91 Best Gender Reveal Party Games To Play

Gender reveal parties are becoming increasingly popular to announce the arrival of a baby girl or boy. So if you are in charge of organizing one such celebration, you need to plan for gender reveal party games to make the event more exciting. These parties are usually held before or concurrently with a baby shower event. The party can range from a small gathering of close friends and family to a large grand party. In either scenario, just like a baby shower, you can plan the theme, dress code, decorations, and food. And with some creative gender reveal activities, you can disclose the big secret. Our post brings some gender reveal ideas and fun games to keep the visitors entertained. We employed the typical blue and pink colors as part of the activities, but you may make a different choice as long as your guests know what they stand for.

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Gender Reveal Party Games

These gender-reveal games are fun! The guests can get involved in the games and there will be loads of laughter and joy all around.

1. He or she, pop to see!

He or she, pop to see!

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This is a fun and exciting game. Have a big board on which “he or she, pop to reveal” is written. Stick some black balloons on it and fill those balloons with pink or blue color paint, powder, or confetti. Once all your guests arrive, the would-be parents can burst the balloons and reveal the gender of the upcoming baby.

2. He or she scratch card

He or she scratch card

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All the guests can participate in this game. Give each one of them some scratch cards to scratch them and reveal the gender of the baby.

3. Pacifier hunt

Pacifier hunt

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Have a large tub filled with neutral-color pacifiers. Hide either a pink (if it is a girl) or blue (if it is a boy) pacifier between all others. The guests can dig into this tub, and the first one to find the pink or blue pacifier will reveal the gender and also gets a prize.

4. Piñatas


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Piñatas are made of paper matches, pottery, or cloth and are filled with candies. The piñata gender reveal game is particularly popular with families who already have a kid. Kids enjoy bursting the piñata. This gender-reveal piñata game can reveal the gender of the baby through the items filled in the piñata. This can make the guessing game fun and interesting for kids too.

protip_icon Do remember
If you plan to make your own pull-string pinata, ensure to test it without the filling. It’ll help you find out if the pinata will work properly when the time comes to pull the strings.

5. A boxful of surprise

A boxful of surprise

Image: Shutterstock

This can be a simple fun game for the parents-to-be. Have a big box filled with little balloons. Once all guests arrive, the parents can rip open the box and reveal the gender of the baby.

6. Pop the belly

Pop the belly

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Have some cutouts of various characters or animals, or take a plywood plank and stick balloons on the belly of the cutouts. Out of the many cute balloons, fill the pink confetti or blue confetti in only one balloon. Give darts to all your guests and ask them to aim at one cutout of their choice. The one to pop the balloon with the pink or blue confetti reveals the gender and wins the prize. This balloon pop is also one of the classic favorite gender reveal party games.

7. Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt

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The gender-reveal scavenger hunt is one of the very popular party ideas. Arrange clues on the venue and ask the parents or guests to find clues, decipher them, and reach the final spot where a pink or blue cake or a balloon would be hiding to reveal the gender.

8. Throw paint-filled eggs

Throw paint-filled eggs

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This is a cute little game. Hollowed-out eggs are filled with neutral colors, and only one egg is filled with a pink or blue color. Spray-paint each egg in black color. You can get a huge canvas, and the parents can begin throwing all eggs on the canvas to reveal the colors. The canvas can be a good souvenir from the party.

9. Baby word scramble

Baby word scramble

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This is a fun gender reveal word search game to keep your guests entertained at the party. Have printed sheets of jumbled words that are related to the baby’s gender and baby products. You can ask your guests to unscramble the jumbled words. Make it more fun by keeping a time limit and announce a prize for the one who first guesses all the words.

10. Gender reveal Pictionary

Gender reveal Pictionary

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You can arrange games like Pictionary at the reveal party to keep your guests entertained. Have an emoji or words printed on each card, and the guests need to enact and explain it to others. The team who guesses the most number of words first, wins the game.

protip_icon Point to consider
If you always wanted to plan a gender reveal party, make sure you do not give any hints before the date. The guests are too smart to pick your cues.

11. Wives tales

Wives tales

Image: Shutterstock

The internet is filled with various old wives’ tales that predict gender based on the symptoms of the would-be mother. Have the mom fill out this old wives’ prediction sheet and ask the guests to predict the gender accordingly.

