110+ Beautiful And Romantic Good Morning Poems For Her

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You like to start your day by greeting your lady love with a beautiful message. Have you tried sharing good morning poems for her? They can make her smile and bring her closer to you. Paul Engle, an American poet, once said, ‘Poetry is ordinary language raised to the Nth power. Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words.’ There is nothing better than a poem when it comes to expressing the deep emotions of your heart. The icing on the cake is when you send her a beautiful heartfelt good morning poem first thing in the morning. Scroll through our collection of poems, and find and dedicate one that resonates with your feelings to your partner. It will add magic to a simple good morning wish. Share these emotional poems with her and see what happens next. Perhaps you will get closer to her than before.

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Good Morning Love Poems For Her

Bless her morning, tug her heartstrings, and make her breakfast amazing with an inspiring poem.

  1. Bright Star

“Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art”
Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art–
Not in lone splendor hung aloft the night
And watching, with eternal lids apart,
Like nature’s patient, sleepless Eremite,
The moving waters at their priestlike task
Of pure ablution round earth’s human shores,
Or gazing on the new soft-fallen mask
Of snow upon the mountains and the moors–
No–yet still stedfast, still unchangeable,
Pillow’d upon my fair love’s ripening breast,
To feel for ever its soft fall and swell,
Awake for ever in a sweet unrest,
Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath,
And so live ever–or else swoon to death.
–John Keats

  1. Sunrise

The colors of sunrise
Seem to fade away
The hues of the morning mist
Seem less impressive everyday
In front of your beauty
None of them stands tall
Compared to your radiance
Even the sun feels so small.

The hues of the morning mist

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  1. Good Morning

Every day brings
So much more
To look forward to
Fly high and soar
Every moment brings
So much delight
Just being with you
Makes everything feel right
Good morning

  1. I Miss You

I miss you this morning,
I missed you yesterday,
Watching the sun shine,
Here is what I have to say,
For you I wish an awesome today,
Keep smiling and have an excellent day,
Good morning!

  1. Wake up!

Wake up from your dreams you sleepy eye,
Shining down upon is a big bright sky,
The sun is smiling down on you,
Feel the freshness of the morning dew,
My sweetheart, I just want to say,
That I love and miss you so much today,
Good morning to you

protip_icon Quick tip
You can customize the poem by adding your sweetheart’s name or nickname in between to make her feel even more special.
  1. A Sip Of Coffee

As I sip my cup of coffee,
I remember you my dear,
And I want to be with you,
I want you to be near,
In my life in every way,
This is a new day,
So, good morning for today!

  1. A Warm Hug

A warm hug for my girl to be,
In the evenings and the mornings,
When I close my eyes it’s you I see,
Never imagined I’d love so much,
Simply longing for your hug and touch,
I miss you so much,
Good morning my dear,
Fill your day with smile and cheer.

  1. The Sun Has Burst The Sky

The sun has burst the sky
Because I love you
And the river its banks.

The sea laps the great rocks
Because I love you
And takes no heed of the moon dragging it away
And saying coldly ‘Constancy is not for you’.
The blackbird fills the air
Because I love you
With spring and lawns and shadows falling on lawns.

The people walk in the street and laugh
I love you
And far down the river ships sound their hooters
Crazy with joy because I love you.
–Jenny Joseph

  1. Good Morning

Good morning to you, I hope you slept well
I thought I’d send this card, in hope it would make you feel swell. I can’t stop thinking of you,
I love you, it’s true
So have a good morning, you’re the sun and the moon
I hope to see you soon

  1. Incomplete days

My days are incomplete
Without you sweetheart
Nights are painful because
With you, I never want to part
The only days that don’t
Seem to be never-ending
Are the ones that I spend
With you all morning and evening
I love you!

  1. To My Sweet Angel

Good morning to the most gorgeous girl in my life
Baby your smile has more radiance than the sun
Your eyes spark a lot
This is my only thought that your love will stay in my heart
Forever and ever
So have the most wonderful start
As I wish you good morning
Good morning and have a lovely day!

