100+ Sweet And Romantic Goodnight Poems For Her

At times, words can bring greater happiness than gifts. With time relationships can get gloomy and dull. But you can make your girl feel special through some heartfelt good night poems for her.

Most women appreciate good, thoughtful poems as an expression of love. While conveying love to one another can sometimes be difficult, as the night dawns, you can show your girl how much you adore her and pour your heart out through these poems.

In this post, we have compiled a list of sweet and delightful good night serenades for your girl that will act as a lullaby and help to make her dream of you.

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Sweet And Romantic Goodnight Poems For Her

Here we have a list of beautiful ‘goodnight verses’ to bid sweet dreams to your sleeping beauty.

Goodnight Poems For Her
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1. Just Like The Moon

Just like the moon is bright
You become what is of light.
You came to show me to love right
These are moments I will always write.

Just like the moon you rule with ease
Bringing me freedom, love and peace
And a heart with emotions that never cease.
I love how we love and also tease.

Just like the moon the white ruler and Queen
I will love you and be your King
I swear by the finger with the ring
My love has just my heart for you to sing.

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2. A Million Smiles

I hear myself with the shelling of the night
Break into a million smile
Thinking and sinking into ocean thoughts
You as a life jacket, you as a thought.

Whenever the wind breaks on my roof
It brings your scent and kisses like rain
It blows whispers of your name as my sweetness
So I find a reason to live above the clouds

No matter what thick blackness covers my room
My heart is full of light for you
Showing me moons and stars of you.
Know tonight’s, you will be the sun.

3. This Is Not The End

We started with fresh mornings
Streaming through our lips
We touched forth our hearts
And laid our words with the sun.
We may have called today by its name
When goodbye found our ways
Know it is not the end
For my heart still beats for you.
Starlight hold these skies
But not my valediction, at least until rain comes.
So while the night covers this day
Now, this is not the end. I love you all night.

4. You Are A Startled Star

I want to be your blanket
Covering the troubles from you
Touching your fears like the bed
Gossiping with the sheets
Echoes of your heart.
I want to be your light
Guiding you through the night
Telling you I exist to chase your fears away
To right your wrong turns
To open your heart and let the love into mine.
I want to be your sound
Whispering past your ears, fixing words into your soul
Saying love, love, love. I want to be your sweet night love.

5. Reminiscent Nights

It is that time again
Where the cricket wakes to its morning
And the butterflies slowly disappear.
It is that time again
Where the clouds become same with darkness
And the waters warm with my love.
It is that time again
When my arms longs for you
My lips are hungry to feed into yours
It is that time again
When my love grows deeper
To break boundaries
It is that time again
When my memories remember only you
When my thoughts are with a sun of you
It is that time again
When I say what I always say
But from the heart.
I love you baby even tonight.

6. When The Whole World Sleeps

During the dark time of the day
I know it is night for me to find alone
To think of the kisses of the day
To wish to be held by this time.
When the world sleeps, you come in my dreams
Always showing the deep part of your heart
Telling of love
Whispering of laughter.
I want our shadows to feel each other
Let their weight be felt like you’re here
Come to me so we make magic happen
As I call you my girl
The light of my world.

7. Dusk

As the night skies keep the stars in sigh
My soul has become with yours a romantic light
To think of you is a curtain in my wind
When on my mind is you I find.
To be with you is always a desire
So I love and feel as I try to retire.
The moon is just a phase to rid me your face
I know its radiance will heal this solace.
The easiness of this feeling makes me smile
And how I want this to last longer than a while.
This cool breeze brings thoughts so lovely
Knitted in my mind to look beautiful.
To this night that homes my silent night
Know that I want you to have a goodnight.

8. When Night Finds Us

In the midst of all we sought
In love or sweetness.
I didn’t think twice about you
You became a wonderful story
That the night aches to tell
With sweet candles or fun
Love notes dispersed
I like the water that holds us tight
So we flow in this love
Emotions outpoured and fears found
We are imperfect to live but flawlessly in love.
When night finds us
Let us be wrapped tight in each other’s arms.
Let us love willingly.

9. The Warmness Of The Night

I have tried to express my feelings
In the waking of the day.
I have caressed your face in the heat of today,
Most times at night I feel the flutter of my heart.
I have always shone you how I feel
It is like how proud the moon sits for the skies
And the stars are in the splendor of my emotions
Tickling the skies
And showering light to those finding the dark.

I always made a beautiful decision
Of making a life with you,
No stutters find my heart
No matter the blackness of the night.
Just so this night
Know it is not different from what I have always said
I will love you in the morning or at night.
I will let your emotions show me the light.