12. Baby ABC game

Baby ABC game

Image: IStock

Take all your guests back to school with this fun game. Set a time limit and ask them to write one word each from all 26 letters of the alphabet. All these words need to be baby related. The one to get the maximum correct words in the given time gets a prize.

13. Baby name game

Baby name game

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In this cute game, all the guests get a paper with the letters of the alphabet. They need to write name suggestions for the baby from each letter. Whoever writes maximum names in the given timeframe wins the game. This way, the parents also have some great name ideas.

14. Diaper raffle

Diaper raffle

Image: Shutterstock

This is a cool concept where the guests are given diaper raffle tickets along with invites. They can bring some diapers along with the gift they plan to give. You can have a lucky draw game at the party and the person whose raffle ticket gets chosen, wins a prize from you.

15. Pink or blue

Pink or blue

Image: Shutterstock

In this engaging game, ask your guests to read the lyrics of the song on the printed sheet and write the original song and singer’s name. The song’s name or the singer’s name will have either the word “pink” or “blue” in them. The word that comes most often would reveal the gender of the baby.

16. Movie reveal

Movie reveal

Image: Shutterstock

Ask your guests to guess the movie names from hints given in the sheet. All movie names will have the words pink or blue in them. The word that comes most often in the list of movie names will reveal the gender of the baby.

17. Guess the baby

Guess the baby

Image: Shutterstock

This is a unique game where all your guests can be involved and can also serve as photo props for the gender reveal party decorations. Ask for baby photos of each guest, and the other guests can guess who it is. It is a unique game that everyone will love.

18. Blue or pink, what do you think?

Blue or pink, what do you think?

Image: Shutterstock

Ask your guests to pick a blue bowtie or pink ribbon with pins attached to it. Ask them to guess the baby’s gender, pin the bow to their clothes, and enter the party. The guest who makes the correct guess wins a prize.

19. He or she gender reveal game

He or she gender reveal game

Image: Shutterstock

Give each guest a picture like above and ask them to predict the gender and write their names on the card. You can give a prize to everyone who guesses it right.

20. Who knows mom the best

Who knows mom the best

Image: Shutterstock

This game asks the guests some questions about the mother. It is a gender reveal quiz game to see who knows the mom-to-be the best.

21. Don’t say “Boy or Girl” game

Don't say Boy or Girl game

This is a game with a twist to the classic game where the guests are asked not to use the word “baby.” You can twist it by asking them not to use the words “boy” or “girl.” Give them all a pin to clip on their clothes at the start of the game. Organize some games or activities for the guests. If any of them uses the word “boy” or “girl” during these activities, then they have to give their pin to someone else, and they lose the game. In the end, the person with maximum pins wins the game and the prize.

22. The price is right

The price is right

Image: Shutterstock

Ask your guests to guess the price of different baby products. The one who guesses the price nearly close to the actual amount wins the game.

23. Complete that nursery rhyme

Complete that nursery rhyme

Image: IStock

This game will test how many rhymes your guests remember. Give them printed sheets with a few words of famous nursery rhymes and ask them to finish the rhyme.

24. Baby voting ballot

Baby voting ballot

Image: Shutterstock

Ask your guests to guess if it is a boy or a girl, write it on a paper, and place it in the ballot box. The guests should write their own names, too. These can be saved as memories of the party.

25. Guess the due date

Guess the due date

Image: Shutterstock

Print a picture of your sonogram, write the due date given by your doctor on it, and give it to your guests. Your baby might arrive a few days before or after the expected due date. Ask your guests to guess the exact date when the baby will arrive.

26. Team Pink vs. Team Blue yard games

Team Pink vs. Team Blue yard games

Image: Shutterstock

You can play various yard games if the party is being organized in an open space or garden. The guests can divide themselves into two teams based on the gender they predict. You can name the teams as “team blue” or “team pink.” The winner may win a prize.

27. Disney parents match

Disney parents match

Image: IStock

This is a fun activity and a gender reveal memory game for your guests who love Disney characters. Ask them to match Disney characters with their kids on the printed sheets. The one to do it first wins the game.

28. Advice for the mommy-to-be

Advice for the mommy-to-be

Image: Shutterstock

Ask your guests to write some advice for the mom-to-be regarding mothering and parenthood. It will help the mommy-to-be know a few new things.

29. Create a baby competition

Create a baby competition

Image: Shutterstock

Give pink or blue color playdough to each guest and ask them to make a baby figurine out of it. Whoever designs it the best is the winner. The guests can pick the color of the dough according to the gender they predict for the baby.