  1. Love Is

Love is…
Love is feeling cold in the back of vans
Love is a fanclub with only two fans
Love is walking holding paintstained hands
Love is.
Love is fish and chips on winter nights
Love is blankets full of strange delights
Love is when you don’t put out the light
Love is
Love is the presents in Christmas shops
Love is when you’re feeling Top of the Pops
Love is what happens when the music stops
Love is
Love is white panties lying all forlorn
Love is pink nightdresses still slightly warm
Love is when you have to leave at dawn
Love is
Love is you and love is me
Love is prison and love is free
Love’s what’s there when you are away from me
Love is…
–Adrian Henri

  1. Mornings

Mornings are filled with mist,
Mornings are delight,
Was thinking about you all night,
Coz you are not in sight,
Wishing you a lovely morning today,
Because it’s just another awesome day,
Good morning my dear,
Wish you were near!

  1. My love

My Love for You Remains
Today may have begun with the birds chirping
The cloud may have assumed its color
holding the ground to be still
to wait for the activities of the world to begin.
My love for you never travels to sleep
there is no day or night
it is only about you.
So when mornings come or they become noon
my love for you grows from room to room.
You inspire my world with your curves
you enchant my heart with your smile
always be my morning with your presence
wake me with your soothing absence
so I reach for you my star
My evermore dewdrop.

My love for you never travels to sleep

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  1. I Miss You This Morning

I miss you this morning,
I missed you yesterday,
Watching the sun shine,
Here is what I have to say,
For you I wish an awesome today,
Keep smiling and have an excellent day,
Good morning!

  1. Lovely Morning

As the sun comes up, my love, arise
The sunbeams are pale before your bright eyes
When I look at you, my heart takes flight
When you are with me, everything feels right.
Good morning, my lovely, my wonderful bride
With you by my side, my worries subside
Your tousled hair and sleepy smile
Make me go that extra mile.
– Nisha Joshi

  1. Journey With You

It’s Yet Another Journey With You
Mornings begin with the sun
It stretches its rays to touch everything of the earth
the flowers to blossom
the trees to bloom
the ground to wake.
My mornings always begin with you
awake to my thoughts.
You are like the sun
shining in my life
touching my heart to smile for you
touching my lips to sing for you.
Mornings for me is another journey with you.
Love me daily and I will be your moon.

  1. My Love

I send them to you in a basket of warmth
My love and my dreams
They always live for you
In the waking of my morning
And in the slumber of my night.
Every morning like this is a new love from me,
Each morning of such is a heart that beats for you
You are a resemblance of golden—
Falling into my life—
Keep still and beat my heart
Brew the cold like the dew of morning
Be like this morning you are to me
Breathe of love. Be my love.

  1. Bright morning

I think of you in this bright morning,
I can see the gleam of sunshine,
Am I remember your charming face,
And, taking you in my arms I wish I could embrace,
Wish you a very good morning my dear,
Wish you could be near!

  1. Good Morning

I see my world through your beautiful eyes,
Next to you is where my heart lies,
For you are my one and only love,
A pure gift, thanks to the heaven above.
And it grows for you, year after year,
Cause you’re the one I hold so near.
Finding you was solely a God’s blessing,
and baby I wanna wish you a good morning.
May it lead to a day full of promises,
and much love, hugs and kisses.

  1. Good Morning, Dear

When I opened my eyes and saw you here,
My arms could not help but draw you near,
I sigh in wonder and stare in awe,
In my dreams, I know, it was you that I saw,
Your beauty ignites me, my angel from above,
Good morning my dear, my breathtaking love.

  1. Good Morning Beautiful

Good morning beautiful I hope you wake up with a smile,
Because at the thought of your smile, I smiled for a while.
I forgot to mention how gorgeous you looked last night,
So I thought I’d tell you this morning what I had in sight.
I hope you know your beauty is beyond what words can say,
I really hope you wake up reading this and smile all day.
Call me a hopeless romantic for I will admit it’s true,
I just want to give something back for all the things you do.
You might not notice it but just seeing your eyes shine,
Makes my heart skip a beat that it makes me want to say you’re mine.
Good Morning beautiful I hope today I can be part of your life,
I want to one day have the honor and privilege to call you my wife.
– Angel Lozano, Allpoetry.com

  1. Good Morning

I am not a psychic
Or an astrologer
Neither do I claim
To be a fortune teller
All I can predict
For the future
Is that, with you my life
Is sure to be brighter
Good morning

  1. This Morning

This morning, I woke up to your lovely face and realized
That despite all the pain and sorrow life can bring,
Gazing at you makes my heart swell, and my soul sing.
Can I awaken to your sleepy smile for all our lives?
– Unknown

