50+ Clean And Funny Valentines Jokes For Kids To Spread Love

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and appreciating the ones we love and adore. Even children can enjoy this special day. We bring a list of Valentine jokes for kids in this post to read and share a giggle. If you do not have any commitments, you can spend the day with your little ones and read these jokes for them to enjoy and have some sweet time with them. Keep reading for some good laughs.

Valentine Jokes For Children

1. Did Adam and Eve have a date?

No, they had an Apple.

2. What did one lovebird say to the other lovebird?

“I love you, TWEET-heart.”

3. What did mama magnet say to daddy iron?

“I find you so attractive.”

4. With whom did Hamburger go on a date?


5. Where did Hamburger and Meatball go on a date?

On the grill!!

6. What did the shoe say to the lace on Valentine’s D ay?

“Please be my SOLE-mate.”

7. What did the rabbit say to the squirrel on Valentine’s Day?

“Somebunny loves you a lot!”

8. What did the stamp say to the envelope?

“Oh dear, I’m so stuck on you!”

9. Where can you find your Valentine’s date?

On the Calendar!!

10. How did boy bat and girl bat spend Valentine’s Day?

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By hanging out together

11. What do squirrels give for Valentine’s Day?


12. What did the pickle say to the cucumber on their Valentine date?

“You mean a great Dill to me.”

13. What did the bulb say to the tube light on Valentine’s Day?

“I love you a whole watt!”

14. What did the girl squirrel say to the boy squirrel?

I’m nuts about you!”

15. What did Chocolate say to Coffee on Valentine’s Day?

“I can’t “espresso” how much I love you.”

16. What is a small Valentines Day card called?

A “Valen-tiny” card

17. How did Strawberry propose Banana?

She said, “Dear Banana, I love you berry-much! Will you marry me?”

18. What did one watermelon say to the other on Valentine’s Day?

“You are a one-in-a-melon.”

19. What did one volcano say to another on Valentine’s Day?

I “LAVA” you!!

20. The dog proposed to the cat with a ring and said, “You are the “purr-fect” one for me.”

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21. Which flower gave the most kisses on Valentine’s Day?

TU (two)-LIP

22. What did a cook say to another on Valentine’s Day?

“You bake me crazy.”

23. What did the doorbell give to his girlfriend?

A ring

24. What did the seahorse say to the octopus?

“Give me your hand, hand, hand, hand; I want to dance with you.”

25. Why do skunks love Valentine’s Day?

Because they are so scent-imental!!

26. What does one bee say to the other on Valentine’s Day?

“I love you, HONEY!”

27. What did Candle say to Matchstick on Valentine’s Day?

“You’re the perfect MATCH for me!”

28. What’s the best thing about Valentine’s Day?

You get all the chocolates and candies you want on sale the next day!

29. Why did the cop lock the lady?

Because she stole his heart

30. What Kind of Valentine’s Day candy never comes on time?

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31. At the Valentine’s Day party, the ghost pointed at a spirit and said, “She’s my GHOUL-friend.”

32. What did one bread slice of a sandwich say to the other?

“You are my butter-half.”

33. Name the flower that you don’t give to anyone on Valentine’s Day. 


34. What did the girl sheep say to the boy sheep on Valentine’s Day?

“You’re not so baaaaaa-d yourself!”

35. Why did the Melon go out with Berries?

Because he couldn’t get a date

36. Pencil met paper and said, “I had my “I’s” on you since childhood.”

37. What did the French cat order at the pastry shop on Valentine’s Day?

Chocolate mousse

38. Knock Knock!!

Who’s there?
It’s Pea.
Pea who?
Pea my Valentine!

39. What did the calculator say to the pen?

“You can always count on me.”

40. What should you write on a slug’s Valentine card?

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Happy Valen-SLIME!!

41. Name the only vegetable that has a heart.


42. What did one sheep say to the other on Valentine’s Day?

“I love ewe.”

43. What did the male whale say to the female whale on Valentine’s?

“Will you be my WHALE-ntine?”

44. Where do bed bugs fall in love?

In the box-spring

45. What’s the most romantic ship?


46. Why did everybody want to be banana’s valentine?

Because she is very a-peeling

47. What did the couple hit by cupid say?


48. Vampires always love at first bite!

49. What did the boat say to its oars on Valentine’s Day?

“Let’s have some row-mance.”

50 What did Ketchup say to the tomatoes?

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“I love you from my head to-ma-toes.”

51. What did Garlic Bread say to Mint Dip on Valentine’s?

“You have a pizza of my heart.”

Share the Valentine jokes for kids either as text messages or ask the one-liners and wait for their amusing replies. You can even share the jokes while the entire family is having Valentine’s dinner or everyone is on a road trip; you may record those wonderful instances and make the moments special to cherish forever. The happiness will be multiplied, and you can have a hilarious time with your little ones. So, make your next Valentine’s day an unforgettable experience for your children and the entire family.

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