85 All New Game Of Thrones Names For Baby Boys And Girls

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Game of Thrones (GOT) is one of the biggest TV shows in popularity and viewership. So, if you are a big fan of the show and looking for baby names, our list of Game of Thrones names would be pretty good options. Game of Thrones kept us on the edge of our seats with anticipation. From the twist and turns in the plot to the dynamic and glorious characters, each episode brought us something new and exciting. Be it the heroic and noble characters like Ned Stark and John Snow or the evil and malevolent Cersei Lannister, the characters evoke deep emotions. As these fictional characters have captured our hearts, their names will also help your child shine in the crowd. So, take a look at our list of exciting and cool names to choose the right one for your child.

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Popular Game Of Thrones Girl Names

The characters’ names aren’t just popular but have lovely meanings as well. So, let’s begin the names for the lady. And do not forget to tell the brave stories of these characters to your angels.

1. Arya

She kills with precision and is a girl with no name! Despite being a straight up gorgeous name, which means ‘wise’ in Sanskrit, Arya was dormant until the year 1986. But today over 280 baby girls are named Arya. So if you are thinking to name your child, Arya Stark, go ahead without hesitation to choose the name of a character whose sole aim is to avenge the execution of her father Eddard and bring justice to the world.

protip_icon Did you know?
The name Arya shot to fame following the success of Game of Thrones and ranked at 92 in the popular names in the US in 2019 (1).

2. Brienne

Brienne of Tarth is a strong lady, not just in physique but also in her name as Brienne stands for ‘strong’ in Celtic. This lady knight knows to keep her promises and even has a Valerian steel sword, which she calls the Oathkeeper. Originally a member of Renly Baratheon’s Kingsguard, she later goes on to become the sworn sword of Lady Catelyn Stark and later Lady Sansa Stark. She avenges the death of Renly by killing Stannis Baratheon.

Your daughter will know no bounds of joy when she finds out that you named her after a badass, lady knight.

3. Catelyn

The wife of Lord Eddard Stark and the Lady of Winterfell, Catelyn never lost hope for her son until her death. She is a devoted mother and fiercely protected her kids when her husband was killed at Baelor. Catelyn is a variation of Caitlin, meaning ‘pure’. In 2012, 178 girls were named Catelyn.

4. Cersei

Probably one of the most disliked characters on the show, Cersei Lannister is a lady who lives with a purpose – to make House Lannister reign over the seven kingdoms forever. She loves her children the most but loses all of them to hate crimes. Cersei was known for her illegitimate relationship with her brother, and for murdering countless people who came in her way. Not a lot of parents have chosen this name, for obvious reasons, but it does have a pleasant sound.

5. Daenerys

Queen Daenerys Targaryen is one name that fills anyone up with pride and glory. A little girl, who came from nothing, rose from the ashes, literally, to spread justice and end slavery everywhere. Fondly known as the ‘Stormborn’, Daenerys was the exiled princess of the Targaryen dynasty. Daenerys, which means ‘goddess of discourse and destruction’, picked its popularity in 2013 when 68 baby girls were given this name. The Mother of Dragons and the Breaker of Chains is quite an inspiration to people who believe in equality and if you do too, then you must give your daughter this name.

6. Khaleesi

Khaleesi: Queen

Image: IStock

Khaleesi was the title given to the wife of the leader of nomadic people. In the show, the title was given to Daenerys Targaryen when she got married to Khal Drogo.

This name means ‘queen’ and has seen a rapid rise in popularity among parents across the world. By 2015, 219 baby girls were given this name. Khaleesi is an important persona of Daenerys as it showed her mettle to rule alongside Khal Drogo and guide him into treating women with respect.

7. Lyanna

Lyanna was the younger sister of Eddard Stark and wife of Robert Baratheon. She was seen in the flashback of the sixth season, where it is revealed that Jon Snow is not a bastard of Eddard Stark. He is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. The name Lyanna means ‘field’.

8. Meera

Unwavering in her loyalty and wise beyond years, Meera is an incredible character who is an epitome of friendship. She helps Brandon Stark to the third eye raven even after her brother is killed in the journey.
This shimmering lovely name has Indian roots. Borne by Mirabai, a mystical Hindu poet, Meera was picked by 29 parents in 2015.

