55 Clean And Funny Memes For Kids To Laugh Out Loud

Memes combine a well-chosen picture and a few words that inspire us to laugh over mundane situations, and watching funny memes for kids can be hilarious. Many memes depict the hardships of parenting in a funny way. On a usual day, when children spill flour all over the house or write all over themselves with markers, it does not seem funny to parents. However, when the same reality is depicted as a meme, it lightens parents’ mood and makes them look at the funny side of challenging situations. Here are some hilarious and fun memes that will compel you to laugh at your kid’s shenanigans and help you deal with the parenting struggles in a more positive way. Share these memes and jokes with your children, and let them know how they make your life more interesting.

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Memes For Kids

Baby Memes

Being a parent to a helpless baby might be one of the most challenging things in the world. First, you have to know why they are crying, and then, there is the constant guilt of underperforming.


Ticking time bomb meme for kids

Right from changing a diaper to putting them down for sleep, it can seem like you are handling a ticking time bomb. New parents will understand this feeling well.


Time to scream the house down meme for kids

Whoever coined the phrase, “Sleep like a baby,” obviously hasn’t been around a baby much. Babies seem to sense when their parents drop off and take that as a cue to start bawling.


You have fallen directly into my trap meme for kids

After multiple diaper changes and feeds, if there is something that can capture your heart, it is the angelic smile on your baby’s face. Babies turn on their smiles and make you go “aww” before going on another pooping spree.


Poop meme for kids

Babies are notorious for doing their business just after you have put on a new diaper. Or worse, they might decide to do it in a few seconds when they are diaper-free.


Interesting meme for kids

Moms of babies who are going through the cluster feeding phase will understand this very well. You are exhausted, but maybe this meme can perk you up until the next feed.


Awake last night meme for kids

Some babies may sleep through the night right off the bat, but such babies are few and far between. Most of them have not yet adjusted to the day-night cycle and tend to remain awake throughout the night and sleep through the day.


Hide and seek meme for kids

Playing hide-and-seek with babies is so much fun. They never seem to realize that you are hiding behind your hands and laugh every time you reveal your face.


Sleep-in meme for kids

When you bring a child into this world, forget sleep. You can sleep in when they move out of the house.


Raising a child meme for kids

Bringing up a child is a costly affair. Now you can either laugh or cry at this meme depending on your situation.


Diaper meme for kids

Just as we have shower thoughts, babies have diaper thoughts—profound thoughts rather!


Baby bottle meme for kids

A sleepy baby after having a bottle of milk is a cute sight. Watch them drowse and share this meme with your fellow moms.


Mirror meme for kids

The first time your baby sees the mirror should be captured for posterity. Be sure you have your cameras out because there will be some interesting reactions.

Toddler Memes

Share these witty toddler memes with your children and let them know how they were a handful when they were little.


Grandparent meme for kids

Grandparents love pampering their grandchildren; something they haven’t been able to do with their own children. Remind your child of their grandparents with this meme


Telling the truth meme for kids

Every child will relate to this. Remind your child of how you always found a way to let the cat out of the bag?


Where are we going meme for kids

This question is followed by the inevitable flood of tears waiting to drown you before your day has even started.


Do not talk to me meme for kids

You know this trick of theirs better than they do!


Ultimate way to keep your child busy memes for kids

If you really, really want your toddler to be occupied for a few minutes, make them a busy board with things they love – lights, laces, locks, wheels, buttons, switches, and bolts. They will be busy for quite a while – or at least until you have had your first cup of coffee.


New babysitter memes for kids

Starting a new babysitter for your children can be a nightmare – both for you and the babysitter. Hopefully, everyone gets along soon.


Potty training memes for kids

Are you desperately wishing your child to be potty-trained? Wait until they break their relationship with the neighbor’s child and come back to the task at hand.


How is potty training an improvement meme for kids

Some toddlers readily take up potty training and stick to the routine, while others rebel. After all, which child would like to leave play and sit in the potty when they can do their business in the diaper while playing?


When they get quiet meme for kids

A quiet toddler raises the most amount of suspicion in a parent’s mind. If your child is quiet, they are surely up to something.


What do you have in your mouth? meme for kids

There is no creature faster on the planet than a toddler who has been asked this question. Good luck catching them.


Injury memes for kids

The ability of little children to listen to their parents varies inversely with how dangerous what they are doing is. Get ready with some bandages, kisses, and the obvious “I told you so.”


Baby sleeping memes for kids

Try not to be spooked out by your child simply standing next to your bed and staring or jumping onto you between the blankets. Tomorrow is another day.

School-Going Children Memes

Children who go to school have a whole different set of problems to handle. These memes will surely bring a wide smile to your child’s face.


Math memes for kids

Your child’s homework is yet to be done and all they can think of is when they will be able to solve the unending math problems. This is a meme that will resonate with children.


Friends memes for kids

If your child is friendly, they might have many friends at school. But the happiness they feel when two of their friends become friends with each other is indescribable.


Glitter memes for kids

Children love glitter. But parents know how glitter can travel at the speed of light to all parts of the house and get stuck in your hair, on your skin and clothes, and refuse to come off even when scrubbed.


Wrong classroom memes for kids

School life is full of ups and downs. You child could enter the wrong classroom, for example, and it would certainly be a down as your child looks at the expressions of those present.