30. Baby’s first ABC book

Baby's first ABC book

Image: IStock

You can ask your guests to design a baby ABC book by giving them a book with plain pages, pens, pencils, and colors. It will be the first personalized gift for the baby even before the baby is born.

31. Bib decoration

Bib decoration

Image: Shutterstock

Buy plain white bibs. Each guest can decorate them using fabric paints. This will be an enjoyable game for the guests and a sweet memory for the baby. The guests can design using pink or blue themes. Once you reveal the gender, the best-designed bib of the correctly guessed gender wins the prize.

32. Decorating station

Decorating station

Image: Shutterstock

Have a decorating station with onesie-shaped cookies and pens with edible inks. Ask your guests to design these cookies with these pens with the color (pink or blue) related to the gender they predict. The one cookie with the best design of the accurately guessed gender wins the game and gets a prize.

33. Prayers for baby

Prayers for baby

Image: IStock

Along with fun games, this is a sweet activity where your guests and you can all pray for the baby’s safe arrival. The guests can also write their prayers and blessings for the baby. This will be cherished for a lifetime.

34. Chug the baby bottle

Chug the baby bottle

Image: IStock

Put some juice or funny tasting beverages in bottles of pink and blue color. Guests need to drink it right from the bottle. The one to finish the drink first wins the game and gets a prize.

35. Name the baby food

Name the baby food

Image: Shutterstock

You can blindfold the guests and make them taste baby food items. The ones to get the most items correct wins the game. You can make it more gender reveal party-specific by arranging the food in pink and blue containers or having pink and blue party decorations.

36. Baby trivia

Baby trivia

Image: Shutterstock

Everybody loves quizzes. Create your own personalized quiz cards and ask your guests to solve the quiz. This gender reveal trivia game can be played individually or as a team. The winner gets a prize.

37. Gender reveal photo props

Gender reveal photo props

Image: Shutterstock

Have a photo booth station with props of pink and blue color. Your guests can guess the gender and pose for pictures along with those props. If possible, hire a photographer who can instantly print these photos and use them as gender reveal party favors to gift your guests.

38. Baby charades

Baby charades

Image: Shutterstock

This gender-reveal charades game can leave your guests in splits. Hand out printed sheets of actions that babies usually do or perform. Ask them to roll a pair of dice. Pick the act corresponding to the number on the dice. The guest needs to silently perform the act, just like dumb charades, while the other guests guess. The one who guesses most actions wins the game.

39. Diaper pong

Diaper pong

Image: IStock

You can use diapers instead of the cups and give a twist to the classic game of beer pong. Use pink or blue colored diapers to suit the party decor for gender reveal. Alternatively, you can also have only one pink and blue diaper and ask them to aim and throw the ball in that diaper to guess the gender.

40. Baby animals match

Baby animals match

Image: Shutterstock

Have printed cards with a list of animals and another with the list of baby animals. The guests need to match them. The first one to match the most accurate names wins a prize.

41. Blindfolded diaper changing

Blindfolded diaper changing

Image: Shutterstock

This game can be played by guests or by parents. Blindfold the participants and ask them to wrap a diaper on a doll. The first one to do it wins the game.

42. Pink and blue candies

Pink and blue candies

Image: IStock

Fill two transparent jars with pink and blue candies. Ask your guests to count and come to an approximate number of blue candies and pink candies in the jar. Set a time limit and a rule that no one can touch the jar while counting the candies. The one to come up with the closest accurate number wins the game and gets the prize.

43. Gender reveal soccer

Gender reveal soccer

Image: Shutterstock

Get a personalized ball filled with color powder. Have the baby’s mother or father kick the ball hard once all the guests have arrived. The color that bursts out will reveal the baby’s gender. It will be a fun activity.

Witty Whit, an anonymous mom blogger, shares another interesting way to use balls for a gender reveal party. Her party preceded the 2017 Wimbledon tournament and thus had a tennis theme. Narrating the reveal, she says, “The reveal would only be perfect with a touch of tennis. Hitting the tennis ball and waiting for it to explode with color was a complete rush of emotion and excitement. We all thought the ball would break as soon as I hit it, but the strings are a bit softer, and I hit topspin, so it needed to go hard against a target. The longest 30 seconds of my life! Haha. When the ball hit the screen and exploded in pink, I could not do anything but jump up & down and scream with sheer joy & surprise (i).”

