7 Fantastic Goat Crafts For Preschoolers

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Children adore goats as the animals look harmless, soft and cute with their little ears and eyes. In the expanding cities, we hardly get to see goats anymore.

So how do you satiate your child’s longing to play with a goat? We have got some easy goat crafts, which you can teach your kid to do, and keep him busy with it.

7 Amazing Goat Crafts For Preschoolers:

1. Three Billy Goats Gruff Masks:

You Will Need:

  • 5 paper plates
  • Cotton balls
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Pink marker
  • Hole punch
  • Glue
  • Elastic string

How To:

  • Cut the outer rim of one of the paper plates and make horns for the goat by folding the edge in half. Fold the center of the plate in half and cut out the ears.
  • Take another plate and turn it over. Ask your kid to make a goat’s face by drawing the eyes, nose, and mouth. If your child seems stumped, provide him with a model.
  • Tear apart some cotton balls and ask him to stick to the goat’s chin.
  • Have him glue the horns to the outer rim of the paper plate.
  • Your child can add details to the ears with the pink marker.
  • Create two holes for the goat’s eye.
  • Punch a hole on each side of the plate and attach a piece of elastic cord to the mask.

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2. Toilet Paper Roll Goat:

You Will Need:

  • Toilet roll
  • Brown paint
  • Cream card
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Cream wool
  • Black marker

How To:

  • Flatten the toilet roll slightly and draw an outline of the goat on it.
  • Cut out the goat through both sides of the tube. Do not let your child do the cutting.
  • Ask your child to begin coloring. Tell him to paint the tube brown. Leave it to dry for a few minutes.
  • When the paint dries, tell your child to stick the length of the wool to the body of the goat.
  • Take small strips of wool and stick on the chin. Affix the wiggle eyes as well.
  • Cut out two horn shapes from the cream-colored card and stick on the goat’s head.
  • Draw the nose and mouth and the goat is ready!

3. Wooden Spoon Goat:

You Will Need:

  • Wooden spoon
  • Brown paint
  • Black marker pen
  • Glue
  • Cream wool
  • Brown card
  • Cream card
  • Wiggle eyes

How To:

  • Encourage your preschooler to paint the wooden spoon brown and leave it to dry.
  • Tell him to stick the googly eyes on the spoon.
  • You cut out two ears from the brown cardstock paper and two horns from the cream colored cardstock paper.
  • Tell your child to position the horns and ears and stick them using glue.
  • Take scraps of wool and stick on the spoon for the goat’s beard.
  • Tell him to draw the nose and mouth using a black pen. This is one of the amazing goat crafts for kids to make.

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4. G For Goat:

You Will Need:

  • Brown and white construction paper
  • A pair of googly eyes
  • Glue stick
  • A piece of colored construction paper
  • Black marker

How To:

  • Draw and cut out a big and bold uppercase G from the brown construction paper, and ears, horns, hooves, beard, and nose from the white construction paper.
  • Flip over the letter G and tell your child to apply glue.
  • Stick the G to the center of the paper.
  • Let him apply glue on the nose, but leave space for the mouth.
  • Tell him to draw a long line from the nose with a black marker.
  • Now add the goat’s beard and horns.
  • Tell him to stick the ears and eyes now.
  • Lastly, tell him to add some hooves. The goat is ready.

5. Paper Bag Goat Puppet:

You Will Need:

  • Lunch Bag
  • Glue Stick
  • Printer
  • Markers, crayons or colored Pencils
  • Scissors

How To:

  • Download and print out the templates of the goat.
  • Cut out the pieces and tell your child to stick the head of the goat to the bottom of the paper bag and the body of the goat to the center of the paper bag.
  • The cute little goat puppet craft is ready.

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6. Standing Goat:

You Will Need:

  • Cardboard tube
  • 1 white skinny chenille stem
  • 2 gray chenille stems
  • Scissors
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Hot glue gun

How To:

  • Cut a 3-inch piece of the cardboard tube and a 2-inch square from the remaining cardboard. Tell your preschooler to paint the tube and cardboard gray and leave it to dry.
  • Cut 1-inch pieces from the gray chenille stems for the goat horns.
  • Cut out two long pieces of the gray chenille in half to get four equal parts. Tell him to coil each stem around the handle end of the paintbrush. These are the legs of the goat.
  • Cut skinny chenille into three, 1-inch long pieces.
  • Cut out the head from the square cardboard. The basic shape should be a triangle with ears.
  • Now ask your preschooler to add the eyes, nose, and eyebrows with the sharpie. Stick the horns between the ears and at the back and the chenille pieces as the beard.
  • Attach the head to the front of the gray tube, and the legs in the bottom of the tube.

7. Paper Plate Goat:

  • 2 paper plates
  • Black cardstock paper
  • Brown paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Brown tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Googly eyes
  • Black marker
  • Glue

How To:

  • Fold the paper plate towards the center from both the sides. It will be the head of the goat.
  • Cut out two slightly oval pieces from the second plate. They will be the goat’s ears. You also need to cut out two horn shapes from the second plate.
  • Tell your preschooler to paint the goat’s face and the top of the ear with brown paint. Leave it aside to dry.
  • Now have him stick the brown tissue paper at the bottom rim of the plate. It will be the beard of the goat.
  • Once the tissue paper has dried, make some slits to define the beard.
  • Glue the horns and ears to the paper plate goat.
  • Cut out a nose from the black cardstock paper and ask your child to stick it on the goat’s face. Tell him to stick two googly eyes on position and draw the mouth with a black marker.

Did you make any of these crafts with your preschooler? Which of these goat craft ideas did he like the most? Share with us by commenting below!

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