31 Best Gifts For 6-Year-Old Girls In 2022

It’s wonderful to see little girls growing up and their choices changing drastically. They start developing a penchant for everything nice, from their mother’s pretty clothes in the closet to the dazzling ornaments and toys. When choosing the best gifts for 6-year-old girls, pay attention to their tastes and preferences. If you’re lost on what to give to a young girl, we are here to assist you as we have listed some amazing gift ideas for you to choose from.

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31 Best Toys And Gifts For 6-Year-Old Girls In 2022

Never limit your choices to regular toys when gifting something to a little girl. Instead, look for unique items that will suit the girls’ preference and help her develop specific skills.

1. Best For Encouraging Creativity: VIAHART Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set

VIAHART Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set


This kit gives your geeky girl the liberty to build anything. The colorful discs can bring to life whatever structure she imagines. Check this video to learn more about the product.


  • Consists of 500 interlocking discs made of safe polyethylene
  • Comes in a reusable plastic jar
  • Free of phthalate, lead, heavy metal, and BPA
  • Encourages kids to be creative and imaginative
  • Helps improve coordination and dexterity in kids
  • Suitable for single or multi-player games

2. Best For Developing Thinking Skills: ThinkFun Rush Hour Junior Traffic Jam Logic Game

ThinkFun Rush Hour Junior Traffic Jam Logic Game


This traffic jam logic game is the junior version of the actual advanced Rush Hour game. This STEM toy compels your girl to think hard and come up with a novel solution each time her ice cream car gets stuck in traffic. Check out this product review video to learn more.


  • Contains 40 challenges ranging from beginner to expert levels
  • Toy set includes a traffic grid, an ice cream truck, and 15 blocking vehicles
  • Comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual
  • Strengthens logical reasoning and planning skills

3. Best For Developing Fine Motor Skills: Unicorn Slime Kit

Unicorn Slime Kit


Unicorn Slime Kit includes snow powder, clear glue, soft clay, white glue, activator, deactivator, foam balls, bubble gum, candy scents, etc. It comes with a non-toxic slime activator. Add glitter to the slime to make it glow in the dark.


  • Has foam balls and pigments in different colors
  • Comes with perfect texture
  • Chemical-free
  • ASTM certified
  • Bright colors
  • Easy-to-use packs

4. Best Gift For The Litttle Fashionista: Kahootz Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit

Kahootz Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit


Looking for a gift for your little fashionista? This dress designing kit might be the right gift for her. She can mix and match and create numerous new outfits with it.


  • Contains fashion plates, colored pencils, rubbing crayons, and other accessories
  • Comes with a fashionable and elegant carrying case
  • Idea guide helps kids create new outfits
  • Helps develop an interest in fashion and clothing
  • Meets the ASTM d 4236 safety standards

5. Best For Hand-Eye Coordination: Ivy Step Toy Eggs for Toddlers

Ivy Step Toy Eggs for Toddlers


Ivy Step Toy Eggs for Toddlers is ideal for individual and interactive play. It builds logical thinking skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills in kids. The patterned shells stimulate young minds. These eggs help to count math numbers from 1 to 12 and match the colors, patterns. This gift set is ideal for preschoolers, toddlers, and early learning.


  • The eggs are made of plastic.
  • The storage case is convenient and durable.
  • The product has vibrant colors and patterned shells.

6. Best For Stimulating Imagination: LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase Building Kit

LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase Building Kit


For girls with an extremely active imagination, this building kit can become an outlet for her creative building skills.


  • Building kit contains 213 colorful Lego pieces including wheels, bricks, eyes, and more
  • Toy pieces come housed in a bright yellow suitcase with neat compartments
  • Comes with easy-to-understand instructions
  • Compatible with other Lego toys

7. Best For Encouraging Pretend Play: Melissa & Doug Hair Stylist Role Play Costume Dress-Up Set

Melissa Doug Hair Stylist Role Play Costume Dress-Up Set


Most girls want to be a fairy or a princess at a costume party. But your darling can stand out by donning this hairstylist avatar. She can even go on to play with it after the party.


