25+ Fun-Filled Conversation Games For Friends And Couples

How much ever you know about your partner, it seems less. To know more about them, try playing talking games for couples. These are ideal for couples who have been dating for a long time or have just met as they help you assess each other’s personalities and check if your compatibility quotient is good. These interesting games can also serve as icebreakers when you are short of words on your date. So, add some excitement to your romantic journey by playing these unique games with your partner and having a great time.

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25+ Best Talking Games For Couples And Friends

Conversation games can also help you strengthen your relationship and get to know each other better. Let’s begin!

1. Would you rather

Would you rather is one of the best talking games for couples
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This is one of the best conversation starters and talking games for couples to play at home or on vacation. So, sit down with your spouse, partner, friend, or significant other and get started.

How to play this game

  • Pose hypothetical questions that begin with “Would you rather…? and conclude with two choices. As an example, “Would you rather have a quiet, candlelit dinner or go on a heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping date, such as skydiving?”
  • Take turns between asking and answering questions.
  • You must select one of the options, and no questions can be skipped.
  • As long as you play the game together, everyone wins.


 Quick tip

Here’s an effective game to learn about someone’s preferences, especially when looking for a gift for them. Give them two options, the one they choose is the gift you can give them.


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2. Truth or dare

If you want to spice up your date night and find out the truth about your partner, then Truth or Dare is one of the best conversation games for couples. It’s also a fun game to play with your friends that can liven up any boring party or sleepover.

How to play this game

  • The players sit in a circle, place a bottle in the center and take turns spinning it.
  • A truth or dare question is posed to the person at whom the bottle stops.
  • The question must begin with asking ’truth or dare.’ For instance, the question could be, “have you ever sneezed on someone?” Alternatively, the dare question could be “fake a loud sneeze in public.”
  • Make a list of questions. Remember, each person needs to play independently.

3. Two truths and a lie

Two truths and a lie is a fun talking game for couples
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You can play this game at parties, and if you’re playing for points, you might wish to keep track of your scores using a pencil and paper.

How to play this game

  • To play, everyone sits in a circle
  • Each person in the circle says three statements about themselves.
  • Two of these statements are truths, and one is a lie.
  • The other players try to guess which statement is the lie.
  • When you say out your three statements, ensure you are loud and clear.
  • While identifying the lie, look for changes in tone, voice, and body language. These can be indicators of which statement is a lie.
  • Don’t give away the lie to other players, especially if you’re in a group with someone you know well.

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4. 21 Questions

Whether you want to rekindle a romantic or platonic relationship or deepen your friendship, 21 questions is one of the best talking games for couples. This game includes a lot of listening and understanding and will surely strengthen your bonding.

How to play this game

  • Two players take turns to ask each other 21 questions.
  • The other person listens to the responses to learn more about them.
  • In this game, there are no right or wrong answers, only honest answers.
  • Determine what information you want to learn about your romantic partner or a friend.
  • You can either prepare a set of questions or ask random questions to spice things up.

5. The alphabet game

The alphabet game can be played with friends
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If you are looking for fun conversation games to play with friends, this one’s for you. This game is ideal for friends who share similar tastes as you can pick a topic of mutual interest.


How to play this game

  • Pick a category such as the names of animals, cities, countries, or romantic movies.
  • As you go through the alphabet, each person has to name something that begins with that letter.
  • For example, if the first player says beetles, the second player has to name an insect that starts with the letter s.
  • You will be eliminated from the game if you cannot think of a word or pause for an extended period.

6. Never have I ever

If you and your partner are adventurous, play this game with another couple or a larger group of people at a party. The more, the merrier.

How to play this game

  • You need to have at least two people to play this game.
  • For example, one player can say, “Never have I evergiven or received a golden Shower” or “Never have I ever flirted with someone when I knew they were taken.”
  • Do nothing if you have; raise a hand if you haven’t.

7. What’s your favorite

If you want to break the ice and build trust with someone, try this game. You can find out their likes and dislikes and learn so much about each other while playing.

How to play this game

  • You and your partner have to take turns asking each other what’s your favorite.
  • You may ask about anything that you want to know such as favorite holiday destination, movie, food or more.

 Do remember

This game is best played at the start of a relationship, especially when you don’t have much to talk about but still want to spend time together.

8. 10 Things in common

10 Things in common talking game for teens
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In this talking game for couples, you can find out ten things that are common between you and your partner. The goal of this icebreaker is to help you focus on your conversation and discover some common ground with your partner.

