9 Funny And Interesting Short Stories For Kids To Read

Stories for kids are a fun way to instigate curiosity and imagination in them. However, children do not find all the stories funny and interesting. In this era of the internet, where there are a lot of activities to do, stories might not be able to catch children’s attention if they are not narrated interestingly. On the contrary, if your narration style is fascinating, even the simplest and silliest stories can make children laugh.

So, if you are looking for stories, myths, or comics that your children will find funny, this post brings a compilation of them. Read on and enjoy.

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9 Funny Stories For Kids To Read

Create an atmosphere that leads to boisterous laughter. Make sure you are calm and adjust your tone to make the narration most effective. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing funny stories of all time.

1. The missing tenth man

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One day, ten men go on an adventure to the Ganges to take a dip in the holy Indian river. They hold the hands of each other while taking the dip. But they somehow forget to hold hands while coming out of the water.

After coming to the shore, one of the senior men asks, “Have we all crossed the river safely?” The remaining men start looking at each other. They are confused.

Now the senior man asks everyone to lift their hand up to take a count. He starts counting and takes a count of each person.

When the count stops at nine, other men start screaming. They even go looking for the missing tenth man. This goes on with each person counting men up to nine and missing the tenth man.

A cap vendor, who keeps watching the amusing scene, offers help. The vendor gives a cap to each man and asks them to wear it. The men are confused as to what is happening. The vendor asks the senior man to gather all the caps, including his own and count them all.

Everyone is surprised and happy to see ten caps. The silly men credit the vendor to have helped them find their missing member and believe it to be magic. The vendor charges a good amount of money for each cap and walks away happily.

But what was the real mystery behind all this? The men forgot to count themselves and hence, the number was always nine.

2. We are even

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One day, Nasreddin Hodja goes to a Turkish bath. As he is offered an old towel and a robe, he is upset that nobody is paying attention to him. He says nothing but leaves a hefty tip at the counter while returning.

A week later, he goes back and is very well received this time. He is given a royal treatment and is also provided extra services. Hodja is happy but hardly leaves any tip.

Everyone is surprised and curious to know why Hodja left just a small tip this time.

He says, “Today’s tip is for the services offered during the last visit. And the tip given then was for today. We are even now.”

3. Emperor’s new clothes

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There lived an emperor who fancied wearing expensive new clothes every day. He changed his outfit many times a day and paid utmost attention to his grooming while neglecting his duties as the ruler.

One day, two conmen visit the emperor posing as weavers. They convince the emperor that they have a fine fabric, visible only to wise and honest men. They pretend to show the fabric, and the emperor is forced to act as if he sees the fabric lest he is called a fool and dishonest. The emperor hires the two conmen to make special robes for him.

They keep pretending to weave clothes, and everybody in the king’s court is forced to act as if they are seeing the beautiful dress being woven for the emperor. One fine day, the conmen announce that the robe is ready, and ask the emperor to wear it for the upcoming procession.

Though the emperor couldn’t see the robe, he obliges. He pretends to wear the robe and goes on the procession naked. No one wants to be called foolish or dishonest; hence, all the people remain silent about the emperor being naked. However, a child, innocent that he is, could not contain himself and blurts out, “The emperor is actually naked.” Then another child starts laughing, and the laughter spreads across.

The emperor is baffled but having no choice he continues to walk the procession.
He decides to punish the conmen, but they are already gone with the hefty money that they got as remuneration for the clothes that they never weaved.

4. Ant’s accident

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In a faraway city, lived a unique couple — the elephant and his wife the ant.

One day, while returning home on their scooter after a long day’s work, happens something unexpected. They meet with an accident. The elephant gets badly wounded, but the ant escapes scratch proof.

Guess how? Because the ant is a safe rider and was wearing a helmet.

5. Frog and his belly burst

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This fantasy is about two frogs — father and son who lived together in a pond. One day, the son frog was playing in a garden when he spots a cow. He returns to the pond and tells his father that he saw a giant scary monster.

The father frog does not believe it and tries to rubbish it away. When the kid insists, the father pays attention, and the son frog starts to explain how big the ‘giant’ was.

The father frog fills up the air in his stomach and asks him if the monster looked like that? The son says, “No, it is much bigger.” The father fills up some more air in his belly and asks the son if the giant was that big. The son says no again.

