10 Easy & Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Female Facial Hair

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As your daughter hits puberty, she will, indeed, go through a bunch of changes. And your cute little girl suddenly becomes more conscious about her appearance. One of the more pressing concerns she may have at this time is the appearance of body hair, specifically facial hair. While there is no shortage of hair removal products, removing facial hair can be a tad more complicated than it seems.

So here, we talk about hirsutism, and what home remedies you can use to get rid of facial hair naturally.

What Is Hirsutism (Girl With Facial Hair)?

Hirsutism is a condition in which a female develops a distinct amount of hair growth on her body, especially in those areas where males develop body hair. Some of the common areas include the upper lip, the chin, the jaw line, the stomach, the back, or even the chest [1].

Causes Of Hirsutism:

In the case of hirsutism, the hair that appears on the female body will be darker and coarser as compared to being lighter in most cases. Here are some of the most common reasons of hirsutism in girls:

1. Hormonal Issues:

In many cases, females tend to develop relatively high levels of the male hormone androgen. Females produce these hormones, but when it is produced in high quantities, it can lead to a high amount of body hair.

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2. Genes:

Genetic reasons can also lead to hirsutism. If your mother or sister or an immediate aunt has an overgrowth of body hair, it is likely that you too will have the same.

3. Side Effects Of Some Medication:

Certain medications can react with your body and cause an imbalance in your hormonal levels. As a result, it can lead to hirsutism.

How Can You Get Rid Of Facial Hair?

There are various methods through which you can get rid of facial hair. Here are some methods that you can help your daughter:

1. Tweezing Out The Hair:

A tweezer is a small tool which looks like a miniature pair of tongs. You can use it to pull the hair out. It is a cheap, effective, and easy way to remove facial hair. All you need to do is to stretch the upper lip and tug at each hair strand individually. It will work best to remove the hairs on your upper lip, lower lip, chin, and eyebrows area. Remember that using the tweezer may cause pain and a little swelling or redness for some time, especially in sensitive areas such as around the lips.

2. Waxing The Hair:

Waxing is another common method of removing facial hair, especially around the eyebrow, upper lip, and chin area. It is recommended that you let your daughter try the same with the help of a trained beautician. The effects of waxing will help prevent hair growth for about two weeks. However, it is also a rather painful experience and can also lead to the growth of ingrown hair. Another downside of waxing is that your daughter will have to wait and grow the facial hair to a certain extent before which it can be pulled out through waxing.

3. Using An Epilator:

An epilator is a small device which will help to pull out multiple hairs at once. It runs on batteries and may be a little expensive. It is a fast and effective way to remove the facial hair but can cause a lot of pain and redness, especially during the first few times that your daughter uses it.

4. Bleaching:

Bleaching is a procedure where your daughter can color her facial hair to the color of her skin tone, which will not make the hair so visible. It is a very simple and painless procedure. All she has to do is apply the bleaching cream all over her face, making sure that it covers all the areas where she has facial hair that she wishes to conceal. Do ask her to read the instructions carefully as different skin tones require different application time to make it work best.

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5. Hair Removal Cream:

Hair removing creams and lotions use a chemical process that helps to melt the hair and as a result, remove them without any pain. It is a very inexpensive and easy to do the process, but make sure your daughter follows all instructions carefully. Not doing it correctly could lead to chemical burns on the skin. The results last anything between one to two weeks.

6. Threading:

Threading, as the name suggests, is a process in which thread is used to pull out the hair from areas such as the upper lip, the chin, the forehead, the eyebrows and such. It is one of the most inexpensive methods of facial hair removal and can prevent hair growth for up to two weeks. Threading may cause a little bit pain as it pulls out the hair, and in some cases, can lead to temporary redness. It can also sometimes cause minor cuts on the skin if not done properly.

7. Hair Removal Coils:

A hair removal coil is a small coiled device. It is another inexpensive method to remove facial hair and can be done anywhere. It may cause some pain and discomfort initially and can also lead to a little redness on the skin.

8. Laser Hair Removal:

It is the process in which light pulses are used to destroy the hair from its root. It requires a few sittings depending on the amount of hair growth that your daughter has. It is a very expensive treatment but may not completely remove or prevent hair growth in future.

9. Electrolysis:

It is the only hair removing method that works to remove hair growth permanently and has been accorded the same status by the USFDA. For the process, a needle is inserted into the skin to destroy those cells that lead to hair growth.

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10. Prescription Hair Removal Cream:

Prescription creams work very much like the hair removal creams. The cream will not remove hair permanently but will prevent growth for about a week or two.

2 Home Remedies For Removing Girls Facial Hair:

Here are two home remedies you can try to remove your daughter’s facial hair:

1. Homemade Sugar Wax:

You Will Need:

  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of water
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar

How To:

  1. Mix two tablespoons of sugar with one tablespoon of honey and water.
  1. Heat it for half a minute until the mix turns brown.
  1. Once cool, apply on the desired area.
  1. Place a strip of cloth and pull it off in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

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2. Green Gram Flour And Rose Water:

You Will Need:

  • 2 tablespoons of green gram flour
  • 1 ½ tablespoons of rose water

How To:

  1. Mix two tablespoons of green gram flour with one and a half tablespoons of rose water.
  1. Apply over the desired area and let it stay for about half an hour. Scrub it off.
  1. Repeat three to four times a week.

Before you try any hair removal techniques, make sure you do a patch test, if possible, to ensure your daughter’s skin does not suffer from any sensitivity issues.

Moms, if you have successfully tried any of the above methods for your daughter or yourself, do share your experience here.

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