55 Fun Games To Play With Siblings

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Siblings share the best relationships. And for that relationship to form, there have to be common grounds of interaction wherein they can learn about many things. This post on games to play with siblings helps them be engaged with each other. While doing so, they can learn some important lessons about communication, teamwork, and the value of having healthy competition. Also, these games will allow them to know about each other and give them a chance to spend some quality time and make memories.

55 Games To Play With Siblings

Siblings are each other’s biggest support but can also be notorious and bicker over the slightest of things. These sibling games will make sure they get along with each other and not get bored.

1. The floor is lava

This is the perfect indoor game for children. Arrange your furniture at strategic places around your living room and throw some pillows and yoga mats on the floor. Your children have to go from one end of the room to the other without stepping on the floor. They can step on the pillows, mats, etc. If you have some wooden planks, your children can use them to make bridges too.

2. Sibling art

Place a large canvas or spread butcher paper on a wall or the grass. Divide the canvas or paper into sections for each child. Give them crayons, watercolors, or acrylic colors, and let them create art. This activity allows them to plan their art according to the space available. You could encourage them to cooperate with each other and make art that overlaps several sections.

Quick tip
Divide the canvas into two halves, and you can ask one child to make a drawing on the first half while the other child completes it on the other half.

3. Sibling craft

Children love making something from scratch. So, give them some empty cartons, kid-friendly scissors, crayons, and tape, and let them loose. They can collaborate and create a craft, such as a cardboard house or a cardboard robot, or use the cartons as cars and race around the house. Whatever they make, it is sure to keep them engaged for a long time.

4. Flashlights

Give your children some flashlights and see how they come up with creative ideas to have fun with their siblings. They can play tag at night, make pictures on the wall using the light while the others guess what the picture is, or move the flashlight on the floor while the others try stamping the light. They can also make videos that involve them waving the flashlight in a dark room.

5. Animal doctor

Give your children a doctor’s playset and let them get all their toys to set up a veterinary clinic. They can give their “animals” a check-up and write prescriptions for their ailments. Ask your children to feed the “animals,” pretend to clean them, and play with them as they desire.

6. Paper airplane race

Give your children sheets of paper or newspapers. Let them build paper planes and fly them to see which airplane goes furthest. You can also encourage your children to research new types of airplanes come up with some cool designs.

7. Scavenger hunt

Let each child make a list of at least ten items they want their siblings to find. They can either hide these items themselves beforehand or make a generic list that includes things such as something tiny, something red, and something rough. The child who gets all the items on the list first is the winner.

8. T-shirt walk

Put two children in one oversized t-shirt and ask them to walk around the house. You could even take this activity to the backyard as there is a lesser chance of them stumbling over something and getting hurt. The activity is beneficial for improving communication between your children.

9. Trace shapes

This is a fun activity for younger children, although older children might find it fun to help their younger siblings find different shapes too. Give your children a pencil and a sheet of paper each and let them select any item in your house, place it on the paper, and trace its shape. You can also give them colors so that they can color the shapes.

10. Read books

Encourage the children to read books

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Children like stories. So you can encourage them to read books. Even if your children are toddlers, you can give them picture books and board books – children love looking at pictures. Reading books will give wings to their imagination.

Point to consider
You can ask the older child to read the book aloud or explain the story to the younger sibling. It promotes bonding between siblings.

11. Simon says

Simon says is a classic game that is guaranteed to let your children play and enjoy each other’s company. You could be Simon, or let one of your children be Simon. You could even get your children to stop crying and throwing a tantrum with this game.

12. Follow the leader

If the older sibling is tired of being followed around by their younger brothers or sisters, you can ask them to play this game. In this game, the younger ones can assume the role of the leader, and the others follow their instructions. This will give your younger children a taste of responsibility as well.

13. Dens

Do you remember making pillow forts in your childhood? They are the ultimate secret place for storing your possessions and spending time alone. Let your children make their own dens and hidey holes inside or outside the house. If you live in an apartment, they could put some chairs together, throw a bedsheet over them, and sit under them.