  • Comes with a smock and seven realistic accessories
  • Accessories include a hair dryer, a comb, pretend scissors, a headband, and a plastic mirror
  • Costume is easily washable in a machine

8. Best Gift With Endless Posibilities: PLUS PLUS – Construction Building Toy

PLUS PLUS Construction Building Toy


This 600-piece construction kit can help your girl create flowers, cars, sceneries, and anything that she imagines. It is like a magical jigsaw puzzle.


  • All the 600 bricks have the same shape but enable your girl to build several creations
  • Can create colorful mosaics as well as 3D figures
  • Encourages kids to be creative and imaginative
  • Develops fine-motor skills

9. Best Gift To Encourage Learning: Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk

Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk


If you can have your own study table, so can your little princess.


  • Sturdy plastic desk offers ample working space
  • Includes built-in bins and a raised storage shelf to hold books and other items
  • Tiny compartment in the front to hold other school supplies
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Includes a working desk light that illuminates at the push of a button
  • Set also comes with a Step2 New Traditions Chair

10. Best Gift For the Future Designer: Tara Toy Disney Princess Necklace Activity

Tara Toy Disney Princess Necklace Activity


This is not just a toy, but also an accessory for your girl to create and wear. It allows your girl to design her own necklaces and wear them too.


  • Consists of five character charms, 150 beads, and four silicone necklaces
  • Colorful beads easily slip through silicone necklaces
  • Includes a sturdy plastic carry case
  • Helps promote creativity and a sense of pattern in kids

11. Melissa & Doug Fashion Design Activity Kit

Melissa Doug Fashion Design Activity Kit


Your future fashion icon can start making fashion statements from now itself. This fashion design activity kit allows kids to mix and match clothes and accessories to create a whole new fashion trend.


  • Includes nine double-sided fashion plates
  • Set also includes four pencils, a crayon, and a crayon holder
  • Portable storage case enables kids to play with this toy pieces anywhere

12. Little Live Pets – Sparkles My Dancing Unicorn

Little Live Pets Sparkles My Dancing Unicorn


Unicorns are cute and pretty. And when they dance, they look even more adorable. This unicorn even has a glowing horn. It could become your little girl’s favorite toy.


  • Interactive unicorn dances and plays music
  • Horn lights up in different colors
  • Personal brush included to comb its silky hair
  • Toy set includes a cupcake and an instruction manual

13. Schleich Stable with Horses & Accessories

Schleich Stable with Horses Accessories


If playing with real horses is not an option, get your girl toy horses and a stable where she can take good care of her tiny creatures.


  • 44-piece set includes a stable, horses, vegetables and fruits, and other tiny accessories
  • Removable roof to convert the stable into an open riding arena
  • Fences can be connected any way the kid wants

14. Niskite Karaoke Microphone For Kids

Niskite Karaoke Microphone For Kids


Do you see a young Adele or Taylor Swift in your girl? This karaoke microphone can become a means to showcase her singing talent.


  • Wireless microphone built with sturdy aluminum alloy
  • In-built Bluetooth enables connectivity with speakers, recorders, and most devices
  • Lightweight microphone is easy to hold
  • Available in various colors
  • Includes a micro USB cable and instruction manual

15. Grossery Gang The Season One Pack

Grossery Gang The Season One Pack


For a quirky girl, collecting gross play items from the Grossery gang can be a fun activity. What is usually a blind selection becomes planned as this packet reveals the items in it, so your girl can complete her collection of gross play items.


  • Packet contains ten grossery gang items
  • Includes two milk crates
  • Items can be stuck anywhere
  • Comes with a collector guide so you know how many more items you need for a complete collection

16. Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Pink

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Pink


Drawing can become fun even for non-artsy girls. This light-up tracing pad helps girls draw perfect figures without much effort. It even glows in the dark.


