Is It Safe To Eat Goji Berries During Pregnancy?

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Yes, it is safe to eat goji berries during pregnancy! But you must eat in moderation.

If you love munching on goji berries and are craving for some of these delicious little treats during pregnancy, you might want to learn more about the safety of doing so. While goji berries contain several nutrients, can they help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy? Hold that thought. Here, we talk about how safe it is to consume goji berry during pregnancy, and whether it has any health benefits.

What Is A Goji Berry?

Goji berries, also widely popular as wolfberries, are juicy oblong dark red or orange berries. They grow on the Goji tree, which is around three meters high. Goji berries are native to China and taste somewhere from bitter to sweet. Several parts of goji tree, such as roots, leaves, bark, berries, and other parts, offer several medicinal and health benefits. So, you may enjoy eating goji berries while pregnant to ensure a healthy pregnancy (1).

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Is It Safe To Eat Goji Berries During Pregnancy?

Yes, you can enjoy eating juicy goji berries while you are expecting. However, you need to watch how many goji berries you eat, as an excess of it can prove harmful to your pregnancy. In fact, goji berry is popular as a superfood to have during pregnancy. The nutritious fruit helps you get rid of a dry cough, dizziness, and lower back pain while expecting. Goji berries promote good growth and development of your fetus. However, if you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, or are on anticoagulants, then consult your doctor before you go for goji berries (2).

Health Benefits Of Goji Berries During Pregnancy

Antioxidant and nutrient content in goji berries provide you and your unborn baby several health benefits during pregnancy. Find below some common goji berry benefits in pregnancy.

1. Treats Morning Sickness:

Eating Goji berries during pregnancy helps you treat malaise and morning sickness effectively. So, you can eat a few of the berries every day to alleviate the discomfort during pregnancy (3).

2. Supports Prenatal Development Of Fetus:

Your body tends to undergo several changes during pregnancy altering your endocrine and digestive system. So, you need lots of minerals and vitamins to promote the prenatal development of your unborn baby. Goji berries contain lots of vitamin and minerals that help in appropriate growth and development of your fetus and help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy. Also, antioxidant content of the fruit protects you and your fetus from cell damage (4).

3. Reduces Cholesterol:

Goji berries help minimize cholesterol levels in your blood during pregnancy. The fruit helps eliminate toxins and other harmful substances from your body that otherwise may prove harmful to your health during pregnancy (5).

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4. Boosts Hemoglobin:

Goji berries contain good amounts of iron. So eating the iron-rich berries during pregnancy will help you prevent iron deficiency and boost your hemoglobin count. Good hemoglobin count in pregnancy will prevent the risk of anemia and its harmful effects such as fatigue and dizziness (6).

5. Cures Constipation:

Goji berries act as a natural laxative. So consumption of the berries will help you get rid of constipation troubles while expecting (7).

6. Promotes Sound Sleep:

One of the traditional Chinese uses of goji berry is to induce sound sleep and minimize stress. So, eating the nutritious fruit during pregnancy can help you have a sound sleep and minimize your stress (8).

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Side Effects Of Eating Goji Berries During Pregnancy

Although there are several health benefits of eating goji berries during pregnancy, an excess of consumption of the berries can endanger your pregnancy. Here, we list some common side effects of eating an excess of goji berries while expecting.

1. Birth Defects:

High amounts of selenium present in goji berries can lead to birth defects in your fetus. So, you should eat the fruit in limit while expecting (9).

2. Miscarriage:

Goji berries contain betaine, organic nitrogenous substance, which can lead to uterine contractions that can lead to miscarriage (10).

Avoid eating an excess of goji berries and eat them in limit after consulting your doctor.

Did you enjoy eating goji berries while expecting? How did you benefit from it? Other expecting moms would like to know more about it. Tell us below.