15 Best Gifts For 4-Year-Old Girls: Cool Ideas For All Occasions

Gifts For 4-Year-Old Girls

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Every time I am invited to a kid’s birthday party, I get uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong. I love parties and cake. But I have no clue about what to gift the kid. There are so many options to choose from, but so many questions and doubts about each option. The gifts we give should be age-appropriate, and the kids must like them. That is the difficult part, and probably the most challenging one too.

So, in this article, one of the many in a series, MomJunction has listed the best gifts for four-year-old girls.

15 Gift Ideas For A 4-Year-Old Girl

When we think of a gift for a child, we automatically think of toys. A doll, perhaps, is the first thing you want to buy for a four-year-old girl. But is that always the best gift? We believe not.

Here is our list of unique gifting options for a girl who has just turned four. These gifts link play with learning and cognitive development, making them a worthy investment.

1. Brain Flakes

Brain Flakes

Brain Flakes? Sounds a tad bit complicated present for a four-year-old girl, but trust me it isn’t. The kit by VIAHART has 500 interlocking discs that the girl can use to build anything and everything she wants. From a tree to an animal, a little human or a machine, the soft flakes let you create anything out of your imagination. A little supervision, however, is necessary at the beginning.

Why kids love it: Brain Flakes challenges the kids to create things that they have seen or imagined using nothing but these soft discs. Kids also enjoy interlocking these discs without any aim – you’ll be amazed at what they can create like that!

What we like about it: Give a kid a jar of Brain Flakes, and you’ll have their brain working for hours! The game, like LEGOs, encourages the girls to be imaginative and create something just by interlocking the discs. The ease of use is one of the best features of this activity kit.

Occasion: Birthday, Christmas

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2. Theme My Party Glow Sticks Bracelets

Theme My Party Glow Sticks Bracelets

A can of glow sticks can be a cool gift for a four-year-old girl who loves to have fun. The kid can also use these glow sticks at a birthday party, during slumber parties, or even at playdates.

Why kids love it: The light, of course, is what kids love the most about these glow sticks. Also, the sticks are made of a flexible material and can be used to make bracelets, headbands, and even goggles that glow! That is fun, isn’t it!

What we like about it: Glow sticks fascinate the young minds, maybe even making them wonder how they shine on their own. That is a good thing! These sticks are a hit with young girls, which makes them an appropriate gifting option.

Occasion: Birthdays, casual gifting

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3. Sunshine Carry Along Beauty Set

Sunshine Carry Along Beauty Set

Whether you like it or not, girls like makeup. Some like it a lot while others just a little. So, if your niece or granddaughter is often caught eying or trying her mom’s makeup kit, getting her own makeup kit can be a good idea. And, the Sunshine Carry Along Beauty Set is a cute choice.

Why kids love it: The carry along kit is easy to take from one place to another and can also be used as a seating stool! So your little girl can take it wherever she goes, set up her beauty set, and start playing with it!

What we like about it: The colorful beauty set allows the child to sit in a place and play quietly. Moreover, the set has realistic makeup items such as a blow dryer, which works, a mirror, a comb, a lipstick, and nail polish bottles.

Occasion: Birthday

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4. Flying Start Marble Run Building Blocks

Flying Start Marble Run Building Blocks

Want to keep your naughty little girl busy for a while? Get her a set of the Flying Start Building blocks. The marble run building blocks are designed to stimulate the senses and boost creativity and make the perfect gift for a four-year-old girl who likes to try new things.

Why kids love it: The colorful plastic pieces can be easily joined to create mazes and tracks that run any way you like. The best part is when the tracks are assembled and the marbles are rolled!

What we like about it: The game encourages the child to get creative and assemble the tracks in any way she wants! Rolling the marble is not just fun, but it also encourages kids to try different track designs just to see how fast the marble rolls!

Occasion: Casual gifting, birthdays

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5. Fisher-Price Magnetic Drawing Screen

Fisher-Price Magnetic Drawing Screen

Gift a four-year-old girl a drawing book and she will fill it up in just a few days, or hours if she loves drawing. But if you give her a reusable drawing pad or screen, she is set for a long time! We recommend the Fisher-Price Magnetic Drawing Screen as a gift for your four-year-old girl.

