40 Best Gifts for Wife

40 Best Gifts for Wife

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Your wife makes your life complete. She makes you feel special, gives you emotional support, loves you as you are, and transforms your house into a home.

Therefore, the most important person in your life definitely needs occasional pampering with some beautiful and meaningful gifts.

What could those gifts be? MomJunction shares a list of such gifts for wife. Choose the one (or more) that suits you the most.

Things to Consider Before Buying Gifts for women

  1. Make a note of her hints: When your wife loved something but didn’t purchase it because it either didn’t fit her budget or she did not find the particulars – here’s your chance to bring that gift from the store right to your home and surprise her.
  1. Do not shop to show off: Gift your wife something because you really want to, and not because you want to show her that you can buy something that she can’t.
  1. Get personal: Remember that the gift is just a reminder of your love for your wife. So, give it a personal touch, which can be anything from a personal love note to a poem. You can either choose to surprise your wife by keeping it somewhere out of the box or wrap it up with colorful papers and decorations.

With these little things to consider, you are ready to hunt for a gift for your wife.

Special Gifts for Wife

Here are some very unique gift ideas for you.

1. Nail Colors

Nail colors

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Her beautiful hands are always at work. So, spoil your wife with a bevy of nail paints that she can decorate her fingers with. Make sure there is a mixture of different colors and not just shades of a particular color. Give a personal touch to it by painting her nails.

2. Trendy Sunglasses

Trendy sunglasses

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Let her never squint in the sun. Buy a pair of gorgeous and fashionable sunglasses for your beloved. While you are choosing a sunglass, keep in mind your wife’s face shape and her preferences, if any.

3. Lip Color Subscription

Lip color subscription

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Yes, your wife loves painting her lips with colors and she looks stunning! So, why not gift her lip color subscription from some good and trusted brand. There surely are a million choices available on the internet for you. Pick the one that will suit your wife best.

4. Gym Bag

Gym bag

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After all the responsibilities, she needs to keep herself fit. Gift your wife a funky gym bag to show that you care for her health and remind her gently that she needs to take care of herself.

5. Handbag


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Women don’t mind adding one more handbag to their collection. Gift her a special bag that will remind her of you every time she uses it. You can choose one with a bold color but classy or something more formal if it’s for work.

6. Statement Earrings

Statement earrings

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Every woman loves those dangling pair of statement jewelry, and that’s a fool-proof way of accentuating the beauty of your wife.

7. Bathrobe


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Spoil her with a cozy, beautiful bathrobe that she can just wrap and be at peace as she moves around busily doing something at home. It’s relaxing for her to wear that.

8. Essential Oils Diffuser

Essential oils diffuser

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After a busy day at work, your wife will appreciate a relaxing evening. The best and quickest way to achieve that is to gift an essential oil diffuser. Just pour some oil drops into the diffuser and the ambiance at home will turn soothing.

9. Chic Wireless Headphones

Chic wireless headphones

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Music is an integral part of her life. She keeps listening to or humming a tune through the day. Buy the best pair of wireless headphones for her. From taking calls to listening to music anytime, she can use it everywhere.

10. Bath Soaps

 Bath soaps

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Perfumed and luxurious bath soaps enhance your wife’s mood every time she takes bath. She will appreciate you for this refreshing gift.

11. Tote Bag

Tote bag

Image: Shutterstock

A tote bag is needed for every woman, and if the husband gifts a beautiful pair of those, what can get better? These gifts are always useful.

12. Everyday Journal

 Everyday journal

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Does your wife like to have a plan in place for everything she does? Then an elegant journal is a perfect gift for her to jot down her thoughts and plan her things.

13. Cozy Socks

Cozy socks

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Gift a super cute pair of comfortable cozy socks to keep her foot warm. Go for the woollen ones to bring maximum comfort. It’s a simple but useful gift that your wife would love to have any time.

14. Thermal Water Flask

Thermal water flask

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Using non-plastic and zero-chemical products in our daily life has become integral to our physical well-being and the environment’s safety. Gift your wife a safe, chemical-free, stainless thermal flask that looks as funky as a decanter.

15. Armchair


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Maybe she loves sitting in the corner with a cup of tea once in a while, but never really gets the chance to do that. Gift a cozy, sophisticated armchair to make her relax after a busy day.

16. Monthly Book Subscription

Monthly book subscription

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Does your wife love to read? You’ve got this. Gift a monthly book subscription of a magazine of her liking. Your wife will like to keep herself updated on her favorite subjects.

17. Macarons Gift Box

Macarons gift box

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Spoil her sweet tooth by sending her a box of macarons as a surprise. It’s a good idea to grab different flavors rather than only one.

18. Silk Pajama Set

Silk pajama set

Image: Shutterstock

A silk pajama set will give your wife the ultimate style and comfort when she’s off working and resting at home. And the shiny silk is going to look incredible. It is a gift she’ll definitely love. But choose the colors and style of her liking.