  1. Only For You

I wish I could see you now,
You look so pretty in the sunlight.
I wish that I could catch a glimpse,
Of your pretty sight.
Baby, just to wish you in the morning.
Have a lovely day,
Miss me today!
Good morning.
– Unknown

  1. My Princess

Some mornings still feel
Like the night before.
That’s why,
I’m just waiting for the days
I don’t miss you anymore.
Good morning!
– Unknown

  1. Good Morning

The anticipation
Is killing me,
I cannot wait
To come and see,
The beautiful girl
Who I call my girlfriend,
The girl who I
Love to no end.
Good morning!
– Unknown

  1. Wake Up, My Darling

The sun overhead is shining out bright,
The birds are chirping a lot in the light.
It is time to wave sayonara to your bed,
Wake up, my darling,
Have a good morning!
– Unknown

  1. Good Morning To You

If I could have all the time in the world,
I know just what I’d do,
I’d spend all my time,
With your love so sublime,
Just being here with you.
Here is my wish,
For a good morning to you.
– Unknown

  1. Hey Beautiful

I’m sure you look more beautiful,
Then what you did yesterday.
The sun must have made you,
More radiant with every ray.
There’s yet another thing,
Of which I am sure.
Is that I am crazier,
About you, than before.
– Unknown

  1. My Sunshine

Good morning to my favorite night owl.
I know you won’t wake up for a while,
But I hope you know,
You’re as beautiful asleep,
As in the daylight’s sunny glow.
– Anonymous

  1. Very Good Morning

I have never loved the mornings as much,
I have never longed more than your touch,
Your love is my only medicine in life,
You are my reason to survive.
Your love gives me a reason to smile,
Early in the morning and all the while.
Your love keeps me in good spirit,
And that is why I feel so lucky to have you.
Baby, just want to say I truly love you,
Wish a very good morning to you!
– Unknown

  1. My Girl

The sun makes me see
Life’s most beautiful things.
Its radiance reminds me of
The way you’ve given me wings.
The haze of each dawn
Brings in a sense of bliss.
It makes me realize how
With you, nothing seems amiss.
Good morning.
– Unknown

  1. Love Of Mine

At night, you’re the most exclusive wine,
In the morning, you become soothing sunshine.
The soft glow of first rays is making you look divine,
Every morning I’m up on cloud nine.
Many thanks to you & good morning, oh love of mine.
– Unknown

  1. Magical Mornings

Before you came into my life,
Waking up was a bore.
I used to hate it so much,
It almost felt like a chore.
After you came into my life,
Mornings have become magical.
It reminds me of meeting you,
And that makes my day special.
Good morning!
– Unknown

  1. Love You

Every morning is a chance
To make you beam.
Every day is an opportunity
To make you dream.
Every moment is an option
To make you happy.
Every minute is an occasion
To love you unconditionally.
Good morning!
– Unknown

  1. Get Better

From morning to noon,
Afternoon to evening.
You are the star,
That always keeps shining.
From today to tomorrow,
Now and forever.
Our love will keep,
Getting better and better.
Good morning.
– Anonymous

  1. That Bright Day

That bright and sunny day,
It is such an awesome day.
Your face in my eyes,
Miss you not, once but twice.
Early mornings, you are in my thought,
Just want to say I love you a lot.
Good morning.
– Unknown

  1. My Lover, My Best Friend

My girlfriend isn’t just my girl,
She is my lover and my best friend.
I feel great when I’m with her,
On her, I so depend.
She’s why I wake up every morning,
Her voice is all that I want to hear.
All that I want to confess today,
Without her, I see no future.
Good morning.
– Unknown

  1. Love Of My Life

Good morning to the love of my life.
I wonder if you know just what something as innocent
As a hug from you does to me!
– Anonymous

  1. Mornings

Morning brings you fun and laughter.
A warm and tranquil sunrise and hot chocolate after.
Everyone knows how important a beautiful morning is,
Enjoy this awesome day, and make every moment exquisite.
Love you!
– Unknown

  1. Wake-Up Call

May your wake-up call
Be my text.
Prompting me
What to do next.
May your alarm clock
Be my voice.
May hearing it
Make you rejoice.
May every morning of yours
Start with me.
Wishing you a good morning
To a girl like you, so pretty.
– Unknown

  1. Morning

Birds may sing,
The sun may shine,
But nothing is more beautiful,
Than the morning with the love of mine.
Good morning, my love!
– Anonymous

Short Good Morning Poems For Her

Pamper your darling with a short good morning poem. Send her these poetic lines as text or voice message. She will surely reply with “I Love You.” 

