35 Heart Touching Goodbye Poems For Friends

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Friends are like lifelines. But bidding goodbye to them is the hardest part that one has to confront. During such junctures, this post on goodbye poems for friends can come in handy for you and help you express your feelings and gratitude towards them. Such close friends might belong from our school days, colleges, or neighborhood. And, one day or the other, you might have to bid farewell to them.

However, that does not mean that the friendship you share is ending. It is just apprehension of meeting them again. So, read on for our curated collection of poems on goodbye and share them with your friends.

35 Goodbye Poems For Friends

These heart-warming goodbye poems for friends will let you know that friends can be friends, irrespective of the distance.

1. Goodbye, My Dearest Friend

The hardest part of any friendship
is when it is time to say goodbye,
and even though I wished I could make you stay,
I know I have to let you spread your wings and fly.

For life is a journey that needs to be traveled,
and I am certain you’ll make it through.
I just want you to know and never forget
that I will surely miss you.

So follow your heart and never give up,
as dreams and wishes do come true.
I know that someday we’ll meet again,
so never forget I will be praying for you.”

—Leilani Hermosa Petersen

2. Never Part

“When I saw you
in the hall,
I knew you would
be the best of all.

I talked to you for
the very first time,
you ended up being
my partner in crime.

When you cry
I’m going to cry too,
because the pain
is shared between me and you.

Since we’re going
a different way,
don’t be sad because
in my heart you will stay

Miles apart
but friends from the start,
I know in my heart
we will never part.

—Bailee Simler

3. For A Friend Forever

Though it’s only been a short while,
I’ve never had a friend like you,
But soon you will be leaving me,
And I don’t know what to do.
Your love and understanding
Have brought me new hope.
I wish that I could keep you here,
Tied to me with a rope.
Why do you choose to leave me?
I ask with confusion and pain.
Don’t let me go back to feeling alone.
When will I see you again?
The miles soon stretched between us.
What will happen to this bond?
Will we reunite to find
That this special tie is gone?
So many questions I have.
My heart filled with fear,
Dreading you will leave me
And never shed a tear,
Unlike this desperate aching
In my heart that won’t let go,
Which leads me now to tell you
Something you must know.
The friendship you have given me,
The joy you bring my soul
Has filled me with such strength
And love once unforetold.
How can it be so short?
This time we’ve spent together.
I thought you would remain here
And love me ’til forever.
Sadly, wishful thinking
As I now have come to see,
But remember please this thought
When you think of me.
We may soon be separated,
But I’ll remember just the same.
Forever in my heart
Is where you will remain.
I wish that when you leave
We’d remain the best of friends.
You’ll be in my thoughts
‘Till I see you again.
How can I say goodbye?
No words, just tears fall
From my eyes and sobbing heart
That knows you after all.
The hours spent together
Will soon dwindle down to few,
Forcing me to let go
And start this year anew
Without you here to talk to.
Searching for a friendly face
That knows all too well
They can never be replaced.

—Sandra Rosene

4. Dear Friend

Dear friend, ’tis hard to say farewell,
And harder yet it is to tell,
In parting words, how strong the tie
We sever now in this good-bye.

We all shall miss thy gentle grace.
Thy willing hand and cheerful face;
No other friend thy place can fill.
Though absent we shall claim thee still;

God bless the work thou hast begun,
And guard thee in the years to come.
And when thy heart is weary, or alone.

—Grinnell Willis

5. Goodbye To You My “Friend”

We said we would be friends together until the end,
You said you would always be my best friend,
Then you stabbed me in the back,
Now we’ve lost everything we had.
I thought of you as my friend,
I treated you as my sister,
Then I come to find,
You are one big disaster.
I hid my pain from everyone,
Trying to fake everything was fine,
I guess this was a sign,
That we should break our line.
I was there for you when you needed me the most,
But when I needed your help,
You treated me like a ghost.
Now our friendship has come to an end,
I don’t think I’m ever going to mend,
But I’ll find someone to befriend,
Goodbye to you my ex-friend.

—Denise Sarion

6. Moving Day

Today I come to say goodbye
I will miss you, I can’t deny
But as I move to another town
Leaving you makes me frown.

I will stay in touch, I promise that
I will call you often and we will chat.
It won’t be the same I know
But we can call and say hello.