Why kids love it: Kids can play with it for hours. They can draw anything they want and erase it if they don’t like it or before they move on to their next masterpiece. They may not be able to save what they draw, but they can draw and redraw the same thing for practice, without wasting paper.

What we like about it: The magnetic drawing board comes with an attached stylus that can be used to draw or sketch on the board. A premium version of the drawing board also has stamps that the kid can use to create custom designs and backgrounds.

Occasion: Casual, Christmas, birthdays

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6. Barbie Bubble Mermaid

Barbie Bubble Mermaid

Among the many things that kids like to do outdoors, one is to blow bubbles! Bubbles are magical in their own way and make you feel like you are in a wonderland. A bubble gun may be a neat idea for a little boy. But for a girl, you should get the Barbie Bubble Mermaid, with a pull-string to release the bubbles.

Why kids love it: The Barbie Bubble Mermaid is a Barbie, so a lot of girls would love it. Moreover, the fins of the mermaid are designed like a bubble wand, turning the doll into a bubble maker. The doll comes in two attractive color options that most girls will like.

What we like about it: This is better than the regular bubble wand that you need to blow to create bubbles. The doll comes with an elastic string attached to the back of the mermaid, which needs to be pulled to release the bubbles. The bubble Barbie is also better than the other Barbie models, for it acts as a bubble wand and your little girl’s favorite doll.

Occasion: Birthday, casual gifting

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7. DreamBag – Girl Piggy Bank

DreamBag – Girl Piggy Bank

It is a doll…it is a piggy bank…No! It is both!

Not all piggy banks are piggies. Some are cute little dolls with easy to access lockers, like the DreamBag Girl Piggy Bank. The innocent and cute looking toy doubles up as a piggy bank and hides your girl’s money in plain sight.

Why kids love it: Your child gets two things with this – a doll she can decorate her room with and also save her money in. The beautifully decked girl piggy bank has a hat, which has an opening through which you can put in coins as well as banknotes. The best part is that no one will even know about it!

What we like about it: Any piggy bank that teaches kids the concept of saving money is good. We like this one more because it is not obvious and suitable to store both coins and large bank notes.

Occasion: Birthdays

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8. A2B Doctor’s Kit

A2B Doctor’s Kit

If you want to introduce the girl to different career options early on, get her a profession kit for kids. We recommend the battery operated A2B doctor’s kit for your little girl, to give her an idea about the basic medical equipment and how to use it. The kit has practical tools such as the stethoscope, a thermometer, and a syringe.

Why kids love it: Kids get to play doctor and treat everyone at home! Now isn’t that a good enough reason for a young girl to be happy? Also, giving a girl a doctor’s set early on might incite her curiosity about the medical field.

What we like about it: The equipment has sounds and lights that make them look real. Also, the cost of the product is quite reasonable, considering the quality and the price of similar products in the market.

Occasion: Birthday, Christmas, casual gifting

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9. Finger Painting Set

Finger Painting Set

Give a child some paints, and she will create art! While your 4-year old may not be creating masterpieces every day, she can bring her imagination to life with finger painting. And the Ekta Finger painting set is just what she needs.

Why kids love it: Kids love to get messy. And when you can create something that you can show off while getting dirty, it is an achievement that your girl would be proud of!

What we like about it: The kit has 18 washable colors (non-toxic) sponges for creating stamps and fingerprints and eighteen printed sheets that can be used for coloring with the fingers. Even if you run out of the printed sheets, plain paper and sheets are enough to boost the child’s creative instincts.

Occasion: Birthday, holidays, school projects

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10. Sleeping Bag for Slumber Parties

Sleeping Bag for Slumber Parties

This is one of the best gift ideas as little girls and pajama parties go hand in hand. If your little daughter or niece has a night out planned at her friend’s place, she needs a sleeping bag or bedding of her own. We recommend the Disney Minnie Mouse Slumber Bag set in a pleasant color.

