160 Top GK Questions For Class 6, With Answers

Having in-depth knowledge about various subjects demonstrates a person’s awareness and makes them an intelligent conversationalist. With our list of GK questions for class 6 children, you can help your child become bright. They can learn general facts and information about the world based on subjects such as History, Geography, Science, Technology, Art, Culture, etc.

Engaging your child in general knowledge sessions can help them gain knowledge, feed their curiosity, and keep them mentally agile. Besides, you can organize an impromptu GK quiz for class 6 over weekends where your child can have fun with family expanding their knowledge.

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150+ GK Questions For Class 6

Science GK questions for class 6

  1. The Earth is widest at the:

Answer: Equator

  1. Which famous inventor was known as the Wizard of Menlo Park?

Answer: Thomas Alva Edison

  1. On which day do we celebrate Earth Day?

Answer: April 22nd

  1. Which kind of waste takes the longest to break down: cloth, paper, or plastic?

Answer: Plastic

  1. Trees release oxygen and absorb:

Answer: Carbon dioxide

  1. The sun, wind, and water are renewable sources we can use to produce:

Answer: Electricity

  1. Which friendly fish is a type of whale too?

Answer: Dolphin, also known as toothed whale

8:  On average, what percentage of water does the human body contain?

Answer: 60%

  1. Which substance, known to cause a ‘high’ is derived from the Papaver somniferum plant?

Answer: Opium, heroin

  1. Who is known as the Father of computing?

Answer: Charles Babbage

  1. Which milk product comes in over 2000 varieties?

Answer: Cheese

  1. This neighboring planet has almost no atmosphere:

Answer: Mercury

  1. The discovery of this antibiotic by Alexander Fleming changed the way infections could be treated:

Answer: Penicillin

  1. Unlike Earth, this neighboring planet of ours has no sign of surface water:

Answer: Mars

  1. Which is the hardest natural substance on Earth?

Answer: Diamond

  1. When you look at the Earth from another planet, it appears to be this color:

Answer: Blue

  1. Which is the fastest bird on Earth?

Answer: The Peregrine Falcon

  1. Most of the water on the Earth’s surface is: a) Salty or b) fresh.

Answer: Salty

  1. The Bunsen burneriXAn ambient air gas burner used as laboratory equipment for heating, sterilization, and combustion. you see in your school’s laboratory was invented by Robert Bunsen, who belonged to this country.

Ans: Germany

  1. The fastest animal on Earth, the cheetah, can go from 0 to ____ miles per hour within three seconds.

Answer: 60

  1. The very first antibiotics used by doctors was:

Answer: Penicillin

  1. The Moon is roughly this size when compared with the Earth: a quarter, half, about the same size, or one-fifth.

Answer: Quarter

  1. The slowest moving animal on Earth is?

Answer: The three-toed sloth

  1. This is the common building block you find in diamonds as well as graphite (the lead in your pencil):

Answer: Carbon

  1. The only metal in liquid form at room temperature:

Answer: Mercury

  1. When the nucleus of an atom splits into smaller divisions, the reaction is called:

Answer: Nuclear fission

  1. The layer of atmosphere closest to the Earth is called:

Answer: Troposphere

  1. What percent of the total area of our planet is covered by water?

Answer: 71%

  1. The sonic boomiXShock waves created by an object moving faster than the speed of sound. is a term associated with: light, sound, or wind?

Answer: Sound

  1. This used to be a planet but isn’t any longer:

Answer: Pluto

  1. Over 96% of the water on Earth’s surface is found here:

Answer: Oceans

  1. This essential component is added to our atmosphere by a plant through photosynthesisiXProcess by which plants synthesize food and oxygen from sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. :

    Photosynthesis; GK questions for class 6
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Answer: Oxygen

  1. This is the gas that forms the main part of the air we breathe:

Answer: Nitrogen

  1. It takes slightly more than this number of days for the Moon to complete one circle around the Earth.

Answer: 27.3

  1. Who is the Father of Modern Medicine in whose name doctors take an oath?

Answer: Hippocrates

  1. In the human body, most of the iron is found in:

Answer: The blood

  1. Which scientist is famous for his Theory of Relativity?

Answer: Albert Einstein

  1. According to scientists, the universe began with:

Answer: The Big BangiXA theory hypothesizing that the universe began from a single point, so dense that it exploded to create all the celestial bodies.