How to play this game

  • Everyone should be paired in twos.
  • Give each partner a piece of paper.
  • Now, each pair has to figure out ten things they have in common.
  • Once you discover ten things in common, you discuss your similarities with the rest of the group.

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9. Who knows me better

This is the perfect conversation game for couples to learn about each other’s interests, hobbies, favorite music, and more.

How to play this game

  • One partner writes a list of questions about their spouse or friend that they’d like to know the answers to.
  • For example, you can ask, “What is my guilt pleasure? What is my favorite food?”
  • Now count how many correct answers your partner has earned.
  • The partner or friend who gets the most correct answers would be the winner!

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10. Between the sheets

Is your partner aware of all the things that turn you on? Looking for a romantic game? Then, prepare for a fun and exotic quiz to play with your partner. The aim of this game is to improve intimacy and deepen the love that you and your partner share.

How to play this game

  • You and your partner can take turns asking naughty questions to each other.
  • One partner reads out some enticing questions, and the other has to guess the answer.
  • For example, A and B are playing together. It’s B’s turn to be asked a question, so A reads, “Where on my body do I like to be caressed on.”
  • Now, B has to guess the answer. And the game continues.

11. Word game

Word game is a great party game
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This game is great for starting a conversation or as a party game. However, it’s more enjoyable when the number of players are more in number.


How to play this game

  • All the players have to sit in a circle.
  • The first player speaks a word aloud.
  • The next player must swiftly say a word that corresponds to the last word in clockwise order.
  • Apple, slice, juice, glass, and so on are examples of such word sequences.
  • If a player takes more than a few seconds to form a connection or repeats a word that has already been mentioned, they are eliminated.

12. Who’s most likely to

Another fun game to understand each other better and dive into some secrets while playing who’s most likely to.

How to play this game

  • Write down questions that begin with “who is most likely to…” and fill in the blank.
  • Take turns reading these questions.
  • For example, you could ask, “Who is most likely to drink an entire bottle of Vodka or wine on a Friday night?” or “who is most likely to forget their wedding anniversary?”

13. 20 questions about me

In this game, you can learn as many things about someone as possible. It’s a fun and exciting game.

How to play this game

A player has to say 12 facts about themselves one after another.

They cannot think too much and must share 12 facts as quickly as possible.

There is no set topic or order for the facts. The players can choose to say whatever they want to say about themselves.

14. What if?

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Image: ShutterstockThis game is a great idea to understand a person and their choices in life. Some fun questions and funny responses can cause a laugh riot.

How to play this game

One player has to create a hypothetical situation, and the other has to tell what they would do.

For instance, a player can ask, “What if you find a bag of money left unattended on a subway?” The other player has to imagine themselves in such a situation and answer accordingly.

15. The bucket list

This game is all about sharing your dreams and aspirations with the other person. And if you share the same goals, you have found a partner walking on the same road to the same destination. Sheer fun!

How to play this game

Each player gets a chance to share their bucket list with other players.

You can discuss how one can achieve all they dream to do.

For instance, if a player says they wish to buy a car, the other players can give them tips on saving money and getting their dream car.

16. The dating game

Here is a fun couple game that gives insight into one’s dating history. Be ready to hear some funny dating stories.

How to play this game

One partner asks any question about the other’s partner’s dating experiences and vice versa.

For instance, one partner may ask, “which was your most expensive date,” while the other can ask, “what is the weirdest question someone has ever asked you on a date.”

The questions have to specifically be only about dating and nothing else.


17. The time machine game

Learn about your partner’s or friends’ regrets in life through this game. You may also learn different perspectives on life and history, which can be great fun while spending quality time.

How to play this game

One partner asks the other “What would they do if they could go back in time?” You may specify the year if you want.

For instance, if asked to go back ten years, the person can say that they would answer the call from their friend or that they would have voted for a different person.

18. The compliment game

Here is one game that everyone is likely to enjoy. This to makes one feel good about themselves, while also understanding what others feel about you.

How to play this game

If in a group, you sit in a circle or if just a couple then sit facing each other.

Pick a physical feature or any personality trait and the other person has to say three things they like about it.

For instance, a player can pick their eyes, so the other person can say that their eyes are attractive, pleasing, and beautiful.

19. The game of gratitude

We all feel grateful about the things we have in life. So, here’s a game that will help you learn what the other person is most grateful for in their life.

How to play this game

Each person gets a turn to mention something they feel grateful for.

For instance, in a group of five people, the first person starts by saying they are grateful for their good health, the second person says they are grateful for the friends they have in life.

