25 Best Gifts For New Dads

25 Best Gifts For New Dads

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His eyes must have gotten wet at the first look of his baby. His hands must have shivered when holding the baby for the first time, and he might have just wanted to shout and tell the world that he has become a dad and his baby is the most beautiful thing on earth.

Even as he is going through these euphoric feelings, you might want to congratulate him on being a dad, with a thoughtful gift that would help him do his duties better. So, what could those ‘thoughtful’ gifts be?

MomJunction brings you 25 such gifts for new dads. Whether you are his wife (the new mom), friend or a colleague, you may choose a gift idea the suits your relationship with the new father.

Useful Gifts For New Dad

Taking care of a baby is as much a dad’s job as it is a mom’s. Help him in his job by choosing something from the below list:

1. Baby book:

As your husband or a friend is entering into fatherhood, he will have hundreds of doubts. He may not know whom to ask or where to begin. To save them from such situations, gift him a baby manual. This is a guide to him on all things a new dad needs to know.

Baby book

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2. White noise machine:

The machine generates noise that helps soothe a crying baby and make them sleep. White noise makes the babies feel as if they are in the womb. These come in various forms such as shusher, fixed inside a soft toy or a mobile app. Choose one that is apt for the new dad.

3. Baby carriers:

A new dad may not have mastered the art of carrying the baby yet, or even if he did, carrying the baby in arms while shopping or making the baby sleep, can be tiresome. So, a new dad would definitely appreciate a baby carrier as a gift.

Baby carriers

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4. A unisex diaper bag:

This is another useful gift idea for a new dad, who is still adjusting to the new role. He might not be too comfortable to carry his wife’s bag, so, gift him a unisex diaper bag that is neither girly nor masculine.

5. An electric kettle:

When you have a baby at home, the chores never seem to be ending. And if you can have hot water ready 24/7, it is one less thing to worry about. Gift the new dad an electric kettle to keep the hot water boiling, be it for sterilizing the bottles or brewing a hot cup of coffee.

An electric kettle

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6. Bottle drying stand:

This is a thoughtful gift for a new dad. Using this, the couple can dry the sterilized bottles, nipples, etc., while also neatly arranging them.

7. Baby stroller:

If you have a higher budget, you may consider gifting a baby stroller. The new dad can pop the baby in a stroller and take them for a walk. This will not only make them bond but also gives the tired mom a break.

Baby stroller

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8. A book on parenting:

This is a perfect gift to a new dad from his wife. Pick a book that is about him and helps him raise the bar of being the best dad ever.

Birthday Gifts For New Dad

This is for sure a special birthday for him. Here are a few gifts you can give the birthday boy-cum-new dad.

9. Matching t-shirts:

How cute would the man and his baby look in matching t-shirts! Go ahead and gift some really adorable dad- baby t-shirts.

Matching t-shirts

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10. Baby hand and feet sculptures:

Make this birthday extra special by gifting him a casting of the baby’s hands and feet, and personalized with the baby, mom, and dad names. If you are the new mom gifting your husband, then buy a DIY molding kit and create your own sculptures with your partner.

11. A day in the spa:

Let’s accept it. The new dad is going to be totally exhausted due to lack of sleep and constantly taking care of the baby. Therefore, he deserves some time away from the baby once a while. Book an appointment for him in a spa and let him relax and rewind.

A day in the spa

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12. A photo album:

There would be many adorable moments in the first year of a new dad’s life. Let him capture the moments and paste them all in a photo album. This is one gift he would treasure forever.

13. Bluetooth speaker:

If the new dad is into gadgets, then he can listen to his favorite tracks with a portable bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth speaker

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14. Fitness tracker:

If the new dad likes to stay fit and active, motivate him by gifting him a fitness tracker. These smart bands monitor the heart rate, the number of steps taken per day, and more.

15. A professional photo session:

This gift captures the birthday of the new dad with his baby. Book a photo session for the father-baby duo to celebrate his birthday as well as the arrival of the baby.

A professional photo session

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Christmas Presents For New Dads

Christmas is the time for exchanging gifts. Here are a few Christmas gifts for new fathers:

16. Box ice ball maker:

This ice maker makes ball-shaped ice instead of cubes. These balls can be used in juices and other cold beverages.

17. Shaving set:

Gift a shaving set and help the busy dad stay groomed and pamper himself. These shaving sets come with a razor, shave butter, bodywash, aftershave and more.

Shaving set

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18. Smartphone sanitizer:

We all know that mobile phones carry more germs than a toilet seat, which is why you have to be more careful when you have a baby around. Help the new dad sanitize his phone so that he can use a germ-free phone while clicking selfies or browsing during the late night feedings.

19. Smartphone projector:

With a smartphone in hand, a new dad will never miss recording or clicking the baby’s firsts – the first smile, the first crawl, the first steps and more. Gift him a smartphone projector so that he can showcase his sweet memories to all in the family and among friends.

Smartphone projector

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20. Premium wine:

The dad will really appreciate you for this thoughtful gift, as he can enjoy a glass of wine in solitude before joining back in duty the next morning.

Funny Gifts For New Dads

Be it changing a dirty diaper or waking up in the middle of the night, a new dad’s struggles are real. So, lighten up his mood with these funny gifts.

21. Funny new dad t-shirts:

This is the perfect gift for a new dad who doesn’t mind a little humor on his status. There are many hilarious ideas, pick one of them, print it on a t-shirt and gift it to the new dad. You can also buy one online.

Funny new dad t-shirts

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22. The useless box:

This is a funny gift which has no specific purpose. Just gift him for the sake of it.

23. Emergency food stash for dads:

Get a cardboard box and fill it with popcorn, chips, munchies, fruit bars, nutties, dry fruits, and name it as ‘Hangry (hungry+angry) kit’. This is a survival kit for those times when the new dad is hungry and angry, and there is no time to fix anything.

Emergency food stash for dads

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24. A bib of his size:

You never know with what a new dad’s clothes can get soiled. Gift the new dad a bib so that he can feed the baby while keeping his clothes clean. Not sure if you can get such big bib? Then gift him an apron.

25. Funny eyeglass holder:

This is a funny gift for a new dad who often misplaces his glasses. The nose-shaped holder looks unique on his desk.

Funny eyeglass holder

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Becoming a dad is a fantastic feeling for a man. He would be going through mixed emotions. Therefore, pick a nice gift to add to his happiness.

Have some more gift ideas for new dads? Let us know in the comments section below.

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