9. Melisandre

The Lady is often referred to as the Red Woman because of her association with the Lord of Light. She served as the priestess and close counselor of Stannis Baratheon. She was known to take a lot of unwise decisions, including sacrificing Princess Shireen to the Lord, and believing that Stannis was the One True King. She revived Jon Snow after he was murdered by some members of the Night’s Watch. But, Jon, eventually, asked her to leave and never return when Ser Davos found out that she killed Shireen.

Melisandre is quite a long name and means ‘strength or courage’ in French.

10. Missandei

One of the most trusted councilors of Queen Daenerys Targaryen and a translator, Missandei is a woman of courage. She takes part in all of the queen’s activities and helps her free the slaves. She also teaches language to Grey Worm and has immense respect for the Breaker of Chains as she was also a slave to the masters of Astapor before Daenerys rescued her.

11. Olenna

Probably one of the wittiest and most savvy characters on the show, Olenna Tyrell is a woman who stood against Cersei. She had everything from humor, sarcasm, courage, strategy, to charm. She was also the one who plotted the murder of Joffrey Lannister. She lost her son and grandchildren to Cersei’s wicked nature. This Nordic name means ‘ancient Anna’.

12. Sansa

Sansa is the elder daughter of Eddard and Catelyn Stark. She is the head of Lord Paramount of the North and the House Stark. Despite seeing her father beheaded, losing her sister, mother, and brothers, Sansa’s strength is unwavering. She grows from being a girlie girl to a strong-willed woman, determined to save her home – Winterfell. The name Sansa has an American tribe meaning ‘tribal princess’. This name was taken up for 11 baby girls in 2015.

13. Shae

Shae was a prostitute to Tyrion Lannister who meets her at a camp in Bronn. Tyrion comes to realize that he loves Shae, when Cersei plans to destroy all of Tyrion’s happiness. He makes Shae the handmaiden of Sansa Stark and Shae grows very fond of her and looks after her like a sister. Tyrion later kills Shae as she betrays him.

Interestingly, Shae was chosen by 17 people for their baby girls in 2015.

14. Ygritte

Ygritte is a lady of the Free Folk residing North of the Wall. She belongs to Mance Rayder’s army and later becomes the love interest of Jon Snow. This quick-witted and courageous woman is an excellent archer and a loyal servant to her master. This name hasn’t become very popular with parents, though.

Popular Game Of Thrones Boy Names

15. Barristan

Ser Barristan Selmy was considered to be one of the best swordsmen in all of the Seven Kingdoms. He served in the Royal Kingsguard. He was best known for his chivalry, loyalty and honor. He was a man of his word but after being dishonored by Joffery he left the kingsguard to serve queen Daenerys.

16. Benjen

If you are a die-hard fan of Game of Thrones, you must be well-aware of Benjen, Jon Snow’s uncle and a member of The Night’s Watch. Benjen embarks on a journey to the Wall from the south, but does not return. He later appears and saves Brandon and Meera from the army of wights. He tells them how he almost died and was rescued by the Children of the Forest.

Benjen is a solid option if you are looking for a name starting with B. It can be a fresh alternative to Benjamin.

17. Bran

Brandon Stark, better known as Bran, is the fourth child of Eddard and Catelyn Stark. Bran loses his legs after being pushed out of the window by Jaime when he discovers his incestuous relationship. He relies on Hodor, for moving around. In spite of not having his legs, Bran does not lose spirit and continues to pursue the Three Eyed Raven. Bran is the one major character who can help in the war against the White Walkers.

The name Bran saw a slight spike in popularity in the 70s and stayed stagnant until the release of Game of Thrones. In 2013, 11 babies were named Bran.

Bran will work well as a nickname, short, or standalone name for your son. The meaning of Bran is ‘broom-covered hill’.

protip_icon Trivia
According to Celtic myths, Bran is the god of the underworld, and his symbol is the raven.

18. Bronn

A sellsword who comes into the services of Tyrion Lannister, Ser Bronn is a skilled swordsman. Later into the series, he helps Jamie learn to fight with one hand and joins him in his expeditions. Though a character, who runs after money, Bronn is good at what he does.

