25 Times Parents Shared Their Hilarious Struggles Through Twitter

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If you ask any first jobber how their life is, they would all say that adulting is hard and not what they expected. Yet we were all so eager to grow up and start adulting because… well, we don’t know why. While that might be true, have you ever wondered how hard it is to be a parent? The responsibilities double, triple, and even quadruple! From teaching your kids discipline, preparing them for school, and inculcating good habits in them to catering to their every need and always being there for them, parenting is no joke! But these parents on Twitter found a hilarious side to all of it and shared their experiences on the internet so that everyone in their shoes can relate. So here are 25 times parents shared their struggles with a touch of humor:

1. Wish We Could Make These Decisions

Wish We Could Make These Decisions

Source: Twitter

At this point, sense of humor becomes a coping mechanism, right parents?

2. All The Time Is Poop Time

All The Time Is Poop Time

Source: Twitter

We bet this wasn’t the first time you woke up like this. The sad part is, it won’t be the last.

3. What’s A Toy?

What’s A Toy?

Source: Twitter

Kids will be fascinated by a slipper but won’t appreciate a super cool toy.

4. Talk About Being Phone Addicts!

Talk About Being Phone Addicts!

Source: Twitter

Could our kids be more self-centered?

5. The Love For Butts

The Love For Butts

Source: Twitter

Funny how kids’ minds work. Here’s an example of a normal conversation when you have a small kid.

6. Genius. Just Genius.

Genius. Just Genius.

Source: Twitter

This kid is going places. Damn, why didn’t we think of this?

7. White Lies Are Not Bad (Shhh)

White Lies Are Not Bad (Shhh)

Source: Twitter

Oops, I did it again! But hey, with kids, you gotta lie or you won’t survive. Do you agree, parents?

8. I Feel You, Kids!

I Feel You, Kids!

Source: Twitter

Guess we are not that different, after all!

9. And The Winner Is…

And The Winner Is...

Source: Twitter

Somehow, kids get their way. When was the last time you won a battle with your kid?

10. It’s Your Turn

It’s Your Turn

Source: Twitter

Right. And the other 50% is telling your partner that it’s their turn to go check on the kids.

11. Something New

Something New

Source: Twitter

Found a new trick to save our voices and this is something that always works.

12. Poo Is My Buddy

Poo Is My Buddy

Source: Twitter

This dad’s tweet is hilarious as ever. Guess kids are just comfortable with their poos and we wonder why that is.

13. What’s Normal Anymore?

What’s Normal Anymore?

Source: Twitter

Sometimes we don’t realize that we make no sense whatsoever. Living with a toddler normalizes bizarre behavior and this mother shares one of those.

14. Goodbye Life!

Goodbye Life!

Source: Twitter

The struggle is real! At this point, you don’t even try and you’ve accepted that this is your life.

15. Are You Even A Mother?

Are You Even A Mother?

Source: Twitter

When you are happy not to be a part of the bandwagon and have no hesitation in admitting it.

16. Sarcasm Is Your Best Friend

Sarcasm Is Your Best Friend

Source: Twitter

Kids help increase your level of sarcasm and also help you appreciate the little things in life.

17. Common Sense, Where Are You?

Common Sense, Where Are You?

Source: Twitter

As a parent, you will be saying things you never thought you’d say. Some words that come out of your mouth are absurd but necessary when you have kids.

18. Savage And Sassy!

Savage And Sassy!

Source: Twitter

You are mistaken if you think your kid is just a sweet innocent kid. They can be the most savage and have the most hilarious insults and comebacks.

19. (Yes/No/Maybe) x 5

(Yes/No/Maybe) x 5

Source: Twitter

One thing that you will learn to have is patience once you have kids. But that’s also something you will lose soon, once you have kids.

20. Who Knew Dirt Would Be Mine?

Who Knew Dirt Would Be Mine?

Source: Twitter

You know you’re a mom when you claim ownership of things you have absolutely no attachment toward.

21. Say Goodbye To Anything New Or Clean

Say Goodbye To Anything New Or Clean

Source: Twitter

Few lessons you’re sure to learn but only after incidents of mishaps.

22. Thankless Job? Seems About Right!

Thankless Job? Seems About Right!

Source: Twitter

When you learn to face the reality of being a parent just like this mom did.

23. Underestimated And Underappreciated!

Underestimated And Underappreciated!

Source: Twitter

Hey kid, where is my sticker for continuing to raise you?

24. Rude. Just Rude.

Rude. Just Rude.

Source: Twitter

You know you’ve raised a strong kid when they are not afraid to be honest. (But ouch!)

25. What Time Does God Wake Up?

What Time Does God Wake Up?

Source: Twitter

What do you do when your kids ask the real questions and you don’t know how to answer them? Gotta admit that this kid has a great sense of humor!

No doubt that your kids are your whole world but there is no denying that these are some of the struggles you face as parents. However, if you’re able to look at the hilarious side of things, you’re going to get through it. Stay strong parents, you’re not alone!

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