70+ Unique And Fun Girls Night Games Ideas (2021)

One of the fondest childhood memories that we usually have of our time with our girlfriends is sleepovers and slumber parties. This post talks about ideas of games for girls’ night wherein you can make the best out of the time with your pretty girls. Unfortunately, we have all become busy with our work, families, and other aspects of our lives, leaving us no time to catch up with old friends or have a good time. Thus, when you finally manage to put a plan in motion for a girls’ night, you would want everything to be perfect. You can watch a rom-com, discuss your office crushes, relive the memories of the good old days, or even play interesting games. If you are up for it, read on for some amazing ideas for games to play.

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Games To Play At Girls Night

These sleepover classic games will remind you of your teenage years and bring about a burst of nostalgia.

1. Truth or dare

This quintessential game is one that you cannot get enough of, no matter how old you are. Challenge your girlfriends to reveal their most mortifying secrets or give them embarrassing dares that will give everyone a good laugh.

2. Blindfolded makeovers

Instead of going for the conventional makeovers, try the game of blindfolded makeovers. The one who goes first to give a makeover must do so with a blindfold on. The results will lead to something hilarious and give everyone a good chuckle.

3. Guess the celebrity

One person should write the names of different celebrities on paper chits and make sure that nobody gets a peek at what they are writing. Next, each person must stick a piece of paper on their forehead and guess the celebrity’s name written on the paper. Hints are allowed but no giving away of names directly. The person who guesses the most number of stars wins the game.

4. Name the tune

The host of the game plays a snippet of any random song, which must be guessed correctly. The first person who guesses the song correctly wins.

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5. Jenga

Jenga is a classic game that combines patience, strategy, and luck to create a thrilling and pleasantly unpredictable experience. Consider adding a new twist to the game for your next girls’ night. In this version, if a player knocks the tower over, they will be given a fun and slightly embarrassing dare to complete. It’s a fun way to bring some laughter and surprise into your Jenga matches on your girls’ night.

6. Two truths and a lie

Each person in the group must state three things about themselves that will include a lie and two truths. Everyone should guess the lie.

7. Treasure hunt (purse edition)

Remember when you were a child and all of your friends used to get together to play scavenger hunt? Well, this is a lazier version of just that. The host gets to call out from the list of items found in a woman’s purse, which include

  • Lipstick
  • Small mirror
  • Comb
  • Chapstick
  • Compact powder
  • Wet wipes
  • Gums
  • Tissue
  • Credit or debit card
  • Shopping coupons
  • Old receipts
  • Hair clips

The first person to fish out the item that is being called out by the host wins a point. The person with the most number of points wins.

8. Cookie bake-off

If Christmas is around the corner, ask your friends to bake a plate of cookies, which they can bring to the sleepover. You can either do a taste test of all the batches of cookies brought to the party or hold a cookie decorating contest. The final decision will then be taken to who has the best cookie recipe or who decorated it the best. The best thing is the end; no matter who wins or loses, everyone gets to relish those delicious cookies. This activity can help in bonding with your friends.

9. Food race on your face

Want a game that is messy yet competitive? Then you need to try your hand at this game. You can put any item of food, such as snacks, on your friend’s face, and they would have to guide it down to their mouth without using their hands. The faster they do it without dropping their food, the better their chances of winning the game. This is a unique and enjoyable sort of food-based entertainment.

10. Spin the bottle (food edition)

Fill small bowls with food and keep them in a circle with sufficient space in the middle to spin the bottle. Fill your bowls with all kinds of food that you can think of (of course, you could include a few pieces of bitter gourd and chilies). You can then spin the bottle twice, first to see which bowl it points at and then to see which person gets to eat it.

11. Hot potato

In this entertaining game, everyone should sit in a circle. Assign one person to manage the music and pass an item around the circle in the same manner as if it were a hot potato. You can pause the music every now and then. When the music stops, the one holding the hot potato is out for that round. The last player remaining wins the game.