39.Which of these will stop the flow of current and act as an insulator: water, rubber, metal?

Answer: Rubber

  1. You weigh much less when you are on the Moon because of:

Answer: Lower gravity

Math GK Questions For Class 6

  1. What is the next prime number following seven?

Answer: 11

  1. The triangle with all sides of the same length is called:

Answer: Equilateral triangle

  1. The first odd composite number is:

Answer: 9

  1. An octagon is a polygon with ____ sides:

Answer: Eight

  1. A bee’s honeycomb closely resembles this geometric shape:

Answer: Hexagon

  1. What number succeeds (-7)?

Answer: (-6)

  1. How many years together make a decade?

Answer: Ten

48:  The power is out in your home, and you need to find matching socks. In your cupboard, you have ten pairs of black socks, ten pairs of white socks. How many socks should you pull out so you have one matching pair?

Answer: Three

  1. If you take just a part of the circumference of a circle, you call it the:

Answer: Arc

  1. What is the most significant invention of early humans (that helped them transport things) that mimics a common geometric shape?

Answer: Wheel

  1. A raindrop is an example of which geometric shape?

Answer: Sphere

  1. The geometric shape that is also the name of the US Department of Defense:

Answer: Pentagon

  1. How many months make a century?

Answer: 1200

  1. Egypt’s most famous ancient structures share their name with this shape:

Answer: Pyramid

  1. For a number to be divisible by 5, you should have either 5 or 0 in the ____ place.

Answer: Units

  1. The symbol for pi is:

Answer: π

  1. How many digits are there in 4567?

Answer: 4

  1. The base of a pyramid has ___ sides.

Answer: 4

59:  How many hours are there in 90 minutes?

Answer: 1.5 hours

60:  How many seconds make a day?

Answer: 86,400

  1. How many months in the year have 28 days??

Answer: All of them

  1. If five lions catch five deer in 10 minutes, how many minutes for 30 lions to catch 30 deer?

Answer: 10 minutes

  1. The absolute value of (-20) is:

Answer: 20

  1. What is -10 – (-4)?

    GK questions for class 6
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Answer: (-6)

  1. Adding these three numbers or multiplying them gives you the same answer. Which numbers are they?

Answer: 1, 2, 3

  1. What is the value of the Golden RatioiXDenoted by the Greek letter pi, this ratio equals approximately 1.618, and is associated with the Fibonacci sequence. ?

Answer: 1.618

  1. Newton helped discover this mathematical concept:

Answer:  Calculus

  1. Which is the smallest number among: (-1), 0, 1:

Answer: (-1)

  1. What is |-11|?

Answer: 11

  1. When a triangle has sides of different lengths, it is called a:

Answer: Scalene triangle

  1. In a parallelogram, _____ sides and angles are equal:

Answer:  Opposite

  1. Numbers that have only two factors are called:

Answer:  Prime numbers

  1. Which number is neither prime nor composite?

Answer:  One

  1. How many prime numbers are there between 1 and 10?

Answer: Four (2, 3,5,7)

  1. 75. A number that can be divided by itself and at least one other number apart from 1 is called:

Answer: Composite number

  1. Which of these is NOT a unit of length: centimeter, mile, milliliter.

Answer: Milliliter

  1. Which unit would you use to measure your fingernail: millimeter, feet, miles, meters, light year?

Answer: Millimeters

  1. How many years make a millennium?

Answer: 1000

  1. How many millimeters make one centimeter?

Answer:  10

  1. A quadrilateral with all sides equal and all angles 90 is called:

Answer:  Square

Current Affairs GK Questions For Class 6

  1. Germany is famous for these two tennis players:

Answer: Boris Becker and Steffi Graf

  1. Which country quit the European Union recently?

Answer: Britain

protip_icon Did you know?
Ernest Duchesne, a medical student, discovered penicillium fungi in the late 19th century. However, Alexander Fleming rediscovered them in 1928 for their antibiotic properties.
  1. SpaceX, which is making a transport system to take 100 people to Mars is owned by this famous person:

