200+ Romantic Good Afternoon Love Messages And Quotes

Every message from the love of your life is special. However, A good afternoon love message is a great way to bring a smile to your partner’s face because it reminds them that you are thinking of them despite your busy schedule. With all the daily briskness at work, it feels hard to squeeze in some time to send a simple yet well-crafted message. But that shouldn’t worry you. Read on as we share a comprehensive list of love messages to give you enough insights to send the right message to your loved one and keep the fire of your love ablaze.

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201 Good Afternoon Love Messages

Expressing your love, when it is least expected, with romantic good afternoon love messages is a great way of solidifying your relationship with your partner.

Good Afternoon Messages For Her

Express your love by sending these cute good afternoon wishes to her. Make her feel special, and let her know that you care for her.

  1. Good afternoon to the most caring soul who fills my life with all love and warmth.
  1. Hey, good afternoon. Guess what! I’m on my way home and let’s have a sumptuous lunch together.
  1. Hey Honey! Hope your day is as exciting as you are. Good afternoon, my valentine.
  1. Your kindness and caring personality makes you unique. People like you are rare to find. I feel lucky to have you in my life. Good afternoon, darling!
  1. Baby, you are like a drug that I’m addicted to. Be it morning, afternoon, or night, I miss you a lot. Good afternoon, sweetheart.
  1. A quick reminder to the lady of my love – I love you and miss you on this romantic afternoon. Have a great day.
  1. My love and affection for you deepen as the day unfurls its petals. Good afternoon, to my heart’s delight.
  1. Good afternoon to the person who is always on my mind. Good afternoon, lady love. I hope your evening will be as amazing as you are.
  1. Your love, warmth, and endearment have transformed me into a mature person. You have given me the strength and courage to move forward. Having you in my life is the best decision I took. Good afternoon, my love.
  1. You are my angel. You are my love. Good afternoon, my love.
  1. Sweetheart, you are my shining star. When I know I have you, nothing else in the world matters as you give me the purpose for working hard. I want to wish you a wonderful afternoon. I love you!
  1. You are always there in my heart and my soul. I want to be by your side forever. Good afternoon my soulmate.
  1. I just want to take this opportunity to wish the most beautiful angel in the world a good afternoon.
  1. Every moment spent with you feels like a warm hug on a sunny afternoon filled with love and joy.
  1. Afternoons get sweeter with the presence of you, my sweetheart. In the midst of a busy day, my mind is filled with your thoughts. Have a great noon.
  1. The warmth of the afternoon sun fades in comparison to the warmth I feel when you are with me.
  1. Miracles do happen every afternoon, my love. And so, I am coming to your place with a lavish meal for a lovely lunch together.
  1. You are the right wall on which I can climb the ladder of success. Be it day or afternoon you have always stood by me like a rock.
  1. My afternoon is incomplete without the delicious food that you cook for me every day with so much love and passion.
  1. I actually love the afternoons more because the beautiful rays of sunshine are much brighter and it reminds me of your beautiful face even when you are not around.
  1. Every afternoon spent with you feels like a dream come true in my life. I can’t wait to see you sitting right next to me.
  1. Have a great noon, dear. In this chaotic life, you are like a soothing balm that heals my heart in the dark times.
  1. My afternoon is incomplete with you just as I’m incomplete without your unwavering love and support.
  1. Afternoon is the best time to convey my feelings to you. Good noon my dear sweetheart.
  1. As the afternoon passes, I want to tell you that you are the main reason for me being successful. I say it with pride that you’re my better half.
  1. I am aware of your hectic schedule. Even during the afternoon, you hardly get time for yourself. But even after all that, you take care of my small things. My dear wife, I just love you so much.
  1. Let me surprise you today by wishing you a good afternoon, my dear love.
  1. Although I’m far away from you, I hope you have a great afternoon as it would be if we were together. Sending my afternoon greetings to you.
  1. If I were a dove, I would bring you peace, but since I’m a human, I can only wish the best for you to God. Good afternoon, my love.
  1. The sunny afternoons are a reminder of your beautiful face and warm kisses; that is why I love them so much.
  1. Every day and every night I make it a point to convey how much I love you. Today let me surprise you baby by wishing you a good afternoon.
  1. I miss you more during the afternoon. Because that’s when I feel empty.
  1. What a lovely afternoon to spend with you, beautiful lady! I wish I were with you to relish a delicious lunch this afternoon.
  1. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and you make my life worth living. Have a sweet afternoon.
  1. Afternoons are meant for daydreaming about the one you love the most. For me, it’s dreaming about you, pretty lady.
  1. I wish I could be beside you on this beautiful autumn afternoon to cherish every part of it.
  1. Good afternoon, sweetheart. My afternoon is incomplete without your sweet thoughts and sending you a warm message.
  1. An amazing person like you can lift up the occasion and it’s my pleasure to wish you a happy afternoon beautiful lady.
  1. I miss that afternoon lunch with you, where we used to bunk our classes to meet each other.
protip_icon Quick tip
Try asking your partner about their workday to help them destress and hint at plans for dinner to make them excited to meet you.
  1. This is a lovely afternoon and your presence makes it more special. Good afternoon.
  1. You are on my mind today when I was having my lunch in the afternoon. Love you, sweetheart.
You were on my mind