14. Ice scavenger hunt

Ice scavenger hunts are a great way to teach your children about colors. You can make ice cubes in various colors and shapes and scatter them throughout your garden. Give each child a list of ice cubes they have to find, such as a red star, blue heart, or big green ball. The child who returns with all the ice cubes on their list is the winner.

Although this game is typically played in the winters in snowy areas, you can make this a summer sport too, wherein your children have to race against time and find the ice cubes before they melt.

15. Balloon toss

Balloon toss game guarantees laughter and bonding

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Inflate one balloon for each child or give them one balloon. They should toss it in the air and not let it fall to the ground. The game guarantees hours of laughter and bonding.

16. Balloon tennis

This is another balloon game children are bound to love. Inflate a balloon and use any flat item such as books or paper plates as paddles. Your children can play this game in the house without the fear of breaking something.

17. Ice letters

If your children know how to read, you can play this game with them. Take some wooden or plastic mini letters, put them into a bag or a balloon, fill it with water, and freeze. Give your children a small hammer or a screwdriver to break the ice. They have to arrange the letters in the correct order and read the word.

18. Takeaway container craft

Bring out all the takeaway containers you have and let your children paint and draw on them to make a Takeaway Town. They can make hospitals, schools, fire stations, railway stations, and garages. Give your children some colors, tape, and markers, and let their imagination go wild.

19. Pillow sumo wrestling

On days when your children are cooped up inside the house, it is crucial for them to spend their energy so that they do not become cranky. Pillow sumo wrestling is a good way for them to release their energy while being safe. Put your child in your t-shirt, insert two pillows on the front and the back and use a belt or a rope to secure them. This way, punches will be absorbed, and they won’t get hurt even if they fall.

20. Apple roll

Give your children an apple and tell them to roll it between their bodies without dropping it. The more children you have, the funnier the game. This is a great game to improve communication and collaboration between your children.

21. Step up

Draw the pattern of feet on some sheets of paper. You must draw both the right and left feet. Then use painter tape to stick the paper to the floor in different positions. Your children must step on the paper according to the position of the foot on it. If your children are a bit older, you can add hands to the mix too.

22. Twister

“Twister” is an excellent game for rainy and snowy days when your children cannot go out to play. The rules are simple – you have to twist the spinner, and after it stops, you have to read the moves on the spinner and place your hands and feet on the twister mat accordingly. If you do not have the twister mat with you, you can draw colored circles on a big sheet of canvas or paper and make random cards to pick.

23. Roll the ball

Let two children hold a long piece of cardboard. Place a ball in the center, and they should try to keep the ball on the board for as long as possible. This game will make sure your children cooperate with each other, and there will also be frequent bursts of laughter.

24. Puddle jumper

This is another indoor game, but you can play it outdoors too. Fill three plastic or paper cups with water. Put a ping pong ball in the first cup and then blow on it to transfer it to the next cup. This game will improve your children’s lung capacity. Make sure you have some paper towels handy for handling the water spills.

25. Ping pong bounce

This is an active game for indoor days. Punch two holes in a paper cup and thread a rope through them. Tie the cups around your children’s waists. Now put in some ping pong balls in the cups, and they should jump and twist their waists to get all the balls out. The first child to get all the balls out is the winner.

Do remember
Keep the games free from competition because it can lead to sibling rivalry. The games should be purely for fun and learning.

26. Ice melting

Science experiments with ice are a great way to get your children to play together. Freeze ice overnight in big containers. Give your children different ingredients such as sugar, salt, and vinegar. Let them experiment to find out which ingredient melts the ice faster.

27. Shaving cream snakes

If your children are just learning colors, this is a good game for them. They can learn colors and also look at what happens when different colors are mixed. Put in a few drops of food colors in a balloon. Then fill the balloon halfway with shaving cream. Tie the mouth of the balloon and squeeze well to mix the color and the cream. Make a small cut and squeeze the cream out of it.