Answer: Elon Musk

  1. The COVID 19 virus was first identified at this time:

Answer: December 2019

  1. The Covid 19 virus is also known as the ____ virus after the place where it first broke out:

Answer: Wuhan

  1. The first American president to be impeached twice is:

Answer:  Donald Trump

  1. The richest man in the world in 2021 is:

Answer:  Jeff Bezos

88:  This popular actor who passed away recently had played a Marvel superhero:

Answer:  Chadwick Boseman

  1. The most successful movie in the world is:

Answer:  Avengers: Endgame

  1. A recyclable running shoe is all set to be launched by this famous brand:

Answer:  Adidas

  1. This little known computer graphics firm was purchased by Steve Jobs from Star Wars director, George Lucas:

Answer:  Pixar

  1. This Hollywood actor recently offered a $5000 reward for a stolen teddy bear:

Answer: Ryan Reynolds

  1. The first country in the world to approve a COVID vaccine was:

Answer: United Kingdom

  1. This continent invests the most in solar power:

Answer:  Asia

  1. The founders of Whatsapp earlier worked with this popular tech company:

Answer:  Yahoo

  1. Recently, the fossil of what could be the oldest dinosaur ever known was uncovered in this place:

     The oldest dinosaur ever known
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Answer: Argentina

  1. The founder was forced to quit this famous tech brand, only to rejoin later and stay on until the end of his life.

Answer: Apple

  1. The longest running cartoon sitcom in the US is:

Answer:  The Simpsons

99:  YouTube cancelled this year-end tribute in the year 2020:

Answer: YouTube Rewind

100:  This is the most successful video game of all times by sales:

Answer:  Minecraft

  1. The origins of this popular social media platform, claimed to be Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild, are disputed even today:

Answer:   Facebook

  1. This famous golfing champion suffered a serious car accident.

Answer: Tiger Woods

  1. This was the first city in the world to launch driverless taxis:

Answer:  Singapore

protip_icon Did you know?
Locals in Singapore speak Singlish, which is a collection of vernacular catchphrases and slang influenced by Singapore’s multiculturalism.
  1. The only non-European country to feature among the top 10 in the World happiness Report is:

Answer: New Zealand

  1. UN celebrates World Water Day on:

Answer: March 22

  1. The CEO of the popular search engine Google is:

Answer: Sundar Pichai

  1. These two tennis players are siblings, have often faced each other in matches, and hold 30 Grand Slam singles between them:

Answer: Serena and Venus Williams

  1. This TV series is the adaptation of an incomplete book series:

Answer: Game of Thrones

  1. The word ‘selfie’ originated from:

Answer: Australia

  1. The prime minister of the UK in the year 2022 is:

Answer: Rishi Sunak

  1. At the 63rd Grammy Awards, this artist set a new record for having won the most Grammys ever after taking away her 28th award.

Answer: Beyoncé

  1. The Vice President of the United States (in 2021) is:

Answer: Kamala Harris

  1. The number of permanent members in the UN Security Council:

Answer: Five

  1. This South Korean film won the best picture Oscar in 2020:

Answer: Parasite

  1. The Olympics  were held in 2021 at:

Answer: Tokyo

  1. The happiest country in the world according to a UN report is:

Answer: Finland

  1. This well-known billionaire tech giant owner in China mysteriously dropped out of sight in 2020:

Answer: Jack Ma

  1. The Director General of the WHO (2021) is:

Answer: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

  1. This active volcano in Europe has recently been spewing lava:

Answer: Mount Etna

  1. This British Royal broke away and spoke out against the family:

Answer: Prince Harry

Social Science GK Questions For Class 6

  1. How many continents are there in the world?

Answer: Seven

  1. Which is the largest pyramid you will find in Egypt?

Answer: The Great Pyramid of Giza

  1. Which is the largest island in the world?

Answer: Greenland

  1. The imaginary line that divides the Earth into Southern and Northern hemisphere half is called:

Answer: Equator

  1. Which city is known as The Big Apple?

Answer: New York City

  1. In which ocean does the Bermuda Triangle lie?

Answer: Atlantic ocean

  1. Which is the largest continent?

Answer: Asia

128: Which country do you associate the Third ReichiXThis was the name for the German empire when it was under the dictatorship of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis. with?

