55 Wedding Games For Reception To Guarantee Unlimited Fun

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Weddings are all about customs and rituals, but there is no harm in adding fun wedding games to make the affair lively and enjoyable. With lip-smacking delicacies, amazing music, and drinks, games are now included in most weddings to make the day memorable for the couple, their families, and other guests.

Keep reading if you are looking for unique, entertaining, and fun games for a wedding party.

55 Wedding Games

We have curated a list for the couple, guests, and children to make your arrangements simpler.

Wedding Games For Bride And Groom

It would not be possible to exclude the bride and the groom when having fun. Here are some exclusive wedding games for the couple.

1. Wedding shoe game

It is designed for the bride and groom; both of them have to sit facing their backs and exchange one of their shoes. The guests have to ask the couple a few random questions, and they have to answer by raising their shoes. The fun game helps the crowd understand the couple better.

2. Wedding-themed tennis balls

If you and your partner are tennis fans, enjoy a tennis game at the wedding. Decorate the tennis racket and balls with attractive designs and colors to match the wedding vibes. Play and let the photographer capture candid shots.

3. Test your partner

It is a fun game for the bride and groom to assess their chemistry. The guests at the wedding can ask them random questions, such as their partner’s birthday, favorite food, color, or place. It is an interesting way to test their bonding and compatibility

4. Memory game

Are you curious to know who has the sharpest memory among the two? This mind-blowing game will entertain and help the guests check out who is smarter—the bride or the groom. Put some belongings of the two on the table and ask them to view carefully. Then, remove the items and ask them to write details about each other’s items.

5. Cake smash bet

An exclusive game for the bride and groom can be a good addition to the wedding event. Invite all the guests and ask them to vote on whose face they would like to see the delicious cake. The one with the maximum votes will have the cake smashed on their face.

6. Guess the family member

A newlywed couple might not be aware of the members of the other side. Guessing the family members is an exciting game that tests the guessing ability of the bride and groom and can give everyone loads of giggles and laughter.

7. Romantic rhymes

This wedding game can ignite romance between the couple. The bride and groom have to write a poem for each other using rhyming words. Even the guests can join the fun by penning down poems for their spouses.

8. Paper dance

It is a popular game among couples as it brings them closer to each other and enhances the beauty of the dance floor. The game requires a couple to spread a sheet of paper and dance on it. In the second round, fold the sheets in half and dance on it without stepping out. The game continues, and the couple, who stays on the paper till the last level without stepping out, wins.

9. Eating competition

Nothing can beat the eating competition at the wedding event. Select the favorite dishes of the bride and groom and let the battle begin. Set up an amazing prize for the winner.

Lawn Games For Wedding

Go green with your guests. If you have enough space on your lawn or at the wedding venue, try these games.

10. Jenga

It is a classic game of block stacking that can give a funky look to the wedding tables. Everyone at the wedding can enjoy the game at their tables. If you have large blocks, then all the guests can play on the lawn too. For instance, the bride’s side can be one team, and the groom’s side can be another. You may also ask your guests to sign a piece of the block and write a sweet message for the couple on it. It will remind you of the special day.

11. Connect four

It is an amazing game to add to your wedding event that involves several players. You would need a board with several holes on it and two sets of colored discs. Color the pieces to match your wedding theme. Now place four discs of the same color to form a row and gain a point. Both children and adults can enjoy the game at the wedding and create excitement around.

12. Ring toss

It is a classic carnival game that can bring out the competitive spirit of the guests. To add some vibrancy and fun, write the names of all the ladies, on the bottles. Use colorful bottles to make the game attractive. Now let the gentlemen throw the rings on the bottles and watch the fun while pairing for a dance.

13. Corn hole

Corn hole is one of the perfect and amusing lawn games for your wedding event. Get a wooden board and some corn bags. Paint the board to match the hues of the party. You may also add some pictures, messages, or dates on the board for decoration. Throw the corn bags in the hole, from a distance, to fetch the points.

14. Badminton

Children and adults can play the super-easy game. Set up a badminton court on your wedding lawn and asks guests to join the game. To make it more attractive, replace the net with a macramé curtain or wall hanging so that the décor matches the wedding vibes. Make it competitive by keeping the bride’s family and the groom’s family. If you are playing during the night, add some twinkling lights on poles and the net.

15. Giant checkers

Use spraying paints or chalk to draw checkerboard on the pavement or in the garden area. You could even use a rug with a checkered pattern. Get two sets of giant checker pieces (disc-shaped) of different colors and place them on the checkerboard on the opposite sides, just like the chess. Now toss a coin to decide who will make the first move. The game begins by moving a checker forward one square diagonally.

16. Ladder golf

One more game to play on the lawn is ladder golf, where the point is scored by throwing the bolas on the rung. Bolas are two balls attached by a rope. The ladder consists of three rungs, with the top rung having the highest point, followed by the middle and lower ones. When the bolas is thrown at the ladder, the rung at which it gets struck will decide the point. You can decorate the ladder and bolas with colors and wedding designs.

17. Horseshoes

This game can be played between the bride’s team and the groom’s team. It involves throwing horseshoes at the stakes placed on the ground from a certain distance. To make the game more interesting, color the horseshoes and the stakes with vibrant shades.