12. Minute-to-win-it

Minute-to-win-it games are incredibly popular and can be played by anyone. Divide the guests into two teams. When the timer starts one player from each team starts to build a pyramid by stacking cups one on another. After constructing the pyramid, it must be dismantled and rebuilt. The player who executes this the most number of times in a specified time period wins.

13. Word taboo

Taboo Word is a terrific game for a girls’ night out because it’s entertaining and challenging. To begin the game, each player selects a card from a deck of 264 cards. Each card has a target word and five forbidden words. Players take turns explaining the target word without using any of the forbidden words, while the rest of the group tries to guess the target word within a given time limit. It’s a playful and entertaining game that will add a bit of fun and challenge to your girls’ night.

14. Guess the singer

Guess the singer

Image: Shutterstock

This is similar to the “name the tune,” but here, instead of guessing the song, the players have to guess the singer’s name.

15. Pick the candy

Pick the candy is a dynamic game that may be played using M&M’s, peanuts, jelly beans, and other small objects. Simply roll five dice and add the sum of the numbers on each dice to reach the desired result. Following that, players pick up the specified quantity of M&Ms, peanuts, or jelly beans from their pile with chopsticks. This game is sure to instill a competitive spirit in friends.

16. Hot potato selfie

If you want to capture funny pictures of your night, hot potato selfie is an excellent choice. To begin, form a circle and set your phone’s camera timer to 10 seconds. Pass the camera around, allowing the timer to run its course. When the timer goes off, the person holding the camera becomes the star of the photograph. This game is a wonderful way to capture fun moments during your girls’ night.

17. Twister

Twister is a fun game where you and your friends get entwined in hilarious positions on the colorful twister mat. Gather a group of players, lay out the mat, and choose a person to operate the spinner. The spinner spins the wheel and shouts out color and body part combinations (for instance, right hand on red). The participants must follow the instructions by placing the designated body part on the corresponding color on the mat. If a player falls or commits a mistake, they are out. The last remaining player is declared to be the winner. This game is sure to make people chuckle, with players falling down.

18. Sculpture challenge

Try your hand at a sculpture challenge. Set a timer and provide clay or playdough. Each participant gets a set length of time in which they can create something specific (for example, an animal or a famous monument). It’s a hands-on, artistic way of expressing yourself. These art pieces can be nice keepsakes for your friends.

19. DIY escape room

Create your own at-home escape room experience. Solve puzzles, riddles, and clues that lead to the location of a hidden treasure. Form groups and take turns being locked in a room while the others understand the clues and free you. It’s a challenging quest that will keep everyone interested.

20. Chick flick bingo

Chick flick bingo will turn your movie night into a competitive and enjoyable event. Make bingo cards out of popular rom-com or chick film scenes, such as a dramatic airport scene or a heartbreaking confession. As you watch your favorite films, tick off the cliches on your card, and the first person to complete a row gets a prize. It offers a nice touch to your movie night.

You can get really creative during a girls’ night out, as the options are endless. Jen T, a mother of four, has been doing girls’ night-out activities for eight years as of 2011. She says, ”We do lots of different things–sometimes we just go out to eat at a restaurant, we have made quilts together, gone to the movies, done craft projects, and played tennis. Whoever hosts can choose whatever she wants to do (i).”

21. Make a story

This game is a creative and entertaining activity that inspires participants’ imaginations and develops unity. It all starts with one individual saying the first line of a story. Then, each member of the group adds one phrase to the story, expanding on the plot, characters, and setting. The plot takes surprising twists and turns with each input, frequently leading to amusing or unexpected ends.

22. Drawing game

A participant in this interesting game begins by drawing any shape on a piece of paper. The paper is then passed to the next player, who adds their own creative touch to the shape. This lovely exchange goes on until the last participant is reached. The end result is often a spectacular masterpiece created together by the entire group.

23. Dart the balloon

This colorful balloon activity involves blowing up a variety of balloons and sticking them to a dartboard or a wall. Mark a throwing line at a predetermined distance from the wall. After that, the players can take turns attempting to pop the balloons. The player who successfully pops the most balloons wins the game.