  1. You are My Destiny

Good morning my love,
All night did I wait,
To tell you this moment,
You are my destiny, my fate.

  1. I Never Knew

I never knew true happiness,
I thought dreams wouldn’t come true,
I couldn’t really believe in love,
Until the day I met you.
–Joanna Fuchs

  1. Dream

When you open your eyes and look at me
I cannot begin to describe what I see
A heart so lovely, a beauty so fine
It is like a dream, that you are mine.

My true happiness is you

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  1. Heart And Soul

With you I wish to see sun rise,
For in the light I see your eyes,
And from deep within from you to me,
It is your heart and your soul that sets me free.

  1. My Rose

Good morning, my rose
My beautiful daisy
Without you each day
Seems dull and dreary
If not for your dewy eyes
And your lovely fragrance
There would be no
Meaning to my existence.

  1. Morning

Your love is so sweet that I can’t share it,
For only my life, my heart demands it.
But only through favour, I know I deserve it…
And I want it every morning for my life depends on it.

  1. I Love You

I love you with every part of me
I love you with every breath in me.
Doing this forever, is sure for me,
Cuz your love is true and cute for me.
Good morning my love

protip_icon Point to consider
If your girl is not into reading messages, try sending short poems to see her interest before moving to sonnets (14-line poems) or longer ones.
  1. My Love

Good morning my love,
All night did I wait,
To tell you this moment,
You are my destiny, my fate.

  1. Another Day

Another day, another sun, another smile,
another hope but for the same guy and
that is my love – you.
Good morning.
Have the best day ahead

  1. The Sun Is Up

The sun is up,
The sky is blue,
Today is beautiful,
And so are you!
The Beatles

  1. I Had You

If tomorrow my life were over,
With many things yet to do,
It wouldn’t matter one bit,
Because, my love, I had you.

  1. Good Morning, Sunshine

Don’t put much thoughts to the night.
All I’m after is how your day shall be today
Because the past is gone,
And the highlight of the dawn
Is its freshness.
Good morning, sunshine.

  1. My Love

Good morning my love,
All night did I wait,
To tell you this moment,
You are my destiny, my fate.

You are my destiny, good morning poem

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  1. To My Fresh & Clear Dew Drop

To My Fresh & Clear Dew Drop
Gone for a morning walk, I saw a beautiful dew drop.
Wasn’t tired, but still, my heart wanted me to stop,
To take a look at the freshness and clarity of the dew,
Maybe because it reminded me a little too much of you…
Good Morning, my love.

  1. Dreaming of Being Together…

It’s dawn…
I’m planning to go back to bed again. Some people say that the dreams of the morning are more likely to come true. So, I’m sleeping and will be dreaming of being together with my love.Have a Good Morning Sweetheart…

  1. My Heart Is Everywhere

As morning light softly kisses the day,
I send my love to you in every way
Good morning my bright lady,
In your presence, my heart is everywhere.
– Unknown

  1. Love To Me

As nectar fills the flower,
Giving sustenance to the bee,
I need you every hour,
To give your love to me.
– Unknown

  1. Alba

As cool as the pale wet leaves
of lily-of-the-valley
She lay beside me in the dawn.
– Ezra Pound

  1. Idle Dreams

In idle dreams of long ago,
I imagined my true love;
A perfect match, a soulmate,
An angel from above.
Now you’re here, and now I know
Our love will stay and thrive and grow.
– Joanna Fuchs, poemsource.com

  1. A Sweet Good Morning

In the morning’s gentle light so fair,
I’m awakened by your beauty, beyond compare.
Your smile, a sunrise, warms my heart,
As a brand new day, together, we start.
With every sunrise, our love does grow,
In your presence, my happiness does flow.
So, here’s my wish, my love, so true,
A sweet “Good morning” to only you.

  1. I Am Yours

From the time I saw you
I fell in love with you
The love is true,
I will love you forever
I will always be there
To protect and cherish you
You are the queen of my heart
Forever I am yours.
Good morning, dear.
– Unknown

  1. Waking Up To You

In the early light, my heart takes flight,
For in your eyes, there’s pure delight.
With you, each morning is a precious gift,
A love so deep, my spirits always uplift.