19. Daario

Daario Naharis is the Acting Regent of the Bay of Dragons. He was originally a sellsword who kills his superiors to serve queen Daenerys. He eventually falls in love with her but has to stay back to maintain the queen’s peace in Bay of Dragons.

He is loyal to his queen, a lover and is fiercely protective of her. You could choose this name which has a unique ring to it.

20. Davos

Ser Davos, also known as the Onion Knight, is a landed knight and a former smuggler who served Stannis Baratheon.

Davos is just through the series. He does what is asked of him but weighs the pros and cons of every action. He loves Princess Shireen like his own daughter and seeks justice against Melisandre, who sacrificed her. After serving Stannis, Ser Davos rests his loyalty with Jon Snow.

This name would bring a lot of honor upon your child as the character himself is honorable.

21. Drogo

Khal Drogo was the chieftain of the Dothraki people. Though he initially was a philanderer, after being married to Daenerys he falls in love with her. He fathers a child with her but he and the child both die due to a witch’s black magic.

Drogo begins to respect women after his wife teaches him the good and bad of things. Drogo was the only Khal who was never defeated by anyone and showed traits of bravery and respect for his people.

22. Eddard

Probably one of the fairest characters on the show, Lord Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell and the Warden of the North, was hailed as just and honorable by many. He was a good husband and father, and a loyal friend to Robert Baratheon. He was known as Ned Stark, and in spite of his early demise in the series, the name Ned saw 64 parents choosing this for their baby boys.

23. Eddison

Eddison Tollett is one of the important members of the Night’s Watch, a dear friend to Jon Snow, and a brave man who fought and killed the mutineers in Caster’s Keep. Even in the war between the Free Folk and Night’s Watch, he bravely assists Jon and takes over the responsibility of Night’s Watch (though not as a Lord Commander).

Eddison, which means ‘Ed’s son’, is quite a smart name for boys. The alternative spelling, Edison, is growing in popularity.

24. Gregor

Ser Gregor Clegane is the elder brother of Sandor and the Head of House Clegane. He is referred to as the Mountain because of his towering personality. He is an evil man, who is extremely violent. As a child, Gregor burnt his younger brother’s face. Though not a positive character, the meaning of the name is lovely – ‘on the watch’.

25. Grenn

Grenn, a ranger of the Night’s Watch, was a brave and valiant man, who saved many lives in the Battle of Castle Black. He was always the one to show courage, and stood by Jon’s side loyally. He died at the hands of the giant Mag Mar but not before he and four other rangers killed the giant and prevented the Free Folk from breaching the wall.

26. Hodor

Hodor: Well-watered meadow.

Image: IStock

One of the cutest and loved characters on the show, Hodor is a simple-minded person, whose real name is Wylis. He doesn’t say anything except the word ‘hodor’. This is because future Bran wargs into his mind when Bran and Meera are escaping from the army of wights. Hodor is a simple character who serves the Stark family and is protective of Rickon and Bran.

You could name your child Wylis, which stands for ‘well-watered meadow’.

27. Jaime

Jaime, the knight of the Kingsguard and the son of Tywin Lannister, was the swashbuckling action hero of the series until he lost a hand. He is infamous for being in a relationship with his sister Cersei.

In all of his bad light, he is a fair man as he saves thousands of people from the madness of the Mad King by killing him and getting the name ‘Kingslayer’. He believes that wars can be won without violence and allies are important to win wars. He is not as erratic and extreme as his twin Cersei.

This biblical name James will suit kids of both sexes, and sounds more stylish than Jimmy. 14 baby boys were given this name in 2015.

28. Jaqen

Jaqen H’ghar is a mysterious man who is one of the Faceless Men. They are a group of mysterious assassins who can change their shapes as per will and acquire a new face each time.

Jaqen helps Arya become a member of the Faceless Men to get her revenge on the people who murdered her family. Jaqen is quite a unique name to give to a child.

29. Joffrey

King Joffrey Baratheon was the eldest son born out of the incestuous relationship of Cersei and Jamie. Though he was the King of the Seven Kingdoms briefly, he was murdered by Olenna and Littlefinger.