24. Ring Toss

Ring toss is a fun game that puts your throwing skills to the test. Simply place pegs or bottles at different distances from the participants. Each player takes turns attempting to throw plastic or paper rings onto these pegs. They get a point for successfully looping the ring around a peg. The winner is the player with the highest score at the end of the game.

25. Categories

Start a timer after selecting a category. Categories might be wide, such as places, plants, animals, and birds, or particular, such as automobile names or boy or girl names. Within the time limit, each player writes down as many names as they can. The player who is able to give the most names is the winner. It’s a simple and enjoyable game that you can customize to your group’s preferences, making it an excellent pick for your girl’s night.

26. Alphabet game

Participants in the alphabet game take turns spotting and calling out words or items that start with each letter of the alphabet in sequential order. For instance, someone might say ‘apple’ starting with the letter ‘A,’ then the other player says ‘bicycle’ starting with the letter ‘B,’ and so on. The game will continue until you reach the letter ‘Z.’ The round is won by the player who correctly names an object for each letter.

27. Hangman

One player comes up with a word and then draws a series of underscores on a piece of paper to represent each alphabet in the word. The other players guess letters in turn. If they correctly guess a letter in the word, it is revealed in its correct spot. If they guess a letter that is not in the word, a hangman figure is drawn. The guessing game continues until either the word is properly guessed or the hangman is completely drawn.

protip_icon Quick tip
Beep the Word is another simple game you can play. For the entire girls’ night, pick a word that cannot be uttered by anyone. For example, pick the word ‘sweet’ and say, I like to eat beep potatoes instead of I like to eat sweet potatoes.

Drinking Games For Girls’ Night

These games will make the booze flow out quite quickly, so make sure to keep a sufficient amount of alcohol ready and a bottle of aspirin by the bedside table to kill the hangover the next day. Remember to drink responsibly

28. Never have I ever

Never have I have, girls night game

Image: Shutterstock

It will bring out some of the most embarrassing secrets amongst your friends. The game starts with someone stating something that they have never done; for instance, “never have I ever drunk dialed my ex.” If anyone has done it, they would have to take a sip of their drink. This game is also a great way to gossip and get to know more about your friends.

29. Poker face

As the name suggests, you would have to keep a straight face when jokes are being read out aloud, along with embarrassing truths about one another. The one who ends up laughing would have to finish their drink or take a shot.

30. Tequila

In this music-oriented game, one has to choose a song that has a particular word repeated several times, and whenever that word comes up, everyone has to take a sip of their drink. For instance, in the song “Gucci Gang” by Lil Pump, the word “Gucci” is quite repetitive, and so, if you choose this song along with the word “Gucci,” then everyone has to drink every time the word pops up.

31. Freeze

Do you recall the statue game you played in your childhood? Here’s something similar but with a twist. Tag someone “it.” Every time “it” says “freeze” during the evening, everyone must stop moving. Anyone who ends up flinching or showing the slightest movement would have to take a shot of tequila.

32. Most likely

In this game, everyone sits in a circle and frames a “most likely” question. For instance, “Who is most likely to go to the spa before a big event?” The one who gets the most pointers from everyone in the group has to drink.

33. 20 Questions

Girls night game for the mystery lovers

Image: Shutterstock

One player thinks of a person, object, or place, and the others guess what it is by asking up to 20 yes or no questions. To narrow down the options, the questions should be specific and purposeful. The game continues until someone guesses the correct answer or until all 20 questions have been utilized.

34. Medusa

All of the players have to sit in a circle and put their heads down. On the count of three, everyone should look up. If no player is staring at you, you are safe, but you would have to shout ‘Medusa’ and take a shot if you spot one player staring at you.

35. Fruit juice pong

Fruit Juice Pong is similar to classic beer pong but with a fruity twist. You’ll use glasses and fruit drinks instead of red cups and beer. Instead of red cups and beer, you’ll be using glasses and fruit drinks. Set up the glasses in a triangular shape at one end of the table, fill them with delicious fruit juice, and then challenge your girlfriends to take a shot and toss ping pong balls into the glasses from the other side.