18. Giant dice

It allows all the guests to participate and mingle with each other to create excitement. The best thing is that you can play several games, such as Yardzee, Yarkle, Snake eyes, Balut, or Pig, with the dice. You may also play Sailor’s journey, where you need three dice.

In round one, throw three dices and set aside the highest scoring dice. In round two, throw two dice and set aside the highest scoring dice. In round three, throw the last dice and add up all the numbers. The same goes for the other players. The player with the highest score wins. So shake the dice and begin the fun.

19. High striker

An interesting game for the wedding event, high striker, decides who is the strongest one and has more strength. So, the bride’s team and groom’s team can compete against each other. It’s fun to watch both the teams hitting the lever hard with a hammer to ring the bell at the top of the tower.

Outdoor Games For Wedding

Take advantage of the pleasant weather. Arrange these outdoor games at your wedding event and make it more radiant.

20. Space hopper race

Space hopper race is a variation of a sack race, but the thrill is unlimited here. It is an all-time popular game that keeps the guests engaged and entertained by sitting on a giant rubber ball and bouncing all through the way to reach the target.

21. Giant pick-up sticks

Hold all the sticks and drop them on the ground. Let your guests pick them up one by one without moving the other sticks. The steadiest person will be the winner. You can color the sticks as per the wedding theme.

22. Limbo set

If you like fun and laughter and want your guests to have a fantastic time, this will be the perfect game. Set up a limbo game with music, decorate the area with twinkling lights, and create a playful atmosphere. This game is played by standing behind the limbo stick, leaning backward, and then moving under the stick while dancing. The players should not fall or touch the stick while moving. So watch your guests when it’s their turn to go low.

23. Swingball

Everybody loves the game swingball. It can be installed with a solid base tower having a spiral head and an attached ball. The goal is to hit the ball, so it reaches the top or bottom of the pole. It is a super easy game that can be enjoyed by all the guests the whole day and night.

24. Twister

The classic game is at the top of all-time favorite games. You can bring your twister mat or even spray paint on the grass to make colored patches. Ask the opposite team to use their flexibility and perform as you call out the color and the hand or feet to be used. Play with a signboard or music and enjoy to the fullest.

25. Hula hoops

Hula hooping is a great way to enjoy playing outside, especially if your wedding venue is the beach. Wrap the hula hoops with the wedding colors and click pictures with the guests while hula hooping. No competition is required here.

26. Customized family rounders

Organize family rounders with bat and ball during your wedding event. Full of laughter and fun, it can entertain the guests. This is a striking game where rounders or points are scored by hitting the ball and then taking a round of the circular pitch. Make teams for the bride and groom and arrange prizes for the best player and the winning team.

27. Volleyball

No one can deny including volleyball in your wedding event. Host a volleyball match for the guests, make teams, and include personalized caps and tees. To make the event memorable, add finger foods and music, too.

28. Sack race

Perfect for a summer evening, it is a must-game to be added to the wedding list. From young children to adults, sack races can be played by putting both the legs into the sack and then hopping steadily to reach the target point. The person who reaches the target first wins. To make it more attractive, get colorful and printed sacks that match the wedding décor.

Wedding Games For Kids

If there are many children in your family, arrange some special games to keep them cheerful and occupied.

29. Scavenger hunt

Children may get restless and bored by sitting and watching the wedding rituals. Arrange a scavenger hunt and keep them engaged. You can ask them to take pictures of random things, such as a pair of shoes, laughing people, someone wearing a white hat, dancing people, bride and groom, and wedding cake. Anyone who does everything should be rewarded.

30. Coloring station

It is yet another good idea as children like colors and get busy with them. Arrange coloring books, crayons, and doodle papers at a few tables. You can also decorate or cover the entire table with butcher paper so that they can directly draw and color in their place.

31. LEGO centerpieces

Creating centerpieces with LEGO pieces is a great idea for the children to have fun. Arrange LEGO packs on the kids’ table and let them make their masterpieces with the blocks. Don’t forget to treat them for being good at the event.

32. Hopscotch

It is an outdoor game for the children. Draw the hopscotch grid on the ground, give them some pebbles, and let them enjoy as they want to.

33. Cake decoration

This is a delicious and mouth-watering game for the children to decorate the cakes at their will. Provide the tiny tots with a cake base, gems, candies, sprinkles, cream, and other decorating stuff. Arrange a safe corner of the hall for them and watch them enjoy.

34. Jigsaw photo-puzzle

It is a creative and time-consuming game for the children where they have to solve photo puzzles. o give this game a wedding touch, include photos of the wedding event, such as the bride, groom, venue, or food item.

35. Cake piñata

It is a perfect game for the lovely and energetic kids. Get a piñata that suits the wedding theme and put loads of candies into it that will be a highlight for them. Ask all the little ones to whack on the piñata and relish the sweets. To make it competitive, you can have a bride’s and a groom’s team of children.

