35+ Unique Gender Reveal Ideas To Celebrate The Event

Getting to know the gender of your baby gives you an exciting glimpse into the future of parenthood. Therefore, we bring you a few interesting gender reveal ideas that can make this experience even more memorable for you. Gender reveal parties are the best way of including your near and dear ones in your happy moments. So, we have put together a list of ideas for revealing the gender of your little one in this post. These are based on the traditional blue and pink themes, but you can change them according to any color your like. Because, why not? But remember to inform your guests about the genders that the specific colors represent. Read on for some exciting ideas and select the one you like, and you can customize it according to your preferences as well.

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Gender Reveal Ideas For Couples

Some couples like to find out the gender of their baby through a party. In this case, their doctor gives them an envelope with the gender indicated inside. The couple passes along the envelope to their close ones, who decides upon a fun way to disclose the gender. Here are a few gender-reveal ideas for couples.

1. Smoke Bombs

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The couple explodes pink or blue color smoke bombs, with the color revealing the gender of the baby. They stand at the center of a backyard or park, surrounded by their guests. The couple or party organizers explode the smoke bomb while the couple closes their eyes waiting for the big surprise.

2. Confetti Cannons

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Fill gender-reveal confetti cannons with pink or blue contents and gather around as they pop away and reveal the gender of the baby. Make sure to take advantage of the photo opportunity this offers.

3. Gender Reveal Cake

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No celebration is complete without a cake. Why not make a gender-reveal idea out of it? Bake a multi- or neutral-colored cake after filling it with either pink or blue jelly beans. Alternatively, you can also spread gender-specific color icing between cake layers. As the couple cuts the cake, they’ll encounter their sweet surprise.

4. Baseball Idea

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This idea is perfect for a couple who are into sports. Plan this at a local baseball court or a park as it involves some high-energy activity. Before the party, fill a baseball with either pink or blue powder (tie it loosely so that it breaks when hit with a bat). Ask the father of the baby to stand with a bat, while the mother throws the ball. As the bat hits the ball, the color breaks out, revealing the gender.

5. Gender Revealing Pinata

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Pinatas are always a party hit. Design a pinata of the couple’s favorite shape or animal and fill it with blue or pink confetti. The couple can then hit the pinata to reveal the gender.

6. Treasure Hunt

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This will be an exciting gender-reveal game, but keep it short and sweet so that the mother doesn’t get tired. Before the start of the party, plant some gender clues in the couple’s house or backyard. When the party starts, ask the couple to enter the place and follow the clues.

7. All-in-one Gender-Reveal Idea

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If you are not sure whether the couple likes balloons, confetti or pinatas, you can combine all of them. Hang a softbox stuffed with confetti and balloons, ask the couple to pull the string and open the box to let out the big secret. And do not forget to capture this photographic moment.

8. Balloon Pop

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Another fun gender-reveal idea is to fill a giant balloon with blue or pink confetti and ask the couple to stand beneath it. On the count of three, pop the gender reveal balloon to let the couple know whether to expect a boy or girl.

9. Party Decoration Idea

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For this to be a success, the hosts mustn’t allow the couple into the party space until the time of the event. Decorate with the blue or pink theme as per the gender of the baby. Blindfold the couple, take them into the room, remove the blindfolds, and yell, “Congratulations, it’s a boy/girl!” after they see the gender reveal decoration.

10. The Surprise Box

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Fill a gift box with either all pink or all blue items such as cookies, candy, booties, or outfits. The couple will be thrilled to see how you’ve spoiled them with goodies, as well as to find out their baby’s gender in this way.

11. Shoot the Balloon Idea

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This is a festive idea for an outdoor event. Fill a black or white colored balloon with blue or pink-colored water and hang it freely. Ask the couple to shoot the balloon with a bow and arrow to burst the balloon and reveal the gender. Hang the balloon as low as possible so that the water doesn’t spill on everybody.

protip_icon Quick tip
To make your gender reveal party special, host the event at your favorite destination with your near and dear ones. For example, you may organize it in the mountains, beach, or in a faraway city where you made beautiful memories with your sweetheart.