The father does it again and again until his belly becomes huge with air. Before he could ask the question, his belly bursts. The father starts crying out in pain.

protip_icon Did you know?
“For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn” is the shortest story ever written. Ernest Hemingway wrote this flash fiction at a bar to win a bet with his mates.

6. A man and three thugs

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In a faraway village, a man used to help a landlord without asking for anything in return. He was extremely superstitious. Impressed with the work, the landlord rewards the man with a big healthy goat, one day.

The man carries the goat on his shoulders and starts walking back home. Three wicked thugs observe him and decide to trick him.

The first thug comes to him and asks, “Why are you carrying a dog on your shoulders.” The man gets angry and tells the thug that it is a goat and not a dog.

As he keeps walking, the second thug passes by and enquires why he was carrying a dead calf on his shoulders. The man’s anger multiplies and says, “You fool! Can’t you see this is a goat?” However, the second thug’s question plants the seed of suspicion in the man’s mind.

After walking for some more distance, the third thug approaches the man, and asks in a sarcastic tone, “Why are you carrying a donkey on your shoulders?

The superstitious man gets scared thinking the goat is actually a ghost. He leaves it right there and runs away.

The three thugs take the goat away, laughing at the man’s stupidity.

7. Sandwiches for dinner

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This is a small story of wit and humor. Two friends, who are advocates, visit a restaurant and order drinks. They do not order anything to eat as they have a sandwich each in their briefcases. The advocates take out their sandwiches and start eating them.

The waiter comes, and sternly says, “You are not allowed to eat your own sandwiches inside the restaurant.”

The smart friends look at each other, laugh and exchange their sandwiches.

8. Age of the leg

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An old man visits a doctor to seek remedy for the terrible pain in his leg. The doctor replies saying, “I am sorry but this could be due to your old age.” He further explains why nothing can be done to help with the pain.

The old man gets angry and questions the doctor about his ability and expertise. This angers the doctor, who asks the old man, “How can you say that I know nothing and I am at fault for the pain in your leg?

The old man innocently replies, “It is quite obvious you are wrong. My other leg is of the same age too, but has no pain at all!

9. Bald man and a fly

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A bald man was the owner of a sweet shop, where he sold candies and sweets. The sweets attracted a lot of flies, and the owner tried everything possible to prevent the flies from sitting on his sweets.

One day, a giant fly comes and sits on the sweets. He tries to clap it with his hands, but it escapes and sits on another sweet. He tries to clap it again, but it flies away and sits on another dish, and this continues.

The fly challenges the bald man to clap and hurt it if he can. The man says, “I can sacrifice anything to keep you away from my store.”

Then the fly sits on the man’s bald head. Without much thought, he hits his own head to catch the fly. The fly flies away leaving a big red bump on the man’s head.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How have children’s stories changed over time and what trends can be observed?

Children’s stories and novels today contain current topics to make it more relevant and teach children real-life lessons. These stories are entertaining as always but the moral of the stories touch on diverse topics such as bullying, homosexuality, and racism.

2. What are some benefits of reading stories aloud to children?

Reading stories or rhymes aloud to a child firstly improves your bond with them. It improves their vocabulary, and listening skills, and promotes creative thinking. It also helps develop a love for reading.

3. What are some strategies to encourage children to read and enjoy stories?

Reading stories aloud to children or buying them books on topics of their interest can encourage children to read and enjoy stories.

4. How can parents choose age-appropriate stories for their kids?

Publishers usually mention the suitable age range of children on the book cover. You may refer to that to ensure you are buying the most appropriate books for your children. You may look for fairytales, legends,or fables for small kids.

Keep our classic collection of funny and interesting stories for kids to read handy, so you can pick one for each day or night and spend some fun and quality time with your children. As parents, you must be familiar with the importance of storytelling to your children. It keeps them entertained while stimulating their imagination. The story and the reading should be engaging to grab your children’s attention. So, use your skills and narrate these short stories using picture books or poems to your children to keep them waiting for the next one with anticipation. It is only only fun but creates excitement in them, while they also indulge in learning and education through the stories.

Key Pointers

  • Silly stories are effortless ways to make your child laugh.
  • A simple story paired with an enthusiastic narration can bring a smile from ear to ear.
  • Tales of an ant, ten older men, and more stories to boost your child’s day.
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