  • Kit includes a graphite pencil, 12 colored pencils, ten tracing sheets, and ten blank sheets
  • Clearly lit pad makes tracing lines possible even in the dark
  • Kids can choose from 100 traceable images
  • Made of non-toxic material

17. Shrinky Dinks Jewelry Kit Kids Art And Craft Activity

Shrinky Dinks Jewelry Kit Kids Art And Craft Activity


We bet you have not seen an art kit as unique as Shrinky Dinks Jewelry Kit. The jewelry set comes with outlines for your girl to color. You can then place them in the toasting oven for the outlines to shrink in size. Your girl can then decorate them with strings and ribbons to create jewelry and other accessories. This activity should be performed under adult supervision only.


  • Set contains 42 shrinky dinks, eight color pencils, ten adhesive dots, and other accessories
  • Useful to make earrings, bracelets, charms, and so much more
  • Effective way to bond with kids
  • Includes easy-to-understand instructions

18. Townley Girl Disney Princess Peel-Off Nail Polish

Townley Girl Disney Princess Peel Off Nail Polish


If your pretty little girl loves self-grooming, especially decorating her nails, giving her a regular nail polish may not be such a good idea. Instead, get her these peel-off, water-based, and safe nail paints.


  • Set comes with 15 different-colored nail paints, two nail separators, and a nail file
  • Formula is water-based, non-toxic, and bubble-gum scented
  • Polish peels off easily and does not require acetone or a nail polish remover
  • Comes in different shades, and hence, is ideal for mixing and matching

19. Alex DIY Friends 4 Ever Scrapbook Kids Art and Craft Activity

Alex DIY Friends 4 Ever Scrapbook Kids Art and Craft Activity


For an artsy girl who loves capturing those magic moments with her BFF, this scrapbook and art & craft supplies can come in handy.


  • Includes a 48-page hardcover book and 453 scrapbook decorating art supplies
  • Kit supplies include glues, stickers, gems, a marker, scissors, ribbons, and more
  • Simple to use and easy to store

20. Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands Craft Kit

Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands Craft Kit


If your girl hates repeating outfits and wants to wear something new every day, encourage her to create her own accessories. This headband craft kit enables her to design and create her own headbands so she can wear a new headband every day.


  • Set includes ten satin headbands and multiple accessories
  • Accessories include flowers, feathers, butterflies, ribbons, and more
  • Easy to hold with small hands
  • Promotes creativity, color awareness, and fine-motor skills

21. KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse

KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse


Most little girls wish to have a dollhouse. Your girl can have one of her own with this magnificent Belle Enchanted Dollhouse that is based on the Beauty and the Beast story.


  • Three-storey mansion consists of two balconies and three panels
  • Its golden plastic staircase and beautiful balconies give it a dreamy look and feel
  • Also contains 13 furniture pieces to complete the décor
  • Designed for 12-inch dolls

22. Osmo Coding Jam

Osmo Coding Jam


If simple, regular games do not interest your girl, this complex coding jam might be her thing. It is a virtual game that allows kids to play music or other games through a series of codes.


  • Kit contains 23 magnetic coding blocks along with a game app
  • Levels vary from easy to difficult
  • Enhances problem-solving skills while learning patterns of coding
  • Enables kids to code and play their own musical tune

23. Enchantly Girls Dark Purple & Teal Fairy Set

Enchantly Girls Dark Purple Teal Fairy Set


A fairy costume has got to be the perfect gift for your pretty little girl who insists on playing fairy in every role-play game.


  • Fairy set consists of a tutu, a pair of wings, a wand, and a halo
  • Tutu is made of soft, glittery fabric, while halo is made of fabric ribbon
  • Designed to fit average-sized girls aged 3-9 years
  • Can be paired with leotards to add a special touch to the costume

24. My Fairy Garden – Tree Hollow

My Fairy Garden Tree Hollow

Gardening offers therapeutic benefits. Inculcating a love of gardening in your girl will benefit her in the long run.


