31 Best Gifts For Pregnant Women To Make Them Happy In 2022

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Pregnant women usually have a lot on their to-buy list when their little one is set to be born. Thus, you could bring a smile to their face by giving them the best gifts for pregnant women.

However, deciding on the right gifts for them can be confusing. Thus, in this post, we apprise you of the best gift ideas you could consider for a pregnant woman to make her day. Keep scrolling and take inspiration from this list.

Gifts For Pregnant Women

1. Best For Support While Sleeping: Pregnancy pillow

Pregnant women often have trouble sleeping well, especially with the growing bump. So get them a pregnancy body pillow that provides great comfort and promotes sound sleep. This product could be your top pick as it offers maximum support and keeps both the mother and the baby happy.

Why choose it – Offers relaxation, and supports the tummy, back, neck and hips.

2. Best For Stretch Marks: Stretch marks cream

Ever think of giving stretch mark creams, oils or gift sets? Stretch marks are very common during pregnancy and remain even after. Help the mom-to-be reduce these marks. The creams formulated for pregnant women contain no parabens, phthalates or petrolatum products. This video will provide you with added insights about the product.

Why choose it – The mom-to-be will surely appreciate this caring gift.

3. Best For Pampering: Spa gift card

Anyone would love a beauty treatment. And pregnant women could surely use that extra attention and pampering! Gift a spa card for a facial, manicure, or pedicure and other services she may need. Look for gift packages at spas in her vicinity, and those that use organic or natural products.

Why choose it – This is a cool and surprising gift for pampering a pregnant woman.

4. A bump journal

She might spend most of her time thinking about her pregnancy, baby and childbirth. Consider giving her a special journal to write down the prenatal musings and record her memories. The journal could also be used for making to-do lists, writing baby names or keeping a record of her health and the discomforts she is experiencing.

Why choose it – It helps her to reflect on all the beautiful feelings, thoughts and experiences she encounters through her pregnancy.

5. Best For Recording Pregnancy Memories: Maternity clothing

Buy maternity clothing or a maternity wear gift card. Or take the mom to the store to let her pick clothes that make her look stylish and comfortable. A well-chosen outfit can boost her spirits and brighten her day.

Why choose it – They are super comfy, airy, lightweight and made up of soft fabric. Almost feel like they are made to pamper the skin!

6. Best Maternity Clothing: Prenatal yoga class or DVD

Does the mom-to-be stay near a yoga center that offers prenatal classes? If yes, why not sign her up for a class and help her learn a few relaxation techniques? Yoga provides excellent benefits: it tones the muscle groups required for labor and delivery. If there aren’t any yoga centers nearby, you can consider buying a yoga DVD so that she can watch and practice it at home.

Why choose it – It helps the pregnant mom relieve tension, stress and sore muscles.

7. Best Stress-Relieving: Comfortable slippers

The shift in gravity, along with the extra weight and edema, might cause intense pain in the feet. Around this time, heels and wedges are not the ideal options and should be replaced with a nice pair of comfortable slippers. Consider gifting her handmade and soft slippers that she can also wear to the hospital for delivery.

Why choose it – They can ease the joint pains and backaches.

8. Best Slippers: Sonogram picture frame

This is one of the best things that a mother-to-be can cherish and put on the nightstand until the arrival of the little one, and even after. It can also be a cue to her visiting friends and family that she is expecting. You will find gender neutral, magnetized frames that are easy to mount on a table or a refrigerator.

Why choose it – It could be a thoughtful gift idea that the pregnant woman will appreciate.

9. Best Decorative: Cravings gift basket

Ask her partner what she is craving. If you can get creative, make a cute DIY basket and fill it with her favorite treats: put everything from fruits, chocolates, cakes, snacks to pickles, and even prenatal supplements she may need, in there.

Why choose it – It helps satisfy her pregnancy cravings and also provide nutrition.

10. Best Gift Basket: Pregnancy gift basket

This could include samples of bath salts, belly butter, lotions, and anti-nausea teas, all of which are pregnancy safe. If she loves them, she can order more of what she likes and what makes her feel better!

Why choose it – Introducing her to something different, and also useful, will surely make her happy!

11. Best Indulgent:  Pregnancy compression socks

Get her a few pairs of compression socks that will prevent pain and swelling of the feet. Pick the ones that are super-soft and comfortable, and prevent her from falling or slipping. She can also wear them during and after the delivery, especially when the weather (and the floor) is cold.

Why choose it – In addition to keeping her feet warm, the socks keep her lower leg in traction.

12. Maternity belt

Consider gifting a maternity belt that also supports her expanding belly as the pregnancy progresses. A maternity belt perfectly wraps around her lower tummy and gives support to the back. Choose the ones made of durable mesh material, available exclusively for maternity, as they are breathable and comfortable.

Why choose it – Pregnancy causes back pain, and a maternity belt could provide relief from it.

13. Hospital gown

When she is nearing her delivery, you can gift her a hospital gown that could make her feel comfortable. Moreover, the gowns given at the hospital are ill-fitting. There are many stylish and cozy gowns you can get online or at stores.

Why choose it – A mom-to-be can feel comfortable and happy in her special hospital gown.

14. Rocking chair or recliner

If cost is not a factor, you could get a cozy and comfortable rocking chair for her. Buy a glider along with a footstool that will give her a comfortable place to sit and relax.

Why choose it – The mother-to-be would bless you for gifting such a comfortable rocking chair with foot support.

15. Personalized maternity shirt

You may get a maternity t-shirt customized with her due date, birth month or any other fun theme. Consider a pre-shrunk cotton material so that it will not shrink or fade away with washes.