36. Cootie catchers

It is popularly known as a paper fortune teller and played by making a papercraft by folding it inside. Make the game a bit more exciting by using origami papers, custom designs, and calligraphy. Fill it with interesting questions for the children. Now flap the catcher up-down and side-by-side. Stop, look inside and ask the question to the children. Watch the fun and excitement while they jump around and play.

37. Hanging donuts

Yummy! Who doesn’t want to eat donuts? Try the delicious game by hanging the donuts on tree branches. Tie the hands of your little ones and ask them to eat the donuts without touching them. It could be a challenge, but it is lovely to watch tiny tots trying their best for the donuts.

38. Crafts table

Arrange a DIY space for the children and provide all the materials, including stickers, ribbons, craft papers, glue, markers, glitters, and stamps to make wedding cards and crafts. Let them make anything they want to.

Games For Wedding Guests

Try these games at your party to keep your guests entertained.

39. Find the guest

This unique wedding game is perfect for breaking the monotonous mood of the party. Create a list of descriptions about the mystery guy or lady and hand it over to the guests. Let them investigate at the venue and search for the mystery folk.

40. Flip cup

It is one of the popular drinking games perfect for the adults at the wedding. Fill the cups with juice, soft drinks, mocktails, and water and go flipping.

41. Mini golf

Get two left-handed and two right-handed clubs. You don’t need to watch this game in detail. Just have the guests play it as they wish. In the end, get the scorecards.

42. Date nightjar

Create a fun date night jar for the wedding event and let the guests share their ideas and suggestions on a piece of paper and put them in a jar. The guest with the unique idea will get the prize, and the newlyweds will enjoy the date night.

43. Wedding bingo

It is an ice-breaking game for the guests. It’ll help them interact with others in a friendly way. Gather all the guests when unboxing the gifts. Any guest who guesses five gifts right will get a surprise gift.

44. Wheel of fun

Create a giant wheel with different activities written on it, such as “kiss your partner,” “show your dance moves,” or “kiss your date.” Ask your guests to spin the wheel and wait for the activity they get.

45. Word search

Transform the chalkboard or whiteboard into an interesting word search that guests can keep trying all day long. Fill the board with letters randomly and make your guests search for the words. Show your creativity by including words related to the bride and groom. Use permanent paint to write the letters and provide chalk to encircle them.

46. Dart art wall

The game is best suited for artistic couples. Put a large blank canvas on the wall and stick different colored balloons on it. Don’t forget to add colors in the balloons, so when the guests pop up the balloons, the colors splatter on the canvas, creating a masterpiece for the couple.

47. Themed photo booth

Who doesn’t love to get clicked by the cameras? Get as many props for the guests to make the event merrier. Arrange a themed photo booth and let everyone take selfies and group photos. The best picture will win a gift from the couple.

Wedding Table Games

Isn’t waiting for the food at the table boring and awkward? Worry not; start playing these table games to entertain your guests.

48. Wedding advice

Provide some cards and pens to the guests and ask them to write down their best advice for the couple. These wise words will mean a lot to the newlywed couple as they can apply those bits of advice in their married life to have a smooth start. You can even ask the children for adorable advice.

49. Video game station

If you are a game lover, arrange a video game station at the wedding event. Ask your guests to bring their video games, consult a VR rental company, and connect the video games. Invite all the guests and start playing an exciting multiplayer activity.

50. Bride and groom trivia

Place a printed sheet at the seat of every guest. This sheet should contain questions about the bride and groom where answers have to be given in true or false format or have multiple choices. The guest with the correct answers will take the centerpiece home.

51. Couple’s crossword

It is an amusing way to test the guests’ knowledge about the new couple. Create a crossword and let the guests answer the couple-related questions. The person with the maximum points will win the prize.

52. Dare to do

Write the dares on small chits of paper and ask the guests to pick one in each round. You can keep the dare level according to your guests, such as “kiss your partner,” “tickle a family member,” or “take a selfie with the cutest person.” Don’t forget to record it.

53. Photo scavenger hunt

Create a list of wedding moments for the guests, such as kissing, cake cutting, and couple dances. Ask them to click the pictures of the enlisted moments with their phones or cameras. The guest with the best click will win the game.

54. Table dance

It is an amazing way to keep the dance floor occupied throughout the wedding party. Mark each table with numbers and turn on the playlist. Keep a note on the table, showing the list of table numbers along with the song to be played. It will remind the guests of which song they have to dance to.

55. Mad libs

Get printable mad lib cards with a wedding theme for your guests. While the guests sit at the table and socialize, circulate the cards among them and ask them to fill them out. Ask them to read out the sentences one by one so that everybody can enjoy and laugh out loud.

The wedding day is the most memorable and happiest day for a couple, and these wedding games will help make it even more special. These games can involve all the family members along with the bride and groom and let them have a memorable time. But it is important to remember that the games should be selected keeping in mind the guests’ comfort level and should help develop communication between them. These games will also help develop a good bond between the new members of the family and make their relationship stronger.

Key Pointers

  • From paper dance to cake smash, games can make your wedding reception exciting.
  • You can plan lawn games or outdoor games such as giant checkers or twisters to involve a maximum of your guests.
  • Children can be kept engaged and entertained with hopscotch, scavenger hunt, etc.

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