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  1. Even though we had a boring day, the afternoon seems to be much thrilling with your presence, my love. Good afternoon.
  1. I wish you a peaceful afternoon filled with love and warmth. Good afternoon, my angel.
  1. Hey love! My heart sings to the tune of your charming melody in the quiet hours of this afternoon. Sending lots of kisses to you.
  1. As the sun reaches its peak hours, so does my love for you. I love you so much, dear.
  1. We have the afternoon to cover up honey. Just stay calm. Good afternoon
  1. You are my happiness medicine which I have to take three times, in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. I miss you so much. Good afternoon.
  1. A refreshing afternoon with you my love can always relax me. Wishing you a happy afternoon.
  1. Looking past my working desk, I felt like wishing you on this beautiful afternoon. Have a great day, my lifeline.
  1. I hope this message brings a sweet smile to your face this afternoon. Have a bright day.
  1. This lovely winter breezy afternoon makes me miss you even more. Sipping a cup of warm coffee with you would have been a perfect romantic date on this chilly afternoon.
  1. May the beautiful sun rays fall on your radiant soul and make you happier than ever. I love you, baby. Have a nice day.
  1. You are the one who makes my world a better place to live in. You are my ultimate source of happiness. Good afternoon!
  1. May this beautiful afternoon fill your heart with immeasurable happiness, my wife.
  1. You are my afternoon glory, my princess. Good afternoon.
  1. Good afternoon my friend for life. Every moment of this afternoon is so special with you by my side.
  1. A bright afternoon, this refreshing wind, and the pleasure of your company are a perfect combo for me.
  1. In this chaotic world, only your love soothes my mind and soul. Good afternoon, darling.
  1. Remember, sweetheart, that my afternoon kisses are always there to accompany you even though I’m not there with you.
  1. My afternoon seems to be incomplete without expressing how much I love you. Have a wonderful midday.
  1. Missing you so badly during this time of the day! Good afternoon sweetheart.
  1. May you have the best afternoon of your life and may you cherish that forever.
  1. I always think of you as a blessing. But in the afternoon, I actually miss you more and feel lonely because we had the best memories in the afternoon time.
  1. Good afternoon, my queen. Just remember that you are always on my mind, and I love you more than my life.
  1. I have relished sweet dishes, but nothing is sweeter than a smile on your dimpled cheeks. Good afternoon, sweetie.
  1. Do you know how much I miss your company on this lazy afternoon? It would have been ten times better if you were here with me.
  1. Hey, beautiful lady! On this sunny afternoon, I just want to tell you that you make my head go over heels. I cannot wait to see you.
  1. Hey gorgeous! I hope your day is going well. I’m just sending you a lovely afternoon message to brighten up your day and remind you of my love for you.
  1. Afternoon experiences are always special. I actually have stopped missing nights and days.
  1. I used to wait for night and early morning to make love to my wife but now I have such an amazing afternoon that I don’t really wait for nights and mornings anymore.
  1. My life has been altered for the better ever since you came into my life. You are an indispensable portion of me. Good day, love.
  1. On this warm afternoon, the gentle breeze reminds me of your love surrounding me. I wish you a great day ahead.
  1. Our love is like a rose that blooms every afternoon. Enjoy the rest of your day, my love.
  1. You fill my heart with pleasure, my lady. On this beautiful afternoon, I want to express my gratitude for every moment we have shared.
  1. I miss you every moment, more than my heart can ever express. Wish you good noon.
  1. The afternoon winds are so gentle today, maybe it’s your effect darling. Good afternoon.
  1. The bright afternoon sun makes me feel for you. You have brightened my life with so much love and happiness.
  1. I don’t know but I really miss you more now even in the afternoon.
protip_icon Trivia
If you had a tiff with your partner and are not on talking terms, break the ice by sending a good afternoon text with your smiling picture. It shall avoid prolonging your fight.
  1. You are like a precious gemstone, and I feel so lucky and blessed to have a wonderful woman like you in my life. Good afternoon, my love.
  1. May this afternoon bring happiness to you just like your love brings me every day.
  1. I just wanted to let you know that I’m making your favorite dish for lunch. Have a wonderful afternoon, and come home soon.
  1. This beautiful afternoon reminds me how lucky I am to have you in my life. Good afternoon, dear.
  1. I pray to God that everything in your life comes to harmony this afternoon. You make my life complete, dear lady, in every way.
  1. What an amazing afternoon this has been my love. I wish for another lovely afternoon with you.
  1. Every afternoon is dedicated to thinking about you my sweetheart because you are the one my heart beats for.
  1. Wishing you a good afternoon, my love has become a very good habit for me.
  1. This afternoon has brought me closer to you, my love. This afternoon is indeed so memorable to me.
  1. Whenever I see you smiling, be it day or afternoon, it makes me feel so special.
Your smile makes my afternoon better