  • Toy includes a tree hollow, organic seeds, soil, watering can, willow fairy, and other related accessories
  • Comes with a fairy, a bunny, a chandelier, and doors to add a magical feel
  • It comes with an instruction leaflet to help kids understand the use and maintenance of the indoor garden
  • Helps teach kids the science behind germination and tree growth

25. Creativity for Kids Holiday Emoji Bracelets

Creativity for Kids Holiday Emoji Bracelets


Girls love emojis, and six-year-olds are no exception. Wearing an emoji bracelet can complete your girl’s funky look for the day.


  • Set contains five gel strings, 30 emoji beads, and 40 colored spacer beads to create your own bracelet
  • Includes a kid-safe needle threader
  • Allows kids to create any kind of bracelet to suit their mood
  • Promotes creativity in children
  • Improves color coordination and fine-motor skills

26. ZGMYC Kids Toddlers Cat Tassel Crossdy Bag Small Shoulder Purse

ZGMYC Kids Toddlers Cat Tassel Crossdy Bag Small Shoulder Purse


Every girl carries her world in her handbag, doesn’t she? Then wouldn’t a smart shoulder purse be a good gift for your six-year-old girl?


  • Made of soft, eco-friendly PU leather
  • Cutely designed with cartoon cat style and tassel
  • Magnetic clasp closes the bag firmly
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Ideal for holding coins and her funky accessories

27. Skyrocket Blume Doll

Skyrocket Blume Doll


This toy has surprise written all over it. Each blume doll comes hidden in a pot. All you need to do is water the pot to reveal the doll and other surprises.


  • Every doll in the collection is identified by its unique hairdo
  • Dolls come with fashionable clothes and other accessories
  • Includes ten surprises such as a mini friend and fashion accessories

28. Hachi’s Choice Gift Kids Camera Toys

Hachis Choice Gift Kids Camera Toys


If your little princess is hooked to her cellphone or the TV, one way to get her out of the house is this kids’ camera. With this lightweight and simple-to-use camera, photography is likely to become your girl’s favorite hobby.


  • Made of high-quality, sturdy material to withstand drops
  • Durable lanyard makes it easy to carry around
  • Includes a 32GB memory card
  • Features a two-inch IPS FHD screen
  • Enables multi-scene selection
  • Available in various colors

29. Magnetic Poetry – Kids Really Big Words Kit

Magnetic Poetry Kids Really Big Words Kit


Your nerdy girl has barely entered school but may show qualities of a ‘Spelling Bee’ aspirant. This kit could be helpful in enhancing and perfecting her spelling and vocabulary skills.


  • Comes with over 80 words written on magnetic tiles
  • Magnets can be pinned anyway around the house to help kids memorize new words
  • Enables kids to learn to form simple phrases and sentences

30. O.L. Surprise! 2-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper

O.L. Surprise in1 Glamper Fashion Camper


Even a regular van may not offer the kind of amenities that this toy van does. It makes camping way too glamorous for your little girl’s dolls.


  • Camper van opens up to hang out area, bunk beds, slide pool, and more
  • You could unbox more than 55 surprises
  • It also holds a fashion runway, BBQ patio, a D.J. booth, and a vanity with mirror
  • Detachable front area flashes lights and blows horn
  • Includes a free doll

31. Jada Toys GIRLMAZING Big Foot Jeep R/C Vehicle

Jada Toys GIRLMAZING Big Foot Jeep RC Vehicle


A jeep looks like a very powerful rugged vehicle. And when that jeep is colored pink, it becomes the ultimate vehicle for an amazing, outgoing girl.


  • Comes with decorative stickers to make your jeep unique
  • Remote-controlled jeep is suitable for both indoor and outdoor plays
  • Adjustable seat can accommodate a tall Barbie

The variety of gifting options for little girls has no limit. These gifts can provide several hours of fun and excitement for a six-year-old girl. So which gift idea did you like the most? Do share with us your choice in the comments section below.

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