44. Splatter reveal

Splatter reveal

Image: IStock

Ask your guests to come dressed in white outfits. You can arrange for non-toxic spray paints or tubes. The guests at the party can begin splattering paint on each other at a time, and the color coming out of the tube might reveal the gender. You can also keep only one tube with the color that would reveal the gender. You will end up having a fun party and super colorful pictures!

45. Baby mad libs

Baby mad libs

Image: IStock

Mad libs is a very popular party game. Write a short baby-related story and keep some blanks. Mom-to-be or the dad-to-be can read the story out loud and prompt the guests to come up with interesting words and phrases to fill the blanks. The end result of the story can be silly and funny.

46. How the baby will look

Take a photo of each parent’s face for this game, then cut both photos into horizontal strips. Divide these pieces into the chin, forehead, lips, nose, and eyes. Then, have your guests reassemble the puzzle pieces to guess how the baby will look, with features from either or both parents.

47. Baby blocks

Baby blocks

Image: IStock

Purchase a set of plain wooden blocks and allow your guests to decorate them with alphabet letters or animal pictures. These blocks will serve as a wonderful toy for the baby when they reach an appropriate age.

48. Baby books

Baby books

Image: Shutterstock

Distribute sheets of paper, as well as various pens and markers, to your guests. You can ask them to create and decorate sheets with pictures of animals, birds, or anything colorful and fun. Collect these and have them bound together later to make a stimulating book for the baby.

49. Baby pong

Baby pong

Image: Shutterstock

You may add a fun twist to the regular beer pong game at your gender reveal party. Replace the beer with a delightful punch, which you may dye pink or blue to match the theme. To get started, place cups in the classic triangular shape at either end of a long table. Fill them up with a vibrant blue and pink punch. Then, have teams take turns aiming to toss a ping pong ball into the cups of their opponents. If they are successful, the other team must drink a cup of punch at a time, revealing the baby’s gender one cup at a time.

50. Food cravings

Food cravings

Image: IStock

Fill containers with food that you are craving during the pregnancy. Allow your guests to try these items and make gender predictions based on their food choices. This game draws on several old wives’ tales and traditional beliefs that link different cravings to specific genders, giving a fun and amusing aspect to your gender reveal party.

51. String battle

Give each guest a can of different colored plastic string, with one can secretly holding either pink or blue string within. Make sure to remove or hide the labels with dark tape to keep the color hidden. When you count to three, the string battle will commence, and the gender of the baby will be revealed.

52. Pillow fight

Pillow fight

Image: Shutterstock

Fill each pillowcase with white feathers with one containing either pale pink or blue feathers. Distribute the pillowcases to each guest. The gender of the baby will then be revealed when someone discovers the unique feathers during the pillow fight.

53. Cornhole reveal

Cornhole reveal

Image: Shutterstock

If you’re looking for gender reveal games for an outdoor barbecue, this is a perfect option. You may put a spin on the classic game of cornhole by adding special pink or blue bean bags to match your gender reveal theme. Begin by forming teams and assigning the first player to throw the toss. Players then take turns throwing eight bean bags at the opposing board. After each round of tosses, you can calculate the score. Continue this cycle until one team or player has twenty-one points or more, with the condition that you win by at least a two-point difference.

54. Virtual gender reveal

As fireworks light up the screen, everyone can discover the exciting news in a unique and adorable manner. This idea gives your gender reveal a modern twist by allowing you to communicate with loved ones digitally while creating cherished memories in a unique and creative way.

55. Mardi Gras beads

Mardi Gras beads

Image: IStock

As your guests arrive for the gender reveal celebration, ask them to wear pink or blue Mardi Gras beads to represent their guess for the baby’s gender. As a fun and gratifying twist, the guests who made the correct prediction will be awarded prizes at the end of the celebration.

56. Baby jenga

Baby jenga

Image: Shutterstock

Take some Jenga blocks and alternately paint the ends blue and pink before playing. Make one block fully pink or blue to correspond with the baby’s gender. Assemble the blocks to create a towering masterpiece. Participants take turns removing one block at a time while aiming to keep the tower sturdy. When the tower eventually collapses or someone removes the special block, the gender is revealed.