Country associated with the Third Reich
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Answer: Germany

  1. Which President is known as the Father of the Declaration of Independence?

Answer : Thomas Jefferson

  1. The River Nile is the primary river of:

Answer: Egypt

  1. Which two land masses are often considered a single continent?

Answer: Europe and Asia – Eurasia

  1. The largest religious structure in the world is:

Answer: Angkor Wat

  1. Which island has hundreds of enormous stone faces scattered all around?

Answer: Easter Island Moai

  1. Which country is associated with the ancient form of the Olympic games?

Answer: Ancient Greece

  1. Which American president was known as The Great Emancipator?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln

  1. The very popular snack, the pretzel, comes from this country:

Answer: Southern Germany

  1. Which country is known as The Land of the Thunder Dragon?

Answer: Bhutan

  1. The patron God of the first Olympic games was:

Answer: Zeus

  1. The imaginary line that represents 0° longitude:

Answer: Prime Meridian

  1. The ancient writing you find in the pyramids of Egypt is called:

Answer: Hieroglyphics

  1. Who was the famous leader who delivered the “I have a dream…” speech?

Answer: Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. This mountain-locked country has a Ministry of Happiness:

Answer: Bhutan

  1. Which war tore through the nation in the second half of the 1800’s when Abraham Lincoln was president?

Answer: American Civil War

  1. Which country lies at the heart of Europe, sharing borders with nine others?

Answer: Germany

  1. Which island country is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean?

Answer: Australia

  1. Which is the shortest river in the world?

Answer: Roe River, Montana

  1. Which is the deepest and largest ocean in the world?

Answer: Pacific Ocean

  1. Which devastating disease was known as The Black Death?

Answer: Bubonic plague

  1. The Australian Great Barrier reef is a reef made of:

Answer: Coral

  1. Mumbai, India was the birthplace of this author who wrote The Jungle Book:

Answer: Rudyard Kipling

  1. The world’s deepest freshwater lake, Lake Baikal, is located in:

Answer: Russia

  1. The largest forest on Earth is:

Answer: The Amazon forest

  1. When we talk about the Holocaust, during which Jews perished by the thousands, which country are we talking about?

Answer: Germany

  1. Which country is also a continent?

Answer: Australia

  1. Germany is the birthplace of the writer brothers who authored a famous fairy tale?

Answer: Grimm brothers

  1. Which Indian state used to be an archipelago made up of seven islands?

Answer: Mumbai

  1. The coldest city in the world, Yakutsk, is in which country?

Answer: Russia

  1. Which ancient people worshipped cats?

Answer: Egyptian

  1. Which country is credited with the invention of paper?

Answer: China

  1. The biggest animal on Earth is:

    The biggest animal on earth
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Answer: The Blue whale

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of teaching GK questions to students in class 6?

GK questions are the easiest way to expand knowledge and general awareness in students. This can make them feel confident, help them engage in good and meaningful conversations, and improve their memory power and thinking abilities.

2. How does learning GK questions help students?

GK questions are a great way for students to learn about various topics quickly. The one-word or short answers to these questions keep students engaged and pique their interest in learning more about a particular topic.

3. What are the different types of GK questions suitable for class 6?

For class 6 students, suitable subjects for general knowledge questions include current affairs, geography, biology, chemistry, history, technology, sports, politics, literature, English grammar and vocabulary, and environmental sciences.

4. How can GK questions help improve students’ ability to think critically?

GK questions allow students to learn about different topics and expand their knowledge, helping them develop critical thinking skills and analyze information.

These GK for class 6 questions cover different subjects, including math, science, current affairs, and social science. Share these informative questions with your child to keep their minds stimulated and engaged. Let your child practice these questions daily to help them retain the information and increase their knowledge. You could also use these questions to organize a fun trivia game night with your child for a gathering with their friends. Arrange prizes for the winners to motivate them to do their best.

Infographic: GK Questions For Class 6 Students

Sharing tidbits of knowledge about surroundings, history, and geography with your child(ren) help them stay up-to-date with happenings around the world. So, improve your child’s general knowledge by sharing the interesting GK questions in the infographic below with them.

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