In his reign, he was never known to be a good king to his subjects. He never helped people and was also cruel and wicked. He tortured Sansa and also gave orders for Ned’s execution.

No wonder parents haven’t taken up this name for their little boys. But Joffery is a nice name meaning ‘peaceful pledge’.

30. Jon

Jon Snow is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. He is the King in the North and was the former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Known to be just, fearless, and one of the few people to have seen the Night King, Jon understands the war that is coming.

Jon is one of the few characters in the show who is not interested in the Iron Throne but in winning a war for humanity, against the Night Walkers. He is an inspiration to many as he managed to get the Free Folk and all of North together, after killing Ramsay Bolton.

Jon was quite a choice amongst parents with 23 parents opting this name in 2015. Jon, a variation of John or Jonathan, means ‘Jehovah has shown favor’.

31. Jorah

Jorah Mormont is the exiled knight who protects Daenerys Targaryen. Formerly, he worked as a spy for Varys and got information about Targaryen exiles. But he starts admiring Daenerys and begins serving her in earnest. He even saves her from an assassination attempt and stops her from sending reports to Varys. Jorah also develops strong and unrequited feelings for her.

This is one of the biblical Game of Thrones boy names meaning ‘early rain’, and is a great alternative to Jonah or Jordan. The name is also similar to feminine names Laura, Cora, and Nora.

32. Oberyn

Prince Oberyn Martell or the Red Viper of Dorne had only one intention in mind – to seek revenge against his sister’s killers. He was a good swordsman and was known for his fighting skills. He even offered to be Tyrion’s champion in the trial by combat, but was killed at the hands of the Mountain.

The character has always been neutral on the show and hence this name can be considered for a baby boy.

33. Petyr

Famously known as Littlefinger, Lord Petyr Baelish is a manipulating and wicked man. He dreams of ruling the Seven Kingdoms one day, and indulges in cruel acts. He marries Lady Lysa Tully and after murdering her, he becomes the Lord Protector of Vale. He even forces Sansa to marry Ramsay, who is known to be a torturer.

Though the character has a negative shade, Petyr is a variation of the name Peter that means ‘stone’. It is a unique choice of name to give your little boy.

34. Podrick

Podrick Payne, or Pod, is one of the cutest characters on the show. Known for his loyalty and quick wit, Podrick never disobeys his master(s). He first served Tyrion and then Lady Brienne. He is always eager to learn sword fighting and art of war.

Podrick has shown courage and loyalty through the series, and this must give you a reason to choose this cute name for your baby boy.

35. Pycelle

Grand Maester Pycelle was a man of many shades. Though he was the reverent servant of Cersei, he was ordered to be killed by her when he grew jealous of Qyburn and put his loyalty in Olenna.

36. Qyburn

Though a former maester, he was stripped of his rank for conducting weird human experiments. However, he comes into the service of Cersei, and soon becomes her confidant. He even brings back The Mountain from death, turning him into a hideous creature.

Qyburn isn’t a name you would find anyone using, which means it is definitely up for grabs.

37. Ramsay

Ramsay: Wild garlic.

Image: IStock

The cruellest and vicious character on the show, Ramsay Snow is the legitimized bastard of Roose Bolton. He enjoyed torturing people and skinning them alive. He even killed his father, step-mother, and baby brother to get the throne. He was eventually defeated by Jon Snow, and Sansa feeds Ramsay to his own hounds.

The name has an interesting meaning. It is an English baby name for ‘wild garlic’.

38. Renly

Renly is the name of the youngest Baratheon brothers in the series. Following the death of his eldest brother Robert, Renly claims the throne, but is assassinated by a shadow creature conjured by Stannis.

This lyrical name is perfect for both boys and girls. Ren and Lee are the best possible nicknames for Renly.

39. Rickon

Rickon is the younger child of Eddard and Catelyn Stark. After the fall of Winterfell, he and Osha, a wilding girl, travel to the Last Hearth. Rickon is eventually killed by Ramsay.

As the youngest Stark, Rickon may not get a lot of screen time on the Game of Thrones, but he does have an impressive name to offer. His name is said to be a twist on the classic Richard.

