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Your wife is your biggest support system and motivator. She cheers you up when you feel low, loves you with all her heart, and works hard to keep your family together. Good night messages for wife are among the best ways to show your love and care for her. Your sweet messages will help her end the tiring day with a smile on her face and increase her love for you each passing day. In this post, we have come up with some beautiful good night messages that will make your significant other feel special and loved. You may also use the chance to express your innermost feelings for her. Perhaps how fortunate you feel for having her in life. She will have a peaceful sleep and wake up refreshed.

Sweet Good Night Messages For Wife

Send your wife these sweet messages to tell how much she means to you, and remind her of those sweet moments you had together.

  1. “There can be millions of stars in the sky, but you are my one and only moon. Goodnight darling.”
  1. “Even though I am far away, I am sending you this goodnight message to tell you how much I miss you. Goodnight sweetheart.”
  1. “Each day is a clean slate, a fresh start, sleep well my dear.”
  1. “I hate those days when I am not able to sleep beside you. Come back soon my dear.”
  1. “No matter how bad my day could be, I always look forward to the night with you, because you quench my heart and soul’s thirst. Goodnight sweetheart.”
  1. “In this ever-changing world, you are my constant love. Sweet dreams darling.”
  1. “Every night I long to sleep beside you and feel you. That is how I know you are always there with me. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “I want to be the warrior who comes in your dreams and saves you from all your nightmares. Sweet dreams my angel.”
  1. “I cannot sleep without wishing goodnight to the only girl who can chase away all my worries and bring smiles into my life. Goodnight dear.”

  1. “I am sorry for not being able to hold and sleep beside you, but always remember you are my only love. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “The most beautiful girl is lying in bed and reading this message, I hope she sleeps thinking of me. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “While it is the moon that lights up the sky, your face is what lights up mine. Goodnight darling.”
  1. “I am counting minutes so that this night could end fast and soon you will be in my arms. Miss you and goodnight darling.”
  1. “Do you know what I do after you drift away to sleep? I stay awake and watch you sleep and wonder how lucky I am to have you as my wife. Goodnight my precious.”
  1. “Do you know who is the last person on my mind while going to sleep? It is the gorgeous girl who is reading this message. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “I love and hate the night at the same time. I love it because I can be beside you and hate it because even though I try to stay awake, I drift away to sleep. Sweet dreams darling.”
  1. “As the day turns into night, pack your worries, think of all the good times we spent with each other and drift away to sleep. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “Goodnight my love, sweet dreams, sleep tight my dear, may your tomorrow be sunny, bright and pleasant.”

  1. “You are my true love. I am lucky to have you in my life. Goodnight, sweet dreams.”
  1. “I wish I could stay awake and cuddle with you throughout the night. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “Each night I wish to embrace you and sleep peacefully thinking you are all mine. Goodnight my love.”
  1. “I dread the sun rising each day, as I need to leave you and go to work. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “I may not be the man of your dreams, but I can be the man who will make your dreams come true. Goodnight darling.”
  1. “When I come home exhausted, I look forward to the moment where I can cuddle and rest with you. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “You are my life; I love none other than you. I am glad to share my days and nights with you. Goodnight my love.”
  1. “Do you know what makes me strong to fight with the world? You! Yes, the thought of having a woman like you as my wife gives me inner peace and strength. Goodnight precious.”
  1. “As it started to rain, I looked out of the window remembering how much you love the rain and wished you were here with me. Goodnight.”