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  1. It is a miracle how even a busy afternoon gets better by picturing us together. Good afternoon, love, and I cannot wait to meet you at lunch.
  1. You bring joy and happiness with the touch of your eternal love, dearie. I love you, baby. Have a great day.
  1. No matter what the rest of the day brings to you, always remember that I love you to the moon and back. Have a great noon.
  1. What a delightful afternoon to remind you of my unconditional love for you. I adore you, my sunshine.
  1. Life gets better when you are there with me. Enjoy your afternoon, my love.
  1. My afternoon is so special I got to meet you and spend time with you, my love.
  1. Wishing you a good afternoon is just another way to express my love and devotion for you.
  1. I promise you will have the best afternoon my dear wife. I have something special for you.
  1. This afternoon, I pray for all your dreams and desires to come true. Good afternoon sweetheart.
  1. My strength is the love that I see in your eyes, when I have you in my life, I can conquer the world. Good afternoon, my dear sunshine.
  1. Your love and warmth make my heart dance to the tune of it, even in the tranquil hours of this afternoon.
  1. It’s a lovely afternoon! The sun is shining brightly, but I feel incomplete without you. I miss you, my love.
  1. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Good afternoon, darling.
  1. You are the light in my darkness, the rainbow after a storm. I love you so much. I hope your afternoon is as special as you are.
  1. No distance can dim the light of brightness of our love, which is even brighter than this summer afternoon.

Good Afternoon Messages For Him

Cheer him up with the best good afternoon love messages. Make him feel special and express your feelings of fondness, appreciation, and tenderness to make his day shine brighter.

  1. Good afternoon to my handsome hunk. You are the best. Have a refreshing afternoon ahead.
  1. Refill your energy. I am sending you a basket full of hugs hubby. Good afternoon.
  1. Can’t wait to embrace you and feel your hug, my man. Good afternoon.
  1. Feel the touch of mine. Good afternoon Rockstar!
  1. Wishing you a very good afternoon love.
  1. Hey handsome! I’m sure that you are shining brighter than the sun this afternoon.
  1. Sending you a heartfelt note to remind you that there is someone for you who loves you unconditionally and will forever do so.
  1. Hey, my prince charming! I’m just sending you a hug on this warm afternoon to remind you how much I love you.
  1. Good afternoon, love. I hope your day is filled with love and laughter, and may you overcome every obstacle in your work with calmness and strength.
  1. This afternoon is going to be special. Just wait and watch. Good afternoon, dear handsome.
  1. Imagine your day filled with my thoughts and the afternoon will make you feel me closer.
  1. Spread the magic of your success this afternoon too. You are amazing the way you are. Have a great one, my man.
  1. Take my love dear man, wishing you a splendid afternoon.
  1. Good afternoon my man! I hope that you are in the pink of health.
  1. Good afternoon baby. Your kisses melt me completely and your hugs soothe my soul. I can’t wait to be in your arms tonight.
  1. I can’t wait to see you tonight, but before that, I hope your afternoon is as amazing as yours.
  1. As the sky kisses the sun, your love comforts me most sweetly. Good afternoon, my love.
  1. Good afternoon, dear husband. I hope our love grows more and stronger with every passing day.
  1. Our distance may separate us physically, but our hearts will forever remain intertwined. Good afternoon, my handsome.
  1. Good afternoon! I have never been as happy in my life as I feel today because I have a wonderful person like you. You make me feel complete.
  1. My favorite hobby is sending you love messages every afternoon.
  1. Every afternoon when I have my lunch and you are at the office, I miss you so much. Those moments of sharing lunch together were so special.
  1. Never give up my love. Good afternoon my love. You are the best.
  1. Have a productive afternoon my love.
  1. May your afternoon be filled with my thoughts and memories.
  1. Have a stress-free afternoon Love. Everything will be fine.
  1. Waiting for a fun time with you every afternoon my dear love. Come back soon.
  1. For me, a great afternoon starts with a glass of coffee with my love.
Coffee with you makes my afternoon great