40. Robb

Robb, the son of Eddard and Catelyn Stark, played a significant role. After the death of his father, Robb and his lords debate Renly or Stannis’s claim to the throne. But Greatjon declares Robb the King in the North. His continued victories against the Lannister Army get him the nickname ‘The Young Wolf’. But he is eventually killed by the Freys at the Red Wedding, along with his wife and mother.

Robb was always a just and honorable ruler, just as his father was. He was also courageous and put faith in his men. Robb was heroic, brave, and genuine in the series.

The extra ‘b’ definitely makes the name cooler.

41. Robert

Robert Baratheon was the King of the Seven Kingdoms before being murdered by his wife. He was no good as a king as all he did was drink, sleep around with women, and hunt. He was loathed by his wife Cersei and they never fathered a child together.

The name Robert means ‘famed or shining’. This would make a good choice for a baby name.

42. Samwell

Samwell Tarly, popularly called Sam, was a steward in the Night’s Watch. Samwell is smart, wise, and a kind human being. But since he is overweight and unskilled in combat, he believes himself to be a coward. Despite this, he is one of the few humans to have survived an encounter with the White Walkers. He was also one of the first humans to kill a White Walkers in thousands of years. He eventually leaves for Oldtown to become a Maester.

Samwell may not be a physically strong character, but his name exudes strength. It’s a gentle variation of Samuel. You can call your child Sam with Samwell as the given name.

43. Sandor

Sandor Clegane, nicknamed the Hound, is the personal bodyguard of Joffrey Baratheon. He was renowned for his unquestioning obedience to his master and his savage nature. He is brutal, callous, taciturn, but not without compassion. He eventually saves Arya and takes her to Vale, to her aunt’s place, for ransom. But after getting the news of her death and later being deserted by Arya, he joins the Brotherhood Without Banners.

Sandor is already a popular name in Hungary. But there are high chances that the Hound may have inspired the parents of five baby boys in 2011 and seven in 2012.

44. Stannis

King Stannis Baratheon was the Lord of Dragonstone and claimed the Iron Throne, after knowing that Joffery was born out of an incestuous relationship. He takes many wrong decisions and wages wars that he never wins. Eventually he is left to die after losing to Ramsay and is killed by Brienne for murdering Renly.

45. Theon

Theon was raised by the Starks but betrays them eventually. He was the youngest son of Lord Balon Greyjoy of the Iron Islands. Theon has had a pretty tough time after being captured and tortured by Ramsay. He was castrated and enslaved but he and Sansa escape to the Night’s Watch. He later leaves for home and runs away with his elder sister Yara to help Daenerys in her siege on Westros.

This name garnered popularity and was taken by 30 parents for their boys. Theon is also attached to the renowned Greek teacher of astronomy and mathematics.

46. Tommen

Tommen is the youngest son of Cersei and Jaime. Tommen was crowned king following the death of Joeffrey. For the little time that he ruled, he was known to be confused, always torn between the love for his mother and wife. After the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor, he commits suicide.

The name Tommen is a fresh variation of Tom or Tommy, and would stand out amongst the common names.

47. Torgo

Torgo Nudho, or Grey Worm, is the commander of the Unsullied. He is a brave and fearless man, who takes up on anyone if the queen is in danger. He respects queen Daenerys for rescuing the slaves. He forms a part of the queen’s counsel and fights the Sons of Harpy, but fails to save Barristan.

You can use Torgo as a name as it is uncommon and defines a character who has loyalty and courage.

48. Tormund

Tormund Giantsbane was a rider and one of the key people in Mance’s army. Though he initially hated the Night’s watch, he comes to respect Jon Snow for his bravery. He joins hands with Jon Snow and fights for him in the battle between Jon and Ramsay.

Tormund is a Nordic name and would sound nice on a strong and brave boy.

49. Tyrion

Tyrion Lannister is the youngest son of Tywin Lannister. As he is a dwarf, he is often called Halfman and Imp. However, Tyrion uses his intellect and wit to overcome the prejudices.

Tyrion Lannister is famed for his love for wine and women. Despite this, he is one of the favorite characters because he has a soft heart and is nothing like a Lannister. After killing his father for the evil that he was, he goes to serve Daenerys and becomes her Hand of the Queen.