  1. “Goodnight sweetheart. As I am about to drift off to sleep I am sending you this message to let you know I am thinking of you. I hope you are also thinking about me.”
  1. “Do you know what makes me proud? The thought that my woman can sleep peacefully at night because she knows I am there to protect her. Sweet dreams dear.”
  1. “I do not know how many opportunities life might give me, but I do not want to miss even a single day to wish you goodnight.”
  1. “I cannot believe how my life changed after I met you. You made my days brighter and my nights sweeter. Thank you, my dear, for coming into my life. I love you and goodnight.”
  1. “You do not know how much I am missing you right now. I want to fly back and be with you. Miss you and goodnight dear.”
  1. “After getting married to you, I began to love my nights, as you are there to love me and make me feel wanted. Goodnight sweety.”
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  1. “Now my days seems so boring without you, every day is an adventure with you, and all that is making me fall more and more in love with you. Goodnight, my lady.”
  1. “I might share my day with others, but the night is only for you because you are the love of my life. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “Good luck with your presentation tomorrow; you are smart and intelligent. Don’t be nervous; have a good night’s sleep and rock the meeting tomorrow.”

  1. Marrying you is the best decision of my life; I promise to love you with all my heart. Goodnight darling.”
  1. “Even though we are physically apart, I wish to come in your dreams and make them all sweet. Goodnight darling.”
  1. “Darling as you drift off to sleep, remember I will always be there for you to make all your dreams come true. Goodnight, sweet dreams dear.”
  1. “You are a hurricane during the day and a rainbow during the night. Goodnight my wife.”
  1. “Dear wife! I always wonder how you could do so many things for this family, and I am really proud of you. Tonight forget all those things and get a goodnight’s sleep. Sweet dreams.”
  1. “No matter how tired I am, I cannot sleep until I wish my darling goodnight. Goodnight baby.”
  1. “I look forward each night to lie close to you, hold you close to my heart and sleep peacefully.”
  1. “Dear wife, do you know what makes me happy? Knowing that my woman is able to sleep peacefully at night. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “You are a blessing sent from above; you are the answer to all my prayers. I am so lucky to have you in my life, in your happiness lies mine. Have a peaceful night dear.”

Romantic Goodnight Messages For Wife

Looking for a romantic goodnight message to send your wife? Here are a few lines to remind her of all the sweet nothings.

  1. “Every night I want to hug you tightly and kiss you goodnight.”
  1. “Tonight as I lay alone, I look at your side of the bed and wish it was not empty. Come back soon dear. Goodnight.”
  1. “Sorry for not being there with you, to kiss the pains I have caused, and hug you until all your tears turn to laughter. But remember I always love you and would do anything for you. Goodnight.”
  1. “If I had the power, I would skip all the days to spend nights with you, cuddling with you. Goodnight wife.”
  1. “You are a dream every man wants to see; only I am lucky you made my dream a reality. Goodnight my angel.”
  1. “I spent many sleepless nights remembering all those romantic moments we shared, and cannot wait to be with you again. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “Time runs away when you are with me, and when you are not, I keep wondering when I can hold you in my arms again. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “If you fall I will catch you, and be with you time after time. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “You are my first and last thought in a day. I wish to spend all my nights holding you, kissing you and watching you sleep. Goodnight dear.”

  1. “Darling give your all to me, I will give my all to you. You are my end and my beginning, even when I am losing and winning. Goodnight precious.” – All of me by John Legend.
  1. “I do not mind traveling thousands of kilometers just to kiss you goodnight, remember that. Have a peaceful night dear.”
  1. “Your bright eyes make the stars look dull when I see your face. There is not a thing that I would change. Goodnight my amazing wife.”
  1. “Your lips, I can kiss them the whole night if you let me, you hate your laugh, but I think it’s mesmerizing. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “When you smile the whole world stops and stares, and that is how amazing you are. Goodnight sweety.”
  1. “I am not a perfect person, but I just want you to know that you are my reason to start over. Have a peaceful sleep as tomorrow is a new beginning for you and me.”
  1. “I am lying alone with my head buried inside a pillow wishing you were here. I miss you so much, darling. Goodnight.”
  1. “This night is taking forever to end. I am eagerly waiting to see you, to embrace and hold your hand forever. Goodnight my dear wife.”
  1. “Darling, when we lie in bed tonight, look into my eyes, you will see what you mean to me.”