12. Gender Revealing Box

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In this cute gender reveal idea, a big box is decorated in pink and blue wrapping paper and is stuffed with either pink or blue helium balloons. As soon as the couple opens the box, balloons fly away revealing the gender. Try this in an open place.

13. Silly String Spray Cans Idea

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This idea is fun for the couple as well as the hosts. Buy some pink or blue string cans and cover them with white paper to keep the color a secret. As soon as the couple enters the room, spray the silly string to reveal the gender.

14. Water Gun

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If you do not mind cleaning up a little mess, this idea might be for you. Fill paint guns with blue or pink non-toxic color water. Instruct guests to come in all white clothes. Provide a paint gun to each guest for everyone to sprayon the couple. The couple will be more than thrilled, just be sure to avoid their eyes.

15. Splashing Colors

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Make sure you are using natural colors. Ask the couple to come dressed in white clothes and have them stand in the center of their guests. Give guests either blue or pink, and on the count of three, have them to throw it on the couple. Capture the exciting instant the couple discovers if their baby is a boy or a girl.

Gender-Reveal Ideas For Guests

If you already know the gender of your baby and want to surprise your family and friends, then these ideas are for you.

16. Color-Coordinated Outfits

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Make a grand entrance to the party wearing blue or pink gender reveal outfits, and welcome your guests, thus revealing the gender of the baby.

17. Scratch Cards

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Distribute scratch cards, which, upon scratching, would reveal the gender of the baby. Alternatively, you can get a giant scratch card made and get the guests to scratch it. They can guess or bet on the correct answer while they are scratching the card.

18. A Sweet Surprise

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Bake cupcakes filled with blue or pink icing on the inside. Add a dollop of white icing on the top and decorate it with a question mark. Serve a cupcake to each guest and ask them to take a bite to find out if it’s a boy or a girl.

19. Gender-Reveal Photo shoot

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Have a photoshoot with both of you holding pink and blue balloons and use these for your party invitations. At the party, ask the guests to guess the gender. While they guess, reveal another portrait of both of you holding either a pink or a blue balloon.

20. Name Suggestions Idea

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Arrange two glass jars, one labeled“boy” and the other “girl.” Ask the guests to drop name suggestions for girls and boys in the respective jar. At the end of the party, reveal the baby’s gender and read all the name suggestions from the appropriate jar.

21. Pop-the-Belly Idea

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Write the gender of your baby on a small paper and put it in one of the balloons. Secure it on a wooden board along with several other empty blown balloons. Ask the guests to pop the balloons and see who pops the balloon that reveals the gender.

22. Bath Bombs

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Fill a glass jar or a bathtub with water. When you want to reveal the gender, throw in a blue or pink bath bomb to reveal the gender of your baby. However, warn your guests before hand that they mightget wet. They might want to bring a change of clothes in case they get splashed!

23. Gender-Reveal Punch

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Your guests will learn your baby’s gender once you serve them their appropriately colored drink, perhaps pink lemonade or blue Hawaiian punch.

24. Lashes or Mustaches

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As the guests enter the party, ask them to choose lashes or mustache props to indicate their gender prediction. Once the gender is revealed, those who guess right receive a gift.

25. Fireworks

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This is an exciting way to tell your family and friends whether you’re having a boy or girl. Gather friends and family around and set off blue or pink fireworks.

26. Mystery Drink Mix

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Serve each guest a mystery drink-mix packet and a water bottle. Ask all the guests to mix the drink in their glasses. The color of the drink will reveal the gender.

27. Color Changing Straws

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This is a cool last-minute gender reveal idea. Buy some color-changing straws and hand them to the guests. All the guests must dip the straws in their drinks at once to reveal the gender of the baby.

28. Fortune Cookies

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Make fortune cookies filled with a slip of paper, which says ‘It’s a boy’ or ‘It’s a girl’. Distribute the cookies to the guests and ask them to break the cookie all at once.

29. Riddles

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This is an effective way to generate suspense among your guests. Create a series of questions that ultimately leads to the baby’s gender. Print the questions on A4 sheets and stack them in order. Distribute the sheets to your guests and let them answer to discover the baby’s gender.