10. To The Glowing Moon

I have given my whispers to the wind
To wish you a good night with love.
I miss the beginning of today
When our lips talked with one another.

To the glowing moon
I see a reflection of your beauty
A soft teary eye hosts your image
And wish my hands would touch you.

To the glowing moon
I say it how my heart prays for it
For your arms to envelope into mine.
For our hearts to beat and lie side by side.

Good night poems for her
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11. You are only mine

Mine forever, that’s true.
You and no other, that too.
I don’t mind giving my everything to you.
To secure and protect you, girl.
You are always on my mind.
Even when there’s no cloud left in the night.
Oh girl! You are only mine.
Goodnight, my baby.

12. Goodnight Kisses

You are my sunshine
You are my moonlight
The one that lights up my beaten-up body.
That the stars in your eyes
Are forever a guide
To my wandering heart.
If you don’t mind, beautiful,
Receive my goodnight kiss to you
With bursts of joy
For me, darling.

13. I Wish We Were Together Tonight

We can face time, We can talk all night But all I want is to hug you and let you know,
That you mean the world to me.
We can tweet or talk on Facebook,
But I wish I could give you endless kisses.
We could Instagram and we could text,
But more than anything, I wish we could cuddle
And snuggle all night with no shred of worry.
Goodnight, princess.

14. Strength

Your eyes call on me
To hang on for dear life.
You know I have been through hell;
Made it back safely in your arms
Where serenity lies,
And strength,
The energy that envelops
From your eyes.
I won’t bail on you.
Goodnight, honey.

15. A Lovely Poem

From the onset
I made it clear to myself
That I will never be elsewhere
But with this one, I cherish it with all my heart.
Even if circumstances threaten my decision,
They will fail woefully
Because I have got my goodnight kisses
As a backup plan,
Well-packaged and sent through this lovely poem.
I hope you’ll love them.

16. You Are The Love Of My Life

As I lie here in my bed,
I can’t help but think about you
With a broad smile plastered on my face.
Because I feel thankful and lucky.
To call you the love of my life.
I won’t promise you the world
But I promise to be next to you
All the days of my life.
Goodnight and I love you.

17. Never Let You Go

The day I met you
Was the day I swore
To never let you go.
So much about you
Gives me joy, peace
And hope that someday
I will have you to hold and to cherish.
Before my dream comes true,
Have a good night, babe.

18. Thank You

You are the one whom my heart beats for
The one who makes my heart pound a little harder
And my breath fall a little shorter
I would wish for nothing more in the whole wide world
Than to be in your arms forever. I am not ashamed about what we have
Thank you for everything
Goodnight, my dear.

19. Funny Heart

I have a funny heart
That knows no shame
As it beats ferociously
And flutters its wings excitedly
To the wind of your presence.
In your tenderness,
You could suggest a heart check
To keep safe.
But I am fine
If not better
With my funny heart.
Goodnight, my dearest.

20. Making My Life Worth

Thank you
For making my life worth every heartbeat.
Thank you
For making my love your muse.
Thank you
For your heart is so tender and true
Nothing compares to it.
Goodnight, sweetheart.

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21. Seasons

Summer leaves
Broad and happy.
Winter ice
Bright and classy.
You, my baby
Fun and pretty
Are much more than seasons
And reasons.
I love you
For whom you are.

22. You Are The Perfect One

Did I tell you
That my breath gets caught in my throat
Whenever you smile while making gestures with your slender hands?
Are you aware
That there’s a certain pull
You have on me
Whenever you pronounce my name?
I may not have an exhaustive explanation to the tricks my heart play
Whenever you are with me
But I’m sure
Love has a hand in them.
Goodnight! You are the perfect one.

23. Calmness Of The Night

If anyone wants to behold natural, unfeigned beauty,
Let him have a peek
At your reposing face.
In the calmness of the night,
Your loveliness causes uncontrollable stirs
Deep in the pit of my stomach.
Enjoy a beautiful sleep, my princess.

24. If I Were Your Blanket

I wish I were your blanket,
So I could cuddle with you all night. I wish I was a pillow,
So you would rest your head on me
If I were your pajamas, you’d hug me so tight
I wish I could be your sheets
Just to tug with you all night long
But since I can’t be any of these things
I hope to dream with you every day,
Just to wake up in a happy mood every morning.
Sending warm goodnight kisses to you.

25. We Make The Perfect Team

I know I don’t express my feelings quite well
But that doesn’t mean I don’t cherish or value what we have
I am a typical guy that’s too afraid to say how much you brighten my life
I feel more than lucky to be called yours
In so many ways, I don’t think I deserve someone so perfect
But I know we make the perfect team
I love you and have a splendid night ahead.