  1. “I just can’t stop loving you, you are mine, and I will love you till my last breath. Goodnight sweetheart.”
  1. “I am a happy man to have an amazing wife like you; it is you who made my house a home and brought order to my life. Goodnight my angel.”
  1. “Every day I pray to God to give you a night of peaceful and happy sleep, and good morning. Sweet dreams love.”
  1. “You are my happily ever after, and I am going to stand by you even if the whole world has turned their back at you. Goodnight my rebel star.”
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  1. “Tonight, when I am hugging the pillow instead of you, the smell of your perfume is making me crazy and I miss you so much, come back soon. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “Have I told you lately that I love you and there is no one above you. You are my best friend in this whole world, and with you, I can always be me. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “You are the biggest gift in life for me; have a good night’s rest, my dear.”
  1. “To live without you is like trying to breathe without air. Sleep well, my love.”
  1. “I found a girl beautiful and sweet; I never knew I would fall so in love with her. Now she has become my world, and I cannot imagine my life without her. And that girl is you. Goodnight my wife.”

  1. “I want to dance all night listening to our favorite song. I wish to do it someday, but for now, sleep tight darling.”
  1. “I have faith in my dreams because I have met an angel in person and I wonder what I did to deserve such a perfect woman. Goodnight.”
  1. “You turn heads when you walk through the door, but your eyes only search for me, Lucky to have you as my wife. Goodnight beautiful.”
  1. “All I want in life is to watch you fall asleep in my arms and wake up to your smiling face. Goodnight sweetheart.”
  1. “Happiness is lying with you, stargazing through the window and slowly drifting away to sleep. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “I always hated the night as it made me feel lonely, but after marrying you, I started to look forward to the night as I can have your company. I love you, my dear. Goodnight.”
  1. “Sending you lots of hugs and kisses so that you sleep drenched in my love. Goodnight my dear wife.”
  1. “When I look out, I see the moon, which reminds me of you. And I wish you were here to cuddle with me. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “Sometimes I feel my life with you is a dream, because it is too perfect to be true. But then I open my eyes and find you right beside me. I guess fairy tales do come true. Goodnight dear.”

  1. “Tonight as you retire to sleep tired, you will find this note that has words filled with all the love I have for you. I am truly, madly and deeply in love with you my dear wife. Rest well, goodnight.”
  1. “I heard many love stories from my friends and wished to have one, but little did I know that God has written a fairy tale for me with an angel like you. I will love you forever. Goodnight darling.”
  1. “Every time I had a bad day at work; somehow you managed to turn it around with your love and positivity. Thank you and have a nice sleep dear.”
  1. “Each day I spend with you is the best day of my life, I hope to cherish these moments forever. Goodnight.”
  1. “I wish to step into your dreams just like how you step into mine. Goodnight.”
  1. “With this message, I want to tell you how much I adore your kisses; they send me into paradise. Goodnight my wife.”
  1. “Goodnight darling, sleep well and may all your dreams be as beautiful as you are. I love you so much.”
  1. “I feel bad to have to work late tonight; I miss our late night cuddles, I miss your smile. I miss everything about you. Goodnight dear.”
  1. “I am in the most luxurious hotel in this town, and yet I am not able to sleep without you beside me. I miss you so much dear wife; I know you do too. Goodnight dear wife.”

Sending these good night messages for wife is probably the easiest way to express how much you value her in your life. Reading these messages can be an absolute stress-buster for her after a long and tiring day. Express your love more often and witness it create wonders in your relationship. Make sure you use them every time you are away from your wife. These good night messages will surely put a smile on her face before ending the day.

Infographic: How To Mean Goodnight Without Actually Saying It?

After a long day, you find peace and belongingness when you lay next to your wife. So express your gratitude and love to her uniquely and sweetly instead of a plain “goodnight.” Here are a few thoughtful and intimate ways to mean goodnight without uttering the phrase.

guestures to say goodnight without actuall saying it [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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