Thanks to the character’s nature, Tyrion is a great hit among parents. After seeing a steady progress, 14 parents adopted this name in 2015.

50. Tywin

Lord Tywin Lannister was the father to Jaime, Cersei, and Tyrion. He was the head of House Lannister and a shrewd man. He was brave and a good advisor to the king. He was also someone who held a lot of command and people feared him. As he always had his way, he was unjust to Tyrion who eventually killed him.

51. Varys

Lord Varys or the Master of Whisperers has only one agenda – a fit and just ruler should sit on the Iron Throne. He has nothing else in mind but the goodwill of the people of Seven Kingdoms. He even brought together House Tyrell and Sand of Snakes to fight alongside Daenerys.

Though Varys is constantly laughed upon for being a eunuch, he is one of the most efficient councilors as he always weighs options before choosing a side. Though he has black and white shades, he believes in the greater good.

Other Characters From Game Of Thrones Series

The list above shows some of the lead characters on the show. But we are not done yet as there are many other characters whose names can be used for your babies.

Game Of Thrones Inspired Girl Names

52. Ellaria

Ellaria Sand is Prince Oberyn’s paramour and loves him dearly. After Prince Oberyn’s death, she seeks vengeance from the Lannisters and kills Myrcella. Later she aligns with Olenna to bring down House Lannister. You could choose this name for a baby girl as it means ‘beautiful’ in Arabic.

53. Gilly

Gilly is a Free Folk. She was rescued from her father, Craster who also kept her as his wife. She fathers a son with him and names him Sam after Sam rescued her and took care of her. She travels with him to Oldtown.

Though this name cannot be used as a first name, it would definitely make a cute nickname.

protip_icon Trivia
Gilly is a unisex name. Its Hebrew variant ‘Gili’ means ‘Joy.’

54. Kinvara

Kinvara is a high-ranking leader in the faith of R’hllor, the Lord of Light. She is a Red Priestess. This name means ‘head of the sea’.

55. Lysa

Lady Lysa Arryn is the sister of Catelyn Stark. After her husband, Jon Arryn, is killed, she takes care of their son Robin. She marries Littlefinger but is soon murdered by him. This name has Hebrew origins and means ‘God is my oath’.

56. Myrcella

Princess Myrcella was a sweet child, born to Jaime and Cersei. She was to be married to Trystane Martell, but was killed by Ellaria.

57. Margaery

Margaery: Pearl

Image: IStock

Queen Margaery was the daughter of Mace Tyrell. She was married to Joeffery but he dies on the wedding day. She later marries King Tommen. But her happiness does not live long as she and many others are killed by Cersei in the Grand Sept of Baelor. Margaery stands for ‘pearl’ in French.

58. Osha

Osha was a Wildling, who was caught by Robb Stark. But on orders from Maester Luwin, she was not tortured but was assigned to take care of Bran and Rickon. She loved them like her own, and when Winterfell came under attack, she helped them escape along with Hodor. She was eventually killed by Ramsay.

59. Selyse

Queen Selyse Baratheon was the wife of Stannis. She was a bit of a fanatic and blindly believed in the Lord of the Light, so much so that she burned her daughter alive at stake. Though towards she end she regretted her decision and committed suicide after.

60. Shireen

Princess Shireen is one of the sweetest girls on the show. And just like her nature, the name Shireen also means ‘sweet’. She suffered from Greyscale but was cured eventually, though a little scar was still on her face. She loved her father and had a special liking towards Ser Davos. She even taught him to read. She was eventually sacrificed as an offering to the Lord of the Light and was burned alive.
Interestingly, four girls were given this name in 2015.

61. Talisa

Queen Talisa Stark was a healer in Robb’s army. They fall in love and eventually marry. But when they visit the Freys, she and her unborn baby are murdered by the Freys.

62. Talla

Talla Tarly is Sam’s sister and a very sweet person. She loves Gilly and baby Sam and takes very good care of them.

63. Yara

Yara Greyjoy is Theon Greyjoy’s sister. She is fierce, strong, and has her own longship command. After their father is murdered by their uncle Aeron, Yara and Theon take a few good ships and escape to serve queen Daenerys.