26. The Warmth Of The Night

I tried to convey my feelings.
The first day of the new day.
In the heat of today’s heat, I have touched your face.
My heart flutters most nights at night.
You have always been my light.
It’s like the moon sitting proudly in the sky
The stars are in my emotional splendor
Checking the skies
It is a way of bringing light to the darkness.
I always made a beautiful decision
To make a new life together.
My heart is free from stutters
It doesn’t matter how dark the night is.
Just as this night
It isn’t different from what I have always stated
You will be my love every day, morning and night.
Your emotions will show me the way.
— Unknown

27. Sleep Well, My Darling

Sleep well, that’s all you have to do.
Not for me, not for anyone else,
but only for you.
The world has not been kind to anyone,
not to mothers or daughters,
nor fathers nor sons.
It has been a rather tough sequence of days,
but seeing your rise through all the pain,
all the hardship, even when you feel the weight of the Earth upon your very shoulders,
has given us all hope for a new day.
But for now, you must sleep well.
The troubles that plague you
vanish in the land of dreams.
So sleep well, for the morning bears chances anew.
— Unknown

28. Goodnight, My Princess

Goodnight, my princess.
Goodnight, my every hue.
Goodnight, my moon and stars above.
Goodnight, my darling, true.
Goodnight, my universe,
My everything and more.
Goodnight, my trusted faithful,
And hark to hear the score.
Goodnight, my beautiful,
And trust my words are true
For lest the sun rise suddenly,
I’ll start to write of you.
Goodnight, my single only,
For it is to you whom I have swore
Never to lie, never to cheat,
Never to late return.
Goodnight, my dearest sunshine,
‘Till dawn shall bring us to,
And dream of me, my p rincess,
As I shall dream of you.
— Lark Train, hellopoetry.com

29. A Growing Excitement

My journal holds stories of these feeling
Hallucinating my mind to deep love
I swim under the ocean of your timidity
To watch the moon, drown in oceans.
Your absence stir more unheard words
The wits cannot bring me to term with night
To understand the uprising in my heart
To dig in shallow tears that come real.
I want you to be here
Through the absence of the sun
And the presence of loneliness
Shake it off my blanket
And wrap myself in you.
In this night I have a story
And it begins like this
I love you baby
Good night, my love.
— Unknown

30. Goodnight

A woman returns home after a long day,
tired, haggard, but still smiling,
knowing the good she has done today.
She has done all she needed to do,
her work exceptional, top-notch.
A lot of good she has done,
for herself and the others in her life.
Finally, the night has come,
now you’d think she’d finally rest.
She, however, takes more time out of her day,
for those who need it.
Checking on her friends,
making sure they’re okay,
ready and willing to listen
to anything they have to say.
A truly selfless woman she is,
giving so much to others.
It is finally time for her to think of herself,
so rest well, and goodnight
— Unknown

31. Home at Night

Where do I sleep if you’re not there?
The moon is high up in the sky
It is far from my reach
The stars are travelling across the sky
While I blow wishes that you should be close.
Where do I sleep if you are far?
My night has begun to ache with sadness
The darkness becomes a misery
I wish my tears would not find alone.
If you do read these words my baby
Then know it is no good night without you.
— Unknown

32. Good Night, My Love!

I am saying good night, it’s so hard to do,
you are not here with me, but many miles away,
My heart is empty, and lonely inside,
As I wipe my tears, falling from my face.
I close my eyes, while going to sleep,
with sadness inside, I begin to weep.
I remember suddenly, what you said to me,
Just meet me in the clouds, we’ll enjoy the ride.
When distance is a task, it can keep us apart,
Remember, I still hold you, close to my heart.
we will float through the clouds, till the miles are gone,
Just close your eyes, we’ll pretend we’re together.
I can see the clouds, oh, how beautiful they are,
I sit and wait, with hope in my heart,
one day we will be, together, for ever.
Good night my love, I’ll be dreaming of you!
— David L Yearwood