Why kids love it: The sleeping bag has a child-size print of Minnie mouse, which makes it so attractive. The bag can be easily carried around in a sling backpack and will be the center of attention at the next slumber time.

What we like about it: The bag is made of polyester and light in weight, making it easy for the girl to carry it around by herself. Also, the bag is closed and keeps the child warm and cozy inside.

Occasion: Casual gifting, holidays

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11. Library Membership

Gifting your little girl a book can be a good idea. But what is better is a library membership, which gives the child access to more than just one book. Let the girl explore the world of books at a library – get her membership at the local library (JustBooks in India).

Why kids love it: If your niece loves browsing through your books or reading bedtime story books, she will love getting access to an entire collection of books meant for her!

What we like about it: A library membership encourages the child’s interest in reading and language. Books help them learn new things and even explore a particular subject or area of interest.

Occasion: Birthday, casual gifting, holidays

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12. Kitchen Play Set

Kitchen Play Set

Does your four-year-old host tea parties in her room often? If yes, then it is time to get her a kitchen play set for her birthday. We recommend the battery operated set by Kitchen Set, which comes with a cooktop, an oven, a wash area, and a stand to hold the dishes.

Why kids love it: The kitchen set is colorful and life-size (for them) and lets them get creative when they host imaginary tea parties with their friends or their dolls.

What we like about it: It is made of quality plastic and less expensive than most other options in the market. Also, the set introduces them to basic cooking activities and concepts such as making tea, toast, etc. In short, it teaches that it takes work to get food.

Occasion: Birthdays, Christmas

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13. Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie

When the little girl likes to play I-spy, she needs the right tools. And a walkie-talkie is one of the tools. We recommend the Walkie Talkie set by Little Pretender, for the price and the talking range. This gift is perfect for the little tomboy in your house, who loves pretending to be a cop or a spy!

Why kids love it: A walkie talkie is unlike other toys, which makes it fascinating and fun to use. Kids love to pretend-play. Walkie Talkie is the best if they like playing police or military games.

What we like about it: It teaches children to concentrate and listen carefully to get the right message. It also tells them how important it is to be as quiet as a cat in some situations.

Occasion: Birthday, camping

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14. Funskool-Fundoh Gift Set

Funskool-Fundoh Gift Set

Four-year-old girls are curious to learn and try new things and tend to get restless, in the absence of new things, often. If you have a little girl like that at home, the Funskool Fundoh clay molding set is just what you need to get to keep her happily busy. The set has five tubs of clay (different colors), molds to create unique designs such as geometric shapes, animals, and so on. There is also a plastic doh knife that they can use to set up their own designs.

Why kids love it: Playing with the doh is fun. You can beat it twist it, fold it, roll it, or just do anything else you want with it and still not break it. They can reuse the clay as many times as they want to create new things each day.

What we like about it: Playing with clay can have a calming effect on children. It also enhances their sense of touch and strengthens the child’s hand muscles. It also increases their curiosity and imagination – just look at the different things your little girl creates with a ball of clay.

Occasion: Casual gifting or birthdays

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15. Teeter Popper

Teeter Popper

Teeter Popper is a fun toy that allows kids to be kids – silly and fun-loving. If you have a naughty 4-year-old daughter or granddaughter or niece, this fun balancing pad is just what you need to get. Read on to know why.

Why kids love it: Kids love the fact that they can stand, sit, tilt or sway using this cool board, without falling. They can wobble, rock, and even roll it or try to move it in a fun way. Kids can go wild with this amazing Fat Brain product!

What we like about it: The toy helps kids practice stability and balancing of the body, thus promoting gross motor skills.

Occasion: Birthday, Graduation

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That’s not all. You can also give your four-year-old niece, granddaughter or daughter STEM toys such as an Engineer’s Kit, a play tent, a projector set, roller skates, pet care kits, Terrariums, planet models, play sand sets, paint-by-number kits (my favorite), and other artsy stuff that will heighten her creativity and thinking.

Hope you have discovered some top gifts for your four-year-old girl from our list. What do you think is the best present for your angel? Share your views here.

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