36. Word game

The rule of the game is quite simple; the host chooses a word that no one can utter throughout the night. If anyone does so, they will have to take a shot or a large sip of their drink.

37. Rapid fire

Make everyone sit in a circle. The host of the game asks everyone a random question to which they have to answer with either yes or no. If anyone hesitates, they would have to drink, and if any question gets repeated, the host has to drink.

38. Boat race

Two teams sit in a line facing each other. Fill their glasses, and once the host yells “drink,” the first member has to chug their drink, after which the rest of the team has to follow. The group to finish all of their drinks first will be the winner of this game.

39. Pass or Date?

This game is similar to ‘Kiss, Marry, or Dump,’ but with a small twist. Instead of choosing from three photographs of handsome men, you’ll only be shown one, whether or not he’s a star. In this edition, you must pick whether you want to go on a date with him or pass on the opportunity. Choosing to date shows that you are interested in the person. It’s a playful game that provides insight into your girlfriends’ tastes when it comes to boys, making it an excellent method to get to know each other’s preferences.

40. Shot roulette

Shot roulette with juice is certain to please juice fans. Just make sure to have at least 10 shot glasses ready, with different juices in each. Arrange them in a circle and place an empty bottle in the center. Participants will rotate the bottle one at a time, and whatever juice it lands on will determine what they will sip.

41. Bottle Cap

Gather all players in a circle. Players can take turns asking questions to the person to their right. The questions can be about someone in the group, such as ‘Who’s your favorite among us?’ The person who receives the question secretly tosses a bottle cap to the person who corresponds to the question’s answer. The recipient of the bottle cap then throws the cap into the air. If it lands correctly, the answer to the question is shared with the group. If it lands upside down, the answer remains a mystery.

42. Spot the killer

The game is for all the mystery lovers out there. You would need five people to play this game. The host of the game will draw five cards from the deck, with four black and one red. The cards will be shuffled, and each person gets to pick out one card. The one who has the red card will be the “killer.”

Everyone looks at one another, and when it’s the right time, the “killer” winks at another player, who then has to put down their card and take a large sip of the drink. So, it goes on until the “detectives” have figured out who the “killer” is. When the “killer” is caught, they would have to finish their drink.

43. Flip it

Form two teams with your friends. Place a plastic cup near the table’s edge so that half of the cup reaches past the edge. Now, each team’s players take turns attempting to flip the cup so that it lands upright on the table. The team that completes the most successful flips wins. It’s a simple and pleasant game that will bring some friendly competition to your gathering.

44. Spill your guts

This is a challenging game that includes uncommon foods such as fish eyes, green chilly, and bitter gourd smoothies. Participants are asked thought-provoking or controversial questions and given the option to respond or decline. If they do not answer, they must eat one of the unpleasant foods. This game is a true test of one’s willpower.

45. Blow cards

It is a card game that requires a bottle of juice or water in addition to a deck of playing cards. Simply place the card deck on the bottle’s top and have players try to blow a single card off the deck in turns. If players accidentally blow away two or more cards or lead the whole deck to fall, they lose the round and must complete a dare. This game provides hours of entertainment but is most fun when played with friends who appreciate a good laugh.

46. Accent game

Friends take turns trying on different accents or dialects while speaking or reading from a script in this game. It’s a lighthearted and amusing game that inspires laughter and grins as participants try on various accents ranging from British to Australian to comical character voices.

47. Sound guess

In this game, one player wears noise-cancelling headphones to cancel out the external sounds. Their objective is to guess the words that the other participants alternately whisper or hum without speaking aloud. It’s a hard and often humorous experience as the guesser tries to piece together the puzzle of movements and expressions.

Fun Girls Night Games

Whatever the occasion is, be it a bachelorette party or even a birthday party, these games are sure to give anyone a good time with your girls.

48. Rhyme time

Bring out the bartender in you

Image: Shutterstock

Start with any random word and then go in a circle as each one says a rhyming word to the previous one. Anyone who repeats a word will end that round of the game.

