of your relationship. In the end, post your ultrasound photos or a picture of your pregnancy test. This will be one of the sweetest ways to announce the news.

25. Use the mobile phone:

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Send the picture of your pregnancy test or write a poem or quote on pregnancy and message it to him. Let him call you to confirm the news. He is surely going to come back home early that day.

26. Write on the mirror:

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This is a traditional yet fun way to share the good news. You can use your lipstick to write the message on the mirror. Be as creative as you can with the message.

27. Message in a cup:

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Serve him an empty cup as if there is a beverage in it. When he sees the cup, he’ll find the message that you left in it.

28. Message in a book:

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If your husband is currently reading a book, write a sweet message and put it as a bookmark. He will get to read it the moment he opens the book.

29. Pack it up:

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As a preparation for the baby’s nursery, get a basket, put all the baby items such as cushions, tiny tee, and shoes in it and decorate it. When the dad-to-be comes home, he will surely notice this change.

30. Baby onesie reveal:

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This is going to tug his heartstrings. Get the onesieiXA one-piece outfit for small children that have sleeves but leaves the legs exposed and fasten at the crotch using press studs that has a message for the dad-to-be, and hang it on a clothesline.

protip_icon Quick tip
Instead of a onesie, you may get matching baby and daddy outfits to make the pregnancy reveal more meaningful.

31. “Baby fund” piggy bank:

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Buy a piggy bank, and stick a note that says, “baby fund”. You might also write a note saying, “We have to save this nine months.” When he sees it, he will soon realize that you are pregnant.

Romantic Ways To Tell Your Partner You Are Pregnant

32. Propose to him:

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Take your partner to the place where your proposal happened, and recall everything you both did then. Instead of a ring, give him the test strip, and he would understand it.

33. Dine with him:

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Make a special dinner with a baby theme using corn, carrots, back ribs, and more. Prepare mini cupcakes and keep pureed fruit. Use children’s utensils and set the table in pink and blue. You can also add foods that you have cravings for and see if he can guess the message from your preparation.

34. Give a fruit treat:

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Unleash your creativity using a fruit. Carve the letters “Dad” on the fruit and keep that on the dining table before he comes for the meal. It will be the tastiest surprise for him.

35. Ice cream date:

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Ask him to take you out for an ice cream, and order two for yourself. It could be surprising for him, and let him know that you are eating for two.

36. On the bottle:

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Here’s one more bottle idea. Buy his favorite drink for dinner, and stick a note that reveals the message.

37. A push notification:

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Download a baby tracking app on his phone and set it up for push notifications. He will be puzzled to see the words, “Your baby is the size of a poppy seed,” “You are 4 weeks pregnant.” Eventually, he will guess the big secret.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 8 weeks too early to announce pregnancy?

Many women know they are pregnant soon after they miss their period. However, several choose to delay the baby announcement until 12 weeks into the pregnancy (end of the first trimesteriXA period of three months used to division pregnancy ). One of the suggested reasons for this delay is the possible risk of miscarriage during this time (1). Nonetheless, there’s no strict rule regarding the announcement of a pregnancy.

2. How long should I wait to tell my husband I’m pregnant?

There’s no fixed time to tell your husband about your pregnancy. Some women tell their husbands soon after they get a confirmation from their doctor, while others perform a home pregnancy test with their husbands and receive the much-awaited news together. So, it is your discretion as to when you want to break the news to your husband.

3. Should you tell your husband about pregnancy alone or in the presence of family and friends?

Deciding how to break this wonderful news to your husband is a personal choice that depends on your preferences as a couple and your circumstances. For instance, some couples may prefer to share the news privately to enjoy the special moments intimately. On the other hand, some couples prefer sharing the news in the presence of family and friends to fill those memorable moments with a sense of celebration.

4. What if your husband is away and you cannot tell him in person?

Schedule a video call so that you can embrace this special moment by looking at each other. If you want to go the extra mile and reveal the news in more detail, you may write a heartfelt letter and let the dear would-be daddy know about the family expansion. For those who love trying creative things, you can put the pregnancy test result with several baby items, such as a small onesie and a pair of booties, in a box and send the surprise package to him.

5. How can I overcome any fears or concerns my husband may have about becoming a parent?

Have an open and honest conversation to let him express his feelings and emotions. Actively listen to him and acknowledge his concerns or fears. Appreciate his honesty and offer him support to better understand parenthood dynamics. Talk to him about the joys of being a father and encourage him to seek support from other would-be dads or parenting groups to learn from others’ experiences. Most importantly, avoid overwhelming him with the idea of being a father. Instead, take baby steps and gradually prepare him for the baby’s arrival.

There may be several ideas on how to tell your husband you are pregnant. The intention is to surprise him and make him happy with the great news. Pick from these cute pregnancy-reveal ideas, such as swapping his cup for a bottle, placing baby shoes, or gifting a book of advice for new dads that can be fun and straightforward. Some romantic ways include using a date night or proposing with the test strip to make the experience more memorable. Prefer the idea of your choice or use your creativity to club a few of them to make the moment unique and magical.

Infographic: Creative Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Your Husband

Whether this is your first or fourth time, learning that you’re pregnant makes you so happy that it is hard to hide the excitement. So, as you prepare to break the news to your hubby, check out this infographic on innovative ways to announce your pregnancy news!

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Key Pointers

  • You can make your pregnancy announcement to your husband memorable in several ways.
  • Some exciting ways to break this news to your partner include gift wrapping the pregnancy test, pregnancy countdown, or baking a cookie, among others.
  • It is also essential that you make the announcement unique and memorable for him.
  • Make sure you capture the moment to reflect on it with fond memories.
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Do you have the most exciting news to share? Are seeking inspiration on how to do so? Check out this video to see the top 10 most creative ways to announce your pregnancy to your husband!

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  1. When to tell people you are pregnant.
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