Homework memes for kids

There can be no greater joy for children than a teacher forgetting to assign homework, especially if it’s on a Friday.


School memes for kids

If you remember your school days, you will remember the times when you peeped into a classroom with your friend in it. Share this meme with your child, and the grin on your child’s face will be the same as yours.


Angel memes for kids

Teachers are so used to hearing “little Bill is an angel” that they don’t even bat their eyelids. But you know now what they are thinking.


Class topper test memes for kids

There is always this classmate who reminds the teacher that they have forgotten a test or homework. Backbenchers have the right treatment for this.


Teacher memes for kids

It is the most exciting part of a normal school day when the front office calls for a student. But who will that lucky student be?


Reopening school memes for kids

In other words, no plans at all!


Studying memes for kids

Now come on, you need to cut your children some slack. What are two hours in the greater scheme of things?


Solving math memes for kids

Children need to know to draw a perfect hexagon for the time when…wait, they will never need to draw a perfect hexagon ever.


Tying shoes memes for kids

Children are weird that way. First, they want to do everything themselves, and then they are sad because they have to do everything themselves.


Children class memes for kids

There’s nothing like a teacher announcing a prize to perk up your child’s ears in class. Expect them to perform exceptionally well now.

Memes To Make Children Laugh

When children feel overwhelmed with homework and extracurricular activities, share these memes with them to bring a smile to their faces.


Family memes for kids

How would you feel if your siblings polished off the last spoon of ice cream in the tub? It is necessary to protect your food with a cage.


Cat memes for kids

Children have a knack for repeating things over and over again even while you are pulling your hair out by the roots. Of course, you can’t tell them you have listened to their show and tell a million times over so you just grin and bear it.


Waiter and squirrel memes for kids

Waiters at restaurants have the most unfortunate habit of asking how the food is exactly when our mouths are full. We have no option but to talk with our mouths full or swallow without chewing.


Kids smiling for pics meme for kids

Imagine the most awkward, cartoonish smile you can muster. Then multiply it by 100. This is what you will get when you ask your child to smile for the camera.


Breaking something memes for kids

This type of subterfuge is common among children with siblings.


Teacher and front office memes for kids

Yes, expect your children to have three heart attacks a day.


New year parents memes for kids

Often, no one has any idea what is going on, and so, you are not alone.


Wi-Fi memes for kids

This is a surefire way to make sure your children do their chores. Works a hundred percent, every single time!


Cake memes for kids

Admit it! You never want to share a cake with anyone.


Weekend off memes for kids

Forget all weekends once you have children. Weekends are for chores, chores, and more chores.


Baltic Germans memes for kids

If your child’s having a bad day, why not send them this meme? It will definitely improve their mood, if not, their day.


Goodnight memes for kids

But all children need eight more kisses, two more bedtime stories, one more trip to the bathroom, and just one more kiss before bedtime.


Asleep memes for kids

Children seem to have a sixth sense, don’t they?


Homework memes for kids

Get ready to dig out all the long-lost memories of math and grammar from the long-forgotten past. You will need them all for your child’s homework.


ET memes for kids

The last thing on sleep-deprived parents’ minds is looking good. You see, all they want is some more sleep.


Daddy memes for kids

Battery-operated toys with sounds are a nightmare for parents. If you haven’t disabled a squawking toy yet, are you even a parent?


Bathroom break memes for kids

Once you have children, forget going anywhere alone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can parents use memes to engage their kids?

Parents can overcome the generational and communication gap between themselves and their children by understanding memes and knowing how to connect with them. Parents can educate themselves about popular trends and culture by following trendy YouTubers and viral meme creators on the internet. Memes can also pave the way for more humor-filled and in-depth conversations with your children.

2. Are there any guidelines for sharing memes for kids online?

The guidelines for posting child memes online include the following: the meme must be age-appropriate, it must not contain any violent or triggering material, inappropriate antics, comics, or GIFs, and, most importantly, it must not offend anyone in any manner.

3. How do memes for kids contribute to the development of humor and wit?

Memes, images accompanied by witty one-liners, are liked by children as they often showcase highly relatable things with a sarcastic spin. They can promote the development of humor and wit via wordplay, puns, and amusing captions. Children who are exposed to memes can appreciate different linguistic techniques.

4. What role do memes for kids play in digital communication and social interactions?

The meaning of a meme is built socially when it’s applied to a description of a shared past or a current reality. Most children find them on social networking sites and scrolling through their feeds. These memes essentially represent opinions and communicate ideas and feelings. Thus they allow children to digitally express their thoughts and transfer information about something important to them to others. It, in turn, facilitates social interaction.

Interestingly, memes can also be used in teaching. Hari Prasad, a blogger, reflects on how the introduction of memes for students helped them in better comprehension. He writes, “Instead of slides, we’re going to display memes that make students understand better and also make them laugh. We integrate memes with education to convey trendy topics to new-gen kids. By seeing the memes, students can easily understand the concepts, and also it’s a great way of increasing student’s involvement during sessions (i).”

Memes are a great way to share some laughter over everyday things that look mundane. So, if your children get upset or are having a hard time, introduce them to memes for kids. A good, humorous joke is a powerful way to cheer up people and lighten up the mood. These memes are for children of all ages and portray parenting and childhood struggles and experiences. These memes surely put a smile on your children’s faces and help change your perspective about the ordinary things in life.

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