In 2015, 40 girls were given this name and this name means ‘water lady’ in Brazilian.

64. Waif

The Waif lives in the House of Black and White and is an acolyte of the Faceless Men. She has a low opinion of Arya and is eventually killed by her.

Game Of Thrones Inspired Boy Names

65. Aemon

Maester Aemon was born Aemon Targaryen. He served as a maester in Castle Black and was known for being just and honorable.

66. Alliser

Ser Alliser Thorne was briefly the Commander of te Night’s Watch after Jeor Mormont was killed. Though he loved the Night’ Watch, he always hated Jon Snow and even planned a mutiny and killed Jon. But Jon was resurrected, and Alliser was hanged to death.

This name could be a variation of Allister which means ‘defender of man’ in Gaelic.

67. Beric

Lord Beric Dondarrion is the Lord of Blackhaven and later becomes the head of the Brotherhood Without Banners. He was brought back to life by Thoros many times.

68. Brynden

Brynden Tully was the uncle of Catelyn Stark and was popularly called The Blackfish. After the Starks were murdered at the Red Wedding, he took over Riverrun from the Freys but was eventually killed by Lannister army.

69. Euron

King Euron Greyjoy kills his brother Balon Greyjoy to claim the throne of Iron Islands. He approaches Cersei to marry her and offer he some of the best ships to fight Daenerys.

This is Welsh name meaning ‘golden’, and is used for girls. But it can be used by boys as well.

70. Gendry

Gendry is the bastard son of King Robert Baratheon. He is a skilled blacksmith in the series. Gendry, later, travels to the Wall with Yoren to join The Night’s Watch. But after meeting the Brotherhood Without Banners, Gendry decides to stay with the outlawed group until Melisandre, the red priestess brings him to Dragonstone, where he was to be sacrificed by his uncle Stannis Baratheon. But Ser Davos frees and sends him away from Stannis. Gendry’s current whereabouts are unknown.

The name Gendry is said to have evolved from Gentry, an English surname meaning noble/well borne. What a beautiful sentiment to put behind your kid’s name.

71. Jeor

Jeor Mormont was the Commander of the Night’s Watch. He was courageous and just and led a great expedition to the north of the wall. But he was killed in the mutiny. However, before his death, he took Jon Snow as his steward and groomed him for commanding.

72. Jojen

Jojen Reed is Meera’s younger brother and a guide to Bran Stark. He leads Bran to the three-eyed-raven but gets killed eventually.

This would be quite a choice to name a baby boy as Jojen displayed courage and strong will throughout his role.

73. Kevan

Ser Kevan Lannister was one of the most trusted advisors of the Lannister army. He was known to be wise and oppose Cersei for seizing the power after her son’s death. He was a brave man who wanted proper order to be followed but was killed by Cersei at the Great Sept of Baelor.

This Irish name means ‘handsome child’ and will definitely suit your little boy.

74. Lancel

Lancel Lannister was in an illegal relationship with Cersei. After suffering wounds in Battle of Blackwater, he confesses and joins the religious order of Sparrows. This American name means ‘land’.

75. Loras

Ser Loras Tyrell was a tourney knight in House Tyrell. After he confessed to his crimes to the High Septon, he was made Brother Loras but he was also killed in the Great Sept of Baelor.

76. Luwin

Maester Luwin was the Measter of Winterfell and a very soft-spoken and loyal maester. He served under Lord Eddard and loved all the children and took care of them. He died rescuing Bran and Rcikon. You can give this name to your baby boy who will always remember the sweet and gentle character.

77. Mace

Lord Mace Tyrell was the Lord of Highgarden. He was more of a yesman and was not courageous at all. Contrary to his meek character on the show, the English name means ‘a weapon’.

78. Meryn

Ser Meryn Trant was a knight in the Kingsguard under Robert, Joffery, and Tommen. He was an excellent knight. He was eventually killed by Arya. The name Meryn was taken up by four parents in 2015.

79. Olly

Olly: Olive tree.

Image: IStock

Olly was a farm boy who fled to the Night’s Watch after his village was attacked by the Free Folk. Though he served as a steward to Jon Snow, he did not appreciate Jon saving the Free Folk and letting them into the Night’s watch. He was one of the mutineers against Jon and was hung for his crimes later.