33. Goodnight Needs

Goodnight, my sweet love
I am truly so very very tired
and one thing I so need is my lady here
in my arms snuggling and kissing for awhile.
I want and need you here to end the day
to talk to and read with while I hold you near.
I so need you my one and only love
because you are my everything my sweet angel dove.
I need you to give all my love to dear
and to give us both deep comfort
as we feel safe and deeply heal.
Goodnight my love, I truly miss you so very bad
and I need you here to look in your eyes
as I tell you that you’re rad.
Goodnight babe and know I truly love you
more than anything in heaven or on this earth.
I need you because you are my best friend
and true love with whom this bond
means more than all riches in the universe combined.
I need you to hold so close as I
lay down here and give you kisses oh so sweet.
I need to give you closeness sharing myself
to show you how much I truly trust my Angel love,
I need you because you give me hope and light
and all I want is to give all that to you too.
Goodnight babe I so love you and just want you here
to have and hold.
Goodnight babe I so need you because my heart aches
to have you next to me as I open up in full
and it sings so proudly just for you.
Goodnight dear I need you near because
I want you to know truly how great you are
and that you are so truly cared for and deeply loved.
You are beautiful a rare and precious jewel
I so admire and I just need you here
so you can have all the love you’ve so desired.
I love you babe and just want you here with me
so we can share the most wonderful times
together through the joyous life we’ve so desired.
I need you my precious darling because you are my queen
and through my true love I want to serve you
making you so proud and truly happy.
— Michael P. McParland

34. Goodnight and Sweetdreams

Goodnight and sweetdreams, I whisper in your ear
Goodnight and sweetdreams, as you sleep so near
Goodnight and sweetdreams, and wish you could hear
Goodnight and sweetdreams, my love so dear
You fall asleep, so safe and sound
You fall asleep, with love abound
You fall asleep, so happy and free
You fall asleep, right beside me
When you wake, I be right there
When you wake, there wont be a nightmare
When you wake, your lips will touch mine
When you wake, We will have our time
Goodnight and sweetdreams, you then say to me
Goodnight and sweetdreams, and I will dream free
Goodnight and sweetdreams, for there you I will see
Goodnight and sweetdreams, as we lay as happy as can be
— Namir Massachusetts

35. Good-Night Poem

Good-night? ah! no; the hour is ill
Which severs those it should unite;
Let us remain together still,
Then it will be good night.
How can I call the lone night good,
Though thy sweet wishes wing its flight?
Be it not said, thought, understood –
Then it will be – good night.
To hearts which near each other move
From evening close to morning light,
The night is good; because, my love,
They never say good-night.
— Percy Bysshe Shelley

36. If I’m Alive When You Say Goodnight

If this is how I feel
Then it must be real
I can’t explain how my mind runs
If I’m still alive
When you say goodnight
Then my life has just begun
I’m climbing across the room
Bracing the monsoon
That’s gonna take me down
And if I’m still alive
When you say goodnight
Then I hope you stay around
I’m perfect. No I’m not
I’m happy with that
I think it’s better to change yourself
You’ll never be the same
You can even change your name
But I can always be myself
Around you
— Jordan Rowan, hellopoetry.com

37. Smiling with the Stars

During the hours I wish for us
I pray it is not the night
For I would pluck every star in the sky
Searching for which holds your resemblance.
The pillows bear me witness
Every night tales with my tears
Never ceasing to wish and want to see my angel
I love you like the closing of the evening.
Tonight I smile with the moon
Hoping my hands can touch the stars
To tickle me into dreams with you
During such a night, a very good night.
— Unknown

38. Goodnight, My Love

Just wanted to say to you my dear,
Goodnight and please sleep tight,
I will talk to you tomorrow,
But as for now please pretend i’m there,
Please just hold me tight,
Have the sweetest of dreams,
Know that i love you,
Now I must slumber,
I will fantasize and dream about you my prince,
Feel free to invade my head anytime you wish,
I will always be here with you,
Goodnight to the sweetest heart out there,
May all your sweet dreams come true lover dear.
– Skye Rhiannon

39. Coming Closer

So in this world
Nothing comes closer to my heart
Like you my sweet angel.
You have a way with words around me
They stir me up at night
And put me to wake to dreams
I see you all night
Closer to my heart
Touching my dreams
And clouding my thoughts
My sweet nightingale.
I love every moment with you
Even to times where you are absent
Like night.
Come closer each night
Bring along with you your heart
Let me feel the rhythm
Let me dance to this love
As I wish you goodnight.
— Unknown

40. Sleep Tight, My Dearest Wife

Sleep tight, my dearest wife
May your dreams be filled with love and life
May the peace of the night surround you
And the stars above shine upon you
As you close your eyes and drift away
May you feel my love with you always
For you are my shining star
Guiding me through life, no matter where we are
With each breath you take, I am in awe
Of the grace and beauty that you draw
Into your very being, filling your heart and soul
With a radiance that makes me whole
As you lay there, with gentle sleep
I count my blessings, how lucky I am to keep
You by my side, to share this life
To cherish each other, as husband and wife
So rest easy, my love, and know
That wherever you are, I will go
To be with you through thick and thin
To love you now, and forever, again and again
Sleep tight, my dearest wife
May you awake to another day bright
With love, peace, and happiness galore
And know that my love for you will always soar.
— Unknown