And the game goes on with each player sharing their words of gratitude.

20. Roses and thorns

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Image: ShutterstockIf it’s essential to appreciate the good, acknowledging the bad is also vital. This game will help bring out the positive and negative in a relationship.

How to play this game

Sit facing one another. One partner says three things they like about the other person or their relationship.

Then, they list three things they feel can be different or should be changed about their relationship.

21. Childhood memories

It’s a great way to relive some pleasant memories and get to know each other better.

How to play this game

Each person gets a turn to share a funny, engaging, and memorable childhood memory.

You can start by going through each year to make things more interesting. For instance, share a memory of when they were 11 years old and then continue with the following years.

22. Dreams and fears

Here is your chance to get an insight into your partner’s deepest feelings. Share details about yourself you wouldn’t normally share and encourage them to do the same. As you both open up, you’ll see your trust in each other grow!

How to play this game

Each person gets a turn to share their dream and something they fear the most.

For instance, one person can say they dream of owning a luxury car and fear going bankrupt.

23. Life lessons

We all learn something about ourselves and life every single day. In this game, you will know what life has taught others and how that learning has changed their life.

How to play this game

One person sets a topic, and the others must share what lesson that topic taught them.

For instance, the topic set is my first relationship,’ and every person can share what they have learned from their first relationship.

24. Word association game

It’s a fun game that will make you understand your partner better and spend quality time together.

How to play this game

One person says a word, and the other shares what comes to mind after hearing that particular word.

For instance, one person says ‘dark’ and the other says ‘night.’ One person says, ‘Rain,’ and the other responds, ‘Peacock.’

25. Superpower game

You wish you had some superpower that could have made your life easier. But do you know what superpower your friend or partner wishes to have? If not, try this game.

How to play this game

One person shares a superpower they would like to have and what they would do with it.

For instance, one person says they would like to have the power to read people’s minds, and they would call out someone lying to them.

This game can continue until every player shares all the possible superpowers they would like to have and what they would do with it.

26. ‘In my shoes’ game

Yet another hypothetical scenario game, but with a twist. This can be a fun game and lead to a deep conversation.

How to play this game

One person shares their real-life experience and what they did in a particular situation.

The other person must imagine themselves in that situation and share their reaction.

For instance, the first person says, “They stole their sister’s dress because they did not have a new outfit.” The other person can say, “They, too, would have done the same,” or they can say, “They would have asked for permission from their sister.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some tips for effectively playing talking games for couples and getting the most out of them?

You can play these games after dinner when you and your partner are relaxed and in a better space of mind to answer questions. Plan it over a weekend, as you must be tired on weekdays, and answering questions will be the last thing on your mind.

2. How often should couples play talking games to keep their relationship strong and healthy?

Playing talking games too often can bore you. So, play it once every three or four months. When there is a time gap, it widens the scope to come up with new answers through new experiences.

3. What potential challenges or pitfalls to be aware of when playing talking games for couples?

Both partners need to be engaged in the game. If a partner is not interested in the game, it loses its purpose. Also, these games need to be played without being judgemental. If your partner chooses an option you weren’t expecting, do not take their case.

4. Can playing talking games with my partner help rekindle the romance in my relationship?

If the talking game involves naughty questions that can lead to cuddly moments afterward, it can help rekindle your romance.

5. Can talking games for couples be used as a tool for working through difficult or sensitive issues in the relationship?

If a couple is experiencing friction in their relationship, a talking game can help open ways for communication. However, it is not certain that the game will help them tackle a sensitive issue. There are chances that the game might even flare up an underlying problem.

These talking games for couples are a fun way to discover new things about one another and connect on a deeper level. These games help you spend quality time and get closer by encouraging you to listen to each other and laugh together. So put your phones aside, relax, pull your partner close, and begin a fun talking session. To set the mood, light scented candles and play soothing background music. Don’t forget to arrange refreshing drinks and snacks to fill your tummies while you pour your hearts out!

Infographic: Best Talking Games For Couples And Friends

Take the fun up a notch on your game nights with friends or your partner with the suggestions we provide with this infographic. We have listed a few talking games you can indulge in and learn more about each other. Keep the list handy, so you never fall short of game ideas.

talking games for couples and friends (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • Two truths and a lie, or would you rather are a few ideal games for friends and couples.
  • Play the classic truth or dare to reveal your partner’s hidden secrets or get your friends to grant your wishes.
  • A game of never have I ever will fill the room with excitement and fun.
  • Who’s most likely to, between the sheets, etc., are some fun romantic games.
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Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

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