Go Gentle On The Baby Clothes With This Baby Laundry Wash

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Babies are adorable but also messy. It could be their incessant drooling, snot-dripping or their regurgitated undigested food that leaves nasty stains behind. Understandably, having a baby in the house leads to an un-ending laundry cycle –  be it a load of reusable diapers, washcloths, the second-favorite costume, or the back-up blankie. It is important to keep the rotation going. Baby clothes are soft and delicate, and must be handled with proper care. While searching for the perfect baby laundry wash, look for a laundry wash that is tough on germs, tough on stains but gentle on baby skin. It should also be preferably liquid, as they are easy-to-use and are effective on greasy stains resulting from bodily fluids or baby oil.

Getting Rid of the Stains

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It is vital to identify and pre-clean potential food stains on babywear as most of them are protein-based and attract harmful bacteria. Immediate rinsing in cold-water prevents the stain from setting. In case of hard stains that are not affected by scraping or rinsing, scrub the stain with a baby laundry wash before pre-soaking the clothes. An eco-friendly, natural, and chemical-free laundry wash, like Himalaya’s Gentle Baby Laundry Wash, will be the perfect fit for this. It contains neem, geranium, and lemon as natural antimicrobial agents, and also a soapnut that naturally removes hard stains effectively.

Pre-soaking the Clothes

Babywear should be washed before as well as after use, as new clothes might be subjected to sprayed formaldehyde to give them that new and unwrinkled look. Pre-soaking baby clothes in hot water kills most of the bacteria and does half of your work. It is better if the clothes are hand-washed rather than machine washed, but in both cases pre-soaking is advisable. Be mindful to wash baby clothes separately, and only with a baby laundry wash that is composed of natural ingredients, like, Himalaya’s Gentle Baby Laundry Wash. Read the washing instructions on the clothing label carefully to maintain material integrity before adding the clothes to your wash cycle.

Rinse Thoroughly

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After the wash cycle, it is important that the babywear is rinsed thoroughly. If need be, soak it in warm water again to get rid of any allergen element or detergent residue that may be leftover from the wash. Baby laundry wash like,  Himalaya’s Gentle Baby Laundry Wash leaves no detergent residue and does not cause reactions like skin irritation or allergen contact dermatitis resulting from exposure to the regular detergent residue. Additionally, it sustains the soft texture of the babywear, while maintaining a fresh, mild fragrance. This is an important feature, as fabric softeners containing harmful chemical ingredients are strictly forbidden around baby clothes.

Drying the Clothes

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Once rinsed, the baby clothes must be hung to dry in a clean, open space, or a well-ventilated sterile room instead of using a dryer or a drying paper with chemicals. The clothes need to be dried completely to prevent the baby from contracting fungal infections which could be caused due to dampness.

Don’t worry when cute onesies and dungarees overwhelm your storage space. Messy clothes are hardly a worthy reason not to dress up your precious in an adorable ensemble that turns others’ heads with adoration and envy. Now that a natural, and chemical-free laundry wash, like Himalaya’s Gentle Baby Laundry Wash, is available, stains are a good excuse to show off your precious’ extensive wardrobe. Enjoy the pleasure of dressing your toddler in their or your favorite costume so they can be a visual treat to everyone.

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