25 Best Fun Games to Play with Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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A playful and fun relationship creates a healthy bond between two people. With some games to play with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you can add excitement to your relationship. Playing games is fun, keeps you engaged, and is a refreshing way to know your partner better. Besides reducing worries and stress, it refreshes your mind and adds color to the relationship. Read on for some interesting games to play with your partner and lighten the mood while spicing things up.

25 Cute And Fun Games To Play With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

1. Guess the movie

On your phone or computer, play a scene of a movie you know your partner has watched. Cover their eyes or make them face their back to the screen to listen to the scene’s dialogue. Each time they guess the movie correctly, they get the point. The winner gets to pick the movie whenever you are out for your movie date.

2. Truth and lie

In this game, both of you can take turns to list three things about yourself, of which two are true, and one is a lie. You have to point out the lie and can also give a reason for your guess. It is a cool way to learn interesting facts about each other. The one with the maximum correct guesses can get a gift from their partner.

3. True or false

If you cannot come up with three things about yourself, think of only one and ask your partner whether it is true or false. It is a good way to know each other better. Also, in a game like this, you get to mention funny stuff that you wouldn’t normally divulge to your partner.

4. Face don’t lie

Here is your time to make funny faces while asking questions you have wanted to ask each other. Sit facing each other and ask questions. Answer only with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no.’ For instance, you may ask, ‘Do you like my new spectacles?’ For a ‘yes,’ your partner will have to make an expression with their eyes—they can blink or roll their eyes. And for a ‘no,’ they can express with their lips only—purse their lips or pout.

5. Guess what?

Blindfold your partner. Guide their finger to any part of your body, and they get to touch it for three seconds only. After that, they have to guess which part of your body they felt. It could get funnier as the game progresses.

6. Truth or dare

Roll a bottle to start the game. If it turns to your side, pick truth or dare. Your partner would either ask you a question or give you a dare to be fulfilled. If you fail to answer the question or fulfill your dare, you get a punishment pre-decided and consented to by both of you.

7. Board games

Couple playing board game

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If you want to relive your childhood days, go for a good old board game. You can try Monopoly, Ludo, and similar games that will ignite your competitive spirit. Remember, you are competitors and are playing the game to win. Do not be lenient with your partner in a board game. Be in it to win it.

8. You blink, you lose

Couple playing eye contact

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It is an old game probably played by your parents too. You have to look into each other’s eyes without blinking. The first one to blink loses, and the winner gets to make the loser do anything they wish. You can make it a fun game by asking for something that you never have.

9. Rock, paper, scissors

You probably have played it with your friends, and now it’s time to play with your partner. Rules remain the same, but you can make it interesting by adding new ones. For instance, the winner gets to make the loser do whatever they want. Or whoever wins can make your partner recite a poem like a child. Keep the punishment as funny as possible.

10. Treasure hunt

Both of you need to create a puzzle. You can draw a big image and then cut it into pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. Select one room and hide the pieces in any corner within a stipulated time. Then, switch rooms and start looking for the puzzle pieces. The person to complete the puzzle first wins.

11. Draw my animal

You and your partner can sit in separate corners and draw an animal you think your partner is similar to in nature. For instance, you can draw a puppy for your partner if you find them cute and adorable. Reveal your sketches to have a good laugh. You can try this game to understand each other’s first impression.

12. Ask me anything

Both of you need to write a set of questions on pre-decided topics and put them in a box. Shake the box, take turns to pick a note, and read the question. Answer correctly, and get to know each other better. Keep the questions light and enjoyable.

Quick tip
Use a timer to spice up the game and make it more entertaining. Give your partner a funny punishment if they do not answer your tricky question within the allotted time.

13. Cards

Couple playing cards

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There are several types of card games, such as UNO, Set, and Go Fish. You can buy one and enjoy a unique date by playing with your partner. Whoever wins gets to decide a very creative and fun punishment for the loser.

14. Complete my story

Start a story with just one line, and your partner will take it forward by adding the next line, followed by you. For instance, you start with ‘once upon a time, there was a pretty princess,’ your partner takes it forward with ‘but the pretty princess was an evil witch.’ You will be amazed at the story and its end.