Olly is short for Oliver and means ‘olive tree’.

80. Rodrik

Ser Rodrik Cassel was the Master-At-Arms at Winterfell. He was very loyal to the Starks and saw Lady Catelyn as his daughter. He was killed by Theon while defending Winterfell. This Germanic name means ‘fame’.

81. Roose

Lord Roose Bolton was the head of House Bolton. He was a clever man who aided people in power but was eventually killed by his bastard son Ramsay.

82. Sparrow

The High Sparrow was the head of a religious sect known as the Sparrows. Under him, the faith militants were reestablished and order was maintained. But after falling out of favor with Cersei, he was killed in the Great Sept of Baelor.

This nature and bird inspired name would be quite cute for a baby boy.

83. Thoros

Thoros of Myr is a red priest who serves the Lord of the Light and is a member of the Brotherhood Without Banners. He was the one who brought Beric back from the dead.

84. Viserys

King Viserys Targaryen is the elder brother of Daenerys. He was no dragon as he was stupid boy who sought the Iron throne. He sold his sister away to the Dothrakis to get power to bring down House Lannister, but was soon killed by the Dothraki was disrespecting their Khaleesi.

85. Yoren

Yoren was the sworn brother and the recruiter of The Night’s Watch. He gave criminals choice of choosing the Wall or death. He also saved Arya after her father was beheaded. There are not many cool names with the letter Y. So if you want something unusual for your child, then Yoren could be your pick.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the inspiration behind the names in Game of Thrones?

The names in Game of Thrones are inspired by various sources, including historical figures, mythology, and ancient languages.

2. How do the names in Game of Thrones reflect the cultures and societies in the show?

Most of the names used in Game of Thrones reflect the cultures. The names they employ are appropriate for their societal stature and position. The naming conventions for nobility and commoners differ, with nobles often having more complex and formal names while commoners have more straightforward names.

3. How have the names of Game of Thrones characters evolved throughout the series or books?

Some characters have had their names changed or modified as they move through different cultures or circumstances. Some characters are given new titles or honorifics as they gain power or prestige, such as Daenerys Targaryen being referred to as “Mother of Dragons” or “Breaker of Chains” as she becomes a powerful queen.

4. What impact have the names of Game of Thrones characters had on popular culture and naming trends?

Names of Game of Thrones characters have been used widely by fans to name their children. Feminine names that have been popular over the years include Khaleesi, Arya, Sansa, and Brienne. Whereas, Theon, Tyrion, Bran, and Sandor are some masculine names that have gained popularity. Phrases such as “Valar Morghulis” and “Winter is Coming” are being used by individuals in everyday life.

Naming your baby is one of the most exciting responsibilities of becoming a parent. Be it a girl or a boy, if you are a GOT fan, then this list of Game of Thrones names of various characters with meanings and their origin will come in handy. These names are as powerful and unique as they sound and will surely make your baby stand out from their peers. However, the name that is cool today can seem outdated tomorrow. Features writer Lisa Kadane says, “Though I’ll admit I’m hot for Jon Snow, and it’s true my hubby has a thing for Khaleesi, let’s be clear: these Game of Thrones crushes would never prompt us to name a baby in their honor…Series come and go, and what was hot and original in 2005 (the name Sawyer, from Lost, comes to mind) doesn’t quite roll off the tongue in the same way in 2015 (i).” So, before deciding upon a GOT name for your little one, consider every aspect related to it.

Infographic: Game Of Thrones Baby Names

If you have been watching The Game Of Thrones and are in awe of the fairy-tale-like characters featured in the series, you will also like the monikers inspired by them. We have curated a few charming names and their meanings in this infographic; you may choose the most-suited one for your little warrior.

baby names inspired by the game of thrones (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Game of Thrones baby names are influenced by the show’s characters, themes, and atmosphere.
  • Some of these names are unconventional, modern, and trendy.
  • Unique Game of Thrones names include Olenna, Drogo, Samwell, and Yara.
  • Parents considering a name from this list should contemplate its meaning, pronunciation, and cultural acceptance.

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