30. Hershey’s Idea

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Buy Hershey’s bars for all of your guests. Color the letters ‘He’ if it’s a boy and ‘She’ if it’s a girl and wrap the bars in white paper. Distribute them to the guests and ask them to unwrap them at the same time.

31. Baby Furniture Idea

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If you have an old dresser that needs a makeover, consider this gender-reveal idea. Give each guest a can of spray paint while concealing the color. Ask them to spray paint the old dresser and find out the gender of the baby.

Gender Revealing Ideas For Siblings

If the yet-to-arrive baby has an elder brother or sister, they can help you in revealing the gender of the baby. Below are a few ideas for that.

32. Siblings Gender-Reveal Idea

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Dress the sibling in a blue or pink t-shirt which says big sister or big brother and let them stroll into the party. The guests will get the clue.

33. Volcano Idea

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Older siblings will be excited to find out whether to expect a baby sister or brother. Make a papier-mache volcano and fill it with water, vinegar, dish detergent, and blue or pink food coloring. When it is time, ask the sibling(s) to add baking soda to the volcano. Watch it erupt to reveal the gender.

34. Gender-Reveal Photograph

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You can also break the news to your family and friends through a gender-revealing photograph where the sibling can hold pink or blue booties. Use this picture for the gender reveal invitations for your baby shower.

35. Photo with Props

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You can also use props like mustaches and bows to reveal the gender of the baby. Have a photograph clicked with all the men in the family holding the mustache props and women holding a bow. The sibling holds a mustache or a bow, revealing the gender of the baby.

Twin Gender-Reveal Ideas

Welcoming a baby is the most beautiful moment in life, but when you are having twins, then it is double the excitement and happiness. Here are a few gender reveal announcement ideas if you or the parents-to-be are going to have twins.

36. Gender-Reveal with a Twist

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This idea might look plain but is not. Take a large carton and paint it in blue and pink colors. Place two smaller boxes filled with blue or pink colored paper and blue or pink baby clothes. Next, stuff the carton with white balloons and a No. 2 helium balloon. As soon as the couple opens the box, the No. 2 balloon would fly out. The couple would then open the smaller boxes to reveal the gender of the twins.

37. Double Surprises

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Pack two carton boxes with blue or pink balloons. Label the boxes with Baby A and Baby B. The couple can open the boxes together or one at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When to throw your gender reveal party?

Gender reveal parties are usually held around 20 weeks of pregnancy, and the ultrasound can detect the gender of the baby.

2. Who organizes a gender reveal party?

The gender reveal party is hosted by either the parents or friends of the soon-to-be parents. The couple doesn’t usually organize the party as it may be perceived as asking for gifts.

3. What comes first, baby shower or gender reveal?

The gender reveal party usually comes before the baby shower celebrations. The baby shower comes at a later stage of pregnancy.

4. Does a gender reveal party replace a baby shower?

Some people like to combine the celebrations, and some might choose to celebrate each occasion independently. It depends on your choice and preference.

5. What do you buy for a gender reveal party?

Gender reveal gift ideas include:

  • Crocheted toys
  • Maternity clothes
  • Onesies for the baby
  • Matching mugs for the parents
  • A wreath of baby items
  • A heartbeat monitor

Gender reveal helps expecting parents do sensible shopping and prepares them for the arrival of their son or daughter. With a baby on the way, every occasion is worth celebrating. These unique gender reveal ideas can add spunk to your gender reveal party. You can get creative and customize the ideas mentioned in this post. Make sure a friend or a professional photographer takes plenty of photos of the unveiling.

Infographic: Return Gift Ideas For Gender Reveal Parties

Confused about the return gifts for the guests of your gender reveal party? Fret not! Check out this infographic as we share a list of the best gifts you can present to your lovely guests.

gift ideas for gender reveal parties (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Gender-revealing pinatas are a fun method for couples to find their baby’s gender by hitting the pinata.
  • Try color-coordinating clothing, bake surprise cupcakes, or let off fireworks to disclose the gender of your baby.
  • Make your older children dress in blue or pink and go around the celebration to disclose the gender of your baby.

Discover 10 creative gender reveal ideas for 2019! From fun games to unique decorations, we’ll show you how to make your gender reveal special.

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