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  1. Although it’s an ordinary afternoon, with you, even an ordinary day becomes exciting and special. Good day.
  1. I wish eagerly to sit and talk with you on this lovely afternoon. It seems absolutely amazing how you make everything attractive.
  1. Even if there is tons of pending work, nothing can stop me from wishing you this afternoon. You are a jewel. Have a great day.
  1. Without you, life seems dull and depressing. Good afternoon, my love. I miss you.
  1. Afternoon talks are more special with your hubby.
  1. A windy afternoon with you by my side on a long drive is the perfect holiday plan.
  1. The meeting with you this afternoon was so special. Such meetings are cherishable.
  1. Good afternoon sweetheart! It’s not that I don’t like the weather, but I miss you more.
  1. It’s a beautiful afternoon. I wish we could go for a walk together.
  1. Hey darling! On this lazy afternoon, I’m sending you a dose of love and a promise for a lifetime.
  1. Good afternoon, my prince. I hope my message may cheer you up after a long stretch of working hours.
  1. Wishing you a peaceful afternoon woven with sweet thoughts of you and me.
  1. I’m sending you my heart full of love; accept it, my dear, and embrace it. Wish you a bright afternoon.
  1. Hey there handsome! I wish I could fall asleep against your chest holding you tight.
  1. I will wait in the afternoon today with the hope that you are joining me for lunch, hubby.
  1. Good afternoon, sweetheart. Thanks for making this day so special for me.
  1. Good afternoon. I just thought that today I’d say hi and let you know that you rock my world.
  1. Let’s meet up in the afternoon. Trust me it will be fun.
  1. I wonder why the sun is so hot. Maybe it’s burning with envy because you are mine. Good afternoon, my love.
  1. Your care and kindness always uplift me and brighten my day. Good afternoon, my handsome hunk.
  1. Good afternoon, my darling. Your love keeps me grounded and sets my heart free.
  1. Your strength and love are my source of inspiration. I look up to you every day. Good afternoon.
  1. Good afternoon! Did you know that each time you laugh, I feel connected to you?
  1. On this amazing afternoon, I want to confess that you have made my life more beautiful than it was earlier. Good afternoon.
  1. Afternoon talks with you make my the happiest person, my love.
  1. The afternoon seems to be lazy. I feel incomplete without you. I wish you could be here with me now.
  1. Afternoon naps are good but the best when they are with you. I love you and miss you this afternoon.
  1. I miss you wholeheartedly and can’t wait to sit beside you for dinner. Good afternoon.
  1. Looking forward to another day filled with love and joy. Good afternoon, my dearest.
  1. Sending you a midday reminder- I love you. You mean the world to me.
  1. This afternoon is so boring without your love. I miss you.
  1. This calm afternoon only reminds me of you, my hero!
  1. Good afternoon my love. You are the apple of my eyes.
  1. Your love has made me a strong woman, who is confident, brave, and courageous. Good afternoon my love.
  1. Falling in love with you every day is my greatest happiness. Good afternoon, my love.
  1. Afternoons are magical. I hope my message fills you with the same magic as this afternoon.
  1. On this chilly afternoon, I hope my message serves to warm you up with my love. Good afternoon, darling.
  1. Wishing you a stress-free afternoon, dear husband. Talking to you is the highlight of my day.
  1. When you are not around during afternoons, I just feel like running out from home and meeting you just to surprise you.
  1. I know you can overcome this. Forget about day and night, make your afternoon count as well.
  1. Good afternoon to the man of my dreams. I always prayed to God that we find each other, and today I’m so happy.
  1. I’m sure that the only thing that gets me going on this busy afternoon is the sweetest thoughts of you.
  1. I wonder why I can’t seem to take my afternoon nap. It must be because you have been running through my mind like a flash of lightning.
  1. You are my muse for every poem that I write, but let’s keep it a secret. Have a good day.
  1. As the air blows my curls, I’m sending you a gush of wind to feel my touch. Good afternoon, handsome.
  1. Good afternoon, my love. Afternoons might be tedious, but remember, with focus and determination, nothing can come your way.
  1. To the one who makes every moment in my life filled with joy and happiness; I love you from the bottom of my heart. Good afternoon my love.
  1. Every afternoon we must meet up. So that we can spend more time together.
  1. Just the thought of you makes my hectic day at the office so amazing. Good afternoon my sweetheart.
  1. I hope your afternoon is as pleasant as the brilliant hues of sunrise and sunset. Good afternoon.
  1. Afternoons are my favorite, and so are you. Good afternoon, husband.
  1. I wish my handsome partner a refreshing afternoon filled with the essence of my love.
  1. Just a sweet note of love and appreciation to remind you how much you mean to me.
  1. Only a few are lucky to find a charming partner like you, and I am one of those few. I just wanted to make you smile this afternoon.
  1. With you, every afternoon feels like a sweet escape. I love you and adore you.
  1. We have another afternoon; let’s meet up and sort out the misunderstandings between us.
  1. The confidence in your eyes makes you shine brighter on this lovely afternoon. Happy afternoon my love.
  1. Holding your hands and walking by the seashore on this pleasant afternoon makes me feel divine.
Walking by the seashore on a pleasant afternoon

