Glandular Fever During Pregnancy – 4 Causes, 8 Symptoms & 2 Treatments 


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Are you expecting and down with fever? Are you suffering from a loss of appetite and fatigue? If you nodded along worriedly, you might be suffering from glandular fever during pregnancy. When suffering from the fever while expecting, you need to seek prompt medical attention to recover. Read our post to learn causes, symptoms, and treatments of glandular fever and whether it is harmful during pregnancy.

What Is Glandular Fever?

Glandular fever during pregnancy is an unhealthy condition, which results in high body temperature for expecting moms and fatigue. You need to take good care and consult a physician if you happen to suffer from the infection while expecting.

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Causes Of Glandular Fever During Pregnancy:

Glandular fever spreads due to a viral infection. The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is the cause of the contagious infection. The infection is also popular as ‘kissing disease’ since it spreads through the saliva of the infected individual. Other causes of glandular fever while pregnant are as follows.

  1. Sharing food and drinks of an infected individual.
  1. Sharing toothbrushes and other belongings of an infected person.
  1. Exposure to sneezing and coughing of an affected person.
  1. Spit of an infected individual (1).

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Symptoms Of Glandular Fever During Pregnancy:

Symptoms of glandular fever in pregnancy are similar to the symptoms that you experience when the infection affects you at any other time in life. Here is a list of symptoms of the EBV infection.

  1. Fever
  1. Swollen glands
  1. Sore throat
  1. Extreme fatigue
  1. Pain in upper abdomen
  1. Loss of appetite
  1. Yellowing of skin when the infection affects the liver.
  1. Swelling in the spleen (2)

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Treating Glandular Fever During Pregnancy:

There are no specific medications for the Epstein-Barr virus, and you don’t need any special medical treatment to treat glandular fever. However, if the fever rises, the doctor may recommend safe medication considering the safety of your unborn baby. Here are some measures you need to follow for quick and early recovering when suffering from the infection while expecting.

1. Increase Your Fluid Intake:

Increasing your fluid intake when down with fever and expecting helps a lot to prevent the risk of dehydration and excess of fatigue. Drink plenty of water every day. You can also have fresh fruit juices to recover quickly. Eating food can be difficult as you may suffer from loss of appetite, so it’s better to have nutritious fruit juices to ensure your unborn baby gets sufficient nutrients. Avoid going for alcohol and other caffeinated drinks when pregnant and down with glandular fever.

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2. Have Ample Rest:

Rest speeds up your recovery from glandular fever. The doctor usually recommends 10 to 12 hours of sleep every night when you are down with the fever. The rest will also prevent injury to swollen organs. Avoid performing routine activities involving high energies.(3)

Is Glandular Fever Dangerous In Pregnancy?

By the time women reach the reproductive age, they tend to have antibodies to combat the EBV infection. Studies reveal that 95% of 35-year-old individuals tend to have antibodies to protect them from an EBV infection. So if you have antibodies for the infectious virus, your unborn baby has them as well. So, the chances of your unborn baby suffering from the symptoms of glandular fever are minimum. However, if you suffer from a sustained high temperature of about 103 Fahrenheit in the first trimester, then it may increase the risk of fetal loss or birth defects. In such circumstances, seek immediate medical assistance (4).

Did you suffer from glandular fever while expecting? What did you do to alleviate its symptoms and ensure your unborn baby’s safety? Share your experience with other expecting moms here. Leave a comment below.

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