11 Moms Share Their Funniest Diaper Changing Stories

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Diaper changing experience is an area with many dos and don’ts—more for your protection and sanity than the baby’s. In addition to the ‘slight’ unpleasantness attached to the whole process, it is also extremely accident-prone. Some moms are complete naturals and manage it without any scratch on their dignity, whereas others are not as lucky. Here are our 11 funniest diaper changing stories shared by new moms:

1. Wrong Size: Mommy Part 1

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“One early morning, I got ready to change my daughter’s diaper to eventually find out that the previous night, filled with sheer exhaustion and sleep, I accidentally put my son’s size 5 diaper on her.” – Tracy

2. Finishing Lap

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“My husband, who was super new to the whole diaper regime, once used a swim diaper instead of an overnight diaper! You can obviously imagine the situation in the morning.” – Jennifer

3. Borderline

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“Towards the end of her diaper days, my daughter would comfortably go without an extra change of diaper for quick trips around the house. However, whenever I would step out of the house, my little baby girl would have to go to the potty. And without fail, despite making it to the washroom, my daughter would be so short on time that I would eventually be forced to throw the diaper and finish the trip without one.” – Kitty

4. Avalanche

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“My daughter was hardly a few weeks old when my husband and I, for some odd reason, started to change her diaper on our living room couch. I simply removed the wet diaper and started to reach out for a baby wipe when my daughter shot a poop at me. My husband promptly scooped our daughter off the couch with one hand around her neck and the other under her little butt to salvage the situation. Unfortunately, my daughter started peeing right that instant, ultimately creating an avalanche of pee and poop.” – Jenny

5. Not For Swimming

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“One time, my lovely husband forgot to change our baby into a swim diaper. Well, if you are not familiar with what happens to a regular diaper in the pool, then know it is quite a sight. Curious about what was going on, I asked my husband to check what was happening to our daughter’s bum. Turns out her little bum was now five times the actual size, and she was dragging it like Santa’s huge gift sack. It was messy, and that jelly-like stuff from the diaper took days to get rid of.” – Hanna

6. Mess At The Red Lobster

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“My husband and I went for a nice dinner at Red Lobster for the first time after welcoming our baby girl into this world. While waiting for my order, I noticed my daughter had a little brown-ish goop in her hair. Upon inspection, I found poop all over her hand, up her back, and into her hairline. I figured that when no one was looking, my daughter somehow managed to get past her secured diaper into her poopy mess and spread it all around herself.” – Neha

7. Gravity

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“I was standing outside my parent’s doorway when I noticed that my son was a little wet. Instinctively, as parents do, I pulled back the layers to check-in on my son’s diaper. However, I pulled on too tight and broke the diaper seal around that led to his poop dropping everywhere—all over my legs and shoes. Everywhere except on the floor.” – Samatha

8. Wrong Size: Mommy Part 2

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“Shortly after welcoming baby #2, my husband threw me a shower. As planned, we made sure that we safely dropped our baby #1 off at the grandma’s. During the shower, my baby #2 had a full-blown diaper situation. That’s when I discovered that we had somehow managed to leave the wrong diaper bag at grandma’s. Meaning that our nearly 4-year-old son had a size one diaper while the newborn had a size three. It took a lot of duct tape to do the repair work.” – Cathy

9. Explosives

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“Once I returned home to find a paper towel and a transparent wrap explosion. That’s how I realized that we were out of our stock of diapers.” – Beth

10. Daddy Duties

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“My husband and I took turns with baby chores. Once, it was my husband’s night to bathe our daughter, so he bathed her and brought her downstairs for her feeding time. While prepping for my daughter to sit, I noticed some liquid all over my upper body. Turns out my husband had forgotten to put the diaper on.” – Amanda

11. Grandpa Duties

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“Once my dad changed my daughter’s diaper and put on the new one too loose. Later that day, my daughter was found sitting in a pile of her own poop and playing in it.” – Bella

Diaper changing is very similar to a land mine; one wrong move or disturbance, and you’ll witness an explosion. And the stories shared by these 11 moms are proof of that. Some of the stories are scary; some are stinky, some epic but all very funny. By the end of each, the only thing you need to be thankful for is diapers.


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