28. Alphabet scavenger hunt

Alphabet scavenger hunt, fun game for siblings

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This game is for children who are learning the letters of the alphabet or numbers. You can hide different plastic letters around your backyard or your home and ask your children to find them. Besides playing together, they will also learn letters and numbers. The first child who searches all the letters or numbers gets a cute prize.

29. Face masks

Teenagers usually develop skin problems and have to deal with acne and pimples. You can make some simple face masks using ingredients available at home, such as almonds, bananas, and oatmeal. They are easy to make and good for your teenager’s skin. Your children can apply them to each other and have a spa day at home.

30. Freeze

Ask your children to dance to music. However, they have to freeze as soon as the music stops. If you see movement when the music goes off, the player is out. This game gives your children a chance to move their bodies and let go of energy. It can also help develop a love of dance.

31. Play musical instruments

Your children need not be skilled at playing an instrument to do this activity. Engage them in making different instruments using buckets, mugs, plastic cups, toilet paper rolls, etc. Assemble all the instruments and let the siblings have a jam session.

32. Race on ride-ons

Children love riding on the ride-on cars

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Children love riding on their ride-on cars at breakneck speeds. So give them a chance to compete with each other in your backyard or even your hallway. This game teaches balancing, improves observation skills, and helps develop a healthy competitive spirit.

33. Obstacle race

Nothing makes a child happier than a well-organized obstacle race. You can organize both indoor and outdoor obstacle races using the things you find at home. Use cardboard boxes and sheets, chairs, and laundry baskets, and other items to make an obstacle race.

34. Blind tasting

This is a fun activity as your children will have loads of chances to be as naughty as they wish. Each child will be blindfolded in turns while the other children raid your fridge and pantry and feed them different food items. It could be anything right from a piece of fruit to chili, so it will generate laughs and screams.

35. Elephant trunks

Put two tennis balls in a pair of tights and put the tights over your children’s heads. Next, place some empty plastic bottles on the floor. Your children have to move their “elephant trunks” to knock the bottles down. It is more difficult than it seems and generates a lot of laughter.

36. Ping pong push

This is a game that needs some lung power, and your children can play it inside or outside the house. Draw some lines on your driveway with chalk or stick painter’s tape at different places on the floor if you are playing it inside the house. Place a ping pong ball at the start of the line and use a straw to blow it to the finish line. If your children are older, you could draw a more complicated route.

37. Balloon kick

Here is another balloon game that your children will enjoy playing together. Inflate a balloon and toss it in the air. The only condition is that your children have to keep it airborne without touching it with their hands. They can use their legs, face, nose, tummy, etc.

38. Ball drop

This is a game that requires concentration and precision. All you need is a ping pong ball, some plastic cups, and a chair. Your children have to stand on a chair and throw the ping pong ball into the plastic cup. After each round, you can move the cup a bit farther.

39. Pop the balloons

If your children love popping balloons and do not mind loud noises, you can let them play this game. Inflate some balloons and put them on the floor. The children have to sit on the balloons and pop them. On no account can they use their hands, legs, or other body parts to pop them. They can even press a balloon between two of them and pop it.

40. Sink or float

If your children are science buffs, you can do this experiment with them. Fill a sink with water and give them a selection of items. Let them guess whether the item will sink or float and then drop it into the water to see if their guess was correct.

41. Cheerio tower

To prevent fights and arguments at the breakfast table, ask your children to build a Cheerio tower. Lick the bottom of each Cheerio so that it sticks to the one below it. This will keep your children occupied for quite some time.

42. Popcorn mouth toss

If you have some popcorn at home, why not have some fun while eating it? In this game, two children stand a little distance apart and toss popcorn into each other’s mouths. After each successful toss, the player must take one step backward. If you are playing with your family, you can make teams of two players each.