So I won’t say goodbye, I’ll say so long
You’re a friend indeed, one who is lifelong
The bonds we share will never break
We will keep in touch, there is no mistake.

—Catherine Pulsifer

7. Through The Years

You helped me laugh
You dried my tears
Because of you, I have no fears
Together we live
Together we grow
Teaching each other what we must know
You came in my life and I was blessed
I love you, friend
You are the best
Release my hand and say good-bye
Please, my friend, don’t you cry
I promise you this, it’s not the end.
‘Cause like I said, you’re my friend.


8. Gone

Emotions ran through my head.
I found myself wishing I was dead
All because you were moving away.
I knew I would never see you another day.

You got in your car and waved goodbye,
And then I was left all alone to cry.
I felt helpless and all alone.
I could only talk to you on the phone.

You were my neighbor and my best friend.
Why, oh why, did it have to end?
You made me so happy, so carefree.
You made it feel okay for me to be me.

It’s been almost a year since you moved away,
But it feels like it was only yesterday.
I remember everything you used to do.
It may seem impossible, but it’s true.

You were the best friend I ever had.
Now that you left me, I am beyond sad.
I love and I miss you more than you’ll ever know.
You’ve taught me so much, and I want to say thank you.

—Stephanie M. Wendorf

9. I Will Meet You There

We all go through life with the love of friends and family
Even though we know they will all leave us eventually
Never knowing where the future might lead you
No worries though, there is a future for them too
Because even if they’re not in front of you, they will always be in your heart
Nobody or nothing could tear a love like that apart
With that being said, my friend, you will always be with me
And when my time has come, I will meet you there, you will see
I know you are looking down on me now and then
Up in a place we like to call heaven
Make sure there is room for me when I get there
Just so that I know that you still care
I don’t know how long it will be before it is my time
So I’m letting you know with this little rhyme
That I will always be here, no matter where you are
You won’t even have to reach out to me because I will never be that far
Don’t ever fear because my love will forever send
And I will be by your side when my life comes to an end.

—Jennifer L. Timmons

10. Adieu!

Reader, “Adieu!” — I will not say “farewell!”
That word, full-fraught with sorrow as a knell,
Breathes forth a strain of sadness to mine ear,
And is too often mother to a tear!
“Adieu!” speaks hopeful that we yet may meet
And with each other hold communion sweet.
I thought that I have said doth give thee cheer
I’ve made a friend of thee — and friends are dear!
In this stern world of ours each friend we gain
Makes life sweeter, and helps to soothe life’s pain!
Remember, then, dear friend, before we part,
These simple strains are from a glowing heart
That seeks to find an echo to its voice
In the heart of thine — and, finding that, rejoice!

—John Imrie

11. Lucky Soul

I am such a lucky soul
To have friends as good as you
‘Cause when worries find their way to me
And I’m unsure what to do…

I just think of you and remember
Something you said or a story you told.
It makes me laugh and gives me joy
That you should be so bold.

You’ve taught me many things
That I did not know before,
Brought clarity, enlightenment,
That I must thank you for.

Your kindness is revered,
And this I have no doubt,
That we’ll be friends eternally
And that I cannot live without…

I admire you and that is why
For now it’s hard to part,
But it won’t be long that I’ll be gone,
And you’ll be in my heart.


12. Happy Be

Ever mayst thou happy be,
Life holds precious gifts for thee;
E’en if now a shadow lay
Around thy heart – ‘would pass away.
Ne’er forget the friend you leave
On Huron’s shore, and believe
Regretfully I part from thee.

—Eloise A. Skimings

13. To My Friend

I am so glad I met you.
Although our acquaintance wasn’t long,
You have made a big impact in my life.
It is thanks to you
That I’ve remained strong.
Your friendship means the world to me.
Believe me, it truly does,
And I just wanted you to know that
From me, you will always find love.
Now we are going our separate ways,
Maybe never to meet again.
As long as our friendship holds true,
Our connection will forever stand.
We may not have been best friends,
But that is just a title,
For the kind of friendship we do share
Is more active than it is idle.
I am going to miss you.
I know we said we would keep in touch,
But that is what everyone always says,
But it never seems to mean much.
So this is why I am telling you now
How much you truly mean to me,
Because anything could happen in the future,
Tomorrow is something I may never see.
Yes, I am going to miss you,
And I wish you the very best.
Please always try to remember
That you are truly blessed!

