100+ Clean And Funny School Jokes For Kids

Are you searching for some funny school jokes for kids that could instantly crack them up? Well, then your quest for some good jest ends here. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, knowing some cool school jokes would surely help you lighten the atmosphere, help your kids have a good chuckle on dull or gloomy days.

Moreover, teaching children some humorous and amusing school jokes may also help them socialize with ease and break the ice with their peers.

Keep browsing to choose the funniest and most witty jokes from our list of clean school jokes for kids and engage in some teasing and repartees.

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100+ School Jokes For Kids

1. Which school does an ice cream man go to?
Sundae school

2. Why is the teacher wearing sunglasses in the class?
Because she has bright students in her class

3. Why do music teachers do well in a baseball game?
Because they have a perfect pitch

4. Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
A broken pencil
A broken pencil who?
Never mind… It’s pointless!

5. Name the flying mammal in the kindergarten class.

6. What’s so fresh in the chemistry class?
The experiMINTS

7. Why did the student throw her watch out of the school window?
She wanted to see time fly.

8. Why do magicians score well in exams?
Because they can handle tricky questions

9. Name the dinosaur that has the best vocabulary.
The thesaurus

10. Why does the math class make students sad?
Because it is full of problems

11. Why does the music teacher need a ladder in the school?
To reach higher notes

12. How do bees go to school?
By school buzz

Bees go to school, Funny school jokes for kids

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13. Why is history a sweet subject?
Because it has many dates

14. Why are the dark ages named so?
Because they have many knights

15. Why didn’t the Sun go to any university?
Because it already has many degrees

16. Which is the tallest school building?
The library—because it has many STORIES

17. Why is six afraid of seven?
Because seven ATE nine

18. What is a snake’s favorite subject?

19. Who is the leader of the school supplies?
The ruler

20. What is a boy in a class with a dictionary in his pants called?
Smartie pants

21. What’s the best place to grow flowers in a school.

22. Teachers shout at something students don’t do.

23. A superhero in a computer class.
The screen saver

24. Which school do the birds go to?
High school

25. Which is the shortest month of the year?
May—Because it has only three letters

26. Why does a dog do so well in school?
Because it’s the teacher’s pet

27. What did the paper say to the pen?
You have a good point

28. Which tree is the math teacher’s favorite?

29. When do student astronauts eat?
During LAUNCH time

When do student astronauts eat, Funny school jokes for kids

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30. What is black when it’s clean and white when it’s dirty?
The blackboard

31. What is the blackboard’s favorite drink?
Hot CHALKolate

32. What is the favorite subject of a witch?
English—Because it has SPELLings

33. Why do the pirates take long to finish reading the letters of the alphabet?
Because they spend a lot of time at C

34. Why are fish considered the smartest?
Because they live in schools

35. Why do we measure a snake in inches?
Because it does not have feet

36. What’s the calculator’s favorite statement?
You can count on me

37. Why do fireflies get bad grades at school?
Because they are not bright enough

38. How do you know that Saturn was married more than once?
Because it has many rings

39. “Why did you eat your homework?” the teacher asked.
“You said it’s a piece of cake,” the student replied.

40. What did the cross-eyed teacher say to the principal?
I cannot control my pupils.

41. Which school do the surfers go to?
The Boarding school

42. A tired school supply
A knapsack

43. A room that a student can never enter
A mushROOM

44. Why is beer never served at a math party?
Because you should never drink and derive

45. Which nation does the teacher like?

46. Why do geography students drown?
Because all their grades are below C-level

47. A school bus that you can never enter

48. The longest word in the dictionary
RUBBER BAND—Because it stretches

49. Two days of the week that start with ‘T’
Today and tomorrow

50. Why was the echo detained at school?
Because it replied every single time

51. A butterfly’s favorite subject

A butterfly’s favorite subject

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52. Why was the clock called to the principal’s office?
For TOCKing too much

