Frozen Foods - A Savior For Today’s Mothers

Can you relate to a scene where your super-hungry kid comes back home with three of their friends after playing in the park and demands that you quickly make something? Most mothers can relate to this scene, and if you can too, then you will know what a big savior, frozen foods is! You can quickly serve up a plate of Mac and Cheese Pops in minutes, bringing a smile to the kids’ faces. Be it parathas, snacks, gravies, or even dessert, a frozen platter ranks high on the convenience factor.

Is Frozen Food Healthy?

It goes without saying that a mom always wants to serve her kids healthy food. Many moms believe that only freshly cooked food is healthy and thus spend hours in the heat of the kitchen to cook fresh food for their kids. But did you know that frozen foods have more minerals and vitamins than fresh foods in some cases? This is because while fresh food items might lose their vitamin and minerals over time, freezing helps preserve the nutrient content of frozen foods. Further, most of these items are also available in healthy variants free from trans fat, flavors, and preservatives without compromising taste, making them a great and safe choice for mothers concerned about their children’s health.

Are Frozen Foods Time And Money-saving?

Are Frozen Foods Time And Money-saving

Frozen foods help you save on time and money with the guarantee of added satisfaction. Let’s see how. Imagine your kid demanding nuggets, and you have to start from scratch. You start by getting the veggies, making the filling, making the batter separately, heating the oil, frying it, and then at the end of it all your kid refuses to eat after taking one bite because they’re not tasty! So, at least one hour of effort is needed and that too without any guaranteed results. On the other hand, if you have a packet of frozen nuggets in your refrigerator, all you have to do is take it out, cut it, fry, and serve. The smile on his face and the fact that you did this in just 5 – 10 minutes is priceless! So now that you have hit the bull’s eye on the time front, what about money? Unlike their fresh counterparts, these items can be stored for months, and you don’t have to worry about throwing away the unused items, thereby minimizing waste and saving on money.

How Long Can You Store Frozen Foods

Unlike fresh foods with minimal shelf life, frozen foods can usually be stored upto 3 – 6 months if stored in the freezer at the right temperature. As you will see, most of these come with their shelf life mentioned on the packaging, making it highly convenient for you to use them for a long time, over various occasions.

Does Frozen Foods Offer Variety Only In Non-Veg?

Does Frozen Foods Offer Variety Only In Non-Veg

Gone are the days when you got variety only in non-veg frozen foods. Be it dal makhani, paneer butter masala, soya shammi kabab or sewai kheer, frozen foods now offer a variety of super tasty veg options ranging from snacks to curries to Indian bread and even desserts! So if you are veg, do not think your options are limited. Be it a kid’s birthday party or sudden guests, you now have a variety to offer in significantly less time, without compromising on taste or quality!

Do These Change Taste Over A Period Of Time?

As mothers, we understand that our kids can be really fussy about taste. Not only that, when kept in the refrigerator for a few days, even fresh foods change their taste. This might be due to it losing out on its freshness and nutritional value. So not only do our kids not like it, the change in taste is also a concern for mothers whether what they are serving is still good and healthy for the kids. A change in taste in refrigerated fresh foods often indicates that these are spoilt, which can lead to severe stomach infections in kids. However, frozen foods do not change any taste when stored as per instructions and eaten before the expiry date. This is freezing retains the nutritional values of these foods, making them safe for consumption.

Is There Any Wastage?

Only mothers know how kids always want variety. What they have for lunch they are not willing to have for dinner. Today’s tiffin cannot be repeated tomorrow. In such cases, making a variety of dishes every time is time-consuming and leads to wastage. It is difficult to cook very small amounts, and if kept in the fridge for a couple of days, the food might lose its nutritional value and taste. So often, we waste food trying to cater to newer options. However frozen foods are a great way to add variety while ensuring zero wastage. You can have four or five types of Indian breads and take out a different type each time in the required quantity. This gives you variety without wastage.

So Do Frozen Foods Offer Value For Money?

Frozen foods are healthy, tasty, time-saving, convenient, offer variety, and lead to zero waste. If we add all these factors together, nothing can beat the value for money that frozen foods have to offer.

Are These Easily Available?

It goes without saying, these are available just a click away. You do not even need to visit the nearest supermarket or departmental store for these. To bring a smile to your little one’s face, order their favorite frozen foods by just clicking here.

So mommies, as we can see, frozen foods have emerged as a popular choice for mothers today to meet the tingling taste buds for their kids without compromising on the nutrition value or quality.

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