  1.  Good Morning

Good morning, love, with you by my side,
Each day’s a journey on a magical ride.
Your laughter, your touch, the warmth of your kiss,
In this morning’s embrace, all troubles are dismissed.

  1. The Morning’s Promise

With you by my side, each day is a treasure,
A journey of love, a boundless measure.
In the quiet moments before the day’s start,
I’m grateful for the love that fills my heart.
So, good morning, my dear, with you, I find grace,
In your love, I discover a sacred place.
With the morning’s promise, we’ll face what may come,
Together, our love shines like the morning sun.

  1. I Love You More And More

You changed the way I look at life.
I realized I have something to live for.
Everyday I wake up,
I love you more and more.
So remember,
that this is true
You’re the first thing I think of when I wake up,
Good morning my dear.

— Unknown, poemslovers.com    

  1. Morning Light

In the morning light so fair,
I find myself lost in your loving stare.
With every sunrise, my love for you does grow,
Good morning, my dear, with a heart all aglow.

  1. My Darling

In the morning’s silence, before the world is awake,
I cherish the moments with you I gladly take.
With you by my side, each day is a new start,
Good morning, my darling,
Know that you have stolen my heart.

  1. Dear, Morning Is Here

When I say you’re my life, I hope you know that it’s true,
When I tell you you’re my world, know that I only have eyes for you.
When the words cannot come because you take my breath away,
Know that I love you more than words could ever say.
Open your eyes dear,
Because the morning is here.

– Unknown

  1. Perfect

You’re someone who’s
impossible to forget
If loving you was a crime I committed
there’s nothing I regret
universe’s most beautiful creation
free from all aberrations
whoever said nobody’s perfect
hasn’t had a glimpse of you yet.
Wishing you a pleasant morning.

– Unknown

  1. Gentle Kiss

Under the morning’s gentle kiss,
I am grateful for the love I have found in you.
With you by my side, the world is a brighter place,
Good morning, my love, let’s cherish each other’s embrace.

  1. Sunrise

Sunrise brings a promise of a brand-new day,
In your arms, all my worries seem to fade away.
With you, my dear, life is a beautiful art,
Good morning, my love,
You are in every beat of my heart.

  1. Good Morning, Love

As dawn approaches, my thoughts of your start to take flight
With your smile and grace, you make everything seem alright.
As the sun paints the sky in shades of purple and pink,
Know that you are all I ever think.
Good morning.

  1. Waking Dreams

You are the subject of all my waking dreams,
Beneath the sun’s golden gleam.
Every sunrise brings with it a magic spell,
Good morning my love,
You make my heart swell.

  1. Bright As The Sun

As bright as the sun shines,
As bright as I see your face,
As bright as I think of you,
As you are my saving grace,
Early today,
You came to my thought,
I just want to say,
That I love you a lot,
Good morning to you.

– Unknown

  1. Smile This Morning

I want you to smile this morning,
I want you to think about me,
I want you to give me a reason,
To be as what to be,
Good morning my dear as I wish you this day,
For a lovely morning today,
Have a nice day.

– Unknown

Cute Good Morning Poems For Her

Make her smile and fill her with your adoration as she sips her morning tea and reads a cute and affectionate poem sent by you.

  1. Beautiful Smiles

Your beautiful smiles are the reason,
Why I look forward to each day,
To making you smile again,
To deserving your smiles again.
It’s amazing to be with you,
And witness your light.
I hope that today brings a lot of smiles!

  1. Radiant

Radiant like the morning sun
Sweetheart, you are the one
Beautiful like morning dew
Baby, that girl is you
Misty like the morning skies
Darling, are your beautiful eyes
Soft like the light of daybreak
I think only of you when I’m awake
Good morning!

  1. Good Morning, Love

You are my rainbow,
You brighten up my day.
And I bless the moment,
When god brought you into my life,
You made my love.
As the day go on our love grow more deeper,
May we be as one in our hearts.
May our love always bring us to our dreams,
And keep us together.
Good morning my one and only!

  1. My Day, With You

Watching you sleep you look so peaceful
The joy I feel is beyond words I can say
Good morning my love my sweet angel
Thank you for waking and making my day!