41. While You Sleep…

Your adorable snores fill the air,
I hope your dreams are soft and pleasant
Don’t mind me, continue to rest,
for the night was dark and deep.
There are many things I need to do,
all while you sleep.
I hope you don’t notice me gone,
I’m just in the kitchen, slaving over the stove,
making your favorite meal.
I hope the sweet aroma awakes you,
but don’t wake just yet.
The tea still needs to steep,
and I have many things I need to do,
all while you sleep.
I have to run to the store,
and shop for your gift.
You deserve to be spoiled,
you’ve been doing so well these past few weeks.
I hope this present I have for you,
will give your spirits a lift.
I’m back home now.
Don’t worry, I won’t make a peep,
but I’m so excited for you to see
all that awaits you, while you sleep.
— Unknown

42. Shine Bright Like Stars

Those shimmering stars have nothing on you
Nothing can replicate your aura
Not the night can define your beauty.
This night only defines my loneliness
Like the radiance revolving the moon.
I pray morning knocks soon
So we see to break the silence of the night.
The cool morning breeze
The soft falling dew
The stream of sun
All these are reminders of you
Especially at night.
I love how we always love with no template
Like the moon does with the night.
— Unknown

43. Good Night, My Life

Your voice is my heart’s solace
Your touch is my soul’s happiness
Your love sets my life’s pace
Your beautiful smile is priceless
Your kisses make my heart race
You are nothing less than a princess
My heart is your special place
Life without you is just worthless.
— Unknown

Short Goodnight Poems For Her

Does she like messages of endearment to be short, simple, and meaningful? Don’t worry, we have some poems for her here to bring out your affection.

44. Without Choices

Like a life without choices
A painter without brushes
Flowers without fragrances;
A musician without his voice
A poet without his words,
That’s how I feel without you my love.
I miss you dearly.
Goodnight, my lady!

45. Embrace The Night

There’s no mountain too high
No valley too low
To stop my short goodnight message
From catching you as you hit your bed on your pillow.
It reads,
“Darling, embrace the precious night. I’m right here with you.”

46. You Make Me Happy

As the moon glows
And the stars twinkle
All I can think of
Is how pretty and divine you are
You drive me crazy
And it makes me happy
Goodnight Sweetheart.

47. Everything For You

When I sing,
I sing for you.
When I dance,
You’ve got my twists and thrusts.
When I moan,
It is for your pleasure, baby.
You mean the world to me.

48. Sweetheart

The only way all will be alright
Is if I can hold you tight
Never letting go
Never exhaling
Until I am filled to the brim
With all of you, sweetheart.

49. A Blissful Goodnight

Experience and time
Didn’t take away
The magic of our union
We are meant for each other
Through thick and thin.
I don’t have to be far off
To write you a blissful goodnight wish.
Goodnight, my darling.

50. Precious

The world, they say,
Is for those,
Who have power
Oil, Gold, Diamonds.
But they haven’t met you, precious!
Goodnight, babe.

51. Night

Until the dark loses its stars
And the moon loses its light
There will be a sweet goodnight in my heart.
The fire within me burns fiercely
As you kiss my forehead lightly
Sleep well, my queen.

52. My Wish

If I could just set my eyes right now
On your lovely face
I would have no other wish
Then to stay that way, transfixed.

53. Good Night Honey

Dreams do come true
For the eyes that flip open to see.
Sleep well, honey,
And wake up to meet our reality
From where we stopped.

54. Forever

Cakes and pies
Chocolates and candies
All have sugar
But none is as sweet
As the taste of your lips.
I’m honored to be called yours.
And mine you will be forever.

55. Us

In the end,
All that will make waves is,
You and me together
As we move mountains
And spring forth from valleys.
It’s our time, baby
To be us, nothing holds us back.

56. Sleep Tight

Look no further, babe
For the one, you seek after
Is awake and sound
Miles away,
Bearing words of comfort
That your night may be
Soft and splendid.

57. Be Safe

We are counting in hours
Before the night pushes its heavy self
Into the face of the earth.
Be safe for me, my love.
It’s just a goodnight,
And never adieu.

58. I am Always There For You

You are my dearest lover
My soulmate without a doubt.
Whenever you need me
I am only a turn away.

59. Never Stop Loving Me

The light of your love
Pierces through the eyes of darkness
That stare mockingly into my soul.
It reflects,
And bounces off my terror.
Never stop loving me, baby.