53. Why was the lesson written on the window?
To make it quite clear for the students

54. Who is everyone’s best friend at school?
The princiPAL

55. Which letter is hidden in a cup?
The letter T

56. Why don’t giraffes go to elementary school?
Because they go to high school

57. Why is the letter A most like a flower?
Because a ‘Bee’ always follows it.

58. The smartest letters of the alphabet
The Ys (wise)

59. What do math students eat on Halloween?
The Pumpkin Pi

60. Why do the students wear glasses during math class?
To improve their diVISION

61. What compliment does a zero give to eight?
Nice belt (8)

62. Why were the students doing multiplication on the floor?
The teacher asked them not to use tables.

63. How do you make seven an even number?
By removing the ‘S’

64. This US state has the most number of math teachers

65. What is a mathematical plant?
The one with square roots.

66. Why is the obtuse angle always upset?
Because it can never be right

67. Favorite season of a math teacher

68. Why can’t 12 and 9 get married?
Because they’re under 18

69. Why is a geometry lesson so adorable?
Because it has a lot of aCUTE angles

70. Why is 2 + 2 = 5 like your left foot?
It’s not right.

71. Teacher: One great thing that we have today but not ten years ago
Student: It’s me.

72. Teacher: Your essay on the COW is similar to that of your friends’. Have you copied?
Student: No, teacher. It’s about the same COW.

73. What’s a frog’s favorite year?
Leap year

Funny school jokes for kids

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74. What can children catch but not throw?

75. Why can’t a bicycle stand by itself?
Because it is too TIRED

76. Which grades do the pirates get in school?
High Cs

77. Which animal cheats in the exams?

78. Why can’t you trust atoms?
They make up everything.

79. Which hand writes well, right or left?
None. A pen or a pencil writes well.

80. What do elves do after school?
GHOME work

81. What are Santa Claus’ brothers and sisters called?
Relative CLAUSES

82. Why shouldn’t you marry an apostrophe?
Because it’s too possessive

83. How do math students take a sunbath?
By using SIN and COS to get tan

84. Why are chemists good at solving problems?
Because they have all the solutions

85. How much do computers eat for lunch?
A byte

86. Which state is called the land of pencils?

87. What do ducks use for solving problems?
A QUACKulator!

88. Which is the smartest fly?
The spelling bee

89. What did one pencil say to another on the first day of school?
You’re looking sharp.

90. What does a spider do on the Internet?
Create a website

Spider on the Internet

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91. What’s so difficult about music class?
You have to write down many notes.

92. What are the ten things teachers can always count on?
Their fingers

93. Which is the longest table in the class?
The multiplication table

94. The coolest letters of the alphabet

95. Why do triangles and squares work out every day?
To stay in shape

96. A bet that cannot be won
An alphaBET

97. How do the fish go to school?
By octobus!

98. An English teacher addicted to Instagram

99. Favorite tree of an English teacher

100. “What’s the longest sentence?” the English teacher asked.
“Life imprisonment,” the student replied.

101. An English teacher’s favorite breakfast
Synonym rolls

102. The reason why English teachers dislike parole
They like complete sentences.

103. An overqualified circle has?
360 degrees

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can telling school jokes for kids create a positive and fun atmosphere in the classroom?

Telling jokes in school can lighten the monotone academic atmosphere of a school. It can enhance mutual relationships within the classroom and reduce stress. Jokes may also help promote creative thinking, honesty, positive coping, emotional well-being, self-confidence, and social responsibility.

2. Can school jokes help children build social connections and friendships with their peers?

Yes, children may connect better with peers who have a similar sense of humor. Thus, jokes stemming from blatant honesty and personal experiences may create interest, increase participation, and help break the ice (1).

3. Are there any educational benefits to incorporating school-related jokes into learning activities?

Jokes may enhance creativity and communication skills. They help increase vocabulary and solve problems more efficiently as children pick up grammatical cues and pronunciations without conscious effort. In addition, this may enhance attention and critical thinking skills.

4. How do school jokes reduce stress and anxiety among children, particularly during challenging times?

The display of humor through jokes allows children to laugh out loud and express their feelings. This allows them to distract themselves from their problems, making them less threatening, thus helping them view their challenges logically and unbiasedly. Such a humorous perspective can also reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem (2).

Sharing cheeky and silly jokes with your kids helps you develop a stranger and friendlier bond with them and also helps improve their social, verbal, and communication skills. These ridiculous jokes can also be used as riddles to help get your children thinking and allow them to exercise their brains. They can also be used for friendly pranking to induce giggles. So, pick out some of these funny and sarcasm-filled school jokes for kids and share them with your little ones for a jovial environment filled with friendly banter.

Infographic: Funny School Jokes For Kids

We all have heard or told some lame and hilarious school jokes at some point during our school years to either make new friends or become the “funny guy” that everyone loves. Now pass it on to your child(ren) and let them recreate the funny classroom scenes with their peers.

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