25 Funny Songs For Kids To Sing And Dance Their Heart Out

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Music is a great tool for developing children’s language skills, strengthening their memory, and teaching them how to express themselves. Children also learn better when they listen to songs, and when those songs are funny songs for kids, their joy doubles.

Songs such as Baby Shark and Five Little Ghosts can get your children excited and let them dance their hearts out. Moreover, they are easy to memorize as well. Read on for a list of silly and funny songs that can be a valuable addition to your little one’s playlist.

25 Funny Songs For Kids

Choose a song from this specially curated list of toe-tapping and funny songs for kids.

1. Superheroes Unite

Superheroes Unite is a comedy disco song covering many animals, including spiders, monkeys, cats, and werewolves. It’s all about fighting against the bad guys, mutant spiders, and werewolves. The catchy tune can keep your child entertained.

2. On Top Of Spaghetti

This sing-along song is about the tale of a meatball that was lost when somebody sneezed. It depicts the journey of the meatball from spaghetti to garden and then growing up as a tree. So, hold your meatballs while you sneeze.

3. Tiny Tim The Turtle

Can a turtle eat soap and take snaps of mosquitoes? Yes, Tiny Tim can. Tiny Tim is a soothing yet silly song that may calm your child when it’s time for a nap.

4. Where Is Thumbkin

With this delightful song, Where is Thumbkin, you can teach your child the names of fingers. In each verse, children can play and learn the names of their fingers: Pinky, Tallman, Ring man, Pointer, and Thumbkin.

5. Raindrops

Here’s a funny song with lots of words that can help your toddlers build their vocabulary. With words such as lemon drops, gumdrops, chocolate, and strawberry drops, this song is fun and mouth-watering too.

6. The Animals On The Farm

Most children love interacting with animals. Bring the farm animals to your home through this melodious rhyme, The Animals on the Farm, and teach your little ones about various sounds that farm animals make.

7. Open Them Shut Them

This is another funny song for children that can educate and entertain them. They can learn about antonyms by watching the easy-to-understand visuals.

8. One Two Buckle My Shoe

Watch this magical number song with your children and help them learn the numbers 1 to 10. You never know, they may learn to buckle their shoes while listening to this fun song!

9. Three Blind Mice

The story of this silly song revolves around three mischievous mice that run for adventure. Their tails are removed, and they become blind. But soon, a tonic helps them grow the tails and recover their eyesight.

10. The Sneezing Song

How do you feel when something tickles your nose? You feel like sneezing, don’t you? Play The Sneezing Song and teach your child about what is to be done when they want to sneeze.

11. I’m Bringing Home A Baby Bumble Bee

This Bumble Bee song narrates how a little girl accidentally hurts the little baby bumble bee while bringing it to her home.

12. Jello Color Song

It’s time to learn colors with jiggly jello. The catchy lyrics of this song may help your little munchkin to learn about primary colors and secondary colors.

13. The Ants Go Marching One By One

This is quite a simple and peppy marching tune for your child to practice counting numbers. The song can also be used to teach children about the importance of discipline.

14. Giant Purple People Eater

The giant purple people eater is a one-eyed, one-horned flying purple monster. Isn’t it tongue-twisting? Well, this song will make your toddler go crazy with its fun disco tune.

15. I Want Candy

Are your children fond of candies? Show them the bubbly song–I Want Candy–where a gummy bear lands in a wonderland and plays with candies. Interestingly, the candies dance too!

16. I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas

Who wants a Hippo for Christmas? Check this Christmas song where a child asks for a gift, a hippo. The child doesn’t want a doll or a toy but a hippo to play with.

17. Joy To The World

Here’s another popular and funny Christmas song that your child may love to watch or sing along. Joy To The World has stunning animation and visuals that may steal anyone’s heart.

18. Monster Mash

Monster Mash is a melodious song with engaging lyrics and Halloween sounds. Your child may enjoy watching the cute monsters playing in the haunted house.

19. Sticky Bubble Gum

Do bubble gums make your hands sticky? In this silly sticky song, all the body parts feel sticky. Sounds funny? This is a cute fun song that introduces each body part to little children.

20. Row, Row, Row Your Boat

It’s time to sing along and tap your feet. Listen to this mellifluous song and keep your child busy whole day long. It’s fun to learn how the grasshoppers and ants sail off to find the mysterious candy cove.

21. The Frog Song

Ever seen a frog singing and dancing? Here is a song for your little one. What an entertaining party! The frogs are drinking juices, eating cakes, and playing drums and trombones.

22. My Stinky Shoes

Jack, Jill, and Baby John have some germs stuck in their shoes while playing in the rain. Watch this ridiculously funny song to know what happened to their shoes when they did not clean them.

23. Popcorn Pop Pop

It’s hard to resist the buttery smell of popcorn and most children love fluffy crunchy corns. Play the pop pop song and let your children bounce like popcorn.

24. First Aid Song

This song is a fun method of teaching your child, about first aid. See what the doctor advice when a monkey, a bear, and an elephant burn their hands.

25. Apples and Bananas

Play this delightful, animated song and teach children the vowel sounds.

Music and language are closely related. Silly songs like these can spark learning. Help your child up their language skills and have lots of fun with these funny songs for kids.

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