57. Memory game

To play the baby gender memory game, make cards with gender-related objects such as bows, onesies, ties, and baby toys that correspond to your baby’s gender. Arrange these cards face down in a grid and give your guests turns flipping over two cards at a time, looking for matching pairings. The pictures revealed throughout the game will determine the gender reveal.

58. Onesie decoration

Onesie decoration

Image: Shutterstock

Set up a onesie decoration party by providing plain white onesies and art supplies. Encourage your guests to create onesie designs based on their predictions regarding the baby’s gender. Choose a winning onesie and dress the baby in it when they come.

59. Relay race

Relay race

Image: Shutterstock

Assemble guests and divide them into teams for a fun relay race competition. As they sprint to the finish line, each team will face baby-themed challenges. These tasks could include throwing a ping pong ball into a cup or attempting to toss rings around a baby bottle. The race’s final obstacle will reveal the baby’s gender, adding a layer of surprise and excitement to the competition.

60. Baby puzzle

Baby puzzle

Image: Shutterstock

Make a personalized jigsaw puzzle with an image related to the baby’s gender, to challenge your guest’s problem-solving skills. As they patiently piece the jigsaw together, the complete image will gradually take shape, eventually revealing whether you’re having a boy or a girl in a creative and fascinating way.

61. Mystery box

Mystery box

Image: Shutterstock

Prepare a box full of baby toys and encourage your guests to reach in and make gender predictions based solely on touch. You can include little tool sets, action figures, toy cars, and sports toys for a boy, as well as miniature tea sets, plush animals, dolls, dress-up accessories, and play jewelry for a girl.

62. Gender Scrabble

Gender scrabble is an interesting twist on the classic scrabble game. Assemble your guests and ask them to guess gender-related terms or phrases by offering letters. Correct guesses eventually disclose more of the word or phrase. This is a simple and classic game that is easy to learn and adds a fun element to any gathering.

63. Tug-of-war


Image: Shutterstock

Prepare for an exciting game in which your guests will be divided into two teams: team pink and team blue. They’ll compete in a playful tug-of-war, and the winning team will receive a special prize – the opportunity to reveal the baby’s gender in a thrilling and memorable moment.

64. Musical chairs

Musical chairs

Image: Shutterstock

This game adds a fun twist to the classic musical chairs game by including a gender-related surprise. Set up a circle of chairs, play the music, and try to get a seat when the music stops. With each round, one chair is removed until just one person remains. The last chair of the winner will have the gender of the baby hidden under it.

65. Gender reveal riddles

Gender reveal riddles

Image: Shutterstock

Prepare for an entertaining game that will turn your loved ones into geniuses. Distribute gender-related riddles and have your guests solve them together or individually. As they solve all of the puzzles, they will crack the case and reveal whether you are expecting a boy or a girl in a fascinating and interactive manner.

66. Baby time capsule

Request your guests to bring meaningful items or write heartfelt messages expressing their hopes for the baby’s future and gender predictions. These special tokens will be collected and stored in a time capsule to be opened in the future. It’s an amazing activity that will leave you with lasting memories and a sense of anticipation for what’s to come.

67. Gender reveal emoji challenge

Gender reveal emoji challenge

Image: IStock

If your friends and family like to use emojis, then this gender reveal game is perfect. Provide your visitors with a set of emojis, each containing a hidden message revealing the baby’s gender. Prepare to see everyone’s cheeks light up as they decode the emojis and disclose the exciting secret.

68. Tire burnout

Tire burnout

You can place burnout packs between the tires of your vehicle. Get in the car with your partner, crank the engine, and spin the tires, surrounding everyone in a cloud of pink or blue smoke. This will make the most joyful and memorable gender announcement.

69. Cake pop

Cake pop

Image: IStock

Make a one-of-a-kind batch of cake pops with pink and blue embellishments on the outside and a surprise pink or blue filling on the inside. When the time comes to reveal the gender, ask everyone to have a bite and share the good news.

70. Star Wars fans

Star Wars fans

Image: IStock

If you and your partner are Star Wars fans, you can use the Force to reveal your baby’s gender to your guests. You can get two lightsabers that emit either a pink or blue glow. When the moment comes to reveal the gender of your little one, both of you will ignite your lightsabers. If they emit a blue glow, you’re expecting a tiny Luke Skywalker. If they shine pink, it’s Princess Leia on the way.

71. Science experiment

Science experiment

Image: IStock

You can go for a chemistry experiment that is both safe and visually appealing. The gender can be determined by combining two colorless solutions, the resulting color will either turn pink or blue as they combine. The reaction can be recorded for a one-of-a-kind and scientifically inspired revelation.

