95+ Easter Jokes And Puns For Kids To Laugh

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Easter is that colorful holiday season that lets our inner child out. To keep the festive spirit alive, we bring you a collection of some funny Easter jokes for kids that you may share with them while creating crafts or decorating the house. These jokes can come in handy when a child feels low or misses someone. So, read on the jokes and make your holiday season laughter-packed with some giggling and laughter.

95+ Funny Easter Jokes For Kids

1. If bunnies could transform, what would you call them?

A transformer bunny

2. What can be a bunnies’ favorite dance form?


3. What would you call a bunny with a lot of money?

A millionhare

4. Why does April feel so exhausting?

Because you’ve marched till April

5. What happened when the bunny told the egg a joke?

It cracked up

6. Have you ever seen a meditating egg?

Yes, it’s called an ommmmmmmlet

7. How do you end your Easter?

With an R

8. Ever seen an angry vegetable?

It’s called a steamed carrot

9. What kind of jewelry do rabbits wear?

A 24-carrot gold jewelry

10. How can you prove that carrots are good for your eyes?

Well, rabbits never needed to wear glasses

11. Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Wendi, who?

Wendi Easter hunt’s going to start?

12. Ever wondered why humpty dumpty had a great fall?

To get over his depressed summer

13. Why were the two eggs looking so serious?

They were having some serious yolks

14. Did you know that a bunny gets lice too?

Yes, it’s called a Bugs Bunny

15. How would bunny movies end?

With hoppy endings

16. How will a polite bunny ask to give way?

Eggs-cuse me please

17. Knock-Knock

Who’s there?

Some bunny

Some bunny, who?

Some bunny stole my Easter eggs.

18. How did the prince bunny and princess bunny live after marriage?

Hoppily ever after

19. What does a bunny like to play?

Basket-ball and hopscotch

20. Did you see the bunny smiling?

Yes, it was so hoppy

21. What made the bunny laugh?

The egg just cracked some yolks

22. Knock-knock


Police, who?

Police color the Easter eggs.

23. What do you say if you see Winnie the Pooh and the Easter bunny together?

A honey bunny

24. Why did the Easter bunny look so tired?

It was eggshausted

25. Why is the bunny’s hair so shiny?

It uses a hare-conditioner

26. How do you wish an Easter bunny on its birthday?

A very hoppy birthday

27. How does an Easter bunny dry itself?

With a hare-dryer

28. What makes the Easter bunny lucky?

It has four rabbit’s feet

29. Why did the Easter bunny cross the road?

The chicken took its eggs

30. What is the bunny’s favorite restaurant for breakfast?


31. Why was the Easter bunny so grumpy?

He was having a bad hare day

32. Ever wondered why you don’t see dinosaurs on Easter?

They are egg-stinct

33. Which day is the Easter egg’s least favorite?


34. How does the Easter bunny fly to its home?

By a hare-plane

35. What did the bunny say to the carrot?

It was nice to gnaw you

36. Knock Knock?

Who’s there?


Howie, who?

Howie going to steal the Easter eggs?

37. What is a funny egg called?

A practical yolker

38. The Easter bunny lost his tail. Where can he buy a new one?

The re-tail store

39. What would an Easter bunny say about it’s Easter day?

It was eggs-cellent

40. What did the cowardice Easter egg’s friends call it?

A chicken

41. Did you know there are some eggs that grow on a tree?

Yes. It’s called an eggplant

42. How did she get rid of all the Easter eggs from her house?

She called an eggs-terminator

43. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Arthur, who?

Arthur more Easter eggs left?

44. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Boo, who?

Boo-who, you lost all the Easter eggs.

45. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Heidi, who?

Heidi the Easter eggs from the bunny.

46. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Justin, who?

Justin time for Easter egg hunting

47. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Egg, who?

Egg-cited for Easter?

48. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Howard, who?

Howard you want to decorate the eggs?

49. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Donut, who?

Donut forget to hide the eggs.

50. Do you know why do we color the easter eggs?

Because wallpapering them takes time

51. What vegetable can you grow in an Easter garden?


52. What does the Easter bunny need for the disappearance of the easter eggs?

An eggsplanation

53. Why did the Easter egg go to the salon?

To get dyed

54. What happened to the Easter egg’s TV?

The Lightning scrambled the cable

55. Did you see the parade of bunnies marching backwards?

Yeah, it was a receding hareline

56. How do you think the Easter bunny stays fit for every easter?

It does a lot of egg-cercise

57. What do you call beans that are not vegetables?

Jelly beans

58. Did you hear about the cross between a bunny and an onion?

Yes, it was a bunion

59. Where did the bunny Cinderella go for her first dance?

The basket-ball

60. What happened to the bunny who picked a fight with the egg at school?

It was eggspelled

61. What are the bunnies living in outer space called?


62. Why did the bunny fire the duck?

He was quacking about his skills

63. How can you remember where you hid the Easter eggs?

Just eggs-mark the spot

64. What do Easter eggs and bunnies do on weekends?

They go to a kar-ee-yolk-e restaurant

65. Why did she complain about her rabbit stew?

It had a hare in it

66. What made her sad on Easter?

An egg beater

67. What is one way to speed up your egg hunting?

Take the eggs-press lane

68. How can you make Easter egg decoration easier?

Replace the “t” with an “i”

69. Ever wondered how Easter bunnies get their letters?

Through a hare-mail

70. What do you call a bunny that cannot hop?

A chocolate bunny

71. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Alma, who?

Alma Easter eggs got stolen!

72. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Sherwood, who?

Sherwood like to have some Easter chocolates.

73. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Butcher, who?

Butcher easter candies in the pocket.

74. Where can you find Christmas before Easter?

In the dictionary

75. What form of aerobics does a bunny do?

A hare-obics

76. Why did the Easter bunny keep forgetting things?

Because it had a hare-brain

77. Do you know the story of the bunny who got stung by a bumblebee?

Yes, it was a tender-tail

78. Where will a bunny go with it’s pair of socks?

To the sock-hop

79. Why did the Easter bunny try to jump off the cliff?

He hopped he could fly

80. What do you call a cross between a rabbit and an oyster?

An oyster bunny

81. How many Easter eggs can you fit in an empty basket?

One. After that it will not be empty anymore

82. How to sneak up on a unique rabbit?

U-nique up on him

83. What do you call a cross between a bunny and a spider?

A harenet

84. Can you turn an elephant into an Easter bunny?

Yes. Just put it into a cute Easter bunny suit

85. Can you tell the difference between a counterfeit banknote and an angry bunny?

One is bad money and another is a mad bunny

86. What happens if you drop hot water down a rabbit hole?

You get hot cross bunnies

87. Why couldn’t the Easter bunny go to his home on Easter?

He didn’t have money for the hare fare

88. Ever seen a bunny with a cold?

Yes. It’s called a runny bunny

89. Do you know why the Easter bunny left the party so early?

No idea, no-bunny knows

90. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Ana, who?

Ana-ther Easter candy?

91. What made the jelly bean attend school?

He really wanted to become a smartie

92. How can you tell that “A” is a flower?

A bee is after it

93. What happens if you cross an Easter bunny and an elephant?

You get an elephant who loves carrots

94. How can you spot an old Easter bunny?

Just look for grey hares

95. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Dewey, who?

Dewey have to listen to more of these Easter jokes?

Easter is one of those holidays when the family comes together for fun. Crack one or two of these jokes to get the holiday started and make it a memorable one. The adults may roll their eyes at these, but these are sure to get your kids laughing.

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