60. Love Of My Life

With sleep in my eyes
And a heart full of love
I set my fingers steady
To text the love of my life
Have the sweetest night, my love.

61. Distance

The distance between us
Does us good as neighbors
But is the strongest enemy
To our passionate affair.
I wish things were different
But I guess we will make do
With seeing each other
From the inception of dawn.
Goodnight, my heart.

62. Mine forever

My eyes finally saw a glimpse of heaven
My heart finally discovered its desire I will never say goodbye
Neither will I depart your side
Only saying goodnight,
And that I cherish you for being mine forever.

When you're in love, you forget the world
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63. Eternity

I miss you
So much it melts my heart
You are gone
Just for a night
And it feels like an eternity.
Can’t you return tomorrow,
For my virtual goodnight kiss tonight
To be the last ever?

64. Wants

I want to tell you
That I want to be a part of your night
To be wanted by you
And to live like the wants of my lover.
Will you oblige me the honor?

65. Bring You Home

I have a dream
That one day
I will bring you home
With your express permission, of course!
To experience what it feels like
Having a beautiful woman under my sheets.
Good night, darling.

66. Feeling of love

The feeling of being loved,
That calmness in the air,
Your wonderful company when I am missing
Is really and truly rear
At this night, feeling so blue
Because I want you beside me
As I truly love you!
Wish you a good night!
— Unknown

67. You’ve Marked Me

I miss you more than words express.
You’ve marked me and claimed my heart.
I think of you night and day and wish
I could see your sweet face and eyes.
As you fall asleep tonight, my dear, please
Hold me tight in your dreams and when you
Awaken in morning’s light my love, just know
You’re my treasured queen.
— Unknown

68. A Good Night

Close now thine eyes and rest secure;
Thy soul is safe enough, thy body sure;
He that loves thee, He that keeps
And guards thee, never slumbers, never sleeps.
The smiling conscience in a sleeping breast
Has only peace, has only rest;
The music and the mirth of kings
Are all but very discords, when she sings;
Then close thine eyes and rest secure;
No sleep so sweet as thine, no rest so sure.
— Francis Quarles

69. We are grateful

Thank you for making my life worthwhile.
We are grateful
To make my love your muse.
We are grateful
Your heart is so tender, and your truth is so true
It is unlike anything else.
Goodnight, sweetheart.
— Unknown

70. Night brings fun

Night brings in a soothing feeling,
The feeling when I remember you a lot,
From my most pleasant thought,
I remember you a lot,
Wish you were in my arms
Wish you were with me now
Just want to say that I love you a lot
Wishing you a good night!
— Unknown

71. Sweet Dreams, My Angel

As we go sleep, sweet dreams my angel, and good night,
You have totally turned my life upside down;
If I had not met you, I don’t know where I would be.
Your thoughts are always with me, you are the love of my life and I will always cherish you.
As you place your head on the pillow, I wish you sweet dreams, my angel.
May you sleep like a baby, and may your dreams come true.
— Unknown

72. Goodnight, My Love

Just wanted to say to you my dear,
Goodnight and please sleep tight,
I will talk to you tomorrow,
But as for now please pretend i’m there,
Please just hold me tight,
Have the sweetest of dreams,
Know that i love you,
Now I must slumber,
I will fantasize and dream about you my prince,
Feel free to invade my head anytime you wish,
I will always be here with you,
Goodnight to the sweetest heart out there,
May all your sweet dreams come true lover dear.
— Rosie Cheek Kisses, hellopoetry.com

73. Accept the Night

There is no mountain too high
There is no valley too low
To end my brief goodnight message
Your eyes will be caught as soon as you lie down on your back.
It says,
“Darling! Take the precious Night in your arms. “I’m right there with you.”
— Unknown

74. There is no end

There is no end to dreams,
Because they are endless with time,
At the night when I think about you
I forget all my fright
Your name is enough to make me smile
At this night and all the while
Baby missing you so much,
Wishing you a good night!
— Unknown

75. Serenade for My Beloved

In the silence of the night,
I serenade my sweet delight.
With whispered words and gentle touch,
I let her know I love her much.
As stars twinkle in the sky,
I hold her close and softly sigh.
For in her arms is where I find,
Peace and love, all intertwined.
— Unknown

76. My sweet angel

Good night my sweet angel,
Have a wonderful night,
Do think about me tonight
So, what if I am out of sight
Still I am missing you tonight
Just want to wish you through
That you have a wonderful night,
Good night!
— Unknown

77. Get to Sleep

Do not look any further, babe!
You seek the one you are looking for
Is he awake and sound
Miles away,
Comfortable words
Your night could be unforgettable
Beautiful and soft.
—— Unknown