  1. Good Morning

I wish I could jump out
Of your phone’s screen
To convey what your presence
In my life really means
I wish I could run over
To your place right now
To show my love to you
And that I miss you and how
I wish I could wake up
Next to you everyday
To wish you good morning
Before the sun’s first ray
Good morning

  1. Morning

Every morning
Brings in a new day
For me to feel your love
And have my breath taken away
Every morning of mine
Wouldn’t be the same
If I didn’t wake up
Chanting your sweet name
Good morning

  1. Good Morning

I want this message
To give your day a kick-start
For I have written it
From the bottom of my heart
I want you to read it
And feel terrific
I want it to make your day
Nothing less than fantastic
Good morning

  1. Morning, Lady

You’ve painted my mornings
Bright red instead of blue
My world will be colorful
As long as it has you
It will be full of swirls
Splashed with light and color
May it always be like this
Not just now, but forever
Good morning

  1. Sweetie

I am late for work
I am a little shabby
But I still have time
To text you good morning sweetie
I know I’m going to get
A piece of my boss’ mind
But if you send me a kiss
I will trudge through this grind
Good morning

Good morning sweetie

Image: IStock

  1. Morning

Mornings will come
Then they will go
But I will always be there
I hope you know
The sun will rise
It will go down too
But I will always
Be there for you
Good morning

  1. Good morning beautiful

Let me begin to whisper soft words to you.
You are my morning
always making me fall like the dew to you
waking my nostrils to your cologne that slept with me
I dreamt of our lips in unison
Talking in language they alone understand
While our bodies do the rest.
you happen to be a heaven to me
your breasts are the clouds I want to drink from
I want your body to be present in my waking
your eyes to be like the sun to me
Let it glow away my sadness and pain.
Please my darling, be my morning.

  1. My dear morning star

The way you glistened in my darkness
To show me light
I want that essence daily.
Let me feel your soul in my palms.
Let it be the rays that will heal my drowsiness
You are the daughter to the sun
Bringing light into my life.
You are the scepter of the moon
Helping to clear the path of hate.
I live you with my first breath.
The weakness that ties me
Is swallowed by the smile you make in my heart.
Whenever you sleep know you’re my sunshine
Whenever you wake, know you are my breath.
Whenever you lay know I will be in your thoughts
My dear morning star.

  1. My Love

To the breaking of this day, I venerate at your love
The one who keeps me in her heart
To the breaking of this day, I savor our love
My moon and my sun
My fresh morning star
I want you to know you’re the cool wrinkle of hope
That woke me up today.
Our love grows to be a bond. Something stronger than a rock
May our love find us every day in the darkness of the night
May it be the morning
Dawning with fresh moist dew from heaven.
I love what you are doing to me, I love your eyes
The way it stares at my heart.
This morning I pray you wake to read this
With a soft laughter echoing from your smile.

  1. I want to be the one who

I want to be the one who wakes you up every morning
I want to be the one to makes your life so bright
I want to be the one to be with you
Every day and every while
Sure in the morning I miss you, my sweetheart
Because you know that you stay in my heart
So please accept my first-morning cheer
As I just want to wish good morning my dear
Good morning to you
Keep smiling through!

  1. Fall In Love

I could fall in love with anyone
I fell into you
Down into something unknown
I was far gone
Playing out scenarios in my head
A love affair
Long distance
Dates through blurry cameras
Can never be clear
I can wish you good morning
And you bid me good night
A love affair
With its destination unknown

  1. Good Morning

Whether you drink
Tea or coffee
It won’t make a difference
Too significantly
Whether you prefer
Hot chocolate or chamomile
It won’t matter at all
How you really feel
For as long as we are
With one another
I promise to make your mornings
Steamier than ever
Good morning

  1. Dream

Good Morning My Love
Good morning, Good morning my Love,
I know I just woke up,
But I want to tell you something,
as I drink my morning cup.
I really love YOU
I do? I do? I do!

And As I dream of day your with me,
I don’t know what I’d do.
So this is my way of showing you,
I believe our dreams will come true.
As I wrote this little poem to say,
I love YOU I love YOU I love YOU.
I do, I do, I do!

And may the smile that you get,
when you feel the warmth it brings,
stay with you all day,
As I know we will be happy
for the rest of our loving days….