—Sarah R. Leavell

14. Goodbye, Best Friend

Things may change from this day on.
Here with us is where you belong.
Someone like you there is no other.
You’re the closest thing I have to a brother.

You have only been in my life for quite a short while,
But even when I’m down you seem to make me smile.
That place in my heart you will always stay.
Such good memories, they will never fade away.

The tears I shed, I shed for you,
But now it’s time to make your dreams come true.
For all the times you have helped me out,
A good future ahead of you, I have no doubt.

You gave me confidence, you gave me pride.
Even when you’re gone I’ll be by your side.
For all those fears in which we shared.
To say goodbye, I’m not prepared.

For you, I’ll hold my head up high,
Keep myself strong to say goodbye.
It may hurt, and I may cry.
I think to myself and I wonder why.

What we’ll do, I really don’t know.
All I know is I will never let go.
You’re a true friend, for that is true.
When I was down, I came to you.

I am so glad that we became friends,
But this isn’t where our journey ends.
The memories we have will last forevermore.
I will always love you, for that I’m sure.

Always in my heart and in my heart you will stay.
I can’t believe today’s the day.
You made me stronger, and that I believe,
But now it’s time to let you leave.

—Jaimie-Beth Faulkner

15. My Friend

We’re parting
Our ways,
But I’ll never
Forget you,
The day
When I had
First met you.
Over the years
We’ve been through thick and thin,
But I’ll never forget you,
My friend.
I love you,
Held you so close to my heart.
None above you
Drawn to you from the start.
I can’t believe
I’m leaving you,
But the love I’ve found
Was oh so true.
And I hope
It will never end.
I’ll miss you,
My friend.
We’re not on the
Same road,
But it doesn’t mean I’ll
Forget you.
I’ll still help
Carry the load
The only thing
I don’t regret is you.
Holding onto
What we have,
Just can’t
Let it go.
It’s just too special,
What we had,
And I just want
To let you know
That just because
We’re parting ways
Doesn’t mean
I’ll ever forget you.
The day
When I had first
Met you,
My friend.

—Shaquria Mckoy

16. Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is never easy
Actually, it makes me queasy
So let’s just say see ya later
Keep in touch by email or notepaper.
Goodbyes seem like the end
But we will always be friends
We may be separated by miles
Just say keep in touch and smile!

—Catherine Pulsifer

17. Goodluck, Friend

It’s sad to see you leave
But I wish you luck in wherever
you may be
I hope you remember our fond
memories of this town
Don’t forget to keep in touch
But I know you will anyway
Here’s a goodbye for now, friend.


18. Always Call You Friend

Though we have to say farewell
This won’t be the end.
I’ll think about you all the time
And always call you friend.
We’ll write, we’ll call, we’ll remember
and it won’t be so bad.
Our memories will help us smile
and we won’t feel so sad.

—Sheron J. Hendricks

19. See You Later

You have been tough, you’ve been caring, funny, daring, witty, entertaining
You’re a therapist, a trainer, a food and movie critic, partner in crime
You’ve been everything a person could ask for in a friend and more
I hate to see you go
But I know that you must
You’re moving on to a great big unknown
I’m so proud of you
And so glad you have a phone
So I won’t say goodbye
I’ll just say see you later, thanks for the memories!


20. Loved A Little While

And so we part in friendship, yes,
With neither pain nor bitterness,
And, unbewitched, we plainly see
The meaning of our comedy;
Yet this we know — and, knowing, smile,
At least we loved a little while!

The vows we made, the faith we swore
To love — and love forevermore,
Are quite forgot; we turn and go
Certain, that it is better so.
Yet though Romance cannot beguile,
At least we loved a little while.

Because you loved me, I have known
A world I could not find alone,
And from my love did you not gain
A glimpse of palaces in Spain?
What if we missed the Blissful Isle,
At least we loved a little while.

Good-by — upon your brow I press
The kiss of faithful friendliness,
For though we part from sorrow free,
We lived a space in Arcady,
And we can whisper, with a smile,
“At least we loved a Little While!”