72. Light up

Light up

Image: IStock

If you’re planning a gender reveal during the holidays, get into the holiday spirit by using Christmas lights to celebrate your happiness. You can hang these on your Christmas tree or string them around the house. When it’s time for the reveal, these lights will glow in either pink or blue, adding a delightful touch to your celebration.

73. Memory wall

Allow your guests to share their most treasured memories with the expectant parents and give gender-specific predictions for the baby with reason. Let everyone write down their favorite memories on sticky notes and post them on the wall. When everyone has contributed, it’s time for the big reveal. You can collect these sticky notes and compile them into a book afterward to ensure you keep these priceless memories forever.

74. Don’t drop the baby

Don’t drop the baby

Image: IStock

Distribute eggs at the beginning of the party, which will represent their babies throughout the event. They can choose to decorate these eggs, but the task is to keep their babies intact throughout the party. The guests who keep their eggs intact at the end of the evening will be declared winners.

75. Gender reveal bingo

Gender reveal bingo

Image: Shutterstock

Get ready for some classic amusement by finding a free printable version of gender reveal bingo games. You can make this game the primary focus of the party by announcing that the guest who gets a Bingo will be the one to find out the baby’s gender.

76. Diaper changing race

Diaper changing race

Image: Shutterstock

Organize a fun diaper-changing relay race in which guests compete against each other against the time. Each person attempts to change a diaper on the baby (plush animal) as quickly as possible, putting a fun spin on the conventional baby-related task. This humorous game not only keeps guests entertained but also creates excitement as the winners step on to reveal whether it’s a boy or a girl through a surprise reward.

77. Baby handprints

Baby handprints

Image: Shutterstock

Involving older siblings in the gender reveal can be a joyful experience for parents expecting their second, third, or more child. The mother can wear a white t-shirt, and the child then dips their hands in either pink or blue paint, keeping the color hidden. The child can then carefully place their painted hands on their mother’s baby bump to make gender-revealing handprints.

78. Harry Potter-inspired gender reveal

Harry Potter-inspired gender reveal

Image: IStock

If you and your partner are Harry Potter fans, consider a wizarding world-themed gender reveal. With a little fun acting, you can channel your inner Hogwarts student. Play out the sorting hat scene and, as the excitement grows, you can unveil a pair of girl’s or boy’s shoes for a unique gender reveal surprise.

79. What’s in the name?

What’s in the name?

Image: Shutterstock

Invite your guests to place their name choices in a bucket, according to their gender prediction for the baby. Rummage through the chits and pick the name that corresponds to the baby’s gender. This can also give you a list of beautiful baby name options.

80. Pin the baby

Play a simple game by printing or drawing an image of the mother and hanging it on the wall. Blindfold the players, give them a spin, and ask them to draw a baby and attach it to the picture of the mother, aiming for her stomach. Each player takes turns attempting to place the baby drawing on the mother’s stomach. The player who comes the closest wins the game, which adds some lighthearted fun to the celebration.

81. Baby quiz

Baby quiz

Image: IStock

Here’s a fun twist on a traditional quiz. With some lighthearted questions on pregnancy and babies, put everyone’s knowledge to the test. You can have a representative from each group take turns answering, or you can make it competitive between the boy’s and girl’s teams by using a buzzer.

82. Glow-in-the-dark


Image: IStock

You can plan a gender reveal party in a room with dark lighting. Provide white clothes, with the gender written with glow-in-the-dark ink. Turn off the lights and have everyone show off the luminous artwork on their shirts, revealing the gender in a captivating way.

83. Fireworks


Image: IStock

Organize a small fireworks display with pink or blue fireworks. The color of the fireworks will reveal the baby’s gender when they light up the sky. This outdoor extravaganza adds grandeur and excitement to your gender reveal party.

84. Gamer’s surprise

Gamer’s surprise

Image: IStock

If you and your partner are gamers, design a customized video game level with clues and puzzles leading up to the gender reveal. Play it with your friends and family, and the game’s ultimate revelation will reveal the baby’s gender.

85. Puppet show

Puppet show

Image: Shutterstock

Make an elaborate shadow puppet show with backlighting. The puppets’ shadows can disclose the baby’s gender while they act out a whimsical story, giving an aesthetic and dramatic touch to the reveal.

