15 Best Goodbye Songs For Toddlers And Preschoolers

Goodbyes are hard. Be it a farewell, bidding adieu to a lost pet, end of a school day, or wishing someone a see-off, good-byes are always emotional. And when we struggle to find the right words, music or farewell tunes come to our rescue. Listening to the right kind of music can have a calming effect on the mind.

If you are hunting for some of the best goodbye songs for preschoolers, your search ends here!

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15 Goodbye songs for Preschoolers

Jaime, a librarian, shares a few library projects involving goodbye songs she has enjoyed over the years. She calls it Preschool Story Time. Each story time usually has an opening song, then the story time and a goodbye song. She says, “We ended story time with our goodbye song, which is always the same each week. We always sang The More We Get Together from the Baby Love Song Time CD. The response varied from week to week (i).” Isn’t it an innovative way to introduce goodbye songs to kids?

In another event, Jaime ends with a goodbye song for the kids. If you’re also inspired to teach goodbye songs to your little ones, you may explore this curated list of goodbye songs for preschoolers and introduce your favorite ones to them. Here we go!

Ready to explore this curated list of goodbye songs for preschoolers? Here we go!

1. Goodbye, See You Soon, by Super Simple Songs

This is a simple song about wishing someone a goodbye. The lyrics are easy to follow, and the song has a catchy and kiddie tune, making it a children’s favorite.

Quick Fact
The word ‘goodbye’ was first found in a letter written by Gabriel Harvey, a prominent writer and scholar in 1573 (1).

Listen to it here: www.youtube.com

2. So Long Everybody: A Goodbye Song For Kids by Will Parker

A sweet and short song about bidding farewell, which includes a variety of animals. This song can also prompt kids to learn the names of animals through its attention-catching images and funky tune.

Listen to it here: www.youtube.com

3. Goodbye To You! By ELF Learning

This song is so catchy that it gets difficult to get it out of the head, even for an adult. Preschoolers will love singing it as the song has a fun kiddie rhythm to it.

Kids learning goodbye song

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Listen to it here: www.youtube.com

4. See You Later, Alligator by Jack Hartmann

Here’s a fun and simple tot song that can be easily sung by preschoolers. Due to its simple lyrics, the preschoolers can repeat it and, in the process, learn various ways to say goodbye.

Listen to it here: www.youtube.com

5. It Is Time To Say Goodbye by Dr. Jean

Dr. Jean is very popular among preschoolers as his songs fit their imagination perfectly. Ideal for day end at school, this song is a hit amongst preschoolers.

Things to know
The word ‘goodbye’ seems to have been derived from the word goodbye. This was used as a short form of the farewell phrase, ‘God be with ye!’(1)

Listen to it here: www.youtube.com

6. Day O’ Time To Go Home by The Learning Station

Day O’ Time To Go Home is a remake of the classic Day-O by Harry Belafonte, adapted for little ones to recap the day and end it on a happy note. Just like the classic, the adaptation too is catchy, making it easier to remember.

Day O’ Time To Go Home song

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Listen to it here: www.youtube.com

7. Goodbye Song by The Singing Walrus

Towards the end of the day the little ones may be tired and don’t want to do anything. Thus, you could use this song to end the day in a mellow manner. Due to its interactive and simple lyrics, the little ones could also sing and dance along.

Listen to it here: www.youtube.com

8. The Goodbye Song by The Learning Station

This is a popular tune from Don and the gang and has a peppy beat making it a favorite of kids of all ages.

Listen to it here: www.youtube.com

9. Goodbye, Goodbye, by Music With Nancy

This song is another famous hit among toddlers. The track has been sung by Ms. Nancy, and her voice is undeniably soothing and comforting for a preschool goodbye song.

Goodbye, Goodbye, Songs For Preschoolers

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Listen to it here: www.youtube.com

10. Goodbye School Song by Dream English

This is an action song that involves a lot of movement and dancing. It is helpful to learn to spell and improve vocabulary.

Listen to it here: www.youtube.com

11. Skinnamarink by Sharon Lois And Bram

This is the simplest song to pick up for a toddler. The song is about letting the toddlers know that they are loved and appreciated just the way they are. Besides, the simple dance moves encourage associating the movements with the text, making it a great sing- and dance-along song.

Listen to it here: www.youtube.com

12. Let’s Tidy Up by Amanda’s Action Club

This activity song is a good way to make cleaning an enjoyable activity. You could play the song and tidy up the classroom with the kids. After doing it a few times, the little ones may adopt it and establish a connection with the song. So, every time you play this song at the end of the day, they would automatically know what to do.

Let’s Tidy Up, Songs For Preschoolers

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Listen to it here: www.youtube.com

13. So Long Now by The Kiboomers

The peppy beats and easy to catch lyrics will make this song a hit among preschoolers. It is just the right goodbye song to end the day on a pleasant note.

Listen to it here: www.youtube.com

14. Let It Go by Idina Menzel

Did you know?
Frozen was based on the story of ‘The Snow Queen.’ It was the first Disney movie to be directed by a woman and it took 70 years to complete the movie.

This song from the Disney movie got popular worldwide for a reason. The high notes resonate not only with the little ones but adults as well. It is a beautiful song with a melodic tune that all preschoolers can enjoy before saying their bye-byes.

Listen to it here: www.youtube.com

15. Twinkle Twinkle by Jane Taylor

This song needs no introduction as it has been popular as a nursery rhyme for ages. The cute song is perfect to end the day in a soft, mellow way. It also leaves your little one envisioning the mysteries of this universe.

Quick Fact
The lyrics for the popular English lullaby, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ are derived from Jane Taylor’s poem ‘The Star.’
Twinkle Twinkle, Songs For Preschoolers

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Listen to it here: www.youtube.com

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some benefits of singing goodbye songs with preschoolers?

Singing goodbye songs with preschoolers sparks a positive attitude and is a beautiful way to say goodbyes. It also helps promote socializing, builds confidence, and helps develop language and emotional skills.

2. What are some ways to make goodbye songs more interactive for preschoolers?

Along with singing goodbye songs, you may also ask them to dance to the tunes or say sweet and kind words to their friends before bidding goodbye.

These were some of the simple and calming goodbye songs for preschoolers. Singing songs, in general, could benefit young children in more than one way and aids them in building positive attitudes, besides fostering their language and social skills. So, teach them enchanting goodbye songs by encouraging them to sing after you. Also, having your preschooler render a sweet goodbye song is not just a treat to your ears but also a great way to end the day on a cheerful note.

Infographic: Goodbye Songs For Preschoolers

Goodbyes are never easy. And it can be more tricky to deal with if it is a toddler. So, to help ease their mind, we bring goodbye songs for preschoolers that can come in handy for you in certain situations. So, keep scrolling. Save and share it with others too!

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Prepare for a heartwarming farewell with the delightful “Goodbye, See You Soon” song! Watch this video for a musical adventure filled with hugs, smiles, and promises of reuniting.

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i. Preschool Story Time: Bugs.


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