—Berton Braley

21. Good-night, Good-bye

Say not good-bye! dear friend, from thee
A word too sad that word would be.
Say not good-bye! Say but good-night,
And say it with thy tender, light,
Caressing voice, that links the bliss
Of yet another day with this.
Say but good-night!

Say not good-bye! say but good-night;
A word that blesses in its flight,
In leaving hope of many a kind,
Sweet day like this we leave behind.
Say but good-night! Oh never say
A word that taketh thee away!
Say but good-night!

—Dora Greenwell

22. Good-bye Means Not Farewell

” Good-bye! good-bye!” what kindly words,
As they fall on the parting ear,
Like the singing of summer birds,
With their wonderful power to cheer;
Their meaning true —
With kiss and sigh —
“Good-bye! good-bye!”

“Good-bye! good-bye! ” means not “Farewell!”
But a wish for our Father’s care!
How sweet when hearts their fullness tell
In the words of that loving prayer;
“Good-bye! good-bye!”
May God be nigh;
The meaning true —

These words are sometimes idly said,
Like passing sunbeams on the wall,
And on the heart fall cold and dead,
‘Tis then no fervent prayer at all.
But plain — ”Good-bye!” —
A formal cry,
No kiss nor sigh.
Ah, friends! — why? why?

Remember, when you say — ” Good-bye!’
Life is uncertain, short, and fleet;
Then, let the love-light in your eye
Show friendship’s bond is strong and sweet
Thus, hand-in-hand,
Friends understand
The meaning true —

—John Imrie

23. No Regrets

Goodbye, farewell, so long, for today,
But we will meet again my friend.
It may be a holiday, or it may be when we’re gray
But one thing is for sure this is not the end.

Together we have been thru so much
Memories of happy and of sad
We must promise to stay in touch
Doing this will make us both glad!

Life will roll along for sure
But our friendship I’ll never forget
Together we have endured
Good times, bad times, but no regrets!

—Catherine Pulsifer

24. Goodbye Buddy

You came into her life like a healer
You travelled a long smooth road like two rulers
You share your good and bad days together
And talked about the future ahead and ways to make it better
Where have all your PROMISES gone to?
She was still there waiting for you
Sitting like a solid rock on a beach waiting to be moved
The waves come and go
Leaving the rock in deep sorrow

Good luck she says with teary eyes
Thank you for the great memories and the lies
The heart you stole will always be by your side
May your beautiful kaiga stay safe
Isaaa !!goodbye !

—Ulamila Tinadrua

25. Goodbye My Dear Friend

We’ve been friends for quite a while
Ups and downs always keeping us on our toes,
You always seemed to think that you could defile
The way I thought about friends and foes.
We always got into fights over and over
And it somehow became a part of our lives,
Slowly hurting me more and more
Until the day I seeked relaxation from knives.
We took a break from our friendship last summer
And somehow I still don’t think I can trust you,
Not being your friend rarely comes as a bummer

But after all that’s happened I know your friendship isn’t true.
You told me that I could trust what you say
But I won’t let you fool me this time,
I won’t let you play me like you did day after day
It’s come time for me to finally cut the line.
I’m sorry.

—Trysta Due

26. Goodbye – My Dear Friend

Morning tea today
Wasn’t like any other day
Saw the empty table at which we shared
Jokes, laughter, fears we had

It was only yesterday
We had a cup of tea to start the day

A gift of friendship you gave
A lovely bracelet, my daughter’s fave

You never said anything
To me life was in full swing

But it’s now clear
Goodbye – my friend I hold dear

Never again will I drop-by
For mechado , pancit, or my fave batchoy

I will never forget what you did
For there is nothing you ever hid

*Paalam, you once told me
*Bamahuta, I wish I told you

So this is what I’ll say my friend
You left a legacy that will never end.

—Jun Salvador Pasilabban

27. Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye doesn’t mean you are no more my friend,
Saying goodbye doesn’t mean our relationship is dead.
Saying goodbye doesn’t mean it is forever,
Saying goodbye doesn’t mean that it is the end.
Saying goodbye simply means that I will really miss you,
Till the time comes when the two of us meet up again.