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  1. My heart remembers you every moment and wants to wish you a perfect afternoon, darling.
  1. Watching the sunset with you is one of my favorite things to do. I can’t wait to have you by my side. Good afternoon, love.
  1. Good afternoon, honey. Remember that every moment is priceless and a new opportunity to make your life more beautiful.
  1. I am sending you a warm and cozy hug this afternoon. You will be my sunshine always.
  1. You are my champion. Remember that you are capable of doing anything and achieving great success.
  1. Every afternoon is a new beginning with you.
  1. Some afternoons are more special than night. I love you, my man.
  1. Hope your morning was special but hold on honey, your afternoon is going to be way better.
  1. I hope this afternoon never ends with you by my side. This moment is something very special for me.
  1. Whenever I close my eyes, I visualize your innocent face. I love you, dear. Good afternoon.
  1. You are the apple of my eyes. This afternoon, I wish you were by my side to love me and cuddle me.
  1. Good afternoon to the person who stole my heart and is not ready to return it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make my good afternoon message more meaningful?

Afternoon is the time when many people face a slump in energy levels. A message containing an inspirational quote to keep working hard towards your dream can lift someone’s spirit and boost their energy.

2. How can I make good afternoon greetings more special and unique?

You can address the receiver by a nickname you gave them. You can write a good afternoon quote reminiscing a fond memory they will enjoy recalling. Or you can also send an image to make the message more special.

3. What are some funny good afternoon messages for my partner?

Try to come up with something that seems poorly written but is relatable for the reader. For instance, ‘The sun is bright out, don’t forget to wear a cap. Oh it’s afternoon, time for a nap.’ ‘I don’t need a weekly off, I need a daily afternoon off to get my brain working to its best.’

Sending good afternoon quotes to your loved ones is a great way to show them that you are thinking about them and care for them. A simple good afternoon love message can put a smile on your partner’s face when they are bogged down with work or other activities. It will not only help reduce their stress but will also convey your priceless love and affection for them. Take help from this compilation of loving messages and quotes and lift the spirit of your beloved.

Infographic: Expressing Love Via Texting

Want to make your loved one feel special and ecstatic? You may do so by sending them lovely, personalized messages that are bound to bring an instant smile to their face. However, make sure you follow basic texting etiquette.

This infographic will acquaint you with some basic points of etiquette to remember when texting your beloved.

etiquette of communicating love through messages (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Send your special someone a sweet good afternoon message to show them you care. Let them know how much you care and how much they mean to you.

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