49. Charades

To play charades, there must be two teams. One player from the first team is given either the name of a movie, song, or book by their rival team. They would have to act this out through pantomime and hand gestures to their respective team. Each team gets a maximum of 60 seconds to guess it. The team that makes the more successful guesses wins.

50. Pictionary

It is one of the most famous board games of all time. The game requires two groups, and from each group, a player is given a clue card containing a word, which they would have to draw out to their team in 60 seconds. The group that makes the majority of the guesses wins.

protip_icon Quick tip
Making a trending dance reel is also a cool idea for you to have a blast with your girlfriends.

51. UNO

Uno is something that is not only fun to play but also quite competitive. The game starts with each player getting seven cards, which include number and action cards. When the game starts, the first card is flipped, and depending on either the color or the number, the players must match it accordingly. The game’s goal is simple; the player who has one card remaining in their hand will shout “uno,” and when they throw it, they win.

52. Pitch perfect

Pitch perfect

Image: Shutterstock

In the film Pitch Perfect, the riff-off is one of the most famous scenes, which is why this game is named so. Your girl gang must be divided into two teams, and the host must give a genre (example, hip-hop, 80’s synth-pop, death metal) that will determine the first team’s track selection. Then the other team should choose another track that will have some of the words from the song sung by the first team’s track. The rounds continue, and so you girls can have fun singing karaoke.

53. Memory game

The first player starts by saying a word on the chosen topic, which has to be repeated by the second person with the addition of a new word. Each player gets to add a new word to the already continuing long list of words. If anyone misses out, they will be eliminated, and the last one standing will be the winner of the game. It makes a fun game for a girls’ night.

54. Bowling in the backyard

If you have a girls’ night in, you can make your bowling alley in the backyard. Not only is it fun but also a great way to challenge your friends besides socializing with them.

55. This or that

Make your friends sit in a circle, and anyone can ask this or that (for example, mountains or beaches). Everyone would have to choose which one stays and which one does not. It may probably lead to some debate depending on which one is preferred by whom.

56. Cocktail Creator

Fancy bringing out the bartender in you and your girlfriends? This might be the perfect game for you. All you need is a diverse category of every non-alcoholic and alcoholic drink you can find. You have to include some unusual ones too, such as tomato sauce, chili sauce, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, strawberry syrup, iced tea, hot sauce, or lemonade.

So, the one who gets their turn first has to concoct a cocktail with three ingredients at a minimum. This is then brought out for everyone to taste. Anyone who guesses the ingredients correctly is the one who gets the point. If no one guesses them correctly, then the “bartender” gets the point. In the end, the person with the highest number of points is declared the winner of the game.

57. What do you meme?

In this card game, each of the players is given a certain amount of caption cards, after which a photo card is set down. Looking at the photo card, each player would have to respond accordingly with a caption card. The host of the game will get to choose the funniest “meme” created.

58. Scrabble

Scrabble is an excellent word game for a girls’ night out. Players compete for points by creating words with letter tiles and a gaming board. It’s a lighthearted task that promotes wordplay and strategic thinking.

59. Seven-second challenge

You can give your friend a task to complete in seven seconds. Anyone who can complete all of the tasks in seven seconds will be triumphant.

60. Whisper challenge

The game aims to reckon what that person is saying while having your headphones on with music being played in the background.

61. Telephone

The first person starts by telling a sentence to the next person. This chain continues until the sentence reaches the last person, who has to say aloud the original sentence. It becomes quite funny since the last sentence becomes quite distorted compared to the original version.

62. Kiss, marry, kill

Three choices would include fictional characters and celebrities, and you would have to choose who you would kiss, marry, or kill.

63. Try not to laugh

‘Try Not to Laugh’ is a popular YouTube challenge in which people try their ability to cover up their laughter while hearing jokes. In this hilarious game, one person assumes the role of the joker while the others fill their mouths with water and try not to laugh in response to the joke. They will be drenched in water if they cannot control their laughter. Each player takes turns telling jokes until everyone in the group can share their sense of humor.