78. No Matter Where I Go

No matter where I go
I carry you in my heart
Mountains regardless
And the deepest forms of the oceans notwithstanding
I bear you in my heart
Never letting go of you for any pain
Determined to share the gains
Of staying put for you.
Goodnight, honey.
— Unknown,

79. Just as perfect

Just a perfect way to tell you
That I truly love you
What better than this silent night
Thinking about you tonight
Sleep well my dear
As tomorrow will bring a new cheer
Wishing you a good night!
Sleep tight!
— Unknown

80. No Options

A life without options
Without brushes, a painter is nothing
Flowers without fragrances
A musician who doesn’t have a voice
Without his words, a poet is nothing.
This is how I feel without you, my love.
I miss you dearly.
Good night, my lady!
— Unknown

81. It Doesn’t Seem Right

Why do I lose you to the dark, cold night and
The call of your bed’s dreamy depths?
It doesn’t seem right I’m not there with you
Keeping you warm by myself.
I’ll be your blanket and pull you in close
And feel the sweet beat of your heart.
But for now, it seems that all I can do
Is wish you a tender goodnight.
— Unknown

82. Goodnight

I would write
a thousand rhymes
a thousand times
if my words could chime
through your mind
to remind
you to unwind
when your mind is upright
theres no need to fight
turn off your light
and dont invite
your thoughts tonight
Goodnight, my love.
— Addy Henderson, hellopoetry.com

83. To My Dearest

To envelop you with the good spirits
That bring only sweet dreams.
Just for you, baby,
The night whispers into your ears
Songs unheard by common ears
To lull my dearest to sleep
For she needs to match the morrow’s challenges
With the strength from a restful sleep.
Good night.
— Unknown

84. Bring it home

I have a vision of my dream
This is the one-day
I will take you home
Of course, with your permission!
It’s possible to feel it!
A beautiful woman to sleep under my sheets.
Good night, darling.
— Unknown

85. Goodnight

Goodnight my love,
Even though the moon’s
Greeting comes
to separate us,
I will always love you.
Our bond that was
Formed by Fate
Can never be broken
Because with each
Setting sun
You enter
My dawdling mind
And my heart begins
To sing songs
Like the birds of
early morn.
— Kale, hellopoetry.com

86. I wish I could

I wish I could just come and hug you tight,
I wish that I could see you tonight,
I can feel your love in this silence,
In this awesome lovely night
Baby, I am missing you so much
And waiting for your touch
To feel the night
Wishing you a good night!
Sleep tight!
— Unknown

Funny Goodnight Poems For Her

Want to make her laugh as she sleeps and uplift her mood? Send her these funny but lovely poems of adoration and relieve all her day stress.

87. Meet Me In The Dreams

Good night and sleep well!
Hope you have dreams as sweet as I am!
As cute as my face is.
And as adorable as the person I am.
I know I am so charming that you can’t stop thinking about me
But just sleep now to meet me in the dreams.

88. Night Time

Don’t waste night time thinking about your lost past.
Don’t waste night time planning your future.
Better kill some mosquitoes with that time
So that you can sleep better. Good Night.

89. Are You Asleep?

Hey you, Yes you darling, holding the phone.
You are asleep? No? Ok, good.
Cause I want to say good night before your eyelashes hug each other tightly.

90. Be My Wife

I send you bouquets of flowers
To decorate your room with.
Here are bars of chocolates
To drive away pangs of hunger
If you are still bent on seeing the flowers and chocolates
Wait till morning to buy them yourself.
Good night, twinkle star!
Before I would be able to fully enjoy the morning and afternoon in your company
The killjoy night emerges with much forcefulness
To grab you home.
How I wish I have made you my wife already
Just to shame the selfish night.
Please be my wife soon.
Good night, dear.

Propose to her in earnest
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91. Guardian Angel

Send me a text if a nightmare kicks in and you cannot sleep at night.
I will be your guardian angel.
Have a great time sleeping, dear.

92. Sleep Tight

The sun is red, the sky is blue, I cannot stay happy, without disturbing you.
Nights are black, and milk is white, this line means nothing.
I wish you sleep tight.
Goodnight, my love.

93. I Fell For You With My Phone

Oops! Ouch, I fell from the bed
Trying to reach for my phone just to say sweet dreams to you
I fell for you with my phone, and now we are fallen-things in love with you.
Good night and sleep tight.

94. Sweet Dreams Airlines

Welcome to Sweet Dreams airlines.
We’ll be shortly arriving at Dreamland.
Fasten blankets, puff the pillow, close your eyes and get ready to doze off!
Good Night!