–Craig Moon

  1. Now That You’re Awake

Now That You’re Awake
I used to dream of someone like you,
To hold me close and see me through,
To gaze in my eyes and kiss my smile,
And when I’m scared hold me a while,
But now you’re here and I don’t know what to do,
It’s takes away my breath this feeling I have for you,
When I look at you I feel my heart melt,
Each day I have love more than ever felt,
When life gets me down you are always there,
A heart like yours is so very rare,
You are my world my universe my star,
I would never change a thing I love you just as you are,
All my problems and pains disappear,
When you wrap around me I have no fear,
Now that you’re awake I wish to say,
I love you more each and every day.

  1. Always On My Mind

If you fall I will catch you,
If you cry I will hold you,
If I breathe I will love you,
You are always on my mind,
Occupying my thoughts from day to night,
You are the sun of my mornings,
And the moon of my nights,
You are the stars shining on me,
The angels watching over me,
You are the love of my life,
And every night before bed,
I see you when I close my eyes,
And when sleep come for me,
You are waiting there in my dreams.
I don’t think you will ever leave me mind,
And for me that is just fine.

  1. Good Morning My Love

When the morning sun rays wake up me from my sleep
When the fresh crisp air blow through the windows
When those birds on the tree chirps and welcome a new day
When those flowers on the trees have turned their face high
When the church bells call for prayers in the morning
Then I wake up and think of my last night dream with you
and rush to my telephone to say you ‘Good Morning My Love’
My days never ever start without talking to you in the morning
nor my life never sail smoothly throughout the day
Your sweet words being to light up my day my love
and your morning kisses will make my heart sunshine ever
Having you in my life will bring me the mountain of happiness
and the love you shower on me is like a silver brightness
I can not explain the love I have for you
and my days are not enough to love you either
My love is as strong as it is true from morning to night
Let me tell you again ‘Good Morning My Love ‘
and thank you for you being attached to me love

–Ravi Sathasivan

  1. You

Deep in the heart of me,
Nothing but You!
See through the art of me—
Deep in the heart of me
Find the best part of me,
Changeless and true.
Deep in the heart of me,
Nothing but You!

– Ruth Guthrie Harding, wordwool.com

  1. For Each Ecstatic Moment

For each ecstatic instant
We must an anguish pay
In keen and quivering ration
To the ecstasy.
For each beloved hour
Sharp pittances of years –
Bitter contested farthings –
And Coffers heaped with Tears.

– Emily Dickinson, wordwool.com

  1. Gentle Mornings

In the morning’s gentle light so fair,
I wake up and see you lying there.
With a smile on your face, you make my day,
So here’s a sweet message to brighten your way.
Good morning, my love, you’re the one I adore,
With you by my side, life is a beautiful shore.

  1. Sun In The Sky

As the sun rises in the sky
I let out a happy sigh
For, being in this moment, I feel so blessed,
Waking up beside you, puts my heart at rest.
Everyday with you is one that I hold dear,
Good morning my dear,
With you, everything is fair.

  1. Sparkling You

Like the love in our hearts,
The morning dew on flowers gleams.
My love for you grows with each morning,
Like an unending river.
Good morning, sweetheart.
No matter how near or how far,
You are my sparkling star.

  1. Morning’s Embrace

In the morning’s embrace, I find my delight,
With you by my side, darling, everything feels right.
Your laughter, your smile, your tender touch,
They mean to me so much.
Good morning, my darling, may your day be bright,
Because you always fill my world with joy and light.

  1. Endless Happiness

I find endless happiness with you
Under the gentle kiss of the morning sun.
My thoughts are constantly of you
When dawn paints the sky a stunning shade of blue.
Good morning, my darling.
It is in your embrace that I find calm.

  1. Coffee With You

With coffee in hand and you in my thoughts,
The sunrise today is more than I sought.
Your love is the sunshine that brightens my morn,
In your arms, my heart is reborn.
Good morning, my sunshine and my heart’s delight,
With you, every day feels just right.  

  1. Forever By Your Side

In your eyes, I find a universe so vast,
A love so deep, it’s bound to forever last.
Your smile, a beacon in my darkest night,
Guiding me through every daunting fight.
In your touch, I sense a gentle grace,
A tender warmth that time cannot erase.
Your laughter, a melody that fills the air,
A symphony of joy beyond compare.
In your heart, I’ve found my truest home,
A love so pure, it’s ours to freely roam.
Forever by your side, my heart’s desire,
In your love, I find the ultimate fire.
Good morning, my love.