64. Put a finger down

This is a question-and-answer game in which participants lower a finger if they agree with the provided statement. For instance, players put a finger down if they own a pet or if they follow a vegetarian diet. You can ask as many questions as you want, and the goal is to be the first person to lower all of your fingers. The player who successfully places all of their fingers down first is considered the winner of the game.

65. Quickwits

Quickwits is a best-selling card game that tests your group’s ability to remain calm in difficult situations. To play, a player chooses a card with a category on it, such as ‘lead actors.’ Each participant has five seconds to list notable lead actors. If a player is unable to achieve this in time, they must fulfill a dare, and the game is resumed.

66. Gossip girl trivia

A Gossip Girl trivia night will put your knowledge of the Upper East Side’s elite to the test. Prepare a series of questions regarding the show’s characters, relationships, and significant plot developments. Divide into teams or compete head-to-head to determine who is the ultimate Gossip Girl fan. It’s a fantastic opportunity to relive the series’ drama and mystery.

67. Dark room

The dark room game brings back childhood memories. All you have to do is turn out the lights and scatter your friends throughout the room to hide. The person whose turn it is must then navigate the dark space in order to find the others, with the condition that they can only make one guess after making physical contact. If their guess is incorrect, it is their turn to seek again.

68. Movie emoji quiz

A movie emoji quiz will put your movie knowledge to the test. Make a list of iconic movie scenes or titles using only emojis. To guess the correct movie, players take turns decoding the emojis. It’s a fun way to test your movie knowledge while also having some fun.

69. Monopoly

Monopoly is a classic board game that has captivated players’ hearts and brains for generations. Participants go on an adventure of strategic investment and negotiation in this traditional quest for wealth and property control. The game board depicts a thriving metropolis in which players acquire and sell properties, construct houses and hotels, and collect rent from competitors who land on their holdings.

70. Tic-tac-toe


Image: Shutterstock

A tic-tac-toe tournament is the easiest game anyone can come up with to see who plays the most strategically. You may, however, add your rules to add to the fun element.

71. Junk in the trunk

Attach an empty tissue box with the opening pointing outward to the back of a player’s waist. Fill the box halfway with ping pong balls. The player must shake their bodies for one minute to get all of the balls out without using their hands. The player who gets out the maximum number of balls in the given time wins.

72. Dizzy game

This is a basic yet delightful group game that requires nothing more than a group of friends. Bring everyone together in a circle to begin the game. Each participant takes turns standing in the center of the circle and spinning around eight times on the spot. They must work to accomplish a task without losing their balance and falling after the dizzying spin.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can girls’ night games help to promote team building?

While playing games together, sharing skills and knowledge often happens. We also tend to rely on one another, which causes us to form bonds and strengthen our relationships.

2. What are the benefits of playing girls’ night games?

Having a girl’s night game has several benefits, including spending quality time with friends, putting stress and worries away, providing space to discuss one’s life, and feeling refreshed and relaxed, and indulging in fun activities such as wearing comfy pajamas and having pillow fights.

3. Why is it important to establish ground rules before playing girls’ night games?

It is good to set ground rules before a game to clarify the dos and don’ts of the game, which avoids confusion and does not interrupt the game flow.

Having a girl’s night with your favorite ladies can help bring respite from your daily churning. These girls’ night games can make the event more spicy and fun and will give you some wonderful memories to look back on. You and your girl gang can enjoy these games on any occasion, irrespective of age. Truth or dare and blindfold makeup can give you enough reasons to laugh, while baking cookies can be a perfect way to have something to relish at the end. Since some of the games involve drinking, ensure you do so responsibly.

Infographic: Board Game Ideas For Girls’ Night

Girls’ night with your best friends is about making the most of that time and enjoying each other’s company to your heart’s content. In addition, it is also about fun games and making new memories. We have prepared this infographic with a list of board games you will enjoy indulging in. In addition to the game ideas mentioned above, you could include these games in your itinerary of fun for the night.

board games to play with the girls (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Recreate childhood memories by planning unique games like truth or dare for your girl’s night.
  • Add some humor with a blindfolded makeover or challenge your friends by asking them to guess the tune of the song.
  • Become a child by playing treasure hunt or rhyme time.

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