43. Balloon leg pop

This is another form of balloon pop game that your children will love. This sibling game is best played with three or more children. First, you need to tie a balloon to the right leg of each player. Then, each player has to stomp on the balloons of the other players. The last player with a balloon on their leg is the winner.

44. Paper plate frisbee

You can stick two paper plates on top of each other so that the right sides of both face inwards. This makes a paper plate frisbee. Your children can even play with it in the house without worrying about knocking something over or hurting themselves.

45. Paper plate race

If you have young children, this is an excellent game for improving their gross motor skills. Give each child two paper plates. They have to walk from one end of the room to the other by stepping on the two paper plates. Ensure they stand on one paper plate, pick up the other, and place it forward to move.

46. Three-legged race

Three-legged game teaches collaboration

Image: iStock

Tie the left leg of one player and the right leg of another player together. The children have to walk with their legs tied to the finish line without falling over. If they fall, they have to start again. This is a great game to teach them collaboration.

47. Balloon balance

Inflate a balloon and let two children balance the balloon between their hips. They should not touch it with their hands. Next, they have to walk to the end of the room without dropping the balloon. If they drop it, they have to start all over again.

48. Together we stand

Tell your children to sit on the floor with their backs touching and their arms linked at the elbows. They have to stand up without disturbing this arrangement. This will result in some pushing and shoving and lots of laughs.

49. Potato drop

This is a race for competitive siblings. Put bowls at the end of the room and give a potato to each child. They have to hold their potato between their knees and walk to the bowl and drop it in. They are not allowed to touch the potato at any point.

50. Coin drop

Here is another excellent game for improving children’s gross motor skills. Place some coins on a table. Your children have to pick the coins, place them on their faces, walk to another table, and deposit their coins in a bowl. They should not touch the coins while walking or dropping them in the bowl.

51. Touch the pom-poms

Each player gets a pom-pom that they can attach to the back of their shirt with a clothespin. Then they have to run around and touch the pom-pom attached to the other players’ backs.

52. Popcorn cup catch

One player stands at one end of the room with a plastic cup, and another player stands at the other end of the room with 20 popcorns. The player with the popcorn starts throwing them one by one into the other player’s cup, and the other player tries to catch them by moving the cup. In the end, the player who manages to gather the maximum number of popcorns wins.

53. Paint with water

If your children love water play, you can ask them to paint with water. Use a wide brush to paint water over a chalkboard and write with chalk while the board is wet. As the water dries, the message will be visible. You can also ask them to paint on paper until the paper tears.

54. Popcorn distance throw

Play this game at home with some popcorn. Stick some painter’s tape on the floor to show the start line. Each player stands at the start line and throws popcorn as far as they can. The player who throws the popcorn farthest gets a big bowl of popcorn.

55. Dress up

Little children love dressing up and applying makeup on themselves and others. Arrange a dress-up night for your children. Bring out all the artificial jewelry you have and throw in some scarves, stoles, hair bands, bracelets, and other accessories. Let them dress up the way they want. Be ready to click a lot of pictures.

We tend to share a very close bond with our siblings. So, encourage your children to strengthen their bond with these games to play with siblings. These games include are of various kinds, so you can certainly find something your child will certainly. While some may not need any supplies, others may require a pleasing ambiance, an outdoor environment, or a few extra items. But the aim of these games remains the same, to bring siblings closer. So, choose the game, set the venue, and let your children start playing to create new memories with their siblings.

Infographic: Sibling Fun With Childhood Games

“Remember we used to play this game?” Siblings often talk about their childhood memories and how there was something they used to play often. Let your children also have priceless memories by introducing them to these games that will bring them closer and keep them active. Explore this list of fun outdoor and indoor games to get started.

games to play with simblings [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Games, such as the floor is lava or Simon says are ideal for a fun time and bonding with siblings.
  • Go for a balloon toss that adds hours of laughter as each one will struggle to keep it in the air.
  • Outdoor activities, such as the three-legged race, will bring you closer.
  • Twister, potato drop, coin drop, and more fun games as you scroll through.

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