15. Date, marry, or kill?

You can give your partner the names of three celebrities and ask them to pick which celebrity they would like to date, marry, or kill. Try to keep only well-known people as options because using real-life people can make the game awkward for both of you.

16. Embarrass me

It is a quirky game in which you outdo each other, recounting your most embarrassing moments in life. You start with one incident. Then, your partner shares theirs to beat your experience. Keep sharing until you run out of them. In the end, you two have to select the most embarrassing incident mutually, and the winner gets a prize from the other person.

17. Roleplay

If you are looking for an entertaining game, try roleplay. Decide a fictional or real character and imitate them. You will have to dress, talk, and behave like the character you have chosen. Whatever your story, try bringing some twists in the game. The weirder the characters, the more interesting the game gets.

18. Video games

partners enjoying video game

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If you both like video games, then get ready to become competitors. Pick any game that both of you love to play. Imagine how much fun it would be if you beat them at their own game. The punishment can be decided before the game begins or even after the winner is declared.

19. Make a pick

It is a light game to spend some quality time together. Give your partner two options from a category and ask them to pick one. They need not give any reasons for their choice. Give them options, such as movies, games, songs, and sports. If you know them well, make the options difficult to choose.

20. A minute marathon

Keep setting tasks for each other to be completed in a minute. For instance, do a maximum number of push-ups in sixty seconds or finish a drink in a minute. Compare the outcomes, and the person who performs better in a given task earns a point. The one with the maximum points becomes the winner.

21. I am the king/queen

You both get a turn to be a king or a queen for ten minutes. You could ask your partner to do anything. Ask them to dance to a song or give you a foot massage or anything that comes to your mind. But remember, if you go first and are too harsh on your partner, you may not be spared when it’s their turn.

22. Dare to do

It is an advanced version of the dare game. Tell your partner to do something that you can do, but they cannot. For instance, dare your partner to stand in a challenging yoga pose. If they fail to complete the dare, you win a point.

23. Love box

In the mood for some romantic fun? Make notes with messages and wishes for your partner. For instance, you can write, ‘I am grateful to have a wonderful partner like you,’ or ‘I wish you could give me a bear hug right now.’ You can fix a day in a week and leave notes for each other.

24. Twister

Couple enjoying twister game

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You have probably heard about the twister game or seen people playing it. You can check who is the most flexible of you two. It is also a great way to get close to your partner when twisting and turning.

25. Guess the food

If you both are foodies, you would like to play this game. Blindfold your partner, make them eat something, and ask them to guess what it is. If you are not sure of their food allergies, change the game to smelling instead of tasting. Allow them to sniff the food for a few seconds and ask them to make a guess. Every correct guess wins them a point.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some fun games to play with boyfriends on the first date?

First dates are all about getting to know one another, understanding each other’s tastes and preferences, views on various aspects of life, and so on. Some fun games to play with your boyfriend could be – Never have I ever, 20 Questions, Rapid fire, Two truths and a lie, I spy, Would you rather, etc.

2. What are some kissing games to play with boyfriends?

Kindle the romance between you and your boyfriend with interesting kissing games such as Seven minutes in heaven, Secret pecks, Marathon kissing, Post office, or Eyes wide open.

Guess the movie, true or false, truth and lie, face don’t lie, board games, truth or dare, and treasure hunt are some of the best games to play with your boyfriend/girlfriend. You may also play more romantic games, such as a love box where you leave love notes for each other. Games help you know your partner better and infuse fun and excitement into the relationship. You may ask interesting questions on truth or dare games to have a fun time with your partner. Spending quality time together is the best way to strengthen your relationship, and these games are perfect to keep you and your partner entertained.

Infographic: Romantic Games To Play With Boyfriend/Girlfriend

It is good to have a few romantic games up your sleeve when you want to get true to your feelings about each other. So, if you are planning a date night with your special one soon, the following infographic list is what you need to keep handy. Read on and be sure to save it as well.

romantic games to pay wth boyfriend girlfriend [infographic]
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Key Pointers

  • Brighten up your relationship with your partner by playing fun games.
  • Spice it up with a game of twister or dare your partner to do something unusual.
  • Play video games or recall each other’s embarrassing moments to lighten the mood.
  • True or false, treasure hunt, and many more games as you scroll through.

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