Why choose it – This unique gift will bring a smile on her face.

16. Sleep wedge pillow

This is a much smaller and less expensive alternative to a pregnancy pillow. You can get a wedge that is designed for supporting specific areas of the back and bump. It provides enough support when sitting on a chair, lying on a couch or resting the knees.

Why choose it – Portable and lightweight. She can carry it wherever needed.

Gifts For A Pregnant Wife From The Husband

As the husband, you would want to make your pregnant wife feel special and happy. One way to do that is to get gifts that lift her spirits. Next, we list down some of the highly recommended gifts that are both practical and beautiful.

17. Babymoon

If you wish to give your wife a memorable gift that she’ll remember for life, surprise her with a ‘babymoon’. Check online or with travel agencies for ideas. Pick a place she loves visiting the most and book a holiday package at a resort or hotel there. Remember that it is best to plan a trip early in the pregnancy as some may have to restrict travel in the later stages.

Why choose it – It could strengthen your bond with your wife, and also make her feel rejuvenated.

18. Maternity photoshoot

Hire a professional photographer for a maternity photoshoot and let her cherish the pregnancy journey. Make her feel beautiful with chic photography flaunting her bump, glowing skin and glossy hair.

Why choose it – Join her in the shoot and make memories you both will cherish forever!

19. Pre-packed hospital bag

Your wife will be so grateful if you get her hospital bag packed with all the necessities. Create a kit by adding items such as the gown, slippers, socks, lip balm, hair ties, nursing bras, toiletries, and her favorite treats.

Why choose it – It will lessen your wife’s burden of packing things in a hurry when it is time.

20. Nausea pops

Experiencing morning sickness in the first trimester is common. And if your wife suffers from severe nausea, you can gift her a pack of pops available for nausea and morning sickness.

Why choose it – Nausea is difficult to handle, and this gift helps you tell her that you understand her problem.

21. Relaxing foot rubs

Give her a foot rub or get a gift card for a pedicure at a local salon. She may be experiencing sore and swollen feet due to the increasing body weight, and a foot massage at such a time can feel heavenly.

Why choose it – It lets her unwind from all the discomfort, and she will feel good.

22. Belly cast kit

If your partner is sentimental and creative, she will love this gift. Look for kits with enough casting material to cast her bump. She will enjoy involving in this activity, as you can keep it forever.

Why choose it – This is one of the unique and extraordinary gifts she can ever have.

23. Bracelet made of rose quartz

Rose quartz is a semi-precious stone that is said to open up heart chakras to unconditional love and positive energy. It could aid in promoting peaceful sleep while doubling up as a beautiful accessory.

Why choose it – It can be a pretty accessory to flaunt, while the quartz in the bracelet can help you stay calm and at peace.

24. Pendant necklace

Gift your wife a necklace with a radiant pendant to remind her how beautiful she is even when stressed with the pregnancy woes. A beautiful necklace could add that sparkle to her, and also make her feel loved and appreciated.

Why choose it – A perfect accessory that thrills her the most.

25. Baby room/corner

Creating space for the baby would be one of the many things a pregnant mother will have in her mind. Surprise her by setting it all by yourself. Install a crib, get a maid’s help to wash all the linens and bed sheets, and keep the baby clothes and items ready.

Why choose it – A baby room or dedicated space for the baby in the room is a must and getting it all ready for the mom-to-be can be such a relief for her.


26. Infuser water bottle

You might think that a bottle is a simple gift that anyone can get her. But remember, she needs to have lots of water to stay hydrated. And a handy bottle will remind her of taking water often.

Why choose it – This thoughtful gift shows you care and makes your wife feel better in the long run.

27. Maternity pajama set

A nice pair of maternity pajamas could be the perfect nightwear for your pregnant wife. She can also use them as she enters motherhood. Maternity pajamas have stretchy waistbands which will easily fit the growing bump.

Why choose it – They are comfortable, and she does not have to struggle to fit into her regular nightwear.

28. Maternity bra

Breasts outgrow in size and become sore with progressing pregnancy. You could choose to buy them and let your wife select the one she needs. Buy at least three to four so that she has enough.

Why choose it – Pregnant women may have a hard time finding the right accessories. Helping her find options could be a way to show your affection.

29. Quick and easy food

With nausea and food aversions, your pregnant wife may not feel like cooking. You can take some of the pressure off by preparing meals. You can find easy and nutritious recipes online or in a cookbook.

Why choose it – She would certainly feel happy and pampered when you choose to cook for her.

30. Baby bump headphones

The baby might begin to hear from the 20th week. Around this time, gift your wife portable buds that are available primarily for pregnant women. They are designed to let the baby listen to voices safely via specialized speakers that are affixed to the womb.

Why choose it – It is an excellent way to provide audio stimulation to your baby, and both the mother and baby can enjoy the music together.

31. Baby monitor

Your wife would be happy to hear her baby’s heartbeat. A baby monitor allows you and your wife to listen to your baby anytime, in your home. You could use the monitor also to hear the hiccups and track the movements.

Why choose it – It helps you both bond better with the baby.

Now that you have plenty of ideas about the best gifts for your pregnant wife, friend or daughter, pick them and wrap them to thrill her. Whether it is her first, second or third trimester, these gifts could make her smile for sure. If not, she will at least appreciate your efforts and thoughts. So why wait? Go ahead and pamper her with all the love and gifts that she deserves.

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Do you have any more gift ideas for moms-to-be? Tell us about them in the below comment section.

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