3 Glorious Ways To Lie On Your Stomach While Pregnant

3 Glorious Ways To Lie On Your Stomach While Pregnant

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When you are pregnant, it is mandatory to take a lot of precautions for your baby and yourself. This means letting go of quite a lot of things. Be it sushi, that glass of wine, or doing something physically strenuous. Too many things fly out of the picture.

However, when I was pregnant, there was something else that I ended up missing the most, to my surprise. Much more than all the others mentioned above. No one warned me about this one as it sounded fairly simple. But, trust me, it is not!

Apologies. I know that I have created too much suspense around this. So, let me cut to the chase. Here, I am talking about peacefully sleeping on my stomach. That “too exhausted to do anything else but pass out on the bed like a toddler” sleep.

3 Glorious Ways To Lie On Your Stomach While Pregnant1

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The ache for this simple craving is so much so that you might even dream (pun intended!) about it. And, if you are already expecting a baby, you exactly know what I am talking about! So, after talking to a few of my pregnant friends, I too tried adopting some of the ways suggested by them to lie on my stomach. And, it was every bit of the bliss that I had imagined it to be.

All the ways mentioned here are not meant as suggestions for an entire night’s sleep. It is, in fact, advisable to lie on your side when sleeping. But, you can always seek these moments out during the day – those moments of complete bliss. And, you can always seek a doctor’s consult before you try any of these out.

So, here we present you these three glorious ways to pamper yourself:

1. Visit The Nearest Beach

Visit The Nearest Beach

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You must be wondering what a beach has to do with lying down on your stomach. Here is the answer! When you are at the beach, dig one hole especially for your baby bump. Spread that towel of yours and bask in the sun. Most importantly, you get to do all of this, on your stomach!

Yes, we know that this one depends on where you live. So, if you stay far from the beach, you will have to give this one a pass. For others, you finally have one reason to rejoice while you are pregnant during the summers.

2. Pregnancy Massage It Is!

Pregnancy Massage It Is!

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Honestly, I don’t really like massages. I have gotten it done only once in my entire life. And, this was during my pregnancy. But, that feeling was entirely worth it! I was so thrilled about just relaxing on my stomach on the massage table that I could have paid money just for that.

Ever since then, I have always found massage coupons to be the best gift for soon-to-be moms, be it for a baby shower or any other occasion. You can also choose to treat yourself with a massage before your due date!

3. Maternity Pillows

Maternity Pillows

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Having taken inspiration from inner tubes or air mattresses, these maternity pillows can help you find a comfortable position in which you can sleep. You can set it up wherever you wish to and then happily lie on your tummy. This one can help you fulfill all your belly-sleeping desires!

The best part is that you don’t even need to step out of your house for this one. Just make this one-time investment and it might help you with sleeping in general.

As mothers, we need to take care of a lot of things. And, in the process, we forget to look after ourselves more often than not. So, it is important to find one thing that you do completely for yourself. So pamper yourself! Happy motherhood!

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