Giving A Girl Space: Why And How To Give Without Losing Her

Giving A Girl Space Why And How To Give Without Losing Her

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If your girlfriend says she needs space, several questions might pop into your head, such as ‘Why does she need space?’ or ‘How long should I give her space?’ Your anxious mind may inadvertently jump to the conclusion that she wants to break up with you. While sometimes space may mean she wants to end things, other times it might just mean that your girlfriend needs a breather.

It is crucial to strike the right balance while giving space because too much space might pull you apart, and too little can stifle her. If you are wondering how to do this, read this post for effective tips on giving a girl space.

Why Giving A Girl Space Is Important?

Space in the relationship can many times make it stronger. Here are a few benefits of space.

1. Retains distinct personality

While you may work great as a team, you are separate individuals with your interests and independent mindsets. Giving your girlfriend space would allow both of you time to do things that appeal to you and grow as individuals. This will make you two more fulfilled as a team.

2. Allows a breathing room

If you are constantly joint at the hip, the relationship might become too smothering after a while. The space will give her breathing room and reduce excessive co-dependency in the relationship.

3. Gives her a chance to miss you

If you are always around, she won’t know how it feels like without your loving presence. Giving her space is a good way to make her miss your company and keep the excitement alive.

When Does A Girl Ask For Space?

Here are a few instances when a girl might need the breather.

1. She wants independence

If you have been spending all your time together, your girl may be tired of seeing you and crave some ‘me time.’ Maybe she wants to meet friends or pursue her hobbies and is not getting time for it because she is with you all the time.

2. She is feeling suffocated

If you got too possessive and clingy in the relationship, she might be feeling suffocated. This is a classic sign of an unhealthy relationship, and the more you try to control her, the further she may go away from you.

3. She is angry and is unable to communicate

Maybe you two had a fight, or she asked your help with something, and you didn’t come through. She probably needs a bit of space to calm her anger before having a proper discussion with you.

4. She wants a breakup

A request for space can sometimes mean your girl is planning to breakup. Maybe you had problems for a while, or she has lost interest in you. In either case, she probably needs space to gauge her emotions before she makes the final call.

5. She has too much going on in her life

Sometimes, a girl needs space when she is overwhelmed by too many things, such as a lot of college or work assignments. Or she probably has to manage her issues. Dealing with too much stuff might exhaust her, and she needs to relax.

6. She thinks things are moving too fast

If you two had an intense attraction and got physically or emotionally intimate too quickly, she probably needs emotional space to process her feelings. Maybe she needs time to take back control and think the relationship through.

How To Give Her Space The Right Way: 14 Tips

Giving your girlfriend space will ensure that you two are not truly apart even while away from each other.

1. Discuss the terms of “space”

When the girl asks for space, sit down and discuss the terms of space together. Tell her you support her needs, but calmly enquire how she defines the space. Does she mean she wants more personal time or wants you to cease intruding in her personal space? Or is she looking for a proper break from the relationship? Also, discuss the amount of time she needs.

2. Keep the conversations light-hearted

If you two have decided to stay in touch during this phase, avoid pestering her about relationship problems or relationship status unless she initiates the topic. Keep your discussions easy and full of banter. You can try some light-hearted flirting, but avoid over-the-top declarations of love. It is crucial to give her the required room, so don’t do anything that will make her feel pressured.

3. Stop intruding her time

If she tells you she is out with her friends or busy with some personal work, let her do her thing. Avoid intruding by constant texting or calling. If she is going out, you can text or call to check if she has reached the location and once more to confirm if she reached home (unless she has specifically told you not to). For the rest of the time, avoid disturbing her.

4. Avoid bombarding her with questions

Trust your girl and avoid bombarding her with questions every time she goes out. Facing a blast of questions such as ‘Where are you going?’ ‘With whom?’ or ‘Why are you wearing this?’ the moment she decides to step out will irritate her. You can ask her questions, but don’t ask too many at once and make sure the timing is right.

5. Don’t take it to heart

Don’t take it personally if your girl asks for space. You may feel hurt but don’t take it out on her by fighting, cutting off contact, or acting distant. By punishing her, you will only push her away. Believe that this phase is good for individual growth and if you two are meant to be together, it will only bring you closer.

6. Respect her wishes

Don’t ignore your girl’s wishes if you want her to be with you. Give her the time and space she needs. If she requests you not to contact her for a few days, leave her be. If she wants to connect with you on her terms (only weekends or only virtually), accept them. Avoid pushing her to speak or hang out with you.

7. Avoid tracking her

While she is enjoying her space, don’t try to stalk her in person or online. Stop checking her social media. Don’t try to visit her usual spots to run into her. If you find it difficult to contain the temptation of stalking her social media, delete your account for a few days.

8. Show your support with special gestures

You can show your girl that you support her wish for space with some thoughtful gestures. These will make her feel your love without making you coming across as clingy. If she wants to spend time with her friends, book her favorite restaurant or buy movie tickets for the group. A spa or a salon voucher can also be a perfect gift to make your girl feel pampered.

9. Take time for yourself

While your girl is taking time for herself, you don’t have to put your life on hold. Use this opportunity to take time for yourself. Follow your passion or discover new interests. Work on your physical and mental fitness. Doing things you love will keep you busy and take your mind off things.

10. Don’t be desperate to jump her bones

If you are spending some time apart from each other, it is natural to crave intimacy. However, initiating sex the moment you meet shows desperation, which is a huge turn-off. Go on a proper date and have a conversation. If she initiates intimacy, you can follow her lead.

11. Spend some time socializing

Instead of worrying about what your girlfriend is doing, hang out with your loved ones. Get in touch with friends and have fun. Spend some time with your family. This will improve your mood and also give her the much-needed space. Your happiness is important for the success of your relationship in the long run.

12. Don’t pass judgments

What she does in her free time is up to her. She might want to spend time at home watching Netflix or hit some clubs with friends. Don’t judge or try to control her time. If you tell her not to go somewhere or do something, it will only piss her off. No one likes being controlled.

13. Let the relationship move at its natural pace

Just because you are worried you might lose her, don’t question her repeatedly about how much longer she needs space. Avoid trying to forcibly take the relationship to the next level with grand displays of love, proposals, or by asking her to move in. Instead, when you meet, enjoy the moment and let the relationship move at its natural pace.

14. Be there for her when she needs you

Space doesn’t mean you two have broken up. You two are still in each other’s life. Let her enjoy her space but be there whenever she needs you. If she plans to go out of town, offer to drop her at the airport or pick her up if she needs it. Don’t push but show that you will be available. If she is working late, let her know that you will pick her up if she wants.

Will She Come Back If I Give Her Space?

Whether she will come back or not depends on factors such as her feelings for you, the reason she needs space, and what happens during this breather. Even if you fully support her and do everything perfectly, it can still go either way. The distance might help her realize that she wants to be with you or give her the clarity that you two are not a good fit. In short, there is no guarantee that your girl will come back to you.

However, if you try to convince her that space is not necessary by continuously pestering her in person or by calls or texts, she is bound to get irritated. Your actions might push her further away, causing the breakdown of the relationship. Hence the best option is to give your girl space and see where it leads.

The word ‘space’ is dreaded in relationships, but it isn’t always a bad thing. It might just mean that your girl wants some time to herself. This time apart can sometimes reignite the fire in relationships and bring couples closer. So, stop assuming the worst and give her the space she needs. If you two are meant to be together, she will come back to you.

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