28. Good Luck, Dear

I hate to see you go
But I’m so glad you’re chasing your dreams
I know you will do great things in this new chapter of your life
Your kindness and quick wit,
You charming demeanor
Your infectious laugh and killer smile
Will get you far
And I’m sure you will make many new friends who will love you so much
But never forget, I will always be here
Missing you dearly
Best of luck friend!


29. Goodbye

Many moments in my life,
Both happy times and say,
Have been shared with you my friend,
For that I’m forever glad.
We’ve been there for each other,
Through easy times and rough,
I know one thing for certain,
I’ll miss you very much.
Goodbye My Friend.


30. Farewell

I never would have guessed it
that this day would come
when we would have to separate
and have to end the fun.
But even though it’s ending
and we are both in tears
please know that I will think of you
throughout the future years.
Farewell my friend.


31. Goodbye

All good things must come to an end,
it breaks my heart to see it end.
I must send you, with a goodbye and a hug,
for you are my dearest friend.
I must say goodbye, I shall see you again.


32. Because She Was My Best Friend

Together we would laugh, together we would cry,
With each other, we’d never be shy.
We’d often fight, then sort it out,
And at each other, we would never shout.
It’s because she was my best friend…
When I was with her, I was very crazy.
I would always dance like a silly daisy.
I didn’t care what they thought of us,
Since all they could possibly do was fuss.
It’s because she was my best friend…
I’d turn to her when my spirit needed a lift.
We would treasure our friendship; it was a gift.
She’d lift me up when I felt down,
And put a smile on my face when I wore a frown.
It’s because she was my best friend…
I saw her today with someone else.
It had been many years, so I was past tense.
She ignored me, and I wanted to cry.
If only she could just say goodbye…
It’s because she was my best friend,
And I never thought it would come to an end.

—Insha Jesani

33. Saying Goodbye

So difficult it is saying goodbye
At times it can make us cry.

Saying goodbye is never easy
At times it makes us feel so queasy.

Saying goodbye rather than “so long”
Can give us the feeling that this is wrong.

Saying goodbye with a tear in my eye
When I say it a lot and it makes me sigh.

Saying goodbye is a phrase that is old
Unlike hello, which at times is bold.

Saying goodbye can be a new beginning
Our memories will always be a blessing.

Saying goodbye can be so sweet
Because we know again we will meet.

Saying goodbye is not the end
Because we will always be friends!

—Catherine Pulsifer

34. The Heart of Friendship

The bond of friendship is everlasting
True friends never say good-bye
There is pure truth between us
That will never die
The miles between will be rough
So carry the memories with you
Because the power of friendship
Will always carry you through
Remember, never forget
To follow what’s in your heart
Because true friends
Will never be apart
We will soon see each other again
Our Lord will keep us strong till then
My heart holds you deep as friend
Praying that the Lord brings you home again
The Lord will comfort my heart
Washing away the ache with the tears that I cry
So I will say see you soon
And never good-bye.

—Sandra L. Pierce

35. Will Miss You

Who will I go out for lunch and stay for hours with?
Whose house will I run to when I have a broken heart?
Whose couch will I crash on when I’m too exhausted to move?
Whose shoulder will I lean on when times are tough?
I don’t know what I will do without you.
But I’m sure you are onto great things in this new journey in which you are about to embark, I’ll survive dear friend, but gosh it will be hard!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I say instead of goodbye?

If you find it difficult to say goodbye, you may try spinning the words and say something sweeter and memorable, such as Looking forward to our next meeting, See you soon, Stay in touch, Let’s catch up again soon, Until next time, or Take care. You may also use some fun slang phrases such as See ya later, alligator or In a while, crocodile!

2. How do I say goodbye to a friend moving abroad?

Wish them good luck, use motivational, inspiring words, and pray for their good health and success. You may also fill the moment with joy and excitement to bring a smile to their face. Some phrases you may use while bidding farewell are – Safe travels; Your dream has finally come true, all the best; or Don’t forget to send me gifts every year.

Parting ways with friends isn’t easy at all. But focusing on all the beautiful memories you shared with them can help you keep going. These sentimental goodbye poems for friends offer a beautiful way to express your adoration. So pick the poems you like the most and share them with your friends. Alternatively, you can write a personalized poem by drawing inspiration from these poems to make your friends feel special. Whatever way you choose, these poems will surely touch your buddies and make them value your friendship more.

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