95. Just Kidding

Good night!
May you be safe from the ghost under your bed!
Also, don’t look at the window at night.
There may be something!
I am just kidding, my love!
Have a sweet dream, my love!

96. Habit

Let the most beautiful dream come to you tonight
Let the sweetest person come in your dream tonight
But don’t make it a habit
Because I’m not free every night
Good Night!

97. Original

A very original good night wish
only for you beware of cheap duplicates
I’m the only authorized dealer for good night wishes.
Good night, Sweet dreams!

98. Breaking All Rules

This night is not ending,
You must be mistaken.
There’s no way you would leave me
Alone and forsaken.
The sky may be dark and
The sun has gone down.
But you and I cannot part
Just because it’s not sound.
Expectations and rules don’t
Apply in our case.
And it’s not that you have
You father to face.
So let’s not say goodnight,
Let’s not waste the hours
Come and dance with me
In the bright moonlight showers.
— Unknown

99. Have a Lovely Night

I am waiting for you on Facebook chat,
And I waiting for Whatsapp status
To know when you will be online
I know that you have dined
So, baby come and we will chat all night
So, that I forget about the night
The night will be great because of you
I won’t feel the blue
Baby come along and miss me
I am waiting for that scene
Good night
Have a lovely night!
— Unknown

100. Unbearable

I cannot bear to say goodnight,
So I’ll simply leave you with this:
Being with you is more than joy,
It’s simply perfect bliss.
Tomorrow I know I’ll see you again,
But while we wait just know,
That as I sleep and dream of you,
I’m kissing your big toe.
— Unknown

101. I’m here to help you with your phone

Oops! Ouch!
I am reaching for my phone to wish you sweet dreams.
I fell in love with your phone, and we are falling in Love with You.
Good night, and rest well
— Unknown

Note: The poems in this collection are not original works of MomJunction but have been sourced from various authors. No claim of ownership is being made by us. Credit has been given wherever the details were available. If you are the original author of any poem and wish to have it credited or removed, please contact us. We value the creative rights of authors and will address your request promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a good night poem unique and memorable?

Using vivid and evocative imagery, a musical rhyme with a flow, harmony, balance, spiritual relatability, reassuring or contemplative words, and emotional resonance with the reader can make a nocturne poem unique and memorable.

2. How can good night poems be customized to fit the personality and preferences of the recipient?

Customize good night stanzas in terms of language, tone, length, and form of presentation. The language and vocabulary used in the psalm can match her interests, linguistic proficiency, or personality. The tone can be lighthearted, humorous, romantic, creative, dreamy, reflective, or introspective. The poems may be in haiku form or longer and more rhythmic based on whether they are presented as a letter, a card of salutation, handwritten note, or as part of a gift.

3. How do I choose the right poem for my significant other?

Contemplate her likes and preferences, and seek suggestions online and from friends to pick a personalized poem that aligns with her personality and interests.

4. Are there any specific themes or styles of poetry that are particularly effective for good night poems?

Choose poems that make you feel calm and peaceful, such as the ones inspired by nature, quietness, or love. Further, poems that sound gentle and flow smoothly are perfect for a night, as they can create a sense of comfort and tranquility.

5. Should I write my poem or choose one that has already been written?

If you want to add a personal touch to your poem, you may write your own poem. But choosing an existing poem can work equally well if you find a poem that captures the emotions perfectly.

6. How often should I send good night poems to my significant other?

Although it depends on personal preferences and relationship dynamics, sending a thoughtful poem once or twice a week can be an excellent way to demonstrate your love and care.

7. Should I follow any etiquette when sending good-night poems?

Consider the depth of your relationship and comfort levels with the recipient. Respect their boundaries and preferences and know the right time to send a poem. Keep your poem concise, and use sweet and sincere words to convey your intentions effectively.

Writing or sending goodnight odes for her could be a wonderful way to conclude your day while allowing her yearning for you as she is captivated by your writings. These poems will keep you in her thoughts all night and may even inspire her to dream about you. You may send any of the poems listed above, or you can get some inspiration to create a personalized poem. So, build a long-lasting romance, and keep the spark of devotion alive with these sweet poems.

Infographic: How To Make Your Poems Leave An Emotional Mark On Her

A poem to remind her of your love before she dozes off to sleep is a great idea. We can help you make it even more romantic for her. So explore the different ways you can give her your thoughtful poem to comfort and fill her with your love at the end of a long tiring day.

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The distance can do nothing when you feel togetherness in your hearts. Watch this video to enjoy a fascinating poem about the special one in your life.

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