19. Watch


Image: Shutterstock

It might be a splurge, but when it comes to your better half a gift like a classic wristwatch is timeless and perfect. Choose something she can wear on most occasions.

20. Cozy Throw

Cozy throw

Image: Shutterstock

This gift is luxurious and the ultimate comfort throw you can gift your wife. She can wrap it and relax in its comfort, or use it as a throw on her favorite piece of furniture. A woolen throw is an all-time heart-winner.

21. White Linen Sheets

White linen sheets

Image: Shutterstock

Is your wife organized, neat and clean? Then she’ll definitely welcome a new pair of white linen bed sheet and pillows. This can be an ideal gift choice for women who love the good bedding. The soothing white with the comfort and sophistication of linen is simply perfect.

22. Chic Bathing Suit

Chic bathing suit

Image: Shutterstock

Your wife totally deserves a new bathing suit that is fashionable. Pick a pretty but very comfortable suit, keeping in mind her personal preferences. This gift will make her wow.

23. Lightweight Sneakers

Lightweight sneakers

Image: iStock

She’s running around all day doing the chores and then going to work. Her feet deserve comfort with lightweight shoes to slip into. This is a very thoughtful and sweet gift for your wife.

24. Stylish Sleep Mask

Stylish sleep mask

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When she’s sleeping, let her sleep in absolute peace. Gift a stylish sleeping mask for her eyes. If she travels a lot or needs a nap at work or home, this is an ideal gift.

25. Beauty Masks

Beauty masks

Image: Shutterstock

Gift her some luxury beauty mask to remind her to take care of herself and treat her sometimes. These are relaxing and much-needed to bring freshness and glow to the skin. Your wife will love you for this.

26. Skincare Kit

Skincare kit

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Your wife will never say no to skincare when a kit is ready in front of her. With this gift, she can take a break from her usual parlor visits and relax at home, while prepping her skin all the way.

27. Stone Bookends

Stone bookends

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Stone bookends look sophisticated, and if your wife loves decorating her home, she’ll fall in love with these. Also, those books deserve something special, so go ahead and gift her something as unique as these.

28. Makeup Organizer Bag

Makeup organizer bag

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She loves her makeup, and can’t miss it while traveling. So, let her have them all handy in a makeup organizer bag. She can carry it anywhere she’s going as most of them are foldable and small.

29. Weekend Bag

Weekend bag

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If she’s a weekender by nature, a jet person, or you have occasional leisure trips together, then go ahead and bring home to her a beautiful weekend bag. Choose some peppy and trendy color, but low key, so she can take it anywhere she’s moving for a short trip.

30. A beautiful Woolen Scarf

A beautiful woolen scarf

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A beautiful warm woolen scarf is the love of every woman. Your wife can use it every time she goes out in cold. So, pick one that’s not too fashionable, but classic enough to suit most places, especially work.

31. A Set of Cheese Knives

A set of cheese knives

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You two love cheese, but your home is missing good cheese knives. It’s time to get your wife an entire set of cheese knives. This gift will be an everyday part of your lives.

32. Gym Pants

Gym pants

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Once in a while, don’t forget to motivate your wife to take care of her health and fitness. For this, a pair of gym pants is a good gift choice.

33. Organizer Baskets

Organizer baskets

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Do cleaning the house and arranging things make your wife fussy during the housecleaning days? You must get your hands on these pretty organizer baskets available at every store. They are great storage spots.

34. Bracelet


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Leaving a token of beautiful jewelry on the body is a sweet reminder of your love to her. So go ahead and gift her some stunning bracelet to sparkle on her hands.

35. Cologne


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Never ever will your wife say no to good cologne. If you already know her choice, you know what to do. Go pick up the right one, and see her wearing it everywhere. Get ready for a warm hug!

36. Frame up Something Meaningful

 Frame up something meaningful

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If there’s a love poem you both cherish or that happy first picture of you two as a couple or anything beautiful and meaningful to your relationship, make a frame of it. Bring it home to adorn the wall.

37. Eternity Roses

 Eternity roses

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Fresh flowers sure look pretty, but they are not for eternity. Gift your wife an eternity rose flask this time. These small cute gestures win a wife’s heart in a jiffy.

38. Scented Rose Candles

Scented rose candles

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Gift a scented rose candle to your wife for her to decorate the rooms or just relax by inhaling the sweet fragrance at work or home.

39. Champagne Glasses

Champagne glasses

Image: Shutterstock

If your wife loves champagne, buy her champagne glasses and raise a toast together. You can add a personal touch to it by getting it customized with some monogrammed icon or letter.

40. Woman Fur Coat

Woman fur coat

Image: iStock

She’ll feel your warmth when it’s freezing. A fur coat looks stunning and gives the ultimate warmth and comfort during the winters. Hence gift your wife one this time.

While choosing a gift for your wife, think about her likes and preferences. Give a thought to her requirements or what you think is missing in her life. If you think a little, you’ll find your perfect gift. Add a personal touch to the gift by putting a handwritten note in it.

What is your favorite gift idea among these? Let us know in the comment section below.

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