86. Sea shells

Sea shells

Image: Shutterstock

If you live near the coast, consider having a beach or seaside gender reveal. You can fill a decorated box with beach sand, and as the box is opened, either pink or blue seashells, symbolizing the baby’s gender, are revealed.

87. Message in the bottle

Message in the bottle

Image: Shutterstock

You can bury a sealed bottle holding a message with the baby’s gender along a riverbank or waterfront right before the guests arrive. Invite guests to look for it together, and when they find it, the note inside will reveal the baby’s gender.

88. Mirror mirror

Set up a full-length mirror with a drape in front of it. Pull aside the curtain to show the mirror with a message scribbled in lipstick or washable paint announcing the baby’s gender. The gender reveal becomes a genuinely remarkable sight for everyone to enjoy when the mirror is adorned with this unique announcement and serves as a visual centerpiece.

89. Cinematic reveal

Cinematic reveal

Image: IStock

You can make a short film trailer with suspenseful music and eye-catching images. At the trailer’s climax, display the words ‘It’s a Boy’ or ‘It’s a Girl,’ giving your guests a cinematic surprise.

90. Baby sock matching

Baby sock matching

Image: Shutterstock

You can collect a variety of baby socks of different colors and patterns. Put them in a basket and mix them. Guests are challenged to match as many socks as they can in a given amount of time. The guest with the most accurate pairs wins a reward. It’s a fun and competitive game that celebrates the arrival of your little one.

91. Bowling alley

Bowling alley

Image: IStock

Make a mini-bowling alley out of empty, sanitized baby bottles for pins and a softball for the bowling ball. Guests take turns knocking down the ‘pins.’ This gender reveal party activity is sure to delight and excite your guests, making it a memorable event for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What purpose does gender reveal party games serve?

Gender reveal party games serve the purpose of adding an element of fun and entertainment to the party. They also add to the excitement and anticipation for the big reveal.

2. Is there a way to include gender-reveal party games for all age groups?

Yes, there are several gender reveal party games that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Some ideas for such games include “Pin the Pacifier,” “Gender Reveal Obstacle Course,” “Diaper Changing Relay,” “Gender Reveal Race,” “Baby Name Guess,” “ Gender Reveal Riddles,” and “Guessing the Gender of the Baby.”

3. What safety tips should I consider when planning a gender reveal party game?

Some essential safety tips to consider when planning for gender reveal party games include having a first aid kit nearby, avoiding the use of fireworks, and choosing non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials for the occasion.

4. What are some tips for hosting a successful gender reveal party game?

To host a successful gender reveal party game, it is recommended to decide on the theme and colors for the party beforehand, invite only close friends and loved ones, plan the reveal carefully, and include interactive games to keep guests engaged.

5. What are some gender reveal party game prizes that are fun and practical?

Some fun and practical gender reveal party game prizes include gender reveal puzzle games, onesies, a baby monitor, baby blankets, a carrier, and a diaper caddy.

6. How can I incorporate food into gender reveal party games?

Food can be incorporated into gender reveal party games in a creative and enjoyable way. Some ideas include gender-themed snacks, a gender reveal cake reveal, and a “guess the gender” dish.

Gender reveal parties are the best way to celebrate the arrival of your baby. But just pulling out a blue or pink item is an old tradition. Make revealing the baby more fun by engaging in party games like gender reveal musical chairs, etc. We have also listed many non-gender revealing games to keep the guests engaged throughout the party. These games need a few basic supplies and a little time to plan and execute them. With our list, your party would be the talk of the neighborhood despite the minimal planning.

Infographic: Gender Reveal Party Games

You must have seen the trending videos on the internet of people using games to reveal their baby’s gender. This exciting approach adds to the fun and anticipation of welcoming the little member to the family. So don’t stay behind and hop on the trend! Explore the common and unique games from the list below.

price or princess (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • A box full of pink or blue balloons can be opened when all the guests arrive to reveal the baby’s gender.
  • Parents and guests can play scavenger hunts with clues to reach the final spot where you can disclose the gender with balloons or cake.
  • Throwing paint-filled eggs can be fun, and you may use neutral color-filled eggs and one egg with pink or blue color to announce the gender.
Gender Reveal Party Games_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Gender reveal parties are exciting. Watch this hilarious video to find out the best gender reveal game that will leave you in splits. Get ready for some fun and laughter.

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