20 Special And Creative Grandparents Day Crafts For Kids

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Every child enjoys spending time with their grandparents. And just like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, there’s also a day for grandparents! One of the ways to celebrate this special day is by indulging in Grandparents’ Day crafts and activities for kids.

Since grandparents are your children’s best friends, why not celebrate them by making them something special that they will always hold close and cherish. You can even help your child out when making the special arts and crafts and indulging in the activities we’ve listed in this article.

When Is Grandparents’ Day?

Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September.  In 2017, It’s falling on 10th September.

Creative Grandparents’ Day Crafts

And, what better way to express her love for grandpa and grandma than by making them some brilliant crafts. So, if you are looking for ideas on how to get your little craft-enthusiast started, scroll through our list of some Grandparents Day crafts for kids of all ages:

1. Cloth Hearts:

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  • Help your kid cut out cloth patches from old clothes. A cute way is to use baby clothes that your kid once wore but that are now too small for her.
  • Help fold and cut it out in the shape of a heart. Help your kid sew the sides after she fills it with cotton balls. Once the heart is fluffed enough, sew the top shut.
  • Let your kid decorate the heart with laces and buttons. Add a ribbon on the top to make a loop, so that the grandparents can hang it up if they wish.

2. Hand Print Family Tree:

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  • Let your kid paint a tree trunk and branches on a white sheet of paper.
  • Now ask your kid to dip her palm in green paint in different shades and make the leaves on the paper. Set it aside to dry.
  • Once the painting is dry, let your kid write the names of family members on the leaves, such as grandpa, grandma, nana, mommy, papa, baby and so on. This is an amazing and one of the easy grandparents day crafts for kids to present to their loving grandparents.

3. Flower Photo Frame:

  • Help your kid cut out a big vase shape from a thick cardboard or craft sheet. Cut out the letters to spell ‘Gran’s Petals’ or some message and stick it in the vase.
  • Now stick the vase on a big cardboard sheet.
  • Help your kid cut out a few flower shapes from different colored felt sheets. Let your kid glue her grandparents’ pictures in the middle of the flowers and put it in the vase.

4. Watercolor Art Card:

  • Ask your kid to fold a white card sheet and write or draw a message on top with a white crayon.
  • Now ask her to use paints and color the card. Let it dry.
  • The crayon message will pop out through the watercolors to create a beautiful design.

5. Mail A Hug:

  • Let your kid cut out two hand prints.
  • Now ask her to stretch her arms wide. Measure the width. Measure a card paper and cut out a long strip as big as your kid’s hug.
  • Let your kid stick the hand prints on both the sides and write a message on the strip.

6. I Love Message Mugs:

  • Get a few plain mugs that your kids can decorate.
  • Ask your kids to write out a message for each grandparent on the mug and add a design using a ceramic paint pen.
  • Let it dry. This is one of the best grandparents day crafts for kids to make.

7. Kid’s Image Bookmarks:

  • Print your kids’ photographs and cut them out on the outlines.
  • Add them to the end of a bunch of tassels.
  • Make sure you snip the ends evenly.

8. PhotoBook:

  • Help your kid cut a few card sheets and fold them in half.
  • Cut a felt sheet in the same size.
  • Get everything and tie up together with ribbons to make a book.

9. Footprint Butterfly:

  • Place your kids’ feet, as shown, to make a butterfly shape and trace it onto a felt sheet.
  • Cut and sew on a bigger piece of fabric and around the edges to make a nice pattern.
  • Sew on the antenna.

10. Grandma’s Flowerpot:

  • Let your kid decorate a flower pot with a cute message and some hand prints.
  • Make sure the paint dries completely before picking it up

Grandparents Day Games And Activities

So, if your little one is pumped about grandparents day and she wishes to do something for dear old grandpa or grandma, Momjunction has her covered. Here is our list of some cute and heart-touching Grandparents Day activities for kids that they can try with their grandparents:

1. Cute Grandparents’ Day Poem:

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Teach your kid this cute poem that she can then recite to her grandparents on Grandparents’ Day:

“Grandmas and grandpas are everything nice,

Like presents and candy and raspberry ice.

And chocolate fudge sundaes, with cherries on top,

And popcorn and peanuts and grape soda pop.

In winter or summer, in rain or sun,

Grandmas and grandpas are always fun”.

2. Cook A Family Recipe Together:

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  • Every family has, at least, one special heirloom or family recipe that is passed onto every new generation.
  • Let your kids find out more about this special heirloom or family recipe and help prepare it together with the grandparents.
  • If your kids are too young, you can always let them be a part of the cooking process without letting them use sharp objects.

3. Generations Together:

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  • Help create a classic and timeless photograph that captures all three generations – the grandparent, the parent and the grandchild.
  • To make it look cute, you can all dress together in similar colors or dresses.

4. Ten Things I Love About You:

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  • Let your daughter’s words warm up grandma and grandpa’s hearts this Grandparents’ Day with this ‘Ten things I love about you’ activity.
  • Ask her to think up, at least, ten things that she loves about her grandma and, at least, ten things that she loves about her grandpa.
  • Instead of writing them out on a card, let her say it out loud to the grandparents and also describe more about why she loves those particular things.

5. A Grandparent And Grandkids Only Time Zone:

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  • Staying true to the spirit of Grandparents’ Day, give your kids, and their grandparents spend some quality time together, without you or your partner anywhere in the picture.
  • Let them form a team and spend time doing something interesting. For instance, your kids and the grandparents can visit a nearby farmer’s market or park, can go to an animal reserve, visit a library or even go to a movie.
  • Once they are back, treat them to a delicious meal that includes a favorite of the grandparents and the grandkids.

6. Create A Memory Box:

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  • Help your kids create a memory box that they can fill together with the help of their grandparents.
  • The memory box can include different items, such as postcards, photographs, handwritten letters and notes, special objects that remind them of each other, childhood toys, memorabilia and such.

7. A Photo Shoot Day:

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  • Hand a camera to the grandparents and grandkids and tell them to shoot each other through the day.
  • Let them take many different pictures of each other.
  • Get them printed at the end of the day and relieve Grandparents’ Day in the evening.

8. Interview Each Other:

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  • Your kids can ask them questions about their early life, about how they were as parents and how you were as a kid!
  • The grandparents can ask lots of questions related to the school life of the grandkids as well as use the opportunity to learn more about their friends, interests, likes, fears and more. This is one of the great grandparents day activities for children to enjoy and have fun with them.

9. Read A Book On Grandparents:

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  • Help your kids read a few books that talk about the beautiful relationship that grandparents and grandkids share.
  • A few all-time favorites include ‘Grandpa’s Little One’ by Billy Crystal, ‘Nana Upstairs Nana Downstairs’ by Tomie dePaola, ‘When I Am Old With You’ by Angela Johnson, ‘Just Grandma And Me’ and ‘Just Grandpa And Me’by Mercer Mayer.

10. Write A Letter:

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  • Whether your kids live with their grandparents, or they don’t, get them to write a letter to Grandpa and Grandma on Grandparents’ Day.
  • You can also encourage your kids to turn this into a yearly ritual and ask the grandparents to reply to the letter.

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