  1. My Love

Through all the seasons, through thick and thin,
In your love, I have found where I begin.
You are my sunrise after a stormy rain,
Forever in your love, I will remain.
Good morning!

  1. Pleasant Morning

In your eyes, I see a world so bright,
A universe of stars, a guiding light.
Your smile, a beacon in the darkest night,
With you, my love, everything feels right.
Your laughter, like a melody so sweet,
In your embrace, my heart finds its beat.
With every moment, our love is complete,
In your arms, my love, is where I retreat.
Wishing you a pleasant morning and day ahead.

  1. My Princess

Time flies by when I’m with you, my darling
And I find comfort and space in your arms.
I find a special space in your eyes
And in your hands, my heart safely lies
Good morning my princess.

  1. Morning Light

Your eyes are brighter than the morning light,
Your smile is warmer than the summer’s night.
Your touch is softer than the softest breeze,
Your love is all I need, my dear, to please.
Wake up, sunshine.

  1. My Dearest Love

My dearest love, good morning to you,
The sun is shining, the sky is blue.
I wake up each day with a smile on my face,
Because I know I am in your loving embrace.

  1. My Dearest One

Good morning, my dearest one,
My sunshine and my star,
Your smile is like the dawning day,
Your love lights up my heart, near or far.

  1. This Morning

This morning, and every morning,
I’m grateful for your love,
A gift more precious than all gold,
A blessing from above.
So rise and shine, my love, my life,
Embrace this brand new day,
And know that I’m forever here,
To love you and to stay.

Note: The poems in this collection are not original works of MomJunction but have been sourced from various authors. No claim of ownership is being made by us. Credit has been given wherever the details were available. If you are the original author of any poem and wish to have it credited or removed, please contact us. We value the creative rights of authors and will address your request promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes good morning poems for her unique compared to other forms of morning greetings?

Good morning poems are unique because they have the power to set a positive tone for the day right from the start. They can influence a person’s mood and create a refreshing feel through the beauty of language and emotion.

2. How can good morning poems enhance the connection between partners?

“Poetry is the revelation of a feeling that the poet believes to be interior and personal, which the reader recognizes as his own,” says a quote by Salvatore Quasimodo. Thus, morning poems evoke personal feelings that foster a distinct and deep connection between partners.

3. What are the psychological benefits of receiving a good morning poem?

Poetry, with its rhyme and rhythm, uniquely amplifies emotional responses. Like music, it can evoke powerful sensations, producing physical reactions like goosebumps. Moreover, well-crafted poems with the right choice of words can intensify the positive emotions that the reader experiences. This is especially true for stanzas incorporating rhyme and maintaining a regular rhythm (1).

4. What are some tips for finding the perfect good morning poem that resonates with the recipient?

To find the perfect poem, consider the recipient’s preferences, emotions, and the message you want to convey. Look for poems that match their personality and feelings. Additionally, exploring various styles of poetry, from romantic sonnets to inspirational verses, can help you discover the perfect good morning poem that resonates with the recipient and aligns with the mood and context of the day.

5. What are some alternatives to good morning poems for expressing affection and care in the morning?

Alternative morning expressions include good morning quotes, gifs, and messages. Customizing these messages adds a personal touch and can convey affection and care effectively.

6. Can good morning poems be used to apologize or make up after a disagreement?

A beautiful morning poem might help mend a rift if the previous day ended sourly. It serves as a heartfelt gesture to bridge the gap and convey a desire for reconciliation.

When you are in love, your special someone is sure to be the first one in your thoughts in the morning. Your mornings may feel incomplete if you do not converse with her after waking up. Instead of regular good morning wishes, send her these lovely good morning verses for her to make her feel joyous, loved, and valued. You could send these uplifting poems as a text message, write them in a greeting, or share it in person. No matter how you send these lyrical odes, seeing you express your feelings for her will surely delight her and make her day.

Infographic: How To Make Her Mornings Romantic?

A beautiful morning poem is a romantic way to start her day. So don’t stop there and keep the romance going with some fun and passionate activities to make the most of this moment. Explore the different things you can try to make her feel loved in the morning and make some fond memories.

how to make her mornings romantic (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Wake up to a special message of love! Send this video to someone you love and add a touch of magic to their morning. Let them know how much you care!


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  